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Edward Cullen is the Volturi's highest ranking guardsmen, his family is respected and revered in the vampire world.When Aro discovers there is a super human race who has the power to eradicate vampires, he calls on the fourth brother Carlisle Cullen to form a treaty with this dangerous race. Edward pleases both his father and Aro in all areas except one...he's never found a mate. Carlisle and Aro decide to make this treaty more binding they demand lead council member Tom Robinson's daughter as a mate for Edward. He's skeptical, she's dating a human and refuses to break up with him...Tempers rage, sparks fly, and a battle of the wills begins. Can love be found in unexpected circumstances? *Warning! Edward is OOC (Out of Character) but you will see hints of the true Edward!!!*


All Twilight Saga characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. Any original characters belong to me. This is an Alternate Universe and originally takes place in the year 2000. This is an Edward/OC and Bella/Jacob story. Bella and Jacob will not appear until much furthur into the story.

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Also the sequel to TSAJ There's Something About Jenna.....Book 2

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new reader: omg love your story...usually id b upset when someone places edward w/ someone other then bella but 2 b honest u did a good job @ the placing...jake & bells ed & mandy...couldnt have asked 4 a better couple[s] lol...but pls dont make edward develope feelings 4 bella & the opposite bc that would tick me off...ed needs a girl who can handle him physically as well not just verbally & mandy gives that...& i actually like these couples better...i have a feeling everyones going 2 b protecting bella though...ugh humans [eyes rolling] lol...but the story & please update me when u update...=D
OH, don't worry. I've said this a dozen or more times... I love Edward and Bella... I really do. I only wrote my stories to give myself and other readers something different to "re charge" themselves so they could go back and read all the wonderful canon stories. I try and read all of the Edward/OC stories because I like variety, and there have been a couple that have disappointed me because that is what happens. A new character is introduced and you get attached to that character and invested in that relationship, and then BAM! Bella's back and ruins it! If you are going to do Edward/OC or Emmett/Bella or Jasper/Bella or whoever....I believe the author should keep it that way! Alright, off my soapbox now.... Thanks for the review! I'm aiming to update after the Thanksgiving holiday....

*on bended knee*

Please forgive me! I know....I'm  a schmuck..... However, I did have some major RL issues going on beyond my control.... should be better now....I'm going to try and update every week again or every two at the latest... Seriously, I know how you all feel... I have my own stories that I'm waiting on..... Anywhoo.....Here it is...


Chapter 34 Who Knew Port Angeles Was the New Supernatural Mecca?


“Look out!” Bella cried as I swerved into the oncoming lane to avoid the damn dog.


I swerved missing the blasted mutt by centimeters and quickly maneuvered the Mercedes back into my lane. I slammed on the breaks and the both of us got out of the car. Sam had quickly run into the woods and phased back into his human form.


“What the hell?” I yelled as a logging truck came barreling past honking its horn.


I gestured to the retreating truck as Sam emerged to face us.


“If you would’ve been a few seconds later I would’ve ran into that you moron!”


Bella shuddered. “Yeah, and Bella would be flat.”


“I really don’t want a flat Bella.” I deadpanned and winked.


She chuckled.


Sam pointed at me. “What are you thinking leaving Forks with rogues about?”


“They were in Seattle the last I heard, and I thought Jake and you had it all under control.  Besides, we had Alice.” I arched an eyebrow at him.


He shook his head. “Regardless, you have been irresponsible and have put Bella in danger. Now these leeches have her scent and will start tracking her.”


“Pfffftttt…..” I waved at him like he was crazy.


“Are you dismissing the danger that Bella is now in leech lover?” Sam growled.


“I’m not in any danger. It’s being taken care of. Actually, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be with Jake?” Bella asked.


“Jake wants me to take you home. Immediately. He will also insist that you no longer associate with the bloodsucker’s kin.”


I scoffed. “Kin? Are you implying that we are some hill jacks or something? Seriously?”  


I mean I’m not the one originally from the town that time forgot. Believe me, we’d know.


Bella shook her head and held her hand up. “Shut up. The both of you.”


She turned to Sam. “This is partly my fault. I was impatient and decided to head to the bookstore on my own. Rosalie did offer to go with me.”


Sam rolled his eyes. “Oh yes, the blond demon.”


I chuckled. “Hey now…watch yourself. Although I will give you kudos for that nickname. I’ll be stashing that away for later.”


Bella snickered.  Sam grimaced. He reached his hand out toward Bella.


“Come on Bella, I’ll phase and take you home.”


I slammed my hand against my forehead.


“Are you stupid or something? What the hell is she supposed to tell Charlie when she waltzes into the house? He’s going to know that she wasn’t brought home in a car.”


