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This is a very unique story it will have a sequel!! but i just wanna know if its good so when you read it tell me if you like it and tell your friends too read it too







It all started back in the midst of September I was walking away from the boy who changed my life. I just couldn’t take the Heartbreak again…. So your probably wondering who this boy is well its Embry…Embry Call. We had been together for so long about a year and a half but lately hes been acting strange and not the good type either he swears hes not cheating on me but how can I believe him when he disappears so suddenly and cancels dates and decides his friends are more important than me. Now I know wat your thinking controlive much but no he cancels our dates to hang out with them. He gets so mad at me for no reason like heres an example I was talking to the football captain Bryce and Embry just blows up on him saying crap. I was so embarrassed  by him. Now I’ll take you back to tonights dreadful evening. Flashback….Me and Embry had just gotten out of our Date at the bowling alley ’’Em that was amazing you know that’’ ‘’Thanks babe I had a blast.’’ He said looking at his phone ‘’ Hey I have to go May’’ ‘’What why’’ ‘’Umm…well’’ ‘’wait let me guess your friends’’ I said softly “May plz don’t start again’’ “ Just tell me are u cheating on me ‘’ ‘’May you know you’re the only one for me’’ ‘’Doesn’t mean anything if you can’t prove it’’ ‘’ Maddie plz stop’’ ‘’Embry Just tell me’’ ‘’ I would if I could but I cant so if you cant except that then’’ ‘’Then what’’ ‘’ Just I need sometime to think May’’ ‘’ You have to think or do they have to do it for you.’’ ‘’Listen May I love you ok so don’t worry.’’ ‘’ Let me make that decision Its over Em im so sorry.’’ “May plz don’t do this.’’ I stood on my tip toes and gave him a kiss on the cheek ‘’ Bye love ‘’ Embry caught my hand ‘’May if you love me then you wont leave me’’ ‘’Embry the guys you hang out with hate me like literally they really do. You keep things from me you never use to do that ever when we first started dating these last few months You ’ve been acting so strange like your hiding something from me. So until you can tell me what that is I’m sorry.’’ I felt tears silently going down my face one at a time. He tried wiping them away but I stepped back. Then it started raining ‘’wow this is funny… get together in the rain…break up in the rain right Em” I started to walk away when I heard his phone buzz “hey now you can tell them you can come right away instead of having them wait ehh..” I laughed at my own joke “ I won’t go I’ll stay with you just plz..” “Em this is better we need time apart to figure out who we are you can hang out with your friends and me the same ok” I walked away and got into my Lexus I didn’t want to but I gave a look back but saw no one there. I pulled out my iphone and called haylee  Conversation : Me: Hey Hay wat r u doing? Haylee: Nothing you ok you sound like you’ve been crying Me: a little I just broke up with Embry… Haylee  : Im coming over okay and we’ll have some ice cream and a girls nite and watch movies okay Me: okay come right on in when you get there. I said laughing a little bit. I pulled up in my garage my mom and dad travel for their jobs or something like that I really don’t pay attention to what they say sometimes but they’ll be back in a few weeks though no im not an only child I have an older brother but hes away at college hes only older than me buy a year so ya. Right now my house is empty except for Me, Hayley and Ashley. They usually come over. Embry use to stay the night. I got out of my car, grabbed my purse and went inside. I went upstairs and put on some sweats and a sports bra, hey don’t judge me no ones around and even if they were I’d still were one. Lol. Ok well since I didn’t get a chance to tell you about myself here it goes. My names Madeline “ maddie or may” for short Nicole Smith. Im 16 I have black hair brown eyes. Im average weight. Im 5’’8. Im a volleyball player. I have two best friendsHayley and Ashley. We do pretty much everything together. People cal us “the golden trio”. Im well known for my brother Kellan, he was the quarterback that led our team to championships and won. I heard a knock downstairs. I jogged down there to answer it. However they beat me to it “hey May I brought Ashley to” said Hayley I got downstairs to see them dressed in sweats too. “wow how much do we know each other “Ashley said we started laughing  “ok where’s that ice cream” asked Hayley “freezer” I replied quietly “ hey may cheer up you want my honest opinion Im glad ya’ll broke up cause we like hated being the fourth wheel” I started laughing “ Hey pass me my half-baked  plz”  I said “’m Kay here you go” “thnx hey are you guys staying tonight” “yeah of course” “ good” “wat time is it?” “Ehh… about 9:30 why” “Wow if were gonna watch movies we should start now” “yeah hey do we have gym tomorrow?” “Yeah” “Kay” I said “lets go into the theater room.” We walked down to the basement and past the game room to the theater room. “Pick a movie May” “Mmhhmm… how about the Hangover?...” “yeah” “ me too I like love that movie”  “ Hey you guys am I fun to hang around?” “ Yeah like tons” “ Then why’d Embry always ditch me to hang out with his friends” “ May I have no idea but tons of guys would love to be in his spot.” Said Hayley “seriously?” “yep” she said popping the “p” “okay movie time” I said  I started the movie and I fell asleep when they singing to the tiger


