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ok sooo since nobody knows whats going on with the ffics i thought id continue mine all in one discussion (labelled of course) for a while. if nothing happens for a while i'll just start reposting my old stuff again. i feel sorry for everyone who lost their work - mine's all on my PC: phew!


Changes (with Mrs Sky Cullen)


Alice and Jasper join the cullens, danger and bonding ensues. Everything changes.


Stars: (award winning! second prize for Best Carlisle and Esme ff)

the twilight saga from Carlisle and Esme's POV


Not So Simple: the sequel to Not So Secret

the Cullens are in charge and in TROUBLE!!

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ps - if u wanna continue urs here too that's cool. LMK PLZ THOUGH!! and plz no complete reposts, k? if u have a banner, that would be good so ppl can identify ur story. i'll put it up in the discussion box so ppl know its being continued. just lmk title, banner if u hav 1 and summary
CHANGES CHAPTER SEVEN (mostly Mrs Sky Cullen)

Esme disappeared into Carlisle’s study a moment later, and none of us attempted to disturb her. Worried as we all were, we knew Esme needed some time alone to deal with this. Edward was haunted by my vision; I could understand that. He had seen the whole thing in my mind: blood, gunfire, shouting, a shell explosion nearby, the trench falling in, and then nothing. Over and over again, I played it in my mind, trying to see if Carlisle managed to escape or even whether he was actually in the trench at the time. I couldn’t figure out where I had gone wrong.
Then a new vision joined the first. It was short, barely a flash: a dark room, with a figure huddled in one corner, holding their knees up to their chest in an attempt to hide from the light that was just beginning to creep into the only window in the room. It looked like a prison cell, but I couldn’t be sure. The person was frightened, and their fear infected me, and the dark was suddenly suffocating. I had to talk to someone – someone that wasn’t Edward.
“Jasper’s out,” Edward told me emotionlessly, not even looking up from the piano. He had been doing that for a few hours: he’d start Esme’s song, then mess it up or stop or something. It was as though he couldn’t figure out how to continue.
“Oh. Okay.” I looked around, but I couldn’t see anyone else.
“You should go talk to Esme,” Edward suggested quietly. “Both of you need it.”
I nodded numbly in response, already drifting towards Carlisle’s study, which Esme had not left since she had heard the heartbreaking news. Esme was sitting at Carlisle’s desk, with the plaque and folded flag and two sheets of paper – Carlisle’s letters, I guessed – spread before her. She was not looking at them though; she had her arms crossed in front of her and was resting her forehead on her arms. She only looked up when I reached the desk.
“Esme, can I talk to you?” I asked quietly, my voice trembling with fear and sadness.
“Of course, honey,” she crooned. A sad smile touched her lips as she pushed the chair back and held her arms out for me. I ran in and sat down on her lap, and she wrapped her arms around me.
There was so much I wanted to say to her.
I wanted to talk to her about my visions. About how they jumbled into one huge lump of sorrow.
I wanted to thank her, for accepting me when I showed up on her doorstep.
Most importantly, I wanted to tell her about how Jasper had been too quiet lately, haunted by the things he’d seen, done, and how that was ten times worse for Carlisle.
Instead, I sat in her arms, both of us shaking with violent sobs.
As Esme calmed down, I noticed her eyes darting towards the notes on Carlisle’s desk. I didn’t have to be Jasper to know how much it hurt her.
“Let’s read it,” I suggested, smiling weakly at her. Esme nodded, carefully holding the note for both of us to read. It said:
Dear My Love,
I’m so sorry I didn’t write before now. I’ve been busy trying to help here, but I didn’t know what to say to you... until Jasper wrote.
I’m not going to lie to you and say everything’s going to be alright when I come back, because I know you’re not stupid, and would never fall for such a weak attempt to hide the truth from you.