Sam huffed, and his nostrils flared. I could tell that I really irritated the devil out of him, as I’m sure I annoy all of the pack. Eh, who cares? It’s fun messing with them. Like I’ve said before I need something to entertain me in this God forsaken town.


“Not my problem.” Sam replied.


I looked over at Bella with raised eyebrows. “Damn, it’s a good thing you’re Jake’s imprint. These fools would’ve exposed themselves without you to keep them in line.”


She nodded and grinned. “I know.”


Sam growled. “Enough Bella.”


Bella rolled her eyes. “She has a point Sam. Charlie is a cop.”


She looked over at me warily waiting for my smart alec comment about Charlie being the Chief of Police in Forks and Spoons. Ah, my friend knew me oh so well….


“Charlie’s recliner is right by the picture window so he can see what is going down on his street Sam. He’s going to question her why we didn’t bring her back.”


I continued and smirked. “Especially since he loves Alice and me so much.”


Sam shook his head and fumed. “I have to obey my Alpha.”


I chuckled. “Well, you’re Alpha’s plan is a little flawed.”


“Come on Bella, let’s go.” Sam reached his hand out again.


I crossed my arms over my chest. “Seriously? Did you not just hear what the two of us have been telling you?”


“No. It sounded like a lot of hot air, coming especially from you.”  Sam grinned.


“Up yours Fido.” I growled.


“Guys! Please! I do need to get home, I am the fragile human here.” Bella huffed.


“The only human here.” Sam muttered.


“Hey, I resent that Rover! I am way more human than you could ever dream about being.”  I sneered.


Bella shook her head. “Sorry Sam, you can tell Jake he can speak to me about this tomorrow, but I’m vetoing his little demand. I much prefer to ride the rest of the way home in a Mercedes Benz than riding on the back of a wolf.”


I grinned at Sam and took Bella’s arm. “Later, Sam.”


He growled and ran into the woods to phase.




“What do we have here Alice?” I sneered as I approached Alice and Rosalie who seemed to have two rogues under control.


Alice rolled her eyes. “Riley and Bree. They’ve been a little too overzealous in their hunting habits.”


“I see.” I grabbed my chin and assessed the situation.


Riley and Bree held hands and stood in a submissive stance. I circled them as I read their thoughts.


“You changed her. She’s your mate?” I asked with interest.


Riley nodded.


“He’s from Forks Edward. Bella knew him last year.” Rose stated as both Jazz and Emmett also made their presence known.


“Bella?” I asked with caution.


I read in Rosalie’s mind that Bella Swan, Black’s imprint happened to be the girls’ guest on this shopping trip. Apparently something that Amanda wanted to have been kept from me. It also happened that Bella had wandered off and had been approached by these two. The girls’ interrupted Riley trying to feed Bella to his mate.

I growled at Rose. “Go home. Tell my wife I’ll be dealing with her later.”


Rose huffed. “Get a grip Edward, let her have a normal human friend.”


“Go. Home.” I said through clenched teeth.


“Watch it Edward….” Emmett warned.


I turned around to him and arched an eyebrow. He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. He gave Rosalie an apologetic smile.


“Rose, baby….head on home this is official Volturi business.”


Rosalie glared at Emmett She balled her hands into fists, gave Emmett and evil glare and stomped off toward home.


Alice sighed and rubbed her temples. “They could be of some use to us Edward. We need to find out who his creator is.”


I chuckled darkly. “No problem.”


Riley was terrified, he had been warned about us. His creator had told him about the Volturi, and the rules. He had told Alice and Rosalie a bold face lie. He had no idea I could read his mind, so I decided to let him in on my little secret.


I quickly swooped over to his little mate Bree and grabbed her by the hair.

She screamed for Riley to help her. Riley was enraged, quickly assessing his best way of attacking me. No doubt about it, he’d had some training, and had been teaching others.


“Let her go!” Riley snarled and steadied himself to pounce.


I grinned at him as I increased my hold on his girl.


“I don’t think so Riley, not until you start talking.”


Alice arched an eyebrow and a new vision started to form, but as quickly as the vision began it quickly disappeared.


“Ugh!” Alice snarled.


Jasper quickly went to her side to comfort her.


“What darlin’?” What happened?”


“I lost a vision again!” Alice huffed.


Emmet sniffed loudly, and I registered the thoughts of Jacob Black and the damn shape shifters. I roared with frustration. Even if we are in a secluded alleyway, those fools will expose themselves in wolf form coming into town. It seems Jacob doesn’t care, he’s enraged because a member of the tribe owns a bookstore across the street and noticed the girls talking to Riley and Bree earlier, calling in reinforcements. The caller did not know Bella was in town, but knew that Jake was looking for rogues.


