The Twilight Saga

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Summary : Bella lives in Forks with her brother Emmett, sister Alice and Charlie and Sue. Emmett is dating Rosalie. Two new boys move into town, Edward and his brother Jasper, with their parents Calislsle and Esme. They are two insanely hot, rich new boys which Bella and Alice are instantly smitten for. Only one problem, cue Emmett. He is okay with Alice dating Jasper, but Edward and Bella is a no no for him. He doesn't think Bella is mature enough. After weeks of sneaking around, and one memorable camping trip, how will Bella and Edward cope once their secret is exposed? And how will Bella deal with the shocking revelations about Edward?

Read to find out.

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omg i just read the whole story! i can't believe he was playing her!!!
please don't let her hook up with mike or jacob!
anyway love the story can't wait for more!
This is great post more soon
Chapter 23

Mrs Cope entered the office, instructing us to take the seats outside the office and wait for further instructions. I don't even think awkward begins to cover the situation. There were only three chairs outside the Principals office so naturally we both took the end seats, leaving a noticeable, tension filled gap between us.

Under any other circumstances i would have been painfully nervous, racking my brain for a reason for me to have been called here. But this was no normal situation, this was a Edward involved situation, meaning i couldn't concentrate on anything.

I was gazing out of the window, watching as little droplets of rain drizzled down the outside pane of glass. I was trying very hard not to look at Edward, but my eyes, seemingly of there own accord, shifted across the window, until i could glimpse him out of the corner of my eye.

He was looking at me, obviously unaware he had been caught.

I couldn't make out his expression from my line of sight, but i really didn't want to have to speak with him, so i closed my eyes, folding my arms across my chest, willing my body to be still, not allowing myself any form of contact with Edward.

"Bella... I ..." Edward began, his voice betraying his own nerves, before he was interrupted by the opening of the office door and Mrs Cope re-emerging.

"Okay the Principle will see you now Bella."

My eyes snapped open, and i climbed from my chair thankful that i was in trouble, taking a bullet seemed favorable to listening to Edward finish that sentence.

The Principle was the furthest thing from my mind as i sat in the seat opposite him. His grey suit and red tie registered in my mind, but i couldn't make my mind focus on being in the room, it was like i was having an outer body experience. I knew i was seated in the office, but my mind was most definitely till sat in the corridor, waiting for Edward to finish his sentence. I couldn't help it, my body seemed to gravitate towards him like gravity.

"Isabella, I'm sure you understand why I have called you to my office today. Is there anything you would like to say for yourself?" His voice definitely had an authoritative tone, something I'm sure he had held hi whole life, but he did not however, sound angry.

Forcing myself to be in the present moment i wracked my brain for an answer.

"No sir, I'm sorry but i have no idea why I am here."

From the look on his face i could tell that i had just said the complete wrong thing.

"I have to say Isabella, I am extremely disappointed in you. I expected better. So i will give you one last chance, have you anything to say for yourself?"

Again i racked my brain, more urgently this time. What had i done? What had Edward done?

Oh god.


I'd completely forgotten, it seemed like a lifetime ago now, was it really just yesterday?

How horribly everything had changed since Edward had insisted i leave school in my wet, see through clothes.

Realization swept over me and i felt the heat rise int my face.

"Yes sir, i understand what you mean. I am very sorry about yesterday, a drink was spilt over me by accident and i had to rush home to change."

"And this took you all day did it?"

"Not exactly sir, but i had to shower as well, and by the time i had finished it was too late to come back to school."

He walked from the window he had been standing at, and seated himself in his high backed brown leather chair.

"Did you have permission for your travels? Did any teacher see you covered in someones drink?"

I swallowed noisily in the office, the only noise being from the old, rickety heater.

"No sir."

"Then i have no choice, you will attend Detention tomorrow, 9am until 3pm.:

I nodded. I had never been to detention before, i didn't even know it was held on Saturday's!

"Your excused, you're to go straight to your lessons, dinner time you will grab your lunch then come and sit outside my office again. Understood?"

I nodded again, and with a motion of his hand, i was excused.

I closed his office door when i was leaving, and he had not told me to send Edward in, so i walked straight past him, not bothering to warn him what he was in trouble for.


The day passed quickly, and all too soon i found myself back outside the office, Edward wasn't there yet, and i wondered what had happened between him and the principle.

I sat in the seat i had vacated this morning and began staring out of the window again. A few minuted later i heard footsteps approaching me, i stared determinedly at the wall.

"Edward! Edward!"

I knew the voice instantly, it was Jessica Stanley's voice.

Edward's footsteps stopped abruptly.

I turned to face the wall opposite me instead, so i could see him out of the corner of my eye. He was stood, facing Jessica Stanley who was walking directly towards him, smiling.

"Edward, there you are! I've been trying to get you alone for days!"

I watched as she lent in and kissed him quickly, too quickly for him to move out of the way.

Or maybe he didn't want to move. I wasn't sure of anything anymore.

