The Twilight Saga

ok sooo since nobody knows whats going on with the ffics i thought id continue mine all in one discussion (labelled of course) for a while. if nothing happens for a while i'll just start reposting my old stuff again. i feel sorry for everyone who lost their work - mine's all on my PC: phew!


Changes (with Mrs Sky Cullen)


Alice and Jasper join the cullens, danger and bonding ensues. Everything changes.


Stars: (award winning! second prize for Best Carlisle and Esme ff)

the twilight saga from Carlisle and Esme's POV


Not So Simple: the sequel to Not So Secret

the Cullens are in charge and in TROUBLE!!

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more STARS for you! and hopefully NSS coming soon! :)

Chapter Fifty Six:

Charlie seemed to handle it surprisingly well, though to say he was comfortable with all of this would be a lie. He eventually joined Emmett watching the football – thankfully ignoring the ever-more-inappropriate jokes my son was making. He was not at ease though: he never let go of the tight set of his shoulders. Esme and I quietly excused ourselves to my study.
“Do you think he’s okay?” she whispered. “I mean with…us?” Her eyes darted towards the doorway. I chuckled quietly and wrapped my arms around her. She was trembling.
“Well, either he’s going to hug Edward and I or shoot us, but I’m not sure which yet,” I said. “I think the rest of you are safe, though.” Esme smiled and leaned sideways so she could look at me out of the corner of her eyes.
“He loves Nessie already. I can tell,” she murmured.
“Who wouldn’t?”
“That’s a point.” Esme laughed quietly, and I couldn’t help smiling at the joy that lit up her face, but it soon faded. Her smile became a sad smile, and she stood limply in my arms and stared at the ground.
“We’re going to have to leave, aren’t we?” she murmured. “Even though Charlie knows.”
“Bella is showing excellent control, and since Charlie knows we may be able to stretch our stay a little longer,” I said, “but yes, we will eventually have to leave.”
“I feel bad, for taking her away from him. She’s the only family he has.”
“I know, honey, but Charlie would be in too much danger if he followed us, and we’ve stayed here for too long as it is.”
“I know.” Esme nodded sadly and pulled herself out of my arms. She drifted over to a shelf nearby and pulled out one of her sketchbooks. Esme kept most of her things upstairs, in her blueprint room, but this sketchbook was just between her and myself. It was like a photo album, but it had lasted nearly eighty years.
“There’s one page left,” she said, opening it to the last, blank page. “I’m going to put Charlie in it. He deserves it.” She choked up a little at the end, but hurriedly turned away from me. In another moment, she was on the lounge, sketching.
I picked up the nearest book in the shelf; a collection of supernatural stories – fairy tales and true stories – that I had come across during my time. Folk tales from nearly every country in the world were in this book. In fact, I think I had at least one account from every country in the world except Australia. I nor any of my vampire friends had ever had the opportunity to go there, and it wasn’t very often one ran into an expert on the indigenous peoples of that region. Oh, how I’d love to visit Australia…but alas, it is not to be.
I took my book out to the lounge and joined Esme, but I wasn’t really focusing on the book: I was listening to Bella and Charlie.
“Jake says you guys were going to take off on me,” Charlie muttered. Esme’s pencil stopped scratching for a moment – just one moment, and her eyes darted across my face before falling back to her page and watching her hand again.
“I didn’t want to do that if there was any way at all around it,” Bella replied sadly. “That’s why we’re still here.”
“He said you could stay for a while, but only if I’m tough enough and if I can keep my mouth shut,” Charlie continued, hopeful now. He was trying to make the conversation a little more lighthearted, but that was just not meant to be.
“Yes,” Bella said reluctantly. “But I can’t promise that we’ll never leave, Dad. It’s pretty complicated…”
“Need to know,” Charlie reminded her.
There was an uncomfortable pause before Charlie spoke again.