“Jasper. You and Emmett go head off Black tell him he’ll expose us all if he gets near town. Tell him we have these rogues under control and we will be interrogating them. Tell the mutts to get back to the rez where they belong.”


Jazz nodded and motioned for Emmett to follow him. They stealthily made their way out of the alley and quickly took off toward the outskirts of town to confront the wolves.


“What’s the plan Edward?” Alice asked with annoyance.


“You tell me.” I sneered.


“I can’t see anything, the damn dogs are here.” She pouted.


By now, Riley noticed the wolves’ stench and was highly confused. He’d not been told about the shape shifters, only what Alice and Rosalie had just recently revealed.


I gave him an evil smile and decided to let him know just how much trouble he is in.


“You’re creator is an idiot Riley.”


He raised his eyebrows in defiance. I jerked his little mate a little tighter, to which she whimpered.


“I’m sorry. Does that hurt Bree?” I asked with feigned concern.


She whimpered again and nodded.


Riley was awestruck. He didn’t understand why Bree’s strength was no match for me since she is a newborn.


I laughed heartily. “It’s all in the training, Riley. I am the leader of the Volturi guard. There is a reason for that.”  I smirked.


“Let her go!” He growled.


I grinned again. “All in good time, right now we need to have our discussion in another location. This one is a little…..too out in the open for my taste.” I flashed my teeth at him.


Alice sighed loudly. “I suggest you do what he tells you Riley, if you don’t want your mate’s head ripped off right in front of you.”


He slightly nodded and all four of us quickly made our way to the thick forests on the outside of town.




“Seriously Bella, I thought the mutts were smart….” I complained to Bella as we proceeded to the outskirts of Port Angeles.


“Watch it, Amanda.” Bella scowled.


She didn’t like it when all of us insulted one another, as she had so eloquently put it she claimed she had an affection for Switzerland.


Personally, I prefer to run with vampires…. They smell better. I’m also partial to a certain Volturi Guard….Team Edward all the way baby!  I chuckled at my inner musings.


I sighed heavily and turned on Alice’s ipod.  We continued on in comfortable silence, I was starting to get into Pat Benatar’s Hit Me With Your Best Shot when something running in the trees caught my eye.


“Did you see that?” I asked Bella.


Bella turned to look behind us. “No. I didn’t see anything.”


I furrowed my eyebrows and shut off the ipod, so I could concentrate.


“Something smells funny.” I mused.


Bella furrowed her eyebrows. She looked out her window.


“Amanda, I know my senses aren’t as heightened as yours…..but I have the feeling that we are being followed by someone.”


I took a whiff. “Yeah, more like something if you ask me.”


“Get into my purse, there should be some bourbon chocolates and possibly another round of rum in there.” I was getting a little freaked out.


Bella rummaged through my purse, opened a candy pack full of bourbon candy that Rose orders from Kentucky. They call them bourbon balls….they are made of dark chocolate and lots and lots of bourbon. Again, an emergency stash for myself. I shoved all four of them in my mouth.


Bella chuckled at the face that I made. Damn, those things are strong, my eyes were starting to water.


“Do you need your flask my drunkard friend?”


“Shut it…..the flask could one day save your fragile little life young one….”


Bella grinned. “Dude, you’re only five years older than me.”


I smirked. “And what a five years it has been…..”


Bella wrinkled her nose. “Ew… just too much information.”


I chuckled but quickly caught the most disgusting scent I’d ever smelled. I mean, I’ll take the Brut and Old Spice any day….


“Ugh! Do you smell that? I mean that is just nasty!” I coughed and choked.


Bella shook her head. “I don’t smell a thing.”


“You have got to be kidding me! You don’t smell that? I mean it is way worse than any shape shifter stench! I’d bathe with Black before I’d go near that!”


Bella shook her head. I scanned the dark road in front of us, and quickly perused the woods on either side of the road. A saw a quick flash that I had never seen before, it was a looming dark figure running on two legs along side of the car.


“Oh hell No!” I yelled as I whipped the car around like a madwoman and slammed down the accelerator rushing back to Port Angeles.


As we raced back to town I looked into my rear view mirror I caught the most disturbing sight I’d ever seen. Holy crap…..they are here and I have a pretty good guess as to who they are after.


“Well, I’ll be a son of a biscuit eater!” I exclaimed looking in my rear view mirror.


Bella quickly turned around and gasped. She turned pale white, I mean more pale than her usual alabaster.


“What the hell is that?”


“That….my friend…is  a real werewolf….a European one….”


