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Edward Cullen is the Volturi's highest ranking guardsmen, his family is respected and revered in the vampire world.When Aro discovers there is a super human race who has the power to eradicate vampires, he calls on the fourth brother Carlisle Cullen to form a treaty with this dangerous race. Edward pleases both his father and Aro in all areas except one...he's never found a mate. Carlisle and Aro decide to make this treaty more binding they demand lead council member Tom Robinson's daughter as a mate for Edward. He's skeptical, she's dating a human and refuses to break up with him...Tempers rage, sparks fly, and a battle of the wills begins. Can love be found in unexpected circumstances? *Warning! Edward is OOC (Out of Character) but you will see hints of the true Edward!!!*


All Twilight Saga characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. Any original characters belong to me. This is an Alternate Universe and originally takes place in the year 2000. This is an Edward/OC and Bella/Jacob story. Bella and Jacob will not appear until much furthur into the story.

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You ROCK !!!!! And what a teaser it is......its such a tease :) greedily awaiting more of the story.......

ugh...htheck did the werewolves get there? like wtfrankenstein!

edward is so rude but its humorous lol...loved it!

looooooooooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeeee it!!!

and update me!!

new reader by the way but i havent finished reading to now!

Holy crap.... what the heck woman! Leaving a tiny teaser like that!

Freak us out! Post A.S.A.P.!

I'm hoping to post tonight late....or Monday night. Still working.....

Alright....You have to check out the new banner for The Alliance...LeesaM has outdone herself again!

I'm deeming it the "Forks Addition"  LOL!

I will be feverishly working tonight and posting ASAP!  Plans changed and couldn't write much on Sat or Sun. :(




Okay... Check out the Forks Addition Banner! How freaking cool is this?

Alright.....Here we go everyone.....No update until after the New Year.....Sorry, travelling agian! Oh, and I'm thinking this will wrap at about 40-45 chapters.

Comment people!  LOL!!!!  I love you all and Merry Christmas!


Chapter 35 Betrayal, Disloyalty, and War…..


Rose and I were able to figure out where the little pow wow was being held due to everyone’s stench. I wrinkled my nose at the familiar Brut and Old Spice aroma.


“Seriously, you can’t smell a thing?” I looked over to a scowling Bella.


She shook her head, huffed, and pointed out the windshield.


I brought my eyes to the front of the car and chuckled in amusement at the scene in front of me.


The pack in human form were on one side of the meadow, while Edward, Alice, Jasper, and Emmett were on the other side. Riley and Bree were in the middle trembling. I silently wondered what Edward had done to terrify them so. Or maybe Jake freaked them out?


Edward and Jake both whipped their heads around as I parked the car. It was actually quite comical, they both narrowed their eyes and growled at the same time. I looked over to Bella and raised my eyebrows.


“Stay here. Come on Rose….”


Rose turned to Bella as she slid across the backseat. “Listen to her human, you need to stay here, her and I are really going to get an earful from my brother. It’s not going to be pretty.”


“Yes, Edwardo is going to get a little pay back for the library incident.” I grinned.


I noticed Edward’s eyebrows shoot up in challenge, Jake quickly looked at Edward and smirked. They both were tense and had their arms crossed in front of their chests.


As we exited the car and made our way over I heard Emmett sigh loudly.


“Damn it Rose! You were supposed to get the two of them home! Now, we have bigger dogs to filet.”


Rose glared at Emmett. “I thought it best that we come back here to prevent an interspecies war while a bigger threat uses you idiots’ tempers to their advantage.”


Edward sobered. “You saw one?” He directed his question to me.


I nodded and opened my mind to him.


He growled loudly and turned to take out a few trees, the crash was deafening.


“See what I mean about an idiotic temper?” Rose muttered.


I smirked. “Rose, I’m married to him. Of course I know all about the idiotic temper.”


Jacob and the pack chuckled listening to the two of us.


Edward turned around. “Silence!”


I sobered and bit my lip. Uh oh. He’s really mad…beyond pissed actually.