Well I hope ya'll like it if you want more just tell me:)

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Sounds good. Write more soon please :) !
Can you keep me updated? I'm anxious to read this! Thanks!
Sounds interesting! Please post more and keep me updated. :)

<3Next Morning<3                                                                                                                                                I woke up and saw that Hayley and Ashley were still asleep. I looked at the time it was 7:30 “oh no were going to b e late” it takes 10 min. to get to the school from my house “Hayley, Ashley get up were late.” They jumped awake “what?” “yeah its 7:30” “ Dang it… oh well Im getting up hey what should we wear today May?” “ well for P.E. Im wearing sweats and my sports bra and for school Im wearing my black short shorts, my black cami and my shallow pink top on top of that then my Nike pink high tops” “ oh sounds hot’ “ I know rite “ they both agreed “well then why don’t you both copy everything except the pink shallow top and my pink high tops and do your own colors” “really?” “yeah you guys know you can use my stuff” “ Kay Im going to take a shower” “ me too..” “M’ Kay” while they went to take a shower in their guest rooms I went into my closet got out everything I would need and went to shower. I came out 10 min. later smelling like strawberries I got dressed put on some mascara, eyeliner, and some eyeshadow. I curled my hair and pinned some of it up. Then I put on the bracelet I got for Me, Hayley, and Ashley. Each one has our name in scribed on the back. I went and grabbed my little carry bag and put my sweats and sports bra in it. Then I put my socks and my pink Nike high tops on. I grabbed my iphone, my purse, my keys, and my bag and walked out to the upstairs living room couch and waited. I finally heard them come out and they looked amazing. Hayley wearing lime green shallow top and lime green high tops and Ashley wearing a yellow shallow top and yellow high tops “ you guys look amazing” “you look better” “totally” they both agreed “ Thnx got your stuff for gym” “ yeah” we jogged downstairs and all hopped in my Lexus “Madiie I don’t know how you did it but you’re your parents got you this car.” Said Ashley “yeah totally” agreed Hayley “daddy’s little girl” I said and they laughed I pulled out of my drive way and on to the main road. We were talking about the next dance even though it’s a far long away. We pulled up to the school at 8:35 “lets go” I said. We then went to our lockers and put our stuff in them. We each got out our 1st period book since we have it together. HISTORY. We walked to the classroom “ I just remembered I sit beside Embry in this class” “May you just remembered” she said laughing  “ hey in my defense well I don’t have one” “ exactly” they said and laughed as she opened the door I walked in as Ashley and Hayley followed still laughing. The class turned and looked at us. The teacher didn’t look to happy. We got a few whistles from the guys. “ Plz take your seats girls” “k” we answered at the same time and then laughed I caught the lacrosse captain, Troy looking at me he smirked and winked at me. I blushed and looked down. I walked back to my seat next to Embry. After I got seated and stuff Embry “thnk god you’re here I thought something happened to you.” “Don’t worry about me Im not your problem anymore k” “well then I can still say this you look gorgeous” my heart fluttered, lines like those is what made me fall for him. Then I felt something hit me on the arm. I looked down and saw it was a note? From Troy?

