The Twilight Saga

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Summary : Bella lives in Forks with her brother Emmett, sister Alice and Charlie and Sue. Emmett is dating Rosalie. Two new boys move into town, Edward and his brother Jasper, with their parents Calislsle and Esme. They are two insanely hot, rich new boys which Bella and Alice are instantly smitten for. Only one problem, cue Emmett. He is okay with Alice dating Jasper, but Edward and Bella is a no no for him. He doesn't think Bella is mature enough. After weeks of sneaking around, and one memorable camping trip, how will Bella and Edward cope once their secret is exposed? And how will Bella deal with the shocking revelations about Edward?

Read to find out.

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Please write more soon please?! lol
And Happy NEw Years. :]
OMG this chapter is soo funnyy love it!! write more soon
Thank you The True Bella, i really love it :)
I love this story its awsome write soon
omg please write more
This isn't very long, but i keep finding myself with reading fan fiction instead of writing mine. Sorry to all you wonderful people that keep coming back and checking for me. I PROMISE i good long update on ALL my stories tomorrow. For now, however. James' secrete.

Chapter 19

I was speechless. Every detail, every word, every image, was flashing through my mind. What James had done was sick. It was nothing short of a massacre. Of course that was exactly what it had been. A bloodbath, complete and utter butchery, mindless carnage, decimation in the name of revenge. I felt sick to just think about it.

“Are you okay?” Edward’s voice was soothing but it held something else, fear? What was he afraid of? I forced myself to look into his eyes, my whole body betraying me, allowing Edward to know of my angst. In truth I was shaking, shaking to my very core, I could feel the hairs on my neck standing on end.

“I am okay. It’s just, wrong Edward. How can someone do that to another?” My mind could not grasp what Edward was trying to tell me.

That it was all in the name of love.

What Edward had described was not love. Sure it HAD sounded like a beautiful, romantic story, until Edward had gotten to the point. No, that was not love. Love can be cruel, and it can sure hurt. But love was not THAT. If it were love, then James would be a free man, and five innocent people would not have lost their lives. Innocent. Was that the right word? They were not all entirely innocent, but in the unforgiving eyes of death, nobody is guilty. Death to me was not a punishment, it was a fact. A rightful passage, one that is promised to everyone, colour, creed, shoe size, regardless. Death is one of the few certainties in life. But it wasn’t a punishment.

In my eyes James should rot in his jail cell, for as many torturous years as nature intended.

Every time I thought of those people, all dead, all wasted, all gone too soon. The youngest to die was only four years old. Four! Her brother was eleven. Eleven years old and he had, by all accounts, looked into his father’s eyes as he had pulled the trigger. It was sick.

“Bella, listen to me.” He cupped my face in his hands, leaning his forehead against my own.

“I am not condoning what he did. I hate my uncle with a passion for what he did. I am just trying to explain to you the circumstances that led to” Edward spoke fiercely, yet also strangely detached. Like he had distanced himself from the story, and was just someone looking in.

I drew a long, deep breath in through my nose, trying to mask my urge to throw up.

That would do no good now.

“Edward, I am sorry. I am TRYING to see your point of view, but I cannot get passed what he did. What Victoria was doing was wrong, but nobody deserves death Edward. Nobody deserves to be slain. Especially the children. They were babies Edward, Jane and Alec were blameless. I just cannot grasp how anyone could do that.”

Edward stroked the back of my hair as my mind flicked through the details Edward had just shared with me.

James had come home from work one day, early. He had found his childhood sweetheart, the love of his life in, the midst of a passionate ‘affair’ with his lifelong friend Laurent. In a haze of anger, and undisputed pain, he had beaten Laurent until his bloodied and mangled body was broken. In every possible sense of the word. He had proceeded to tie Victoria up with her own bra, his wife, the love of his life, and then he had systematically, beaten, no, tortured her, for hours, until his children and their neighbour, a fifteen year old girl called Tanya that walked them home from school every day, had arrived from school, the next day, after being away for the weekend. Staying at Aunty Esme’s and Uncle Carlisle’s. When they had walked into the house, James had grabbed his gun, knowing that the sight his neighbour would see was a sight she could never describe to anyone, he had shot her. Right as she closed the front door behind herself, right there in the living room, right there in front of a young girl, still in her first year of school, and a frightened, confused boy. James then made a decision that was irreversible. He raised the gun and shot Jane, followed in quick succession by Alec. Their young, immature eyes sent into their early graves with the image of their father, and a loaded gun, standing beside the beaten and bloodied corpse of their Uncle Laurent, and there tied and gagged, mother. Her pain, intensely screwed on her face, as she whispered good bye to her babies. Then James had turned to his wife, the mother of his children, and grabbed her by her prized, long flowing hair and kissed he roughly on the mouth, before turning the gun on her. The police had found James sitting in the living room, cradling his beloved wife’s body and stroking the hair he had loved so much, his own long blonde hair covered with the blood of his wife, her lover, and the blood of the children he had fathered and the neighbour he had babysat.

I felt a hand wipe across my face, which I had not realised was calked with thick, salty tears.

“Bella, I am so sorry, I should never have told you” Edward’s voice was filed with guilt and I recovered myself as best I could.

“It’s okay Edward, I asked you too, I guess my morbid curiosity backfired this time.” I tried to laugh to lighten the mood, but the noise came out more like a grunt.

My tears were replaced by tiny hiccups, a trait I had carried my whole life.

"Edward." i whispered, in between annoying hic's.

He looked at me with curious eyes at my suddenly light hearted tone.

"At least my dress has dried."

His crooked smile melted my heart, and i instantly felt better.
The next chapter will be up soon, the story is nearly over :'(
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OMG. This was kind of sad chapter.
I love it i refuse to let it end!!!! LOL It is really good tho!
ADD MORE I LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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