He pointed at me. “You……You stay where you are….I’m so angry right now I need some distance.”


“What?” I whined.


“In Webster’s Dictionary next to the word defiance is a big picture of you Amanda Cullen! We will be discussing this later….Right now, I need to get you and Rose to safety….”


“Jazz! Call Volterra, I want a helicopter brought here right now to this very spot.”


Jasper nodded and did what he was told. He walked away as he spoke to Felix.


“You’re flying them out of here aren’t you?” Emmett looked to Edward.


He gave a slight nod.


“What?” I yelled.


Edward flashed his angry eyes to me. He spoke through clenched teeth as he stalked toward me.


“ Do not…I repeat Do not defy me.”


“You are not sending me back to the fifteenth century fortress!” I screamed.


Edward forcefully grabbed my arm, and I have to admit it stung a little. I winced in pain. Looking back I should have controlled my emotions better because that little wince set off a chain of events that left us all in a heep of trouble, and caused me to lose my friend….


“You will go where I send you!” Edward directed. “This is not up for negotiation this is a dictatorship, not a democracy!”


I heard a growl coming from the shape shifting wolves. They were all trembling apparently they didn’t like me and Edward arguing.


“Take you hands off of her you leech.” Jacob growled.


“Mind your own business mutt…” Edward replied with a growl.


“You are hurting her…” Sam retorted.


I shook my head at them. “It’s not as bad as you think….”


I was interrupted when the passenger side door of Carlisle’s Mercedes opened and then slammed shut.


Rose turned around. “Bella! Get back in that car girl! Have you no self preservation?”


The wind started to pick up and blew all around us. The trees swaying in the breeze, all animal life was stopped dead in their tracks, afraid to move due to the abundance of predators in their midst.


I then smelled the scent that had Edward so confused, and realized almost too late as to where or I should say who the scent was coming from….Bella.


Edward took a huge whiff and I watched his entire demeanor change. Yes, he was mad…He was in full Volturi killer mode, however he still had his whits about him. Now…he had reverted back into an instinctive monster.


“Edward……listen to me….snap out of it…It’s me! Amanda…”


Edward growled and pushed me away as he sunk into a crouch and started stalking Bella. Jake shaking in anger phased and jumped to intercept him. This was not good at all… I quickly jumped on Edward’s back and started whispering to him.


“Edward….snap out of it baby…it’s me… you don’t want to hurt her Edward….she’s a human, she’s my friend.” I started kissing on his neck. My sentiments slowly started registering.


“If you hurt my friend Edward I will be extremely angry with you….defiance won’t even  begin to describe my attitude with you.”  I whispered directly in his ear hoping some humor will break the tension since now there was a huge russet colored woof standing in front of Bella.


“I’ll cut you off Edward……for a decade.” I finished with a smirk.


All of my siblings were trying to control the wolves and help me get Edward under wraps. Riley and Bree watched with wide eyes….too terrified to move.


However, nothing seemed to be working. He wasn’t saying anything…not answering…just growling. The rest of the pack was starting to tremble. Emmett yelled over to them.


“Stay back…..we won’t let him hurt her….we do not need anyone killed, let us handle this.”


“No way bloodsucker!” Sam yelled as he phased. He and Emmett clashed, which in turn caused Rosie to join in.


Jasper yelled to Quil. “Call him off! Rose is right, we have European’s in the vicinity…probably regrouping…we do not want to be fighting among ourselves…”


Quil scoffed as Edward with me on his back, and Jacob started circling.


Emmett and Sam were rolling around on the ground, Sam came close several times to taking several bites out of his arm. Rose was furious however, she knew better than to go in for the kill, the treaty was still fully in place. Although, with Edward’s lack of control who knew for how long.


Growls were erupting furiously; I could see Bella shaking in terror….however she kept telling Jake to just get her out of there. He wouldn’t take his eyes off of Edward though. I was still trying to talk to him as he was barely acknowledging me.