There was a huge ink splodge here, and a sudden jerk of the pen, scrawling ink across the paper.
Sorry about that. The grenades just came incredibly close.
Someone died. I can smell the blood. I suppose someone’s always dying here though. It’s a war.
Dirt stained the page near this, emphasising the sentence.
I’m in the trenches, helping the wounded up close. I had to. I couldn’t leave them with no hope of life.
Know that I will always love you, and that I would have gone insane long ago, if I didn’t think of you. It’s almost insane to think that such an amazing person like you could exist in a world gone mad.
Love, now and forever,

I didn’t have time to register Esme’s reaction, let alone my own. Images were forming in my head, and I couldn’t push these away. Carlisle was in them.
I saw Carlisle stumbling away from a pile of corpses half-buried in the rubble of what used to be one of the trenches.
He was covered in blood and dirt, and he was sparkling in the hazy sunlight. It didn’t matter though. There was no other sign of life for miles.
There was a cough from one of the corpses, and Carlisle rushed over to a man - no, a boy, no older than eighteen – who was buried in the rubble. I didn’t have to be a doctor to know that he was on his deathbed.
Carlisle knelt beside the boy, checking his temperature, and sighed.
The boy stared up at him in weak amazement with dull grey eyes, and he opened his mouth to speak, only to start a fit of coughing, crimson blood staining Carlisle’s torn clothes, and the dirt beneath him.
Using all his strength, the boy reached into his front pocket, and handed something to Carlisle.
It was a golden locket, rusty from the months of fighting. It was open, and inside, was a picture of him, and a girl, holding hands, and gazing into each other’s eyes.
“Give this- to Lucy,” the boy breathed.
“Lucy who?” Carlisle asked, taking the locket, and holding the boy’s head up so he didn’t choke on any blood he might cough up.
“Lucy- Whinstone,” he breathed, before closing his eyes. “Promise?”
Carlisle nodded, and stumbled away, looking at the locket in awe, before making up his mind.
“Esme,” I said quietly, closing my eyes.
“Yes Alice?” she asked quietly.
“Carlisle’s coming home, and then he’s going to look for Lucy Whinstone, and return something to her.”
Esme’s joy at the news that her husband was alive overpowered her shock.
Awwe :( To many emotions in this story!
Please update me,
(summary, mainly for new readers) NOT SO SECRET: the vampire world was betrayed as part of a plot against Carlisle. they got chucked in jail, experimented on, had weapons developed that could kill/torture them, and emmett was killed in the break out of jail. a year later, the humans still had control over the vamps and so made 10 of them participate in this very hunger-games style tournament. many of carlisle's friends were picked, as well as esme and rose. esme got abused by this guy called Marius who promised to save Rose but he ended up killing her. They got attacked by a REAL wwlf on the way out of the stadium and esme got bit really bad. aro 'committed suicide' - got carlisle to kill him - because Sulpicia died in the fight to get out of jail and he knows carlisle is the vamps only chance at survival so carlisle is now in charge. they managed to get some sympathy votes and so things were starting to look up, but esme still feels she betrayed carlisle
NOT SO SIMPLE: nessie and jake got married, they're not allowed to lie, kate is the only one of her coven left so she joins the cullens. esme starts changing into a REAL wwlf at the full moon. carlisle goes to geneva to establish some rules for vamps and over there meets demetri who is doing a surprisingly good job at obeying the veggie vamp laws. meanwhile nessie is pregnant and esme's been eating human food and killing other REAL wwlfs. carlisle and demetri are set up in a plot to make vamps look bad again, the only ppl on their side killed, and the others come to rescue. esme has super speed but she does tire out. Marius is also a wwlf. the wwlfs r angry coz of esme killing other wwlfs so a few of them came and crushed her ribs in. she's been coughing up blood so alice, bella, carlisle and jacob (and esme) hijacked a plane to get her back to forks and crashed it. edward and jasper are prisoners of the anti-vampire government. the wolf pack are en route to forks too.

okaaaay i think thats everything. i will repost if stuff doesnt sort itself out soon. anyways NEW CHAPTER

Chapter Fifteen:

