The Twilight Saga

Summary: Bella swan (18) is in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend, Jacob Black. Bella is drowning in fear, telling anybody is not an option. Her best friend and cousin; Alice, comes down to visit. She brings her boyfriend Jasper, his sister and her friend Rosalie, Rosalie boyfriend Emmett and his brother Edward. Alice -who had lived in Forks since she was ten- gets re-attached to her hometown. She is ridiculously enthusiastic and moves in with Bella, encouraging her friends to get there own place in Forks as well.
 Meanwhile, Bella is just giddy to surrounded by so many friends, but she still has to face Jacob. One day she becomes suicidal, and Edward is the one to stop her before she does anything reckless. Edward thinks he fell in love with Bella, but he already has a girlfriend. Bella wants to be with Edward but she unwillingly has to stay with Jacob.
So what will happen? 

 This was really a spur-of-the-moment idea. So, having any editor and someone that would be able to help me would be wonderful. If you want to just tell me about your writing abilities, give me the link(s) to any fan fictions you have written, and honestly tell me how much free-time you have to work!

 I balled up in a corner, cluttered with books. I was shaking violently. His face was more enraged then ever. I never thought that this how I
would die.
 Edward! Edward! I need you!
 I was screeching in my head. I decided, as long as I'm here, and since
this will be the last thing I breathe, I wanted answers even if I was
the only one to hear them. I gulped at that thought.
 "Why?" My voice cracked, and it was barely a whisper. I was surprised he even heard me. He halted his attack. "WHAT?"
 "Tell me why." I whispered.


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I love the plot so far. You should write more. Its good.
Yes Please do! It sounds very good. I would help you with the editing part but I have been super busy with raising money for my Foreign Exchange.
Your not aloud to call me that!
Thanks Lo lo!

Beat that sis!
Yay! I already have a editor option! Coolio!
Here is the first chapter!

Chapter One:
Bella's POV

"How did this happen?" Charlie demanded, pressing his fingertips lightly to the fresh bruise below my left eye. I flinched.
"When I was at Jake's, well we went hiking, I tripped..." I trailed off, my throat raspy. I figured he could imagine the rest.

He flopped down onto the recliner. "Humph." He grunted.
"What?" I asked, too quickly. Fear colored my tone. Did he know? Oh my God! HE KNEW!

"Well you seem to get hurt a lot, hanging out with Jacob." He was distracted by the TV now, I sighed in relief. He glanced at me suspiciously, I smiled, my injury sting in protest. "Dad, I get hurt walking across a flat surface." I snorted, inside I was swelling with relief. He chuckled, but I could see the confusion and concern in his eyes.
"I'm going to bed." I announced, hesitant. He nodded, still gazing at the screen.

I dashed up the stairs, threw open the door of my room and collapsed on the bed. I lay on top of the sheets, contemplating. This was getting noticeable, way to noticeably, not to mention my awful lying skills. My phone vibrated in my back pocket, making me jump a little.
Please don't let it be Jacob, Please don't let it be Jacob...
I flipped it open with exaggerated slowness. "Bellaaaa..." Alice stretched out the 'a' in my name. I laughed, the sound hurt in strange ways; I felt that I hadn't laughed in ages.

"Hey Alice." I greeted her happily. I couldn't help but be the slightest bit influenced by Alice's enthusiasm, even under the circumstances. "I needed to ask you something..." Her voice took on a pleading tone. Ugh! I am NOT helping her with fashion!
"If this is about clothes Alice, I swear-" My voice edging towards threatening.
She chimed in before I could finish; "Its not." She promised in her silvery-voice.

"Then what is it?" I asked.
"Well...." She hedged.

"Okay so you know Jasper?" She asked, cutting to the reason of our conversation.
"Jasper Hale?" I questioned, not faking curiosity. Alice had a major crush on Jasper, I never met him before, but she talked about him so frequently I felt as if we were life-time friends. She squealed, breaking my train of thought. I took that as a 'yes'.

"Well can he and some friends come with? They'll pay for their own tickets, hotel everything." She rushed through the words, hopeful.
I giggled at her pleading attempts. "Sure!" I exclaimed.
"YES! Thank you Bella!" She shrieked excitedly.

