The Twilight Saga

This is rewrite of my only successful story. XD

I began writing Black Swan on August 28th in 2010.

I know there were TONS of mistakes the first time around, and I have a feeling I could make it better now. Before I was just blindly stumbling into writing, but now I really think I could make it better. I know I had a bunch of people that read it the first time and I hope to have just as many this time, if not more. (does this sound too hopeful?)

(No I did not take the title from the ballet movie, nor does have ballet in it. I was phsyched when I found out there was a movie coming out with the same name as my FanFiction. XD)

The Original Black Swan






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I looked into his eyes and saw only pain. How could I have been so stupid? This was everything I had ever wanted, everything I had dreamed of. He was the image of sheer perfection in my eyes. But this was entirely my fault, and now I was paying for it.

“I’m so sorry, please, you have to believe me.” I looked into his eye, mine pleading.

“I want to, I really want to, But I don’t think I can.” His tore away from mine as he turned around. I felt tears spill over the ridges of my eyes as I watched him walk away. I sank against the wall and watched him until he became too small and too blurry for me to see anymore. I closed my eyes and pulled my knees tightly to my chest as I fell; fell into the black desperation and self-pity that were now closing over me.


PS: I greatly enjoy feedback.

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Great as ALWAYS!

And I couldn't expect less from you Jess.


hey i was reading the black swam before and i must say thay are ALL AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


plz update soooon


 cant wait!!!! :)

lol, Black Swam.


Ill update soon promise!

Im working on the next chapter this minute! haha.

Wow, I started reading this story when you first wrote it in August, and I can't believe your starting it again! You've really improved, a lot(: You'll be seeing a lot of comments from me in the future :D
It was great! Haha keep it up!

=D thanks SO much!
awesome, like seriously keep me posted!!
=D Will do!

i LOVE this post more!!!



Chapter Four:

I let my hair fall down in between us, it wasn’t long, but it covered enough of my face. I looked back down at the pages of my book, suddenly meaningless to me. Then I realized I was just giving other people satisfaction. Me cowering behind my hair was exactly what they expected the “goth” girl to do, especially since I was new. I sighed and pushed my hair back. I felt how dry it had gotten lately, I would definitely need to stock up on some conditioner. I fingered the tips of my hair and attempted to keep reading. “Okay, I hope you all are ready for the lab today! Go ahead and pick up the worksheets and slides in the middle of the table and get started.” Mr. M announced to the class, “Oh, and remember: Team Work!” He added in a way to enthusiastic voice. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. I let . . . Edward? Is that what his name was? Oh, who was I fooling? Of course his name was Edward, how on earth could I forget a name such as that? How could I forget eyes like that, or his smil- Stop! Don’t let yourself start thinking like that! I bit my lip and watched as he grabbed the microscope first. I wrote my name on my worksheet and picked up the second slide, carefully sliding the first one over to him.

“No, I insist, ladies first,” There was that perfectly crooked smile again. I fought down the flutters in my stomach and shook my head, pushing the scope back over to him.  He shrugged and looked into it, then wrote something down on his paper. He scooted the scope back to me. I repeated his motions and then carefully replaced the first slide with the second one.

“Well this is fun,” He said, breaking the silence. I wanted it back. I smiled tentatively and then wrote down the data and scooted the machine back over to him. “Are you going to talk?” He asked, but he might as well been talking to a wall, I wasn’t planning on saying anything to him, I didn’t know why, I just had this gut feeling it would be better not to answer him, even if I wanted to. “Are you going to make me make you talk?” What? I turned my head and just stared at him. There was that “player” thing Jessica mentioned. He raised his eyebrows and i turned my head away again. “Well you’re a lot of fun.” He said and leaned back on his stool, holding onto the table so he wouldn’t fall off the back of the stool.

I slid the third slid over to him; he frowned and took it from my hand instead of from the table as I had wanted him to. I yanked my hand away before any kind of contact was made, that really made him give me funny looks, which really made me want to hide my face again. I sighed and thought of this morning. That girl he was with looked so much older than him. I’m guessing she was older. She looked older, but it might just be the way she walked into the school; as if she owned it.

