The Twilight Saga

This story takes place about a week after the whole volturi visitation thing and they are just starting to get their life back to normal please keep in mind that renesmee is somewhat still a baby. don't be too harsh on the comments please but tell me if you like it and want me to continue.

Chapter 1: Suggestion

I minutely noticed when the sun started to rise.I was kissing my lovely wife after we spent an amazing night together like every night is with my caring lover.Somehow I never really thought that I deserved her.She is a loving mother,an AMAZING wife(if you know what I mean), a loyal friend,and a caring daughter.

She was looking into my eyes and then she asked. "What are you thinking about?Round 5 I hope."
I chuckled at her eagerness to make love, not that my mind was very far from it either.
"I was just thinking of how much I love you,my wife." I said.I never got tired of saying that.
"I love you too,my husband" she said and kissed me again.
Her lips were like a drug to me,I just had to take regular doses of it.
"We have to get up now, Renesmee's going to wake up soon." I laughed when she groaned.
She got up and was headed off to the closet. I just loved to watch her,I was starting to drool when she said. "what are you staring at?"
I smiled and said" just you, love".
After we were dressed we went to wake up Renesmee.We would soon be leaving for New York. We couldn't stay here much longer, because obviously we weren't aging.
After we got Renesmee, we ran back to the main house. Everyone greeted us,and Alice took Renesmee up to try on some clothes. I smiled when I heard Renesmee sigh in disappointment. She is so much like her mother. Bella and I went to sit in the Living Room. Rosalie,Emmett,and Jasper were already there. I sat down next to Emmett and pulled Bella in my lap. She smiled at me and began to kiss me,I heard someone clear their throat.
"Didn't you get enough of that last night?" Emmett said and grinned.
Rosalie tried to muffle her laughter with her hand.
Bella just took up a pillow from the couch and threw it at him,He dodged it gracefully and smiled wickedly at us.
I knew what he was thinking,but wanted to see what Bella would do if he did it. With that he got up and started walking over to us.
"Whatever you're thinking Emmett don't try it" Bella said.
Just as she said this, he grabbed her up from my lap and began to swing her around just then he threw her(gently) back on the couch next to me.
When she righted herself,Bella looked back to him and growled sharply. That's when everyone in the room erupted in laughter, including me.
Bella heard that I was laughing and looked and turned around to glare at me. I immediately stopped when she humphed and stood up to go upstairs.
After about thirty minutes, I started to wonder what she was doing upstairs.
I started to get up when I heard Bella coming downstairs. She looked at me and came to sit in my lap and then whispered " I want you now!!!" very seductively.
I smiled at her and started to get up holding her hand so that I could give her what she wanted back at the cottage but stopped when I heard Emmett and Jasper laughing.
Just then Rose got up and muttered "They are so immature"
Bella turned to them and said "WHAT?!!!"
Emmett stopped laughing momentarily to say "oh nothing,but before you guys go do THAT. let us talk to Edward alone for a minute or two"
"Alright" I said and turned to face bella.
"Bella I'll meet you at the cottage,okay"
"Okay" She said and kissed me sweetly before she pulled away and ran out the door toward the cottage.After she was out of hearing range I turned to face my smiling brothers.
"Okay you guys I know what you're thinking,and I don't think I'm strong enough to do that"

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its different and i like it.can you write more?
i agree this is really good!!!!!!
please write more please,please!!!!!!!
Thank you guys so much for supporting me I might be posting more later today. can you please recommend this fanfiction to your friends and tell them to comment. meanwhile i'm going to work on the next chapter. you guys r the best
sure thing I'll send you updates
strong enough to do WHAT???? sorry if i seem pushy someone forget to not let me have coke. hehe! update me when theres more please!
Chapter 2: The Hardest thing to do

"Ofcourse we know it's gonna be hard for you to not make love to Bella for a week,but we want to make this a Bet and see how long you last."jasper said smiling.
"I don't know,man I might not be able to last a week"I said clearly disappointed.And then Jasper suggested something that made me feel slightly better.
"How about we do the whole abstinence for a week thing with you"he said.
Then Emmett's smile turned faded very quickly and said really loudly "Absolutely NOT!!!!!,I can't do that, I mean it's not something I'm capable of,please please please don't make me do this."
I was clearly happy that I wouldn't be doing this by myself,and I know this was probably going to be very hard for Emmett, considering him and rose's VERY intimate relationship,even though Alice and Jasper are not as flamboyant about their relationship as Em and Rose are I know it's going to be hard for him too.
"I'm sorry Em but if I have to resist Bella than you have to resist Rose."
He sighed and said "Fine,but we cannot tell our wives about the bet. agreed?"
We all looked at each other and shook hands to our new agreement.
"This is going to be a very long day"muttered Jasper glumly.
"and night"I continued.
Emmett sighed and went over to the couch with a pout permanently fixed on his face I had a feeling that ,that pout was going to be there for the rest of this dreadful week.
"Later,guys" I called over my shoulder, while I headed out of the door to do one of the hardest things I ever had to do.
Refuse my Bella.

Sorry that it's short I wanted to get a bit more comments
that is so emmet.want edward to do something he wouldnt do.i love it.carry on.
this is really good
Thanks I'm really glad you like it but I need a little bit more comments before I continue,but I promise you that I will. If you tell your friends that would help me out alot. I really appreciate your comments.Can one of you make me a banner plzzz. you can message me and I'll give you the information I want on it.
I'm sorry lol but I promise that I'll have some more up today I'm writing it now!!!! Thank you so much for reading


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