The Twilight Saga

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Summary : Bella lives in Forks with her brother Emmett, sister Alice and Charlie and Sue. Emmett is dating Rosalie. Two new boys move into town, Edward and his brother Jasper, with their parents Calislsle and Esme. They are two insanely hot, rich new boys which Bella and Alice are instantly smitten for. Only one problem, cue Emmett. He is okay with Alice dating Jasper, but Edward and Bella is a no no for him. He doesn't think Bella is mature enough. After weeks of sneaking around, and one memorable camping trip, how will Bella and Edward cope once their secret is exposed? And how will Bella deal with the shocking revelations about Edward?

Read to find out.

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Chapter 1 – The new family

“Alice are you out of the shower yet?” I called to my sister. She always took FOREVER to get ready in the mornings for school. It’s a wonder we ever made it in at all!

“Almost!” she called back.

I heard my brother Emmett in his room, still snoring. I banged loudly on the door, before abruptly entering.

“Emm, if you don’t get out of that bed right now I will torture you whilst you sleep!” I screamed.

He moved slightly and grunted, his way of letting me now he was awake.

I marched from the room and downstairs, where my step-mother Sue was setting breakfast down for
everyone. My farther, Charlie, was reading his news paper, a morning ritual of his since forever. I stalked over to the sink, grabbing an empty pan of the draining board. I filled it with ice-cold water from the tap and made my way back upstairs smiling.

I marched into Emmett’s room and emptied the contents of the pan over his head.

“Bella!” he screamed, jumping from the bed like it was on fire. I smiled at him wickedly.

“Get. Dressed.” I spoke, through clenched teeth. He stared at me for a long moment before lunging at
me, grabbing me in a headlock.

“Sis, you ever do that again and I will torture YOU whilst YOU sleep!” he half laughed half shouted.

Typical Emmett, only he could be good natured to someone after them throwing water over him.

I walked form his room and slammed the door as I left.

“Alice!” I screamed.

“Done!” she called back, swinging open the bathroom door. As always she was dressed immaculately. Her dark denim jeans and tight white blouse emphasising her petite, slim lined body. Her hair was styled to perfection in little black spikes and her feet were encased in very high black heels. How any one wore heels to school I would never know!

“How do I look?” she sang, twirling in a circle.

“You look picture perfect as always.” I replied smiling.

“Thanks now get into that shower already before we are late!” I was about to remind her just exactly why I wasn’t ready yet when she danced into our bedroom.

“I’ll find you an outfit!” she called over her shoulder.

I was too worried about the time to answer so I rushed into the shower.

I emerged from the shower 20 minutes later, feeling immensely better. Nothing beat a warm, refreshing shower in the morning, nothing.

I walked into my bedroom to find Alice singing along to the radio.

“Baby I can see your Halo.”

“Alice.” I called, making her jump.

“Don’t sneak up on me Bella!” she chastised.

I looked over to my bed too see what she had chosen for me to wear. It was a compromise, too say the least. We had had many arguments over the years over her need to choose my clothes but we had finally reached a sort of understanding. Nothing to over the top and defiantly no high heels! I walked to the dresser first, grabbing some underwear, Alice shutting the bedroom door for me on her way out. I slipped on the black thong and leopard print bra and walked over to my bed. Picking up the light blue dress Alice had chosen I slipped it on. There was a white belt with it that clutched in at the waist and a pair of white dolly shoes. Walking over to Alice’s bed I grabbed the hair dryer and began trying to tame my waist long locks. Finishing that, I put my make-up on and grabbed my charm bracelet of the side. It was a wooden looking one my friend, Jacob Black had given me for my 13 birthday years ago, only now there were more charms on it. Some my family had given to me and some my friends. I worshipped this bracelet.

I walked down the stairs to find everyone at the kitchen table. Half of my pancakes were missing, Emmett and his appetite! Sighing, I sat at the table and finished of what was left, washing it down with a glass of orange juice.

“Everyone ready?” I asked before a large burp escaped my lips. Emmett’s booming laugh filled the kitchen and I hid my head in my hands, a furious blush covering my cheeks.

“Bella, you are too funny!” Emmett laughed, standing from his chair noisily.

“I’ll start the car.” He called, leaving the room.

Alice and I both kissed out father on the cheek before telling him goodbye.

“Bye babies, be safe.”

He told us the same thing every morning and as usual we both smiled.

“Bye Sue.” I called.

“Bye darlings.” She spoke back.

I grabbed my bag from behind the front door; Alice of course refused to bring a ‘normal’ bag, insisting
on a clutch bag that matched her shoes.