As I was getting ready to signal Alice and Jasper to help me wrangle Edward to the ground…..He threw me off of his back and lunged for Jacob. I wasn’t having any of that…


At super human speed I jumped up from the ground and screeched in horror as Jacob and Edward were full out fighting…..Bella was screaming at the rest of the pack who were all getting ready to phase. Then she started yelling at me with tears running down her face.


“Do something before your husband kills my reason for existence! What kind of friend are you?”


I didn’t have time to respond. Jacob almost took a chunk out of Edward’s leg, and to be honest; I was rather fond of those legs….


Edward had thrown Jacob down on the ground, but he had quickly recovered, they were snarling and circling. The rest of the pack had phased and were also circling. Everything was spiraling out of control….Finally, Edward tried for one more lunge, and Jacob moved to intercept him….by the angle Jacob had, he could cause some serious damage if they ended up colliding. I quickly jumped in between them slamming my body into the huge wolf, shoving him into the forest. Although, my quick thinking did not go without a price, one of Jacob’s claws sliced all the way down my left arm.


However, it was enough to stop Edward in his tracks.


“Amanda!” He bellowed and ran over to me.


“Baby! Oh my God, are you okay?” Edward frantically checked my arm.


“Rose! Get Carlisle’s first aid kid out of the trunk!”


“I’m on it Edward!” Rose replied.


I winced. “Damn….Bella needs to get Jake groomed….someone needs their nails clipped for crying out loud.”


Edward whipped his head around and growled fiercely. Jake had phased back into his human form, he was still standing in front of Bella glaring.

The scariest growl I had ever heard suddenly ripped from my husband’s chest.


“Phase back you mutt! I’m going to kill you for what you did to my wife!”


“And why bloodsucker did your wife have to intervene?” Jacob growled right back.


Edward stopped and sobered. Jacob laughed. “Yeah, thought so…..would it be because you were about to drain my mate dry?”


“You leeches are all the same…..consider the treaty broken….This is war.”


“Jake no… doesn’t need to resort to that.” Bella pleaded.


“Do you have any idea what would have happened if he would have reached you Bella? He was on the hunt…he was a predator…you were his prey….They can’t be trusted, he didn’t even listen to his wife that he claims he loves so much!” Jake ranted.


He continued. “Apparently your little invention has a flaw Edwaaard.” Jacob drawled.


“Typically it doesn’t.” Alice interjected.


Everyone looked to her. “It’s a phenomena that doesn’t happen very often…but when it does it’s overwhelming….La Tua Cantante.” Alice finished looking at Edward.


“What’s the Italian word for singing have anything to do with this?” I asked as I pulled my bandage off of my arm. My cut was already healed.


“Bella is Edward’s singer…her blood sings for him. Most vampires never come into contact, but if they do they usually kill the victim instantly.” Alice stated and continued.


“It says a lot about Edward’s control and the synthetic because he didn’t react as quickly as another would have. If he becomes desensitized and drinks a little more he can resist.”


Jacob scoffed. “I’m banishing you and your clan from the Olympic Peninsula forever. You are a danger to all humans.”


“We are not going anywhere….” Jasper smirked.


“Oh no?” Paul smirked.


“No.” Edward finished. “Not unless you want to face the children of the moon by yourselves.”


“We can handle them, and I’ve heard that once they have what they came for they’ll be heading back to Europe.” Jacob grinned at Edward.


“You wouldn’t dare….” Edward gritted his teeth.


“Oh, I most definitely would if it means they’ll leave…and my mate is safe from them and you.”


“How could you? They are both women! You’d be that cruel?” Edward gritted his teeth.


“You tried to kill my fiancee Cullen….how is that any less cruel?” Jacob countered.


“I wouldn’t have. I was fighting for control, I….would not have gotten that far….I didn’t” Edward stated.


“They won’t leave you alone Black…and as fierce as you shape shifters are….They’d be able to take you. They’d turn half of your tribe…..and would begin to reek havoc all around the state.” Emmet said.


Jacob narrowed his eyes at Emmett. “I’ll take my chances.”