It stings all over, like I just did a belly flop into concrete.
Oh, wait. Maybe that’s because I did.
I pulled myself off the ground, and I could practically hear my own ribs connecting back up to each other as I dragged myself over to Alice and Carlisle. Esme rested in Carlisle’s arms, her head lolling limply backwards.
“What a mess,” Alice muttered, looking around at the shattered remains of the aeroplane. I could hear sirens – ambulances, police and, knowing our luck, the FBI were coming.
“We have to get Esme to a hospital,” Bella breathed, searching the horizon for the ambulance lights.
“They won’t take her if we bring her,” Carlisle murmured, staring at Esme as if he would give the world to make her wake up.
“I’ll take her,” I offered. I couldn’t bear to see that look on his face. He didn’t deserve it; especially after last year.
“What about Nessie?” Bella asked. Nessie. The name tore through me like a knife as it brought to mind the panic and pain on the other end of the phone line. How could I have even thought of letting Nessie go through that for the sake of a vampire?
Because that vampire was the closest thing to a mother I could remember, and Nessie would never forgive me if I let her die.
I swallowed hard, forcing the words out of my throat before I could change my messed-up mind.
“I’ll take Esme. You have to help Nessie.”
“I will,” Carlisle vowed, “I swear.” He took a piece of paper out of his pocket and scribbled down a list of notes. “Give this to Doctor Snow, if he’s there. If not, well anyone else will have to do. They’ll know what’s wrong.” He handed Esme over to me willingly, because he knew she would get help, but once she was safely in my arms he didn’t want to let his drop. He didn’t want to part from the other half of his soul. That feeling I knew all too well. It was slowly but surely peeling me apart right now.
“I’ll look after her,” I vowed. Carlisle nodded a few times, sighed, and finally let his hands fall to his side.
“Call me in an hour,” he breathed, looking away from me. He disappeared, and Alice and Bella shot me apologetic glances before following.
Esme’s hand weakly shifted from her stomach to my hand, and she made an effort to squeeze it. I could have sworn I heard a ‘thank you,’ but before I could react, an ambulance, two police cars and a news van pulled up at the crash site. I headed straight to the ambulance, repeating over and over in my head that Carlisle had promised to keep Nessie safe: she’s safe, she’s safe…
Doctor Snow pushed back doors of the ambulance open from the inside and ushered me in.
“We should keep this low-key,” he whispered, helping me lay Esme out on the gurney. Only then did he seem to realise who she was.
“Esme Cullen?” he gasped, glancing at me with half-wild eyes.
“Yeah,” I mumbled, unsure of what to say. I remembered the notes Carlisle had given me, and so I offered that up instead. At least now I wouldn’t have to talk – or so I thought.
Dr Snow’s thick white eyebrows creased into a frown, and he read the notes a second time.
“Well, Jacob Black, you certainly have got yourself involved in some serious issues, young man,” he said. “Vampires, werewolves, murder mysteries…it is quite a thrilling world, which I prefer to keep at arms length from my own.” He handed the notes back to me, and looked regretfully at Esme’s face. She was as sickly pale as a ghost, with purple shades on her lips and around her eyes.
“You’re not going to help her?” I whispered, shocked: how could you turn that away?
“I will do what I can, but I certainly hope Carlisle understands exactly what he’s asking here.”
“Oh, believe me, he does,” I assured him. He had spent most of the plane trip trying to come to terms with getting his colleagues involved in our present predicament.
The ambulance started up and drove off in silence, and I numbly watched as Dr Snow put some kind of air mask over Esme’s mouth and nose. She drew short, shallow breaths for a while, and then started with longer ones. She still didn’t open her eyes, but her hand searched for mine again. I held it out, and she squeezed it again, this time achieving a bit of pressure. I kept a tight hold on her hand, determined to keep my promise. Maybe, if I did, it would make up for leaving Nessie in such a turbulent time.

