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     The Cullen all sat facing these strangers that had showed up at their home moments ago, ready to spring at the first sign of danger or attack.  The young man and girl seemed to be harmless enough, but not one of them was willing to take any chances.  The girl clung to the older boys side, as her eyes darted around the room.  She seemed as uneasy as the Cullens felt.  She studied each person in the room without making it seem like she was staring suspiciously.  Bella and Edward sat on the end of the sofa closest to them with their hands intertwined.  Alice and Jasper next to them, while Renesmee was perched on the arm of the sofa.  Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, and Emmett all stood behind the sofa.  Asher, the newest member of the Cullen Coven sat in the armchair, studying the newcomers. Jacob stood as far away from them as he could without seeming rude, and look at the ground. The boy hesitated for a moment before speaking.

" My name is Sean, and this is Giselle" he said making no move to shake hands with anyone quite yet. " I know that none of us have ever met before, but we were told that we would find help here" he said glancing at Giselle out of the corner of his eye.

Carlilse took one step forward.  As soon as he did, Sean took one step back, pushing Giselle behind him slightly. Carlisle stepped back to where he was previously putting his hands non threateningly in the air.

" You are safe here, I promise"  He assured them.  "  What kind of trouble are you in?"

Once again, Sean surveyed the room for danger.  When he had calmed himself a bit, he turned to Carlisle and began to explain.

" Its the Volturi.  They want Giselle.  A couple of months ago, I received word from a friend who was visiting Italy that the Volturi made a list.  This list contains names of the people they want to join the guard.  Giselles name was at the top."

Everyones eyes darted to the petite and breathtaking blonde beauty who stood at Sean's side.  Carlisle nodded, cleared his throat and clasped his hands gently in his lap.

" Is there a specific reason the Volturi might want her?" he asked curiously.

Sean nodded.  "  Her gift.... they don't have anyone like her in the guard.  Thats what the list is.  Its names of vampires with unique gifts that they don't already posses."

Everyone fell silent and looked to each other.  There were a million thoughts swarming around the room like angry bee's.  Edward looked from Bella to Renesmee and got up. He knew now why they were here and did not want his family in danger again.  He wouldn't allow it.  Before he got a chance to speak, Jacob broke his silence in the corner and stepped forward.

"So why did you come here?  Are you expecting us to help you fight the Volturi?" He asked crossing his arms.

Edward sat silently, though, those were his thoughts exactly.

"I understand that this would be dangerous for anyone involved.  I know risking your lives is a lot to ask when we are complete strangers but..." Sean was interrupted by Edward this time.

" But what?  We have had our own battles with the Volturi.  We have all feared for the lives of each other before.  You may have possibly put us at risk just by coming here" he said coldly.

Carlisle put up a hand " Edward Please"  He turned back to Sean and Giselle. " I'm sorry, but we can't give you an answer right this moment.  I understand that you need help, and a sympathize with you, but this could be very dangerous for my family.  We will have to take your request under consideration."

" Under consideration!  Carlisle we can't..."

"Do you not understand what I said!  It's not just Giselle on this list."  Sean said shaking his head and  walking forward.  "  They want anyone with a gift that could be of some use to them.  That means some of you in the very room.  Families will be torn apart, and anyone who resists will be killed.  If you want to save your family... it will have to come to a fight.  We came to you because we were told that you stood up to the Volturi once before and rallied up people of our kind all over the world to help you.  The chance of our survival and protection of the gifted would be stronger if we get enough people on our side."  He paused for a moment, turned to Giselle, and then back to the Cullens.  " Please... I promised that I would protect her"

It was silent once again as everyone thought.  Jacob was standing near Renesmee now.  As soon as the word gifted was brought up, he thought of her, and how she might be taken.  He refused to let that happen.  He would die fighting to protect her.  He knew that Edward and the rest of the Cullens would fight for each other.

"  What the hell"  Jake said shrugging.  "  We have already planned a war against the bloodsuckers before"  He glanced over at Sean.  "  I'm in."

Carlisle glanced around the room to his family, the people who he considered to be his children, his wife, and of course his grandchild.  They all looked to him for direction.  He knew that his word would be the deciding factor.  They would fight behind him no matter what.  He nodded quietly and walked over to Sean, shaking his hand.

"We will join you"

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I know... short first chapter Lol.  Let me know what you guys think.  

sounds very interesting, please continue!



Thanks guys:)

Keep it up I want to read more! :)

working on the second chapter:P  Sorry its taking so long guys.  Ive been so busy this week.  Should be up tomorrow or friday


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