“You’ll visit, though, if you have to go?”
“I promise, Dad,” Bella vowed. “Now that you know just enough, I think this can work. I’ll keep as close as you want.”
Charlie hesitated, but then drew his daughter into a close hug.
“Keep real close, Bells,” he mumbled. “Real close.” Bella braved the proximity well: she switched Renesmee’s position, held her breath and locked her jaw and even hugged her father back.
“Love you, Dad,” she whispered through her teeth.
“Love you too, kid,” Charlie said, pulling out of the hug. “Whatever else has changed, that hasn’t.” Charlie touched one finger to Nessie’s cheek. “Sure looks a lot like you,” he remarked to Bella.
“More like Edward, I think,” Bella said casually. “She has your curls.” Charlie started, apparently not having noticed, and then snorted.
“Huh. Guess she does,” he agreed, not having decided if this was a good thing or a bad thing yet – at least he wasn’t reaching for his shotgun just yet. Charlie shook his head pitifully. “Huh. Grandpa,” he murmured. “Do I ever get to hold her?”
“Here,” Bella offered, holding her daughter out for him. She looked just the slightest bit uncomfortable, but she was handling it well. Very impressively, in fact.
“She’s…sturdy,” Charlie remarked. Bella frowned and twitched her fingers, as if trying to figure out how something so light to her could be so heavy for Charlie.
“Sturdy is good,” Charlie explained, seeing his daughter’s expression. He looked back at Renesmee and muttered to himself: “she’ll need to be tough, surrounded by all this craziness.” He gently bounced his arms, swaying from side to side as he did so. He clearly knew how to handle a child – and I must say it was a little disconcerting to see Forks’ Police Chief acting so fatherly.
“Prettiest baby I ever saw, including you, kid,” Charlie remarked good-naturedly. “Sorry, but it’s true.”
“I know it is,” Bella replied, with the sort of dazed pride on her face that only mothers get. Esme was wearing the same expression at this very moment, captivated by the scene before her as she fixed her sketch without even looking at it. She was proud of Bella – she always had been. Not only that, but now she got the opportunity to watch her grandchild grow up. That thought in itself brought a smile to my face.
“Can I come back tomorrow?” Charlie asked, now unable to take his eyes off Renesmee. If he had loved her before – which he certainly had – he was completely under her spell now.
“Sure, Dad,” Bella agreed, sounding relieved at how easy it was t get him to come back. “Of course. We’ll be here.”
“You’d better be,” he said sternly. “See you tomorrow, Nessie,” he farewelled her gently.
“Not you too!” Bella whined.
“Her name is Renesmee. Like Renée and Esme put together. No variations.” Bella tried to soothe herself without taking a deep breath. It wasn’t entirely effective, but she did manage to get her voice and expression under control. Once again, I was impressed by her control.
“Do you want to hear her middle name?” Bella offered.
“Carlie. With a C. Like Carlisle and Charlie put together.”
I couldn’t keep the smile off my face now. Esme poked me in the side with her foot, as I was sitting on the end of the sofa she was lying on, and grinned at me, letting the hair fall over her face. The smile lit up her entire face, making even her eyes sparkle. I could have kissed her.
Edward hit a wrong note, just to get my attention, and cleared his throat quietly, almost glaring at me from the piano stool, where he now sat, quietly playing to himself. Jasper chuckled.
“Go eat, Dad,” Bella was saying. “We will be here.”
I quickly lowered my eyes to the page before me, but I was so painstakingly aware of Esme’s presence beside me that I heard the soft ruffle of her hair falling back into place as she too returned her eyes to her page.
Charlie said his farewells and left at last, and Bella stayed in the entryway until we heard his car disappear.
“Wow;” was all she could say.
wow it's all i can say myself..=D
Then was not the time, Carlisle! LOL
Don't you love how Bella got to choose the name? To bad if Edward wanted to call her Claire or Mary or something! LOL
LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! POOR CARLISLE!!!!!!!!!!!! I laughed so hard when Edward hit the wrong note!!

