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Macey just moved here to Maine from Washington....characters! so far...










Episode 1-Macey

Macey pov:

Life has changed since we moved here... I have actally been here for a week,well no let me refrase that. We have been travling a week to get here. Mom thought it would be cheaper (Ya right).
Well I start school just...don't want to be that new kid in highschool.The last school I went to I only had 2 friends,rest..agh.

But we had a ton of homework and none of my teachers even liked me.Atleast I have a new start here. My sister Turtle (at the end you'll find out her real name.) is one of my best friends,and one of the best sisters I could have ever asked for. "MACEY!!!" i heard mom yell.
"What'cha want Ma?" I hollered back
"Come down here plz." she said at the bottom of stairs

"What?" I said coming out of my new bedroom.
Turtle skipped to the table "Hey Mace!"
"Hey An- turtle!" I slip every once and a while...
"You excited for school tomorrow girls?" Mom said putting our plates on the table.

"Thanks."I said to mom. It was one of my fav. meals! Corn,Chicken,and mash potatoes!!!
"What are you lookin foward to?" Turtle asked me as I was stuffin my face with food
" You kinda have a little food..." she pointed all around my face
I laughed "You better not spit that at me Mace."
I laughed again and grabbed a napkin.Just in case.

Thank god I got it all down before I laughed again.
"What were ya sayin Turtle?"
"Oh ya! um.. what were you lookin foward to?"
"I don't know...makin friends and surviving the day."
"Oh ya sis ha-ha."
Well..atleast I laughed.

After we ate I went to write up in my room for a little bit...*1 hour l8ter*
I looked at the clock 8:57,well I guess I should go take my shower now.. I got my mickey-mouse Pjs two towels and took a nice burning hot shower. I turned my ipod on to my fav playlist,and then an hour passed 9:27. I ran up stairs and feel asleep. I had a weird dream tonight.

A guy was sitting on a bench,alone. "Um...who are you?" Was I dreaming?
He smiled and he had an ipod in his right hand."Me? Oh,I'm Justin."
"Okay....Well Hey Justin,I'm Macey. No offense but what are you doing in my dream?"
"None takin',and I know your Macey.Well I am not quiet sure why i'm here...+ it's ur dream not mine. If you wish for me to leave I will." Justin stood up and turned to walk.

"no wait! I do not wish for you to leave."
"Truely?" He looked at me curious.
"Truely." Why did we sound like this? As if....i....(guess here! lolz)..knew him..+ we sound from old times.
"I have a question My lord." WAT THE HECK?
"yes my lady."

"Have I ever seen you before?"
He looked away "have I lord?"
"Yes my lady indeed you have."
"Where may I ask?"
"I may not tell you."
"Why not may I ask?

"I can not tell you now but you'll find out..In time."
"Are you here? I mean actally in my dream?Or is it my mind?"
"You wouldn't believe me if i told you."
"Why not? try me."
"Wake up on 3."

"What wait answer my question!"
"Please answer it please I beg you my lord!"
"PLEASE JUSTIN!" My voice was normal once again
"3." he said softly

"JUSTIN!" I yelled and panted.I was sitting straight up,and the October wind was blowing the leaves out side.It was time for school,great.I tried to take it all in think of the clues he had given me...
Why couldn't he tell me?
What did he mean you would know in time?
Why were we taking like that?
Where have I seen him before?
How did I know him?
Why was he there and he didn't even know why he was there?

"Why so quiet Mace?" Mom asked
"Nothin'." I looked down at the pancakes I had infront of me...

Episode 2!:School

Justin The name rang in my head as I walked into the school. I wasn't paying attention,so I bumped into someone and dropped to my books."Oh my gosh I am soo sorry!" I said as I looked up. I almost screamed It was Justin."Oh my god your...your....your...y-y-your j-j-justin!"
"Yes Macey,now do you want help up?"
" I'm fine thanks,but-but-but what are you doing here?"

"I go to school here Macey.."
"I know that dumbie but what are you doing here? You were..."-Thinking I was going to sound like a stalker-"in my dream." I said blushing.
"Oh was I really?"
"You already knew!!" I aslmost yelled
He put his hand over my mouth "shhhhh!!! Yes I knew,and yes I was."
"but-but-but how?"
"shhh shut up Macey!!!I can't tell you how.."
"Oh well..."-thinking of what to say next-" Well where do I know you from? You owe me and answer."

"You have known me since you...well...we...we were kids."
"Wait what do you mean by that?"
"Hey I gave you an answer alright?"
"Not typicaly. I asked 'were I knew you from' not 'when'."
"Fine."-He huffed-"You used to be my best friend till you moved away in 2nd grade.And I had the bigges-..."He blushed and looked away
"Biggest what?"
"Oh never mind."

"Are you happy now I gave you an answer.Now I will see you around. Bye Macey."
Second grade?-I thought-I moved in second grade? But that was to Forks washington from New York...Why is he here? HAS HE BEEN STALKING ME?!?!? Justin...but...why was he here now I mean-Then my train of thought was cut of by a girl that walked in front of me.

"Hey...I'm sorry I just wanted to see if you were okay.You looked worried...It's none of my business but u okay?"
"Oh ya I'm fine..I'm Macey."
"Sarah." She said shaking my hand.
I guess I have a friend after all...

The bell rang "Oh..gotta get to class...what do you have first period?"
"Um..."-I pulled out my book that had everything I needed I just had to find classes..-"Oh um...Science?"
"Cool I do to.If you want you can sit by me.."
"Sure." I smiled I liked Sarah already. We were going to be good friends.

*1 hour l8ter!*

On the way out of science a girl pushed me to get out of the door. "Ow." I said as I started to fall back.
"Watch where your going!" This blond chick said to me.
"Um you were the one who pushed me."
"Oh well get used to it New girl.For your info. this is my school.Get used to it."

"Um..1.No I will not get used to it.2.My name is Macey thank you very much 3. who said it was your school?"
"Who the heck do you think you are?"
"I think I'm Macey.AND I think you owe me a sorry."
"Who said I had to?"
"I just did."

"Know what I don't know who the heck you think you are new girl bu-"
"I'm Macey and I know I'm not as bad of a B-witch as you are." The crowd went ooo.
I never like to make a fight and I didn't like crowds either.But I will fight when I have to."Know what I don't like fights.And how about we both say sorry and start over.I'm sorry."
She rolled her eyes "Sorry."She took my hand and pushed me down.

"Woha what?! I thought we were going to be nice,say sorry and start over!!!"
"I don't think so. I'm not sorry,and my name is Jessa.I am your Queen,and queen of the school. Get ova it."
"Know what I tried to be nice-" Then she punched Macey in the face.
"That's it b-witch!"I punched her back "You are going to die." Self defense my mamma always said I could fight if it was for self defense.

"CAT FIGHT!!" I heard some probably preverted guy yell.
"WOHA!! girls!!" Said Mr.Birds the science teacher. He was short and chubby,he was bald on the top of his head,and had glasses."Stop! brake it up."
"Jessa started it!!" Said most girls
"NO NEW GIRL STARTED IT!!!" said preps (4 other girls)
"My name is MACEY! I didn't start it!"

All I had to do was call my mom and tell her everything that happened.She believed me because I was ALWAYS honest that was 1 of the only good things about me,I thought.No one but the 4 girls believed Jessa,the sad thing is not even her own mother believed her.Her daddy did for a short period of time.Not long. fun first day huh?

Episode 3:still at school just the rest of the day.

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