“How you never get detention I’ll never now!” I laughed as we left the house. Emmett already beeping the horn of the car.

Chapter 2 – The new boys in town.

Pulling into the car park Emmett wound down his window and wolf whistled at Rosalie Hale, the girl he had been obsessed over since, well since forever actually!

I climbed form the car first, trying desperately not to let the wind blow my dress up.

“Rose babe!” Emmett called. Of course Rosalie was dressed like a super model. Her long blonde hair hung like a halo around her face. Her white blouse and high waisted red skirt looked like it cost a million dollars, which, knowing Rosalie, it probably did.

Rosalie smiled back at Emmett, walking over to wear me and Alice was standing.

“Morning.” She spoke, warmly first to Alice, then more icily to me.

“Morning” I replied, just as icily.

It was a strange situation between me and Rosalie, we had been friends for years, me her and Alice
and then one day she had just turned bitter towards me, for no good reason. We still feigned a friendship but we were both acutely aware of our mutual distaste for each other.

“Alice babe, love the shoes!” Rosalie exclaimed. Insisting Alice ‘give her a spin’. Ridiculous!

“Thanks hun,” Alice beamed, “they cost a months allowance but the were worth it.” She smiled.

Emmett walked over behind Rosalie and put his arm around her shoulder.

“Ready babe” he asked, kissing her cheek.

She giggled and then turned to kiss him full on the mouth. The noise their tongues were making were disgusting. Me and Alice slipped away.

“I’ve got English. I’ll see you at lunch.” I said to Alice, who was already making her way to her beloved music lesson.

“Sure.” She called back, before disappearing in to the crowd.

I walked into my English class and began talking idly with Mike Newton. My family had known his for
years and we had gone on a few dates, nothing serious. He just wasn’t the one. The teacher walked in, Mrs Robinson and told us to take our seats. I sat in my usual seat at the back of the classroom. Mrs Robinson was about to begin the register when the classroom door opened and in walked the most amazing guy I had ever seen. He was gorgeous!

“Excuse me, is this Mrs Robinson’s English class?” the perfect boy asked in an incredibly sexy voice.

“Yes.” Mrs Robinson asked, “Are you the new boy?”

New boy? I hadn’t heard there would be a new boy.

“Yeah.” Mr perfect answered.

“Well then take a seat child. Literature waits for no man.”

He scanned the room quickly looking for an available seat. The seat next to me was usually occupied by an annoying girl named Jessica Stanley who was not in today so Mr Perfect had two choices. The seat beside me or the seat beside Angela Webber at the front of the class. He looked at me, straight in the eyes and smiled, deciding on the seat beside me. Jessica Stanley would officially be moving next to Angela next lesson, I would personally see to it!

I smiled at him as he took his seat.

“Hi, I’m Edward Cullen.” He said to me, still smiling.

I bit my lip, a nervous habit of mine, before replying,

“Hi Edward, I’m Bella Swan. It’s nice to meet you.”

“So what brings you to Forks?” I whispered. “I hadn’t heard there would be a new student.”

“Oh, well my father is a doctor so me, him, my mother and brother travel a lot.”

“Oh, so are you staying in Forks long?”

“Hopefully” he smiled, winking at me.

I felt butterflies in my stomach when he spoke and man his aftershave smelt amazing!

Chapter 3 – Badminton

After English finished Edward waited for meat the door and we walked to our next lesson, gym. Again we were in the same class and all I could think about was Edward seeing me in my gym kit!

“So Bella, do you have any brothers or sisters?”

“Yeah, I have an amazing sister who is in our year and then there is my brother Emmett who is in the year above.”

“Is Alice your Twin?” Edward asked.

“No, my farther and mother adopted her when we were young. She is actually my mothers, sister’s daughter, but she died in child birth and her father is in jail.” I didn’t know why I was telling Edward our secretes, although their were no secretes really in a town this small, so he would find out eventually.

“Oh, how tragic.” Edward smiled sympathetically.

“She is amazing though, you will love her. Infact she is in our gym class now.” I beamed, excited to show of my new friend to Alice.

“Bella!” I heard my brother’s voice boom.

Damn! Not now!

I ignored him in the vain hope he would go away, instead he walked right over, eyeing Edward.

“Who is this, your Boyfriend?” Emmett teased. I felt my cheeks flush

“No, this is the new kid, Edward. Edward this is my brother Emmett.”

“Nice to meet you Emmett.” Edward said.

Emmett looked him over for a moment then deciding he liked him he smiled, extending his fist to Edward in a sign of friendship.

