The Twilight Saga

Summary: Bella swan (18) is in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend, Jacob Black. Bella is drowning in fear, telling anybody is not an option. Her best friend and cousin; Alice, comes down to visit. She brings her boyfriend Jasper, his sister and her friend Rosalie, Rosalie boyfriend Emmett and his brother Edward. Alice -who had lived in Forks since she was ten- gets re-attached to her hometown. She is ridiculously enthusiastic and moves in with Bella, encouraging her friends to get there own place in Forks as well.
 Meanwhile, Bella is just giddy to surrounded by so many friends, but she still has to face Jacob. One day she becomes suicidal, and Edward is the one to stop her before she does anything reckless. Edward thinks he fell in love with Bella, but he already has a girlfriend. Bella wants to be with Edward but she unwillingly has to stay with Jacob.
So what will happen? 

 This was really a spur-of-the-moment idea. So, having any editor and someone that would be able to help me would be wonderful. If you want to just tell me about your writing abilities, give me the link(s) to any fan fictions you have written, and honestly tell me how much free-time you have to work!

 I balled up in a corner, cluttered with books. I was shaking violently. His face was more enraged then ever. I never thought that this how I
would die.
 Edward! Edward! I need you!
 I was screeching in my head. I decided, as long as I'm here, and since
this will be the last thing I breathe, I wanted answers even if I was
the only one to hear them. I gulped at that thought.
 "Why?" My voice cracked, and it was barely a whisper. I was surprised he even heard me. He halted his attack. "WHAT?"
 "Tell me why." I whispered.


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