Suddenly, a missile fired nearby. The wall beside us crumbled, and I knocked Kate out of the way before the missile exploded, spitting sparks at us all. Jasper swore and dropped Mr Parish down the hole, whipping around on his heels and diving behind Aro’s throne to avoid the flames.
Once that had died down, Kate and I joined Jasper on the dais.
“They have to be keeping him somewhere,” he hissed. “Where would they be keeping him?” he demanded anxiously.
“He could be in one of the rooms, Jazz,” Kate purred, trying to calm him down. I could feel his anxiety creeping into me as well.
“He could be in any of the rooms,” I pointed out. “It’ll take hours to search them all.”
“Ah, but we have a shortcut,” Jasper said, whipping out his cell-phone.
Hey it’s Alice Cullen! I can’t answer the phone right now but leave a message and I’ll get back to you.”
“Alice, it’s-”
“JASPER!!” Alice cried joyfully. “Thank goodness! I was so worried! I haven’t seen ANYTHING! Oh, but you should see Jake and Nessie’s daughter – she’s the most beautiful thing…” Alice trailed off, realising that none of us were saying anything. I was surprised Jasper hadn’t broken the phone yet.
“Y-you h-haven’t seen anything?” he inquired, trying to keep his tone under control.
“No, wh-” Alice started, but cut herself off with a deep breath. A few seconds later, she spoke again: “You guys have to get out of there. Right now, they’re rigging the building to explode.”
“What about Edward?” Jasper pressed. “Where is Edward?”
“He’s with you…wait. He isn’t with you? Err…um…wait! The big room in the tower. It’s dark – black and red, with a futon and lots of Gothic jewellery…that’s all I got, sorry. Oh, got to go. I forgot, Esme needs to eat now...I’ll come to help if I can! Love you. Good luck!”
“Love you too,” Jasper murmured, but Alice had already hung up.
“Alice mentioned Sulpicia’s room,” I evaluated. I recalled it well.
“Great! Where’s that?”
“Follow me.”
Jasper and Kate dropped in beside me as though I led them with strings. We arrived in Sulpicia’s room in two minutes, and found Edward sitting cross-legged on the bed, waiting for us. As I had expected, he was drowsy and covered in black bruises – but apparently he could still recognise his brother.
“Jasper, thank God!” he cried, falling backwards with sheer relief.
“Hey, Ed,” Jasper muttered, lifting his brother by the shoulder blades. He was handcuffed to the bed. Jasper’s first reaction was to try and break the cuffs, but of course they had been designed to withstand vampire strength. He then tried for the bedpost, but it too was made of that strange new alloy. Finally, it was Kate who came up with the best idea.
“Escape now, remove bed later,” she suggested, already ripping everything she could off the bed: we had to at least be able to fit Edward through the window. She and I pulled off silk drapes, the mattress and bedding, and all the central planks. We also managed to unscrew the bedpost from the rest of the bed – which of course could have saved us the precious seconds it took to strip the rest of the bed down. There was no time to mourn lost time, though: we didn’t know how long we had to get out of here.
“Come on, Ed,” Jasper muttered, lifting his brother into his arms, leaving the bedpost to dangle from Edward’s wrist. Edward grinned deliriously. It reminded me of the time many centuries ago when we had managed to get Carlisle drunk. Jasper eyed me suspiciously, apparently detecting the humour in my memory of that. Edward laughed too – I guess he’d never had the privilege of seeing his father drunk. I would have to replay that memory for him when he was…shall we say sobered up?
Jasper carried his brother over to the window and awkwardly looked out.
“It’s an awfully long way down,” he murmured to himself, sounding a little frightened.
“Nah, we jump that all the time,” I said. “The fountain makes the softest landing most of the time.” We could still make out the outline of the fountain. I stood on the window and prepared myself for the dive. Only then did it occur to me that Jasper wasn’t frightened for himself. I looked at Edward again, draped across his brother’s arms.
“All right, I see your point,” I said to Jasper. “Kate, you come down with me, and we’ll catch Jazz when he lands. Jasper, all you’ve got to do his hold onto Edward.”
“Right,” Kate agreed.
I took Kate’s hand and helped her onto the windowsill. She shut her eyes and took a deep breath. Clasping her hand tightly, I sprung forward. She didn’t let go until we had crashed to the ground, when she rolled on top of me, grinning like a lion.
“If you two don’t mind!” Someone interrupted.
“Sorry Jazz!” I shouted. Kate kissed me fleetingly and got to her feet, still grinning.
“I don’t believe he was the one you were talking to,” Marius said with a smile.

