The Twilight Saga

   I'm scared. I need help. It's dark and it burns everything's dark. I want to my mother. But she's not here. She is dead. I need help. I need help. Someone any one "AAHHHHHHHHHHHH" I hear myself screaming. I can't control it. This burning, This pain has been going on for three days now... I think. "AAHHHHHHHHHH" the screams are almost constant. It hurts. It stings. It burns. "AAHHHHHHHHH" It hurts everything hurts. ITS BURNING. ITS BURNING. I CAN'T BREATHE. WHY WON'T ANYONE HELP ME "AAHHHHHHHHHH" I CAN'T... I CAN'T...I can't.. I can't... I feel... I feel... nothing. But for the first time in 72 hours, I open my eyes. I'm gasping...panting... What's going on.

   The blonde man is the first thing I see... Carlisle I think he said was his name. "Edward, can you hear me?" he says. "Yes" I reply but that is all I am able to say the pain, all the pain, is gone except for in my throat. "Edward, relax you're alright. You're okay. Just relax."  he is trying to comfort me I think but it's not working. I am confused and panicking and my throat burns "Carlisle" I'm trying to say but I can barely get past the burning. I should get him something to drink and fast  What? I heard it. I heard him say it, but he didn't say it... not out loud.  What is going on?






 Tell me if you guys want me to continue :) thanx

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I would read it if you kept writing it.  I like it.  :)


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