"I can't talk right now Jessica." He spoke quietly, but the corridor was small, and i could hear every word.

"What? Edward i need to talk to you. You have been avoiding me since the other night and you promised you would call!"

"Not now Jessica." his voice definitely had lost it's soft edge.

"Edward Cullen i am not a booty call! You came to me! You chased after me! You told me you had wanted me for ages! So whats wrong with you now? You've had me is that it? "

My shattered heart crumbled. There it was, smack bang in my face, the final nail, he had cheated.

With Jessica Stanley.

Someone i knew, someone i hung about with.

Rosalie's best friend!

I stopped listening to their conversation. Their was nothing else i wanted to hear.

Soon enough i heard Jessica's heels as she sauntered away, and all too soon i felt Edward's presence as he re-claimed his seat.

The anger inside me was almost overwhelming, i couldn't control myself as the tears began to slip down my face.

Damn him! Damn him and her!

My anger and hurt became so strong that my tears turned into gut wrenching sobs, i doubled over, placing my head on my lab and wrapping my hands in my hair, pulling it strongly at the roots. I was too far gone to be embarrassed. I didn't care, i just hurt so bad.

"Jesus Bella you are going to rip your hair straight out of your head!"

I didn't listen to him, but sure enough he was there, untangling my hands and pulling me into the principals empty office. He stood between me and the door staring straight into my tear ravished face.

I walked to the far wall, slid down and re-set myself in the same position as before, pulling at my hair once more.

For a few moments he didn't speak, the only sound was my hysterical tears, and i was completely inept to stop myself.

"Bella I am so sorry. I never meant to do this to you."

Something inside me snapped.


I looked up at him for the first time and noticed his bottom lip had been split open, and he was definitely sporting the beginnings of a black eye.

"I'm sorry."

Calmer now, i answered with a bitter laugh.

"Yeah well, i don't care if your sorry. I don't want to be anywhere near you. I hate you now Edward. HATE YOU!"

I looked into his eyes as i screamed at him, but it didn't make me feel better.

To my complete surprise Edward's eyes became slightly glazed, though he didn't actually cry.

"Bella, before you i was just a typical teenage boy, happy go lucky, easy going kid. I admit i messed around with girls, but so what, I'm only human and millions of teenagers do the same thing. My only regret is that i treated you like you were just another girl. Sure i was into you more then i had been any other girl, but that just scared me into chasing after more skirt then usual. Then in the closet, it all hit me at once, everything i had been thinking and feeling, i knew then that i loved you, like REALLY loved you, but it was too late. Emmett came home, and you knew me for what i am. No, for what i was. And i am sorry, so very sorry for hurting you, for making you cry, and for not realizing how much you meant to me sooner. Most of all, I'm sorry that i made you hate me."

"Tell me something Edward, if I'd have slept with you, would you have still slept with Jessica, and god knows whoever else?"



He didn't answer, but he nodded his head.


Yes he would have still done it.

"Then what would it have took?"

"Nothing would have stopped me, Bella i was stupid."

"Too right you were Edward. So, how was she? Is she good in bed? Does she turn you on Edward? Did you sing to her? Buy her a gift so you could screw her?"

"I didn't buy you that to screw you."

"No, just to screw up my life."

He pinched the bridge of his nose, i guessed it was to stop his crocodile tears over flowing.

I pushed myself back up to my feet, and walked across the room to the door, but he didn't more.

"Edward, Get. Out. Of. My. Way."

He shook his head.

"Move out of my WAY!"

Again he refused to move, so i began pounding my fist into his chest in frustration.

He grabbed my wrists to restrain me, pinning me back against the wall and holding my hands at my side.

Me looked into each others eyes, his pleading, mine filled with only hurt.

"Get of me Edward. I don't want you to touch me."

"We need to talk."

"Bullcrap do we. There is nothing left to say. You played me, i found out, story over."

"Look me in the eyes and tell me you don't love me."

"WHAT?!?! Yesterday you told me that you couldn't love me! COULDN'T LOVE ME! Now you want to hear me say it. Why? What difference will it make?"

"Just answer the question Bella."

"Fine, I love you."

The corners of his mouth twitched upwards slightly.

"But that will always be my biggest regret, and even if it takes me forever Edward, i will never allow you back into my life, or my heart. I'll make myself hate you. Now let go of me, and go find Jessica, I'm sure she is much more your type."

At my bitter words he released me, and i pulled open the office door and stormed back outside and down the corridor, just as the bell sounded for last lesson.
I hope this shows up everyone :)
o my please keep going please
OMG!!! this is really good.
Please post more soon..
heyy i loved it! It is the best story i haf read! love itt!
type more and fast plzzzzzzzz
Omg. It was so intense. Why Bella didn't slap him in the face? He deserve that and many more.How Edward could do that to her? I hope that he will fix this up. I hope that Bella will forgive him and won't hate him anymore.
ADD MORE I LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!
omg that was good!!!


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