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If it’s war they want. Its war they are going to get. We won the last war against these bloodsucking murderous monsters who’s not to say that we want win this one.


There will be blood spilt, Lives Lost, Love ones gone forever.


This might just be the start of it, no one know's what's really going to happen Once this war end.We all thought it was over but were we all so wrong.


 Is this just The Beginnig or is it The End


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Death? Death didn’t scare me one single bit. I told them that I could look after myself but they didn’t listen to me they thought that I was just a fragile human.


For a bunch of smart vampires that thought, that they knew everything they were wrong. My family and I have been hiding this secret that no one knows about.


It’s funny how humans think everything is just made up stories. That mythical creatchers aren’t true but let me re-fresh your memory for you. First of All we all know that Vampires and Shape-shifters are really but…what about all the rest. Angels, Demons, Elf’s, Witch’s, Warlocks, werewolf’s…etc the list goes on and on but to spare you some time I thought I would only name you a couple.


Me and My family have been alive for billions and billions of years. We watched how the earth was formed and, how it became to as the planet with live in today. My family was put onto this planet to look out for humans, protect them, and help them if they were in danger. But we couldn’t protect them from Human to Human stuff we had to protect them from Mythical creatchers as you guys call it.


The human world and the mythical world we slow mixed into 1 big planet. None of the humans new that they were living upon the earth they live in. The mythical creatchers swore there oath to us that they would leave the humans alone and let them live their life’s and not interfere with them.


But we all knew very well that some of them won’t keep to their word. The Vampire’s slipped up every now and then but they didn’t hardly get punished for it. It was until that 1 faithful day that the Vampire’s known as the Voultri as they so far call themselves. Decided to attack us and take over the world but they failed miserably.


After the war was over they just kept on breaking rule after rule. We knew that we could stop them but we didn’t because we knew. That there would be another war between us and we just need to wait and see how this all works out.


My sister’s Keeley, Leanne, Laura, Fivel, Sami and I are known as the children of Angels. Our mother Renee is the queen of the mythical creatchers. Our father Charlie is the king of our world as well. So that means me and my sister’s are the princesses.


Our farther wasn’t always human he used to be able to shape-shift into a swan or a dragon. But 1 day our father’s planet was destroyed, there was nothing left of it.


It was completely gone.


My mother couldn’t let him die she was to in love with him to do that. She didn’t care what he was the only thing that mattered in that they loved each other. My Mother final learnt that she had powers so she changed our father Charlie into a human and I guess that’s how you can say that Me and My loving, crazy ness, butt brains of sister’s were born and that is also why we are here today.


So what do you think should i write it or dont worry about it?? =)


If you would like me to keep going on with this story Please leave a comment so i can add yu as a friend soo i can keep yu updated.



Chapter 1 = Page 3

Chapter 2 = Page 7

Chapter 3 = Page 9

Chapter 4 = Page 13

Chapter 5 = Page 16 .

Chapter 6 = Page 19

Chapter 7 = Page 22

Chapter 8 = Page 28

Chapter 9 = Page 33

Chapter 10 - Part 1 =

Chapter - 10 Part 2 = Page 39






Author's Note - All of my stoires will also be posted on

here is my profile where you will find my stories -



Love Sami xXx

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Everything will slowly be explaned during the story.
It wouldn't be a story without the Cullen's and the Wolf-pack. If they wern't in it this would not be a very gud story if i might say so myself.
I sure will keep yu updated. =)

Love Sami
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i agree does it have the culled & jake's pack that would be so awsome but u have a great story
Yep the Cullen's and The wolfs
come into the story =)

i loved it keep going
I sure will =)

I am deffently continuing this story
Thanks =)

Deffently agree with the others! Continue writing the story i'm interested in seeing what you do with it :)
I sure will =)

love it, keep writing, can't wait for more
Sure will =)

yes you should keep writing i would love to see what happens. it seems like it is going to be very interesting.


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