Edward touched his fist to Emmett’s and Emmett started walking with us until we ran into Rosalie in the hall.

“See you at lunch okay bro?” Emmett asked Edward.

“Yeah.” Edward replied, I couldn’t keep the smile from my face.

“See ya Bell’s!” Emmett shouted, running down the hall to Rosalie.

“Seems like fun.” Edward smiled, looking at Emmett’s back.

“Yeah, barrels.” I laughed sarcastically walking into gym. I headed for the girl’s room and Edward the boys.

“Alice!” I practically shouted, rushing over to join her to change, “I have met the man of my dreams!” I squealed, whipping of my dress and throwing my gym kit on.

“Really?” she smiled.

“Yeah, he is tall, brownish hair, apple green eyes, the most amazing voice. Broad shoulders and a perfect physique!”

Alice laughed, “When do I get to meet the guy?”

“He is in gym actually.”

“Oh, who is he?”

“Edward Cullen, he and his father, mother and brother have just moved here.”

“Really? Wonder what the brother is like?” she said smiling.

I laughed at her as she pulled my hand and dragged me back into the gym hall.

Edward was already out; he was standing alone beside the basket ball post. I pulled Alice towards him.

“Edward, this is my sister Alice, Alice this is Mr, I mean Edward Cullen.”

“Hi,” Alice chimed.

“Hello.” Edward smiled an amused look on his face. He leaned his face towards mine.

“You must have changed in a hurry Bella; your shirt is inside out.” Edward whispered in my ear. For a moment all I could think about was his warm breath on my face then what he said sunk in. Running back to the changing rooms I spun my top the right way and rushed back out. Everyone had paired up for Badminton and Alice, the queen of subtlety had already paired of, she was usually my partner. Oh well, looks like Edward it is then.

“Need a partner?” He smiled.

“Please.” I smiled gratefully.

We began our game, me and Edward against Alice and Angela. Edward was amazing at badminton; I on the other hand, was a total klutz at anything sports related! Still, thanks to Edward’s sporting ability we won, much to the dismay of Alice, who had never been beaten at me in sports, ever.

She hopped of to the changing room as soon as the bell went.

“Bella,” Edward called, as I turned to go after her.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“I’ll see you at lunch okay?” he smiled, my heart stopped.

I nodded, just about and ran to the changing room.
love it!!!!
Since you asked. I'll post some more chapters right now :)
Chapter 4 – The game

Edward and Jasper had followed our car home as arranged, Alice had rode with them though, she was entangled in her conversation with Jasper about famous philosophers. I was right; they were definitely perfect for each other.

Emmett, Jasper and Edward were in the living room, watching the game. Me and Alice were in the kitchen, speaking about the gorgeous Cullens whilst eating cookies.

“Bella, Jasper is amazing!” Alice gushed.

“So is Edward.” I smiled, reaching for another cookie.

“He is so intelligent!”

“I think Alice is on lurveeeeeee!” I teased.

She smiled at me knowingly.

“Ditto!” she laughed quoting out favourite movie, Ghost.

Our father arrived home from work and eagerly joined the boys watching the game. Sue was visiting Leah and Seth down
on the Reservation.

Hearing someone clearing there throats me and Alice flung our eyes to the kitchen door.

“Edward.” I smiled, “what’s up?”

“Nothing, Emmett told me to grab some chips.”

I rose from my chair, grabbing the chips from the top cupboard and passing them to Edward. When he was taking them of me out fingers touched for a second and a jolt of electricity shot through me, my cheeks flamed red.

Edward just smiled and left the room.

“OMG! Alice he is perfect!”

“Come on Redskins!” Emmett bellowed from the front room.

I wished the damn match was over! I wanted to speak to Edward.

Me and Alice, as if of one mind, rose from the kitchen table and walked into the living room.

Emmet was sat in ‘his chair’ and our father was in ‘his chair’ which left only one seat spare on the couch with Edward and Jasper. I sat on the floor, in front of Edward and Alice sat in between them, slightly closer to Jasper.

Edward pressed his right leg against my side and it sent a tingle through my body.

“Bella, makes some drinks please?” Emmett smiled a big, cheesy grin.

“okay.” I laughed.

“I’ll help.” Edward suggested.

“You’ll miss the game bro!” Emmett said. “She’ll manage.”

Edward gave me an ‘I’m sorry’ look and I smiled to him, making my way to the kitchen. He had wanted to help me? OMG! I’m turning stalker-ish!

Making the drinks I carried them into the living room two at a time.

“Sorry.” Edward mouthed as I sat back in my seat.

