The Twilight Saga

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-Episode 1-

// New York //

***Bella's P.O.V.***

I sat there, in the small white room. With nothing but
a piano and two other chairs. My empty water bottle,
sat on the top of the piano. I bit my lip, and played
a couple notes, and tried to sing. My voice was a little
crack... I bit my lip once more. "Calm down Bella."
I told myself, or so I thought. I looked up, to see the door
open, with Jacob there, along with Renesme.

***End of P.O.V.***

Bella: Hey.
Renesme: Hey, mom. How are you feeling?
Bella: Nervous.
Jacob: We can tell.
Bella+Renesme: *looks at Jacob*
Jacob: What?
Bella+Renesme: Your not helping.
Jacob: *chuckles* Right. I'm sorry.
Bella: *sighs*
Renesme: *hugs Bella* Mom, calm down. I'm sure
everything will be okay.
Bella: I know everything will be okay!
Jacob: Then what's wrong?
Bella: I'm just nervous. That's all...

***Bella's P.O.V.***

Okay, to be honest. That wasn't what was wrong. I've been having the worst
nightmares... Dreams about them. The Cullen's. I can't believe the dreams would
come back though, it's been 60 years, since I've last saw them. They left me
on my birthday, not even saying goodbye. Edward told me he didn't love me, and
just left me alone in the woods. But none of that would've happened, if that
one 'paper cut' incident didn't happen. As for Renesme, she was like a birthday
present... she was a memory of me and Edward, when I finally gave in, when
he actually gave in as well... So, I didn't like it at all. Why were these dreams
coming back to me? And, the other bad memories, of me

***End of P.O.V.***

Bella: Yeah... that's all.
Renesme: U huh... Sure.
Bella: *nods head*
Jacob: Bella, we know.
Bella: About what?
Renesme: Your dreams...
Bella: How?
Jacob: Well, we do here you every night. Screaming. And. Crying.
Bella: *sighs* It's nothing.
Renesme: You sure mom?
Bella: *nods her head* I promise.
TP: (tech person) *walks in* Bella. Bella Swan?
Bella: *stands up* That's me.
TP: Your up in five minutes. *closes the door*
Bella: *breathing like crazy* Oh my God!!!
Renesme+Jacob: *eyes widen*

// Rome //


Emmett: *turns up the volume* This is so cool. I can't wait
to hear the Newbies. They're some that can't really perform.
Rose: *hits Emmett playfully* Shut up, your so mean.
Edward+Tanya: *sit down next to each other*
Carlisle: Don't say that. Most Newbies are actually good.
Remember last year, that one girl.. what was her name?
Alice: *drinking squirrel blood from a cup* Taylor Swift?
Esme: Oh, yes. She was delightful.
Emmett: *smiles* Very delightful.
Jasper: Yeah. Now you can see her on T.V. all the time, or
even on the radio. *smiles*
Alice: *to Emmett* Exactly! So don't hate on the Newbs!
Emmett: *chuckles* Whatever...
T.V.: Hello, viewers. Thank you for watching, and get
ready for the opening act, Taylor Swift & Boys Like Girls.
Alice: Whoop!!! Isn't that ironic.
Everyone: *laughs*

// New York //

Bella: *hugs Renesme & Jacob* Wish me good luck.
Jacob: Don't worry we will. *hugs back & pulls away*
Renesme: *hugs her mom* I love you mom. Good
luck. *smiles & pulls away*
Bella: *smiles & teary* You guys are amazing. This
is for you... Okay?
Renesme: Of - course.
Jacob: Dito.
Bella+Renesme: *looks at Jacob*
Jacob: *smiles* Just kidding. Good
luck. And we love you.
Bella: *kisses Renesme & Jacob on the cheek* Bye.

***Bella's P.O.V.***

I stood at the curtains, and glanced quickly outside.
There was a huge crowd, while the Neb,Justin
Bieber. There were many cheers, as he continued to
cheer. I felt the hairs on my neck stand up. And I
stepped away, fixing my hair & my dress. I wasn't
really used to wearing dresses, but Renesme insisted
that I wear a dress... Typical Renesme. So, I stood
there as Justin Bieber finished his song...

***End of P.O.V.***

// Rome //

Emmett: That Bieber guy wasn't too bad.
Alice: Are you serious. He was amazing!
Rose: And, very adorable.
Emmett: *rolls eyes*
Jasper: He's talented. *drinks squirrel blood*
Carlisle: *smiles* He's very young & talented.
I'm sure he'll make it.
Esme: Shh... The next Newbie, is coming on.
T.V.: Now, let's give it up for Justin Bieber from
Canada again!
Everyone: *cheers*
T.V.: Now our next, resides in New York, but came
from Forks Washington... Let's give it up for Bella Swan!
Everyone: *eyes widen & scream* What?!

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