It was standing in the middle of Highway 101 like a fool, then it decided that maybe it should start chasing us.


“Tighten your seatbelt Bella baby because we are about to see how well built Carlisle’s Mercedes is….”


“Oh…” I said as I turned to her. “Give me my flask pronto….and if we live….never, make fun of the flask ever again…” I gave her a goofy grin.


Bella was trembling and handed me my flask. I downed the rum in no time.


Bella was watching the foul creature start to gain on us. I had the Mercedes punched at approximately 200 mph. Thank God Rose modifies everyone’s vehicles. Speaking of Rose…..


A very loud thump crashed on top of the Mercedes…Bella screamed at the top of her lungs. I very gently slapped my hand over her mouth. I knew it was Rose by her scent.


“Shut it Bella it’s just Rose…”


“Jesus Christ Rose! What in the hell are you doing here? If it wasn’t for your scent I would have had a heart attack!” I bellowed.


“Already there…” Bella muttered.


Rose climbed into the back seat of the car.


“Shut up Amanda…only you would be this sarcastic with a European Werewolf intent on kidnapping and torturing us on our tails….”


“Pfft….. Dude, what is up with that thing? Is it losing steam?”


I noticed the EW was starting slow down. I chuckled at my brilliant nick name, EW? It stands for European Werewolf but of course they are just plain EWWWWWW! 


Rose turned around. “ I don’t know. It probably isn’t alone, maybe it wants to regroup.”


“Great.” I muttered.


“Head back to Alice and the guys.” Rose mumbled.


“Speaking of Alice….what the hell? I think a warning would’ve been nice.” I barked.


Rose rolled her eyes. “Yeah, well…blame the puppies.”


“Hey!” Bella turned and glared at Rose.


She shrugged. “It’s true human….they block Alice’s visions.”


“Why don’t you call their sorry butts then?” I asked Rose.


She whipped out her phone. “Ali? Yeah…..we only saw one. Amanda whipped the car around and was able to out run it. No, it stopped about a mile back….I definitely don’t think it’s alone.”


“Amanda? What did you sense?” Alice yelled from the phone.


“ I don’t know…. The stench is so disgusting that I’m not sure if it was one or twenty….Seriously, Al how in the hell did you guys stand that in Asia?”


Alice gave an exasperated sigh. “Just get here. You and Bella are needed to calm down Edward and Jacob…They are currently arguing over Riley and Bree…and territory.” 


 I chuckled as we entered the Port Angeles city limits. “ And now…we return to Supernatural Pow wow Part II.”  I deadpanned.


Bella grunted and shook her head while Rose snorted.


I looked over at Bella…..”What is up with you all of a sudden? Do we have uh…..issues?”


I raised my eyebrows at her.


Bella narrowed her eyes at me. “Just drive Amanda before our boyfriends end up killing each other.”


I pursed my lips. “Touche’.” need to comment people! LOL!

I'm so excited that you posted!!! I absolutely love this story and your other two. I wonder how Edward is going to react to Bella's smell can't wait till next time!!!

I am so sorry about your grandmothers' demises. But I'm glad that you posted. WAIT!! Did I just sound vain to you???? I hope I didn't! I'm sorry if I sounded mean, but it wasn't intentional. Please post more soon, and YOU HAVE TO STOP WITH THE CLIFFHANGERS!!! You're KILLING ME!

I know..No, you didn't sound vain. I didn't take it that way at all..... I can't help the cliffies.....they are just too darn tempting!   So...a good portion of the next chapter is done.... I might even post a teaser later tonight....Although I'm sure you're going to want to kill me over that as well! LOL!!!! 

Hey Tracey....

I am sorry to read about grandmother(s) demise.....must have been difficult for you. May her soul rest in peace.

One of the first to comment...This story just gets more & more interesting as it progresses. Keep up the good work :) But plllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee post soon. I am sure many others will also agree :) :) 

I'll post next weekend for sure.... This morning has been very productive.....LOL!!!!

*snickering* Okay....since I'm absolutely evil....and well... to prove that the next chapter is coming along quite nicely....Here's a tiny teaser....


Edward flashed his angry eyes to me. He spoke through clenched teeth as he stalked toward me.


“ Do not…I repeat Do not defy me.”


“You are not sending me back to the fifteenth century fortress!” I screamed.


Edward forcefully grabbed my arm, and I have to admit it stung a little. I winced in pain. Looking back I should have controlled my emotions better because that little wince set off a chain of events that left us all in a heep of trouble, and caused me to lose my friend….

Ahh!!! Now I really can't wait till the next time you post. This is torture!

YOU EVIL PERSON! I can't believe you! Why, cruel Tracey, WHY?


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