The game finished just as a sat down and i smiled subtly to myself.

My father stood up, announcing he was going to take a shower and have an early night, code for he was going toilet, then TV in his room, keep the noise down!

I jumped up from the floor and sat in my father’s now vacant chair. Emmett left the room to speak on his phone to Rosalie, who had phoned him complaining at her lack of invite.

Alice and Jasper sat talking quietly, before announcing they were going out for a bite too eat and would we like to join them.

“Sure.” I said.

“I’m in.” Edward agreed.

Alice danced of to ask Emmett and I heard him asking Rosalie so I knew he was coming. Damn! Over protective Emmett,
the guy who had nearly killed poor Mike Newton for bringing me home ten minutes late!

“Perfect.” I muttered.

We walked outside, Emmett insisting I had to ride with him, although Alice could go with the boys.

“Why?” I asked Emmett once in the car.

“You’re too young!” He snapped, driving the car towards Rosalie, apparently she couldn’t possibly drive herself!

“Too young?!? Alice is in my year at school!”

“Alice is more mature and boy smart!”

“Urgh!” I moaned.

“Awww, is Bella developing a crush?” Emmett teased.

When I went bright red Emmett thought it would be a good idea to wind down his window, beep his horn really loud and declare to the whole world his little sister was in love!


Arriving at Rosalie’s I was surprised to see she was waiting for us outside, she never waited outside!

“Hey Babe.” Emmett called.

Rosalie climbed into the back seat.

“Hia” she spoke, almost cheerfully.

“Where is it we are going?” she asked.

“To the diner for some French fries”

“How vogue” Rosalie spat, there was the Rosalie we new and loved.

Pulling into the diner car park I saw Alice, Jasper and Edward waiting for us beside Edwards Volvo.

Climbing from Emmet’s car I half walked, half ran to Alice, whispering in her ear.

“Emmett is far too over protective!”

“He is looking out for you Bella. When you are my age he will give you more freedom.”

“There isn’t even a year between us!”


We walked into the diner, slipping into a corner booth. I was sat in between Alice and Emmett. This was getting beyond

We ordered our food and I noticed the way Rosalie laughed at everything Edward said. Typical! I find a guy I like a long legs Barbie goes straight in for the kill!

The waitress brought our food and milkshakes over and we all thanked her. Alice and Jasper were talking about some artist they both admired and Rosalie was flirting profusely with Emmett, whilst trying to keep a conversation with Edward.
Digging into my fries I felt someone’s foot on mine. I was about to moan when I looked up and caught Edward smiling at me. I felt the foot slide slightly up and down my leg and Edward winked at me. I smiled at him nervously and dug straight back into my fries.

“So Bella,” Edward asked. “Tell me something I don’t know about you?”

“Erm… I write stories and poetry.”

“Really.” He asked smiling crookedly at me.

“Yeah, no big deal really.”

“Tell me something about you?”

“I play guitar and write my own songs, maybe I’ll play for you sometime.”

He winked again.

“Oii!! Casanova! Stay away from my sister.”

I could have cheerfully throttled Emmett.

Edward saved the moment by laughing.

Emmett and Edward then began talking about the game they had just watched like it was he most fascinating thing in the world, all the while mine and Edwards feet were next to each other, gently stroking each others.

Chapter 5 – Day two

Getting ready for school the next morning I was actually concerned over what to wear. I explained to Alice she had to pick me an outfit that was sexy, conservative and amazing all at once! In true Alice fashion she had told me she new just the thing. I raced to climb into the shower, not bothering to wake Emmett. He wasn’t forgiven for his unfair behaviour yesterday. I towel dried my hair in the bathroom before running to my room. Alice stood smiling at me, holding up a beige dress with a dark, chocolate coloured belt. It was low cut, sexy, but classy. She was also holding a pair of dark brown dolly shoes.

“Perfect!” I squealed.

“I know!”

I grabbed a blue bra and green French knickers from the dresser, throwing them on. I pulled the dress on and Alice fastened the belt for me. Slipping my shoes on Alice finished of drying my hair for me whilst I did my make-up.

“Is Emmett up?”

“Not sure.” She giggled.


We both laughed, at least we knew now.

“Bella! Why the hell didn’t you wake me?!?”

“Forgot.” I smiled.

Sue had gone down to the Reservation again and our father had already left for work. Of course Sue had left us all a bowl of cereal and a pot of tea.

We rushed through our breakfast, Emmett still grouchy.

The drive to school was subdued, we were all lost in our own thoughts, mine consisting of Edward Cullen.