He was obviously a sophomore, like me, but I wondered how he had gotten a senior, but then I looked over at him as he worked on his worksheet. His hair, his smile, his eyes, her obvious need of dominance . . .

My thought process was interrupted as he slid the microscope over to me, knocking my books off the table; them making a loud smack as they hit the ugly tile. His eyes went wide, “I’m sorry, it was an accident!” His voice got slightly higher, he looked like a little kid who had broken his mother’s fine china.

I couldn’t help but smile and laugh a little, “It’s not a big deal.”

His eyes got wider, “She speaks!” He said loudly.

I smiled and rolled my eyes. I scooted off my stool and started collecting my scattered items; he got off his with ease and began helping my pick up the strewn pencils and papers. “You have to stop knocking my things over.” I said to him, smiling.

“Yeah, I do, that’s the second time today isn’t it.” Crooked smile alert. We finished getting my stuff off the floor and then finished the worksheet in basic silence. When we were finished he snatched my paper and put it in the “in” box. Every teacher had one, they were so stupid.

He looked through the "out" box and brought something back to the table. When I looked at it he said, "Progress report, I’m guessing you don’t have one since it’s your first day." I got a pretty good look at his grade by the way he was holding it, almost as if he was showing it to me; 100%, I almost gagged. There was so way someone could look that perfect and have perfect grades too. I checked the name, sure enough, it said Edward Mason. I wanted to die, grades of mine were never that good, they were always awful.

The bell rang, thank God. I put my things into my already overfilled backpack and then heaved it onto my shoulder. We all filed out of the classroom.

Waiting there was Rose, she was perfect too. Her heels made her taller than him, so she had to bend down slightly to kiss his cheek. She was definitely a senior. I walked in the opposite direction, school was over, thankfully. I walked to the parking lot and then into my truck. I sighed and leaned against the back of the seat for a second and then slammed the door shut, making sure it was closed. I began to pull out when I saw waving hands coming in my direction, I stopped and rolled down my window, it was manual. I probably looked ridiculous as I spun the handle around in circles as the window went down.

“Hey, sorry this is yours; I didn’t mean to take it.” Edward handed me my homework planner. I gave him a small smile and took it from him gently.


“No problem,” He smiled crookedly once again. He winked again and then ran off to his girlfriend. It made me sick when girls dated guys younger than themselves. It was disgusting. Cougar alert.

I turned in my seat and watched as they pulled away in her red BMW, I swear she was giving my some kind of death glare as she pulled out.


I climbed into to bed, totally exhausted. First days were always the worst. I fell asleep pretty much a soon as my head hit the pillow.


When I woke up his name was on the tip of my tongue. I didn’t know why, but it was there. It was like my tongue wanted me to say it. My heart ached to say it. I didn’t understand why though. How could guy affect me so much? In one day? I swallowed his names and kept it from my mind as I got ready for school.  I grabbed my Flyleaf t-shirt from my closet and yanked it over my head, quickly finding skinny jeans and my Converse High Tops; I put those on too. Heading into the bathroom I realized I hadn’t taken off my makeup last night, I cringed as I looked in the mirror; seeing a very pale person with eye liner halfway down her cheeks. I sighed and started wiping it off. When it was all gone, I reapplied it all. Yanking the hair tie from the back of my head, I put it on my wrist and then sat down on my bed. I loved how this shirt was slightly too big, it made it comfy. I put my hoodie on, grabbed the darn too heavy backpack, and headed out the door. Charlie has been gone for a while, there was a note stuck to the door of my truck.  

"I’ll be home late to tonight, sorry, Dad."

I ripped it off the door and crumpled it up, throwing in the passenger seat; I plopped the backpack on top of it, and started the car.

I pulled into school only to be stopped by a crowd of people surrounding something. I parked my car further away than what I would have liked and walked over to see what was up. I heard a bunch of screaming and then a nasty wet punch against something hard. I hurried ot see who was getting the crap beat out of them. I pushed my way through the crowd and then stopped short when I recognized the hair color of the one who was getting beaten up. Another punch threw his head to the side, that perfect mouth was scrunched in pain. I had to bite my lips to keep from crying out. That perfect mouth was covered in blood.

What'd you think?



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