"Who are they anyway?" I asked, playing with my hair, not that into the answer.
"Oh. Well, Jasper obviously, and his sister Rosalie, and my friend Edward and Edward's brother Emmett who is dating Rose." She exclaimed. I nodded to myself.

She added on; "and Edward is single, if your not dating that dirt-"
"Alice!" I growled interrupting her. I could honestly care less what she said about Jacob -snarls forming around his name in my head- but how would that look?
"So I take it you are?" She challenged.

I just sighed. I wish I could say no. Just thinking that made tears spring to my eyes, I blinked them back hoping they wouldn't effect my voice next time I spoke.
"Sorry Bells, I gotta go! Jasper is on the other line." Her tone giddy when she said his name.
"Bye Ali." I managed to say without choking on my words. Then the line went dead. I snapped my phone shut with unnecessary harshness.

I kicked my boots off and let the tears take me.
Wow that was super good! I want more!!! Your words and everything flows great together!
omg jacob is a jerk... someone heeds to kick his butt!!!!!!!!!! love it....
yes you should write this..... i love the summary you need to keep this going
wow, i really liked it cant wait for more
this is really goose please kkeep me updated
Chapter One Part Two:

I woke up, the meek light streaming through my windows burned my raw eyes. I was still wearing my clothes from last night. Oh well.
Then I remembered. It was a Monday. School today. Ugh. I could ditch, but surely Charlie would hear about it. This town was to small to hold any secrets. Except mine. That triggered the tears again.
I groaned as I got up, feeling stiff in my jeans. I staggered to my window, the cruiser wasn't there, so Charlie left then. In leaned my palms against the frigid glass. Snowflakes fluttered in the breeze, I couldn't be sure if they had just fallen, or if they were unearthed from earlier this morning or late last night.

I lifted my palms from the window.
I shuffled my feet to the bathroom, undressing and stepping into the shower.

Today, not even the heat from the running water could calm my over-active pulse, or soothe my jitters. Though the enticing strawberry scent of my shampoo slightly relaxed me in a drowsy way. I hadn't slept until three AM, when my sobs quieted. Sleep did succeed in easing the physical pain; stabbing in my face, but did nothing for the emotional suffering, I was sucked into twisting nightmares. I shuddered.
I stepped out of the shower awkwardly, wrapping myself in a thick white towel and stumbled into my room. I dried my hair, keeping it around my face, dressed simply (Bella's Outfit; and scarfed down a hasty breakfast. I brushed my teeth vigorously before grabbing my bag and bounding out the door, swiftly locking it behind me.
It was cold, like I expected. I shivered as a small breeze rose goosebumps on the exposed skin of my neck. I climbed into my rustic, faded Chevy. The truck groaned and I was off.
I ran the excuse through my head several times, hoping my lying would seem less off if I rehearsed.
A few minutes later I reluctantly pulled into the parking lot of Forks high school.
Jessica was caught up in a conversation with Angela Weber. Jess waved at me hardheartedly and the two girls bounced over to me when I didn't return the gesture.
I wasn't even out of the truck when they reached. Jessica tapped impatiently on the window. I took a deep breath and revealed myself. They gasped.

"Oh my God Bella! What happened to your face?" Jessica asked, the opposite of sensitive. Angela shot her a quick glare.
"Yesterday I tripped." I stated flatly, in a blow-off attitude . My cheek was throbbing due to the deep bruise.
Jessica nodded in disappointment, ha! I bet if I told her the truth she would really have something to dish about.
Angela who was always observant just shook her head slowly, gathering her thoughts. For a long time I has a striking fear that she knew what was up. I cringed mentally at the thought. Jacob didn't need to hurt anyone else.

I winded up having to repeat the phrase; Yesterday I tripped. all day. Mike was overly concerned, much to Jessica's disappointment. I was just ambling towards the parking lot after gym (also known as my personal hell).
When my phone buzzed. Dreadfulness swept through me instantly.
My fingers trembled as I answered.

"He-he-l-low?" I stuttered into the receiver.

"BELLA!" Oh God.
Note: I will only send updates if enough people ask!
oooh i like it!!
so scandalous (i love stories with a good scandal :)
keep writingg!
Alice the Pixie


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