Troy: hey you free Friday night?

I laughed and Embry tensed I had a feeling he could see the note

Me: Depends

I threw it back on the table to Troy he caught it no hassle and winked I got the note back from him

Troy: on what?

Me: whos asking! :P

Troy: Slick ehh.. well its me whos asking

Me: Well see….

Troy: Busy?

Me: Maybe, Maybe not

Then the bell rang for 2nd period. Troy then caught up to me as Ashley and Hayley hurried to their lockers “hey Maddie just to make sure you and Embry are over right?” “yep totally” “good didn’t want to cause no drama.” I finally got to my locker, opened it and got my stuff for Bio. I turned around and Troy was leaned one hand on the lockers and propped up against the other one looking down at me “so” he said huskily I blushed and looked down “I’ll give you an answer on Thursday okay” he looked in my eyes then my lips he leaned in and kissed me softly “Make a good choice May” he whispered I moved out from under him “Maybe but I have some other offers too.” “Who?” “you’ll never know” “ Hey May you look beautiful today” “Thnx see you in P.E.” I had 2nd period alone since I take advance Bio. So it passed by pretty fast. So it came for 3rd P.E. I had all the hot boys in our class. Ranging from Embrys friends to the swim Captain. I met up with Hayley and Ashley in the lockerroom we got changed into our sweats and sports bra “no way we have the same colors as our shallow tops” Hayley said “that’s freaky” I said “Its cool” Ashley defended we were walking out of the girls lockerroom when Hannah and her little crew stopped us “ Hey Maddie keep your paws away from Troy” “ oh… I have been but he hasn’t been keeping his claws away from me” “whatever your just jealous” “really see whos group he stares at today then, then we’ll see whos the jealous one” we walked past them and purposely bumped shoulders on them. We got to the gym and we went and walked around. I saw Bryce looking at me, Troy and Blake sitting with him looking over at our whole group. Okay there are all hotties especially Blake. But Bryce called me over to him and his friends. So Me, Ashley and Hayley walked over there.” yes Bryce” “oh nothing just wanted a better view” he laughed and so did his friends plus I did too. “Perv” “caught and arrest” he stood up and held his wrists out and whispered in my face he bit his lip and looked in my eyes like waiting for approval. I nodded just a little so he could notice. I think the whole gym was starring at us. He then leaned in and kissed me and I slowly but surely kissed back we like made out for a short while. Then coach us to stretch and we pulled apart. I turned and walked away over to our positions and acted like nothing even happened even though I was like totally jumping for joy on the inside. The girls knew not to ask cause I would tell them when I got home coach said we were playing soccer outside. I could see Embry and his friends giving me hate glares so I just waved at them. We all stood up to go outside and we walked past Embry and his friends and I swore I heard them call me something that Im totally not. I stopped and looked back so did the girls “did you-“ “-hear that yeah” I walked back to Embry and his friends they all looked up and glared especially Embry “ ok 1st off cut the glare not in the mood now and 2nd I really don’t care who called me that but whoever did don’t do it again cause Im totally not one of those” I heard someone scuff  “you know what I didn’t do anything wrong to you. I gave you back Embry. I thought that was it cause apparently he loved spending time with ya’ll then with me. Plus Embry I thought you would have some common sense to see this is the reason why we broke up and yet you still hang out with them. So this proves that you really didn’t mean a word you said last night” I could feel the pain and betrayal coming back. Embry got up “May you don’t understand I did mean them but I-“ I was then twirled around. “your on my team.” I smiled it was Blake the soccer captain “yes” “lets go May” he whispered in my ear “okay” he let me go I turned around and looked at Embry “I need a boyfriend who wants to hangout with me instead of canceling our dates to hang out with your friends” Blake then grabbed my hand I