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Edward Cullen is the Volturi's highest ranking guardsmen, his family is respected and revered in the vampire world.When Aro discovers there is a super human race who has the power to eradicate vampires, he calls on the fourth brother Carlisle Cullen to form a treaty with this dangerous race. Edward pleases both his father and Aro in all areas except one...he's never found a mate. Carlisle and Aro decide to make this treaty more binding they demand lead council member Tom Robinson's daughter as a mate for Edward. He's skeptical, she's dating a human and refuses to break up with him...Tempers rage, sparks fly, and a battle of the wills begins. Can love be found in unexpected circumstances? *Warning! Edward is OOC (Out of Character) but you will see hints of the true Edward!!!*


All Twilight Saga characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. Any original characters belong to me. This is an Alternate Universe and originally takes place in the year 2000. This is an Edward/OC and Bella/Jacob story. Bella and Jacob will not appear until much furthur into the story.

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I am going to try and get a teaser up before this weekend is out..... And I'll post sometime within the next eight days..... I'm guessing it'll be next Sunday night... but could be earlier.... RL lesson....The older the kids get the more committment is required in terms of sports.. Just saying... LOL! Please stick with me!
will do just take ur time kids come first
EEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPP!!! I <3 it sooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!
Sorry guys....RL has been really busy, I hope to have an update in the next couple of weeks.
*shakes head* I know....I have no excuse.....RL is kicking like I said before.

I'm finally sitting down tonight and working on it.....I have enough edited for a good teaser it'll settle the cliffie. I figure I owe you guys at least that! I'll post as soon as I can...Got some good action going on in my mind so we'll see where it takes us!!!!!

“Look out!” Bella cried as I swerved into the oncoming lane to avoid the damn dog.

I swerved missing the blasted mutt by centimeters and quickly maneuvered the Mercedes back into my lane. I slammed on the breaks and the both of us got out of the car. Sam had quickly run into the woods and phased back into his human form.

“What the hell?” I yelled as a logging truck came barreling past honking its horn.

I gestured to the retreating truck as Sam emerged to face us.

“If you would’ve been a few seconds later I would’ve ran into that you moron!”

Bella shuddered. “Yeah, and Bella would be flat.”

“I really don’t want a flat Bella.” I deadpanned and winked.

She chuckled.

Sam pointed at me. “What are you thinking leaving Forks with rogues about?”

“They were in Seattle the last I heard, and I thought Jake and you had it all under control. Besides, we had Alice.” I arched an eyebrow at him.

He shook his head. “Regardless, you have been irresponsible and have put Bella in danger. Now these leeches have her scent and will start tracking her.”

“Pfffftttt…..” I waved at him like he was crazy.

“Are you dismissing the danger that Bella is now in leech lover?” Sam growled.

“I’m not in any danger. It’s being taken care of. Actually, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be with Jake?” Bella asked.

“Jake wants me to take you home. Immediately. He will also insist that you no longer associate with the bloodsucker’s kin.”

I scoffed. “Kin? Are you implying that we are some hill jacks or something? Seriously?”

I mean I’m not the one originally from the town that time forgot. Believe me, we’d know.

Bella shook her head and held her hand up. “Shut up. The both of you.”

She turned to Sam. “This is partly my fault. I was impatient and decided to head to the bookstore on my own. Rosalie did offer to go with me.”

Sam rolled his eyes. “Oh yes, the blond demon.”

I chuckled. “Hey now…watch yourself. Although I will give you kudos for that nickname. I’ll be stashing that away for later.”

Bella snickered. Sam grimaced. He reached his hand out toward Bella.
this is good keep it up
yeah, this will suffice for now hehehe.
Can't wait for the full chapter :)
I am Glad You are back, hope things are well and please continue!
Loved your teaser, please post the chapter soon.
please post soon
it has been forever since we had a full chapter
I know. I'm sorry. In less than two months I've lost both of my grandmother's I feel wretched about leaving you hanging... It is due to circumstances beyond my control.... I'll post after the Thanksgiving break. I have the chapter halfway done.
Sorry about your grandmother's i have lost one of mine this past summer so i understand. Just keep us posted on when you might update, please and thank-you.


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