We pulled up at the hospital and Dr Snow was out straight away, directing a bunch of orderlies. One of them stopped when she saw me.
“Oh my God,” she breathed. “Jacob Black? It’s Angela Webber!”
“Oh…ah…hey,” I greeted, trying to remember her. “You’re one of Bella’s friends, right?”
“Yeah. So-”
“Miss Webber! Working!” Dr Snow interrupted, pointing her towards the gurney. Angela took a few steps towards it, then saw Esme’s face and jumped.
“Is that-?” she asked quietly, looking at me but tilting her head towards Esme. I nodded once, and Angela hurried off to do her duty, still looking stunned.
I followed Doctor Snow through corridor after corridor, watching the tiny, annoying pattern on the carpet as we moved. Finally, we stopped, and Dr Snow took my shoulders.
“We’re going into some quite serious surgeries,” he told me. “You can wait out here if you like, and I’ll bring you news when I can, or Mrs Cullen should be out of surgery by five o’clock and you can come back then.”
“I’ll wait,” I said, imagining the Doc’s face if I came home with no news. He’d throttle me – and then Bella would, then Nessie, and then Edward would escape from his high-security prison cell and fly over here to do me in Mafia-style.
Man, Nessie is right. I should lay off the murder movies.
I looked at the clock: ten am. Seven hours? Well, might as well get comfortable…

I woke up three hours later with a rug tucked around me, and a plate of food on the chair beside me. Under the plate were two sheets of paper with long words and numbers that meant nothing to me. Down the bottom of the second sheet, someone – presumably Doctor Snow – had written.
She’s responding well to the surgery but we had to use extra anaesthetic. Scans are normal so far. Bones healing quickly. Some pieces of her rib are lodged in the outer wall of her heart. We’re working on them at the moment. Bella told me to tell you Nessie is fine and happy. You have a baby girl called Emma Rose. Congratulations!
My first reaction was to call Nessie, but my phone was lost in the crash. I would just have to live on Bella’s word. I wolfed down the sandwich before me – no pun intended – and leapt to my feet when someone came out of surgery. It was just an orderly. No news. It took me a moment to realise that perhaps they could direct me to a telephone, but by the time I turned to inquire after them, they had disappeared down a side passage. I couldn’t make myself sit down again; adrenaline was pumping through me. I could hear every single sound; even Esme’s heart monitor way down the hall. I paced, bouncing on my heels, and devoured the lunch I had been left. Not a moment after the last scrap of food had past my lips, Leah and Seth came careening down the hallway, the rest of the pack not far behind.
“Are-you-okay-we-heard-about-Emma-congrats-how’s-Esme?” Seth rushed out all in one breath.
“Yeah, I’m fine,” I replied as Sam picked up Dr Snow’s notes on Esme.
“Have you called Nessie yet?” Quil asked, reaching around Sam to tap me on the shoulder with his cell.
“Thanks man,” I muttered, almost snatching it off him. I dialed the number as though my life depended on it, and it hadn’t rung through once before someone picked up.
“Jake!” Nessie breathed, exhausted but happy. “You have to meet Em. She’s beautiful!” She laughed, and I could hear a baby somewhere away from the microphone.
“What’s up?” I asked. Why was she crying?
“Carlisle’s running through his checklist. She doesn’t like baby formula much.”
“Gets it off her mother,” I said, chuckling as I remembered feeding Nessie myself. Nessie laughed with me, and the rest of the pack soon joined in.
“Awesome!” Alex declared as a nurse came around with some more plates of food. “Hospital food is way better than plane food.” She and Leah passed out the plates, and I saw a note on Seth’s that said ‘thought you guys would be hungry. Alice.’
This just made us all laugh harder.
hehehe, awesome
LOL!!! ALICE WOULD DO THAT!!!! Thanks for the post! I was dieing to know what was going to happen!
Emma Rose... Named after Emmett and Rosalie!!! How sweet! :')
Poor Esme too!
I even felt sorry for Jake- uh, I didn't say that...!
come know you did...
Oh, fine!
There, I said it! Happy? lol
the first step is accepting it (calming AA-meeting-leader voice)
What's the next step? lol


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