The Twilight Saga

as the night closed over me]
i couldn't let the darkness be
i yelped and i shuck
and that's all it took
a cool but firm hand help me still
i stay froze against my will
perplexed at the thought of what i was in
i had committed such a sin
going in place of someone you love did seem like a good way to go
it should take about 1 min. my heart beat is slow
my guardian angel must be sobbing tear-less sobs
But he could just get another job
just 45 more min. at last
my human life was such a blast
vampire lovers
book covers
as i drifted i dreamed and i knew i was dead
"Oh no, Bella, no'', the angel said
why was the angel weeping
i tried to open my eyes but the black water was deepening
i was afraid to loose him in the tides
an excoriating pain exploded on my arm's right side
i yelled and slashed at the firm hand that held me down
but all it did was het my hands and legs bond
"Bella?" there was pain in his perfection
all i could do is scream which was at his complete dissatisfaction
"My hand is burning" I said screaming
For his next action i must of been dreaming
His cool hands formed an iron cage against my arm
My head was spinning in alarm
as he slowly bent his cold lips to the base of the pain
first the pain was worst but slowly the pain subsided and my body strained
i couldn't even twitch for my body was so week
i could barley open my eyes as i saw edward meek
i wanted to comfort him with all my heart
As i was lifted from a broken wooden cart
and his arms cradled like a baby
instead of a lady
i counted his breaths not wanting to brake the friction of our meeting
i could stay in his arms forever
and never get tired of him, never

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w-o-w---- that was good----


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