The Twilight Saga

Okay so, Destiny, Chris and Lara are Humans.
Bella, Edward and Cody are Vampires.
Jacob, Leah and Seth are Shape Shifters.
Renesmee, Cole and Alex (Alex is a girl, Not a boy!) are all Half Vampires.

Chapter One!
"Destiny! Time to go!" Bella called to me. "Yeah! Whatever Bella."
Bella is my best friend. She is a vampire and so is her husband Edward. I have known her since I was very little. She is alot older than me and sometimes is like the mum I never had. But I love her to bits and wouldn’t give her up for anything.
“Bella. Don’t make me come up there. Move your butt!” She called. “But Bella, I don’t want to.” I called back.
“That’s it! I’m coming up” She yelled. I jumped up before she could see what I was doing.
“Babe. Come back to bed.” Chris said to me while I was getting dressed also pulling me down into a kiss. “Babe. If Bella catches me with you she will kick my butt from here to china. And my butt will really hurt after that!” I replied to him.
I walked out of the room and went to the shower. “Bella I’m in the shower.” I called to her. “Okay Dezzy. Your breakfast is down here and if Chris is up there, you better get rid of him before i call the cops!” She called, laughing.

I quickly had a shower and then rushed to my room to get dressed. Chris was already gone by that time. I rushed downstairs and ate as fast as i could. Lara was already here with Cody. They were the cutest couple and of course she fell for the vampire.
“Move it Dezzy! I don’t have all day!” She called to me from outside. “I’m coming Lara. Gosh I’m not a vampire!” I called back.
I rushed outside and got into her truck. Four doors, sturdy and purple.
“Okay. We better get to school.” I suggested to her. “Yes. Yes. We just have to go get Nessie and Jake then we can go.”
We drove to Nessie and Jakes house and beeped the horn. The rushed out holding hands. “Sorry were late guys. Someone took their time this morning.” Lara said looking at me. “Nah. It’s cool Lara. We took our time as well.” Jake said with a smile.
The whole way to school we listened to Fireflies by Owl City. We all knew the words because we listened to the song every morning.
We got to school. I thanked Lara and went off to find Bella and Alex. Of course Bella was with Edward so I decided to talk to Alex.
“Hey Alex. How are you?” I asked as i reached her. “Oh Hey Dezzy. I’m good. I miss Seth tho.” She replied. Seth was her boyfriend. He was a werewolf or a shape shifter. They had been together almost as long as me and Chris. I was the only one of my friends that has a partner within the same species as my own.
All my friends were paired off. Bella and Edward. Alex and Seth. Nessie and Jake. Leah and Cole. But I can’t forget Lara and Cody. They were all paired off with people, well more monsters outside their own species. I was and always will be the odd one out.

I didnt do very good on the banner but i hope you like the story.

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I like it. its very sweet. Keep writing. I could probably help you if you like. Just message me if you need any help at all
I like it. its very sweet. Keep writing.
I have written the second chapter. I just havent posted it yet! Lawl
Okay. So this is Chapter Two. Hope You All Like

Chapter Two

“Babe can I talk to you?” Chris whispered from behind me. “Sure” I replied. By now all my friends were looking at us. None of them liked Chris.
Chris led me behind the bathrooms and stopped me.
“Dezzy. I cant be with you anymore.” He said quietly looking at his shoes. “What!?” I said startled. “I cant be with you Dezzy.” He said a little bit louder. “Your dumping me?” I asked with tears welling up in my eyes. “Dezzy. Im sorry. I really am.” He said just staring at his feet. “Dont you dare call me Dezzy. I am Destiny to you.” I cried to him. “Go. Leave me alone.” I cried crumpling into a wreck of tears on the ground. He lent down to give me one last kiss. “Get off me! Go Away.”I cried louder than before at him. “Im sorry Destiny. I love you.” He said as he walked away. “You don’t love me.” I whispered but he didn’t hear.
I sat on the ground crying for what seemed liked ages. Then Bella was sitting beside me. She didn’t say anything just sat with me. After hours of her sitting next to me she picked me up and took me to her car. She put me in the front passenger seat and strapped me in n she got in and started driving.
We drove until we got to my house. I unstrapped myself and started to walk to the front of my house. She was behind me the whole time. I walked in and went straight into my bedroom. She followed me there then sat me down on my bed. “Destiny. What happened?” She was the only person that didn’t call me Dezzy.
“He. Broke. Up. With. Me” I could feel the sobs breaking free again. “Oh Destiny. If he broke your heart then you know he isn’t the right guy for you. And I promise I will kill him myself for hurting you.” She said. I sat on the bed crying with Bella’s arms wrapped around me.
After some more time Bella’s phone rang. She took her arms from around me and got up to answer it.
“Edward. She got dumped. Im at her house, Shes a mess.” . Bella waited for a couple of seconds then replied to what Edward had said. “No. No. I will. He deserves it from me.” She laughed then said. “Yes. I will ask now. Hold on a second.”
“Destiny?” She said quietly. “Do you want to come out with the gang tonight?” She asked me quietly. “Sure. It will probably make me stop crying.” I replied.
“Okay Edward. Shes coming. Pick us up around, Say 8oclock.” She said into the phone again. Bella hung up the and walked back over to me.
“Dezzy are you sure you want to come?” Bella asked me with wary eyes. “You called me Dezzy.” I said smiling. “Well yeah. Everyone else call you that why shouldn’t I?” She said smiling back at me. “Oh well. And yes I really do want to come.” I told her. “Okay well get ready. Have a shower. Oh and can I borrow something to wear?” Bella asked. “Sure. Just not the Purple Sequined Dress. I think Edward like to see you in the Blue Dress with the buttons and the black flats.” I told her.
“Okay. I will try that on. Now get in that shower we only have an hour left.” She said pushing me towards the shower.
I got in the shower, washed everything, shaved my legs, rinsed my body and then got out and wrapped a towel around myself then ran to my room to get dressed. Bella was already dressed and using my makeup .

“How do I look?” She asked me. I just stared at her. She looked beautiful.
“You look. Oh my god. You look awesome!” I screamed at her. “I don’t really. I just put on what you told me too.” She laughed at my expression. “Well I better get dressed.” I said.
“I got dressed and slapped some make up on. I got my purse and Bella and I walked out to find Edward waiting for us in the kitchen.
“Edward!” Bella screamed enthusiastically. “Hello Bella.” Edward replied. He lent down to kiss her. Their kisses were so cute. “Okay guys. Enough smooches. Let’s go!” I said interrupting their kiss.
“Okay. Okay. Let’s go.” Edward said. He pushed Bella and I out the door and we all got into his Volvo. “Are we meeting everyone there?” I asked. “Yes. We are meeting everyone there. Do you want to know where we are going?” He asked. “Yes!” Both Bella and I screamed at him. “Wow! Ladies calm down. Okay. We are going to go to Seattle for dinner then we are coming back to Port Angles for a movie.” Edward told us.
Well great. I really didn’t feel like going to dinner. Plus i had no one to go with. “Actually Dezzy. I got a guy to come. I hope you like him.” Edward told me. “Oh. Well. Thankyou.” I really didn’t know what to say.


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