As we pulled into the car lot it was mostly empty, except of course for the only person I wanted to see, and his brother. I practically jumped from the car before Emmett had even parked up, followed closely by Alice.

“Good morning.” I greeted.

Edward smiled and winked at me.

“Sleep okay?” he asked.


I heard Jasper greeting Alice in there own special way, I also saw something I would never have thought possible if I had
not seen it through my own eyes. Alice was blushing! Only slightly, and only people who new her well would notice.

Jasper, to my amazement, noticed as well because he brought his hand to Alice’s cheek, as if to stroke her blush away. I smiled at the tender moment. It was about time Alice met a decent guy, the last guy she had dated had been a nightmare. I shuddered just remembering him.

We have English.” Edward smiled making a shape with his arm, obviously wanting me to link my arm through his. I did as I was bided and we strode to English, ignoring Emmett howling my name.

“You look amazing today.” Edward informed me as we entered English, causing me to smile ridiculously. I saw Mike staring at us through the corner of my eye. I saw the intense look of hatred he was sending towards Edward. What the hell was that about? Sure we had dated, but it had never been serious and we had been amicable friends for two months now.

“What’s his problem?” Edward whispered as we walked to our seats.

“I’ll write it on a note to you.”

Taking our seats I took out a sheet of paper and began scribbling down how me and Mike had dated briefly, before
deciding we were better friends. I explained how we were friends now and that I had no idea what would cause that kind of reaction from him of just seeing me with another guy.

I passed the note over to Edward, staring straight ahead at Mrs Robinson as he read. I couldn’t bare the thought of watching Edwards’s reaction to what I had written. I did glimpse him scribbling something back though, and then he passed the paper back.

‘Of course he is regretting his decision. He is regretting letting a stunner like you go and he is jealous that I have found you.’

What did that mean? ‘Jealous I had found you’ I wanted to ask him but I couldn’t figure out how to ask. Instead I informed him that Mike had not ‘let me go’, it was an amicable split, I insisted, both of us decided that there was just no spark.
I passed the note back to Edward, our fingers connecting as I did. See, there was the spark that Mike and I had not had.
Edward read the note, scribbling a reply and passing it back.

I’m glad, Mike’s loss, my gain’ Then he had drawn a smiley face.

I scrunched the paper up into a ball and shoved it into my pocket. I spent the rest of the English hour watching Edward, turning away quickly when he looked at me.

The bell rang and Edward walked me to my Science class, promising to meet me at dinner.

The rest of the day past in a blur. Suddenly I found myself walking towards the dinner hall. Emmett, Edward and Rosalie were seated at the table. I went to grab my food and hurried over to the table, seating myself across from Edward. Emmett was sat by Edward’s side and Rosalie by mine.

“How’s your day been?” Edward asked, seeming genuinely interested.

“How do you think it’s been lover boy?”Emmett tutted.

Edward laughed good naturedly.

“Where’s Alice and Jasper?”

“They are eating outside today, something about a picnic.” Emmett answered, not really paying attention.

I glared at him. Alice could go for a picnic with Jasper but Edward couldn’t even ask me how my day was!?!

Emmett was bloody hypocritical!

I felt Edwards foot beside my own and I smiled inwardly. Then he was tapping my right knee. I looked at him and raised my eyebrows slightly.

He motioned with his eyes to under the table. I reached my hand under, not wanting to draw attention to our little interaction.

Reaching my hand out I felt Edward grasp my hand in his. He held it for a few seconds, smiling his crooked smile at me, and then he released my hand. He had left a piece of paper in my palm. I pulled it to my side, and lowered y eyes to read it.

‘Bella, can you find a way to come out tonight? I wish to show you something.

I looked up, into the waiting eyes of Edward and nodded my head slightly. I would find a way.

When the dinner bell rang we made are separate ways to our lessons. I had gym with Edward, so after deceiving Emmett into thinking we had gone separate ways; we met back up just outside the gym hall.

“How will you do it?”

“I’m not entirely sure. I’ll just tell them I’m going shop or something. What do you want to show me?”

“It’s a surprise.” He smiled. “Meet me after school, you can ride with me. Jasper and Alice are going for a walk anyway.
Do you think you can manage?” he raised his eyebrow.

I nodded my head furiously. I would not miss this!
awwww this is really sweet and i love it!!!! please inform me when the next chapter is up!!!!
love it love it love it!!!! but i do think its happening a little fast...but otherwise keep going love it!!!!
Thanks Alicia :)
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love it
holy crow this is awesome.... i love it keep me updatedd
Thanks Christine :)
this is good


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