The Twilight Saga

The beginning of Forever was starting to look beautiful for Edward and Bella.  Their beautiful and intelligent daughter is fully grown, & their love is as strong and passionate as ever.  Jacob has now realized that Nessie is old enough for him to be much more than a protective older male figure.  Everything seemed perfect until the day two strangers showed up looking for people to help them fight against the Volturi.  They soon discover the Volturi are in search of Vampires with unique gifts to join them, and that they will use force to obtain these people if they need too.  Sean never cared about anyone but himself until he found Giselle.  He looks after her like an older brother would and vows to protect her no matter what, even if that means launching a battle against the Volturi.


Main Characters:


Isabella Cullen

Edward Cullen

Jacob Black

Renesmee Cullen

Sean Pierce

Sean was a rich, spoiled young man born in 1889.  Shortly before his 20th birthday, he was bitten and changed.  He knew he could not return home so he fled his small hometown in North Carolina.  Sean hated what he had become and desperately searched for a way out.  It wasn't until one night nearly fifteen years ago that he realized his true purpose in life.  While walking through a park in New York one night, Sean heard the terrified screams of a girl.  He made it just in time to see a man running off, and a young and strikingly beautiful girl laying on the ground, bleeding to death.  Refusing to let her die there, he changed her.  A simple glance at his her innocent, angelic face connected him to her.  He vowed to protect her always.  Months ago, he was informed by a close friend living in Italy that the Volturi wanted Giselle in the Volturi guard because of her unique powers.  Knowing very well that he could not fight the Volturi alone, he searched for people to help him.  The Cullens are his last option.

Powers: Sean is a shield

Giselle Carson- Me

Giselle was just 17 years old when she was changed.  Her father died when she was ten and her mother remarried soon after.  She immediately expressed her dislike for her mothers new husband, which caused much tension in their home.  Soon after the wedding, Giselle got into a confrontation with her mothers new husband and he hit her.  She told her mother, but her step father denied ever laying a hand on her and Giselles mom believed him.  When her step dad finally got an opportunity to talk to her alone, he struck her again and told her that if she ever told again, he would murder her, and her mother.  The next night, Giselle ran away.  She had no money and nowhere to go.  Her step dad followed her into a dark park and then attempted to murder her.  He attempted to strangle her to death.  He heard someone coming so he let her go and fled the scene.  Giselle fell to the floor and hit her head on a rock.  She felt a strange and intense burning sensation all over her body and thought she was dying.  She woke to find a young man sitting near her watching her.  She somehow knew that he was the one who saved her, so she was not afraid.  Giselle is feisty, sarcastic, and tends to not like most people she meets.  She never leaves Sean's side.  Although she has never told him this, she is in love with him.  Giselle has a very special gift that the Volturi want.  Sean promised that he would not let them take her.  Although she won't admit it, she is very afraid

Powers: Giselle can get into a persons head and act as their conscience.  She can tell them whatever she wants to and they will believe it.  It is almost impossible to fight.  Unless they are completely certain of whatever they believe, she can make them believe otherwise.

Asher Vanderwall- Aurora

Asher was changed six short years ago.  He was completely alone in the world until he found the Cullens, who gladly took him in and gave him a home.  He has lived with them for about six months now and is still adapting to their strict "vegetarian" lifestyle.  Asher is well mannered, helpful, sweet, and always happy.  He is willing to fight for what he believes is right, no matter what the cost.  Asher was changed at 17 years old.

Powers: Asher can temporarily blind a person using his mind.  He can only blind one person at a time currently, but is sure that with training, he will be able to expand his gift and blind more than one person at a time.

Other characters will include the Volturi, Members of the Wolf Pack, and the other Cullens.  


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