“Jake!” Bella warned.


“Enough Bella! Now do you see why you are no longer allowed to be around the leech’s slave?”


“Up yours Jacob Black!” I yelled for the first time. This whole situation is just crap, and well…there is no way I’m going to Volterra.


Jacob chuckled darkly. “Forty-eight hours Cullen…that is all I’m giving you. Get out of Washington before I hand over your wife and sister to the Europeans.”


“WHAT?” Rose, Emmett and I yelled at the same time.


“You heard me.” Jacob sneered.


I was seeing red. I growled myself and lunged for Jacob, I tackled him and slammed him to the ground. Surprisingly, he didn’t phase. I tightened my grip on his throat as he smirked at me.


Paul and Sam had both phased and were about to attack me when Jazz and Emmett intervened. The situation looked bleak


My strength started to waver as a fragile human was attempting to pull me off of Black.

I shoved Bella gently away, which infuriated her.


“Stop it Amanda! You’re going to kill him!”


I turned to her. “He wants to hand me over to the European Werewolves, Bella.”

I was pulled from Jake by Edward as my strength started to wane.


“He won’t….he’s just upset over the singer thing….” She looked at Edward warily.


He was standing only about ten feet from Bella and didn’t move toward her or anything.


“Well, as Alice said….he’s become desensitized. I can guarantee he won’t hurt you.”


“You on the other hand….are an evil dog.” I pointed at Jacob.


“He’s evil for trying to protect his tribe and the humans of this state?” Bella asked sarcastically.


I raised my eyebrows in surprise. “Please tell me……you are not going to defend him…”


Bella arched an eyebrow.


“So let me get this straight….”  I broke from Edward’s grasp and stalked over to her. Jacob pulled her to his chest and glared at me.


Edward shadowed me and wrapped his arm around my waist, crooning to me at vamp pitch to calm down, that we’d work things out.


“You are actually going to stand here and defend his intentions of turning me over to an enemy clan….who will most likely torture me for eternity because….well….”  I shrugged. “It’s not like they can kill me.”


I stopped and looked her in the eye. “I thought we were friends….you are not this type of person….”


She shook her head. “No, I’m not, and like I said he won’t do it.”


“Yes, I would Bella. It’s a tough decision but I will make it for the good of the tribe.”  Jacob interjected. Edward growled again.


“Okay….we are done here…..” I quickly said.


“Edward….Please take me home.” I said at vamp pitch before I started to cry. I didn’t want to lose it in front of all of them. I am typically a very strong person, and let a lot roll off of my back. However, nothing hits me harder than betrayal and disloyalty, and that is how I’m feeling right now…..


“Forty-eight hours Cullen!” Jacob chortled.


“That….Jacob Black is something you will have to discuss with my father. I am not the head of the Cullen coven, nor am I a Volturi brother.” Edward replied smoothly.

Edward picked me up bridal style and told Emmett and Jasper to send Bree and Riley to Henry so they can inform him of Maria’s and Victoria’s intentions. He then told them he was taking me home. That was the last that I heard before I let my energy, and adreanline from the day drain from my body. The last thing I remember was crying myself to sleep as I buried my face into Edward’s chest.




Awww.... I can't believe Belly or Jakey-poo; I know he's overprotective but seriously!! Thanks Tracey for a lovely chapter and Have a Merry Christmas and Happy NEW YEAR!!!

I feel for Amanda right now. Betrayal and Disloyalty always hit home...
I can't believe Bella would say that though, that was just plain mean of her to do that to Amanda. I thought they would have stayed great friends...
But I thought this was an absolutely amazing chapter, so thanks Tracey!
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Bella is engaged to Jake, she's his imprint...So, yeah she's going to somewhat defend him even though she might not agree. Remember, she is convinced that she can prevent Jake from turning her friend over...That is something Bella will not let happen...It's more of a misunderstanding between the two girls.  Bella, like Charlie is not a great communicator.

ugh bella is...ugh! i cant say..but yeah great chapter though...


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