* * * * *

“Thank you,” Esme wheezed, smiling weakly at me as I walked in with a tray of food.
“Yes, thanks so much Alice. I know you must be worried for Jasper,” Carlisle said, touching my hand briefly as I lowered the tray. I tried to ignore the nagging in my mind, but Jasper’s panic haunted me. Jasper never panicked. Ever! My mind lingered on the phone in my pocket. I wanted to call him again, just to tell him how much I loved him and how much I needed him to come home.
“Alice, honey,” Esme crooned, though her voice was rougher than usual. She reached out a hand for my face, and the drip needle and tape all over it reminded me why I was here instead of there.
“I’ll do it, Alice,” Carlisle offered. “Thank you for your help, but you really should be with Jasper.”
“Thanks,” I replied. But still, I couldn’t leave them like this. Carlisle actually had some expression on his face now, but he looked as tired and sickly as if he’d been staying awake on coffee for the past year. It seemed cruel to leave him to handle Esme.
“Really, you should go, honey,” Esme suggested, stroking my hand with weak fingers. “Your help is needed elsewhere.”
“I love you,” I choked. I couldn’t bear to see Esme’s sickly, exhausted face, even though she was smiling at me. I couldn’t stand knowing there was now a definitive end to the wonder that was Esme. How could she stand it? Knowing death was always around the corner now?
“I love you too,” Esme assured me, though she sounded unsettled by my timing.
I turned and left the room, Esme staring after me with concerned and loving eyes, and Carlisle staring at Esme with the same expression, hoping against hope that he could save her from that inevitable end that seemed do illusive.
I ran to the house and burst in the door. I vaguely took in Bella and Nessie, who were watching Spongebob episodes with Emma on the couch: I stormed right past them all to where the wolf pack were lounging on the back verandah. Sam was whispering sweet nothings to Emily, Quil was helping Claire – now nine years old, I think – with her math homework, and Embry, Jarrad and Paul were leaning on the railing, drinking and chatting. In the middle of it all, Leah, Alex, Seth and Jake were playing cards. I walked right up to them, and pulled the table over. A little extreme, sure, but I wanted to be sure I had their attention.
"How's Esme holding up?" Jake asked.
“You. Me. Volterra. Now,” I ordered, pointing them towards the door. All four of them stood.
“But I have to stay with Nessie!” Jake objected.
“Oh, coz you’re soooo helping her now,” I pointed out, rolling my eyes.
“C’mon, Alice!” he whined, but he could already see I had won.
“When I have my soulmate safely by my side, you can be back with yours,” I reasoned.
“Fine, fine,” he grumbled, throwing his cards onto the floor. “Let’s do this thing already. Move out – see you at the airport, you diabolical, kniving little pixie.” He shot me a glare before following the other four onto the lawn, phasing as he ran.
“We’re good here,” Paul called, raising his glass after me as I raced back through the house. I didn’t bother trying to work out if it was sarcastic or not: all my energy was focused on Jasper.
“Jasper, I’m coming for you,” I vowed as I ran. Demitri, Kate, Edward, Jasper…I’m coming for all of you.
*Grabs knife and repeatedly stabs Marius*
Poor Alice! She needs Jasper! And soon!


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