The Twilight Saga

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Summary : Bella lives in Forks with her brother Emmett, sister Alice and Charlie and Sue. Emmett is dating Rosalie. Two new boys move into town, Edward and his brother Jasper, with their parents Calislsle and Esme. They are two insanely hot, rich new boys which Bella and Alice are instantly smitten for. Only one problem, cue Emmett. He is okay with Alice dating Jasper, but Edward and Bella is a no no for him. He doesn't think Bella is mature enough. After weeks of sneaking around, and one memorable camping trip, how will Bella and Edward cope once their secret is exposed? And how will Bella deal with the shocking revelations about Edward?

Read to find out.

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NOOOOOO! that cant happen you have to get them back i loved it but NOOOO
dude dat was really good
OMG WOW ive just red al of your story in one hour :)

keep me posted plz xxx
awe!!!! this ending was so sad!!! This cant be good!! Edward must come back!!!!! Bella needed him!!!!
They must be together!!!!
OMG!!!!!!! U have to continue the story
its over aww i reallly like your story
plz continue it plz

Teenage Love Affair-All Grown Up.

Five years later.

The mini sequel

Chapter One: Wedding preparations.

Alice was obsessed with every fine detail when it came to the wedding. Actually, it was more of an obsession, she was fanatical about it. Even down to what the guest were wearing!

I sighed and flopped down onto the couch exhausted, after being ropped into yet another dress fitting. I swear the dress maker had been some kind of voodoo woman, the amount of times she had stabbed them little pins into me! I was starting to feel like a porcupine by the end of the session!

I had to admit though, everything did look sensational. And I expected nothing less from Alice. We had roomed together in College. Me her and Rosalie. Me and Rosalie had even become close friends again, after drifting apart in high school.

Alice has been a fashion and design Major, so it was little surprise that this was shaping up to be the wedding of the century. Much to my annoyance. It was far too energy consuming planning weddings. There was dress fittings, invitations, flowers, suits and of course, the dress.

Rosalie was being spared the torture of being a bridesmaid, as she was 8 months pregnant. Her and Emmett were ecstatic, and, although they were young, I was happy for them. What worried me the most was that I was going to be an Aunty! It made me feel old.

Alice was at the print shop place, picking up the invitation she had sent back yesterday for not being the right design.

I heard footsteps in the hallway, and turned to see him, the groom. He looked handsome in his suit. I smiled at him, and he bowed his head slightly.

“So, what d'ya think?” He asked, uncertainty in his familiar voice.

“You look like a model.” I replied. And he did. He looked so beautiful it hurt. Because it was just another reminder of who would never be stood in front of me, wearing a suit. The one person my heart desired, and the one person that I could never have. But I could not show him my pain, that would be selfish. Not today, two days before the wedding.

“I'm almost scared to wear it. Alice would kill me if I spill anything onto it!”

I laughed lightly, a laugh that I hadn't thought I had in me.

“How are you Bella, seriously? You know that he won't be here until the day of the wedding, and he's only staying a couple of days.”

I nodded, unable to speak for a moment in-case I chocked on pent up emotion. It had been five years. Five long years since I had last seen him. Five long years since he had captured my heart, and five years since he had changed my life forever. After he had left I was never able to date guys again. Not seriously anyway. I could flirt, see them a few times and then I would run. Just like he had ran. I couldn't stand the idea of falling in love. Of being loved. What Edward had done, in his high school games, had changed who I was as a person, I was far more cynical, and completely anti-love. I've never felt the same since the last time I saw him, just as I told him to leave me alone.

“Bella?” I heard my name being called, snapping me from my revelry.

I laughed to hide my embarrassment at completely zoning out.

“Sorry Jasper. I was in a world of my own for a moment there.” I ran my fingers through my hair, “ Stop worrying about me, I'm a big girl now.”

His soft smile was one of the only ones that didn't flip me of. Normally sympathy angered me beyond control, but somehow Jasper always had a way of keeping my emotions in check. He always new the right thing to do, or say.

“Okay, if your sure. I'm going to go take this suit of before Alice comes home and forces me into another fitting!”

I laughed with him.

“You love her, and her crazy ways.” I teased.

He nodded, slightly. “True. I still can't believe she agreed to become my wife.”

I walked over to him, straightening his tie.

“Well you better start believing it, you'll be married in two days!”


“Oh my God, that's it babe, right there, yeah, Oh god Emmett right there...” I heard Rosalie moan, as I made my way out into the patio area behind Alice's house. I turned the corner of the doorway, expecting to find them in a compromising position.

Instead I found Emmett giving a very pregnant Rosalie a foot massage.

“Geez guys, I thought you two were, you know...!” Emmett laughed along with Rosalie and I felt my cheeks redden.

“Nope,” Emmett replied, popping the 'P', “Rose needed a foot rub, and Emmett Bear gives THE best massages.” Rosalie moaned, as if to confirm what Emmett had said, and I walked from the room, shaking my head and laughing.

Alice was in the kitchen, barking orders down the phone to someone about the wedding, she truly was turning into Bridezilla. Jasper was sat at the kitchen table, reading the paper, so I walked over and sat across from him.

“How'd you get out of doing anything..?” Jasper asked, his face hidden by the paper.

“I have my responsibilities, Alice trust's me with them, I get out of doing all the running around stuff. That's your job.” I smiled, biting into a piece of toast that had been Jasper's.

He placed the newspaper flat on the table, smiling at me.

“Oh, I don't know about that. In-fact, I know for certain she has another task for you too do, something she thinks you would automatically know, and something knowing you, you have no idea your supposed to be doing.”

I almost choked on the bread in my mouth.

“What are you talking about Jazz?” I panicked. Please let him be joking, Alice would kill me if I ruined her wedding day.

“All brides are supposed to have something old, new borrowed and blue.” He smiled, watching Bella's horrified reaction.

“I didn't think I had to get them for her! Crap!” I jumped from the table.

“Good Luck.” He laughed, calling after me as I rushed out of the house. Luckily, I knew where I could get most of the things she would need from. My old attic. The attic at Charlies house.
this is good
nice!!!! i already cant wait for the next chapter!!! keep me posted :)

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