smiled over at Blake. He looked at me and winked at me and I blushed and looked down. I looked over to see Ashley and Hayley talking to Bryce and Troy. Those boys looked wrapped around their fingers already “hope your good at soccer may” “you know it Blake im the bomb” “then show me Friday night dinner and a movie 6pm” “ok” “Now lets play some soccer babe” after P.E. was over Me, Ashley and Hayley went to go and get changed we passed by Hannah and her crew “hmm.. now whos the jealous one ehh” “plz he just playing hard to get” “whatever helps you sleep at night Hannah” we walked down and got dressed for 4th period lunch “hey should we ask the guys to sit with us?” asked Ashley “nope” I said popping the “P” “let them come to us I mean you don’t want to act desperate Ash” “oh right that’s totally right” she said agreeing. We got done and put some Pink on. We walked out of the lockerroom and over to the cafeteria just talking about random things when we walked in we of course got stares but we just smiled and walked to the line to order our food and before you assume no were not like those girls who just eats salads we eat mostly any food that we like. For example today Im getting a slice of pizza and carrots with ranch. After we paid we went and sat at our table Hayley noticed that Zeke, Zane and Zak were walking over here. I bit my lip even though we were talking about Blake, Troy, and Bryce. Zeke, Zane and Zak were like the next hottest group they all hung out together people call them the “Z’s” group since their name starts with z’s. they skateboard, play soccer and if Im sure they even play lacrosse. They are known as the schools “bad boys” but are like totally hot I mean I would totally date anyone of them. Not that they haven’t tried to get with us but I was dating Embry then not now. I saw Blake, Troy, and Bryce watching us from their own table I nudged Hayley and darted my eyes so she could see what I meant. She looked and got what I meant and smirked so did I she did the same thing to Ashley and she caught on and she smirked we were all smirking by the time the boys got over here “Trio” Zeke “z’s” I said he looked at me “heard your single May is that true?” “of last night seems like it what about you Zeke” “same so-“ “hey babe” I smirked “Blake” he drapped an arm around me. Zeke glared at him then I saw Troy and Bryce with Hayley and Ashley “May I thought you said you were single?” “I am I just have a date with Blake on Friday so I am single silly” Blakes grip tightened on me he spoke up “for now” Zeke looked at me and I winked at him and he smirked Zak and Zane noticed my wink and smirked at our table. I gave Blake the hold on finger and told the girls to follow me. As we got up I lightly grabbed Zeke’s shirt and pulled him along Hayley and Ashley did the same. I looked over at Embrys table and he looked totally jealous. We pulled them outside and giggled Zeke put his arm around my waist lightly. Oh I forgot to tell you Me and Zeke use to date when I was like 14 and he was 15. Oh yeah and Ashley and Hayley also dated Zak and Zane. But I broke it off when I met Embry. “hey you” I said while giggling “did I ever tell you while we dated how much I love your giggle” he questioned while smiling “yeah a few and did I ever tell you I missed you loads after we broke up” I said being serious “no but I missed you to May” “really Zeke” I asked while looking away I saw Ashley and Zane making out and Hayley and Zak into a heated discussion. “hey” he said while tilting my chin “we could always go back to how we where before me and you happy and in love” he whispered the last part “what did you just say” he laughed and smirked “you heard me and im not repeating it either” “ yeah but you never said it while we were together even when I said it all you said was “mmmhhhmmm or me too” “that’s cause I didn’t want my heart stomped on” he said “I love you too Zeke and can I patch it back up like you said go back to being happy and in love?” he got down on one knee and said ”Maddie will you be my girlfriend?”

This is epic Langston!!! Keep it up!!!

Great chapter! Keep writing and update soon. :)

great chapter, please update again soon!



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