The Twilight Saga

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Summary : Bella lives in Forks with her brother Emmett, sister Alice and Charlie and Sue. Emmett is dating Rosalie. Two new boys move into town, Edward and his brother Jasper, with their parents Calislsle and Esme. They are two insanely hot, rich new boys which Bella and Alice are instantly smitten for. Only one problem, cue Emmett. He is okay with Alice dating Jasper, but Edward and Bella is a no no for him. He doesn't think Bella is mature enough. After weeks of sneaking around, and one memorable camping trip, how will Bella and Edward cope once their secret is exposed? And how will Bella deal with the shocking revelations about Edward?

Read to find out.

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awesome story

add more plzzz.. and add me!!!!!!!
i <3 ittt!
Love your story, amazing
can't wait for more
OMG WOW i love this story please write more and please keep me updated :)
<3 it write more soon!!
Thanks everyone, i'm updating now :)
love your story write more!!!!!!
I love your story plzz add me as a friend and write lots more!!!!!!!
Chapter 6 – The surprise

“Emmett!” I called, chasing him down the corridor after school.

“What?” he called, standing still.

“I’m going to the library after school.”

“Who with?” he eyed me suspiciously.

“Myself…” I answered, as though he were crazy for asking.

“Funny that, you are going library after school and Cullen has to go straight home.” He said, raising his left eye brow.

“Coincidence.” I replied, a fake puzzled expression on my face.

He muttered something indistinguishable. I just smiled at him in victory and walked of.

He couldn’t argue with me, he had no grounds.

I hid in the canteen until I was sure Emmett would have left and crept out to the car lot. Sure enough the only car there
was Edwards, Alice and Jasper no where in sight.

“Hi.” Edward called.

“Hey,” I replied, a lazy smile on my face.

“Ready?” he was smiling again, a slight look of smugness on his perfect face.

“I wish you would tell me where we are going.” I asked, climbing into his car.

“It’s a surprise.” He simply smiled, starting the engine.

He turned his car stereo on as we drove, placing in a C.D. When the first song came on there was just an acoustic solo, followed by the most amazing, haunting voice I had ever heard. It was beautiful.

“Who is this?” I asked.

“Do you like it?”


A small smile erupted on his face.

“Thank you.”

“This is you?”

He nodded slightly, his smile broadening into his breath taking crooked smile.

We sat in silence then, listening to the lyrics, Edward mouthing along silently.

I was tied, but now unbound
My head is off the ground
For a long time
I was so weary
Tired of the sound,
I've heard before,
The gnawing of the night time at the door,
Haunted by the things I've made
Stuck between the burning light and the dust shade.
I said now I used to think the past was dead and gone,
But I was wrong, so wrong,
whatever makes you blind
Must make you strong, make you strong,
In my time I've melted into many forms
From the day that I was born, I know that there's no place to hide
Stuck between the burning shade and the fading light,
I was broken,
For a long time,
but It's over now.

Yes and you, and you,
well you walk these lonely streets that people send, People send.
There are some wounds that just can't mend,
I do pretend, pretend,
I am free from all the things that take my friends
But I will stand here till the end,
I know that I can take the moon,
In between the burning shade and the fading light
I was broken, for a long time, but It's over now
I was broken, for a long time, but It's over now.’

I fell in love with the song then and there. I was officially a fan.

“You’re P.h.e.n.o.m.e.n.a.l.!! I mean wow! You have serious talent. Your voice is beautiful and your lyrics…outstandingly good.” I had a huge grin on my face the whole time I spoke; I sounded, and looked, like a crazy fan girl!

“You really like it?” he smiled, looking at me fleetingly.

“Truly I do, Infact, I would LOVE a copy. Have you anymore songs?”

“A few.” he laughed.

Then the next song came on.

'I'll be your man
And I'll understand
And I'll do my best
To take good care of you

‘You'll be my queen
I'll be your king
And I'll be your lover too
Yeah yeah

Yes I will

Derry down green
Colour of my dream
A dream that's daily coming true.
And ohhh when the day is through
I will come to you and take you on
Your many charms

And girl you look at me
With eyes that see
And we'll melt into each others eyes

You'll be my queen
And I'll be your king
And I'll be your lover too’

This time Edward sang along aloud. I had never in my life, felt such an urge to kiss someone. Ever.

“Were here.”

Here? Where? I hadn’t even noticed that the car had stopped; I had been to lost in Edwards magical lyrics.

I looked out of the car window and was totally dumbfounded by what I saw.
AHmazing!!! write more soon!!!
ok that is just mean!!! ending it there like that?? i mean really!!! do i have to wait a whole day for the next one?? please say no!!!! i love this to to much!!!


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