The Twilight Saga

This is rewrite of my only successful story. XD

I began writing Black Swan on August 28th in 2010.

I know there were TONS of mistakes the first time around, and I have a feeling I could make it better now. Before I was just blindly stumbling into writing, but now I really think I could make it better. I know I had a bunch of people that read it the first time and I hope to have just as many this time, if not more. (does this sound too hopeful?)

(No I did not take the title from the ballet movie, nor does have ballet in it. I was phsyched when I found out there was a movie coming out with the same name as my FanFiction. XD)

The Original Black Swan






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I looked into his eyes and saw only pain. How could I have been so stupid? This was everything I had ever wanted, everything I had dreamed of. He was the image of sheer perfection in my eyes. But this was entirely my fault, and now I was paying for it.

“I’m so sorry, please, you have to believe me.” I looked into his eye, mine pleading.

“I want to, I really want to, But I don’t think I can.” His tore away from mine as he turned around. I felt tears spill over the ridges of my eyes as I watched him walk away. I sank against the wall and watched him until he became too small and too blurry for me to see anymore. I closed my eyes and pulled my knees tightly to my chest as I fell; fell into the black desperation and self-pity that were now closing over me.


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Merrrp! You're wonderfully wonderful! I have nothing to say but..






=D thank you!


Im glad you liked it!

aww she's falling for him already!!! cute! poor edward!!!!

the 'cougar alert' thing is always amusng but so true!

Love it Claire

You can't stop!!!

I need this story to live!

Write more before I die! Do you want me to die!?

Please do let me die! :(

Haha great job, but I wasn't lieing UPDATE NOW! Please? :)

XDDDD Tomorrow?


I havent updated Smoothing Away The Scars since like.. forever ago. XD

Ill update this one as soon as the other one gets updated.

--writers bock really kinda sucks--

loved it post more soon


Chapter Five

“Hey! Break it up you two!” A teacher rounded the corner; he rammed his way through students and finally got in between Edward and the big guy. I wanted to kick the big guy in the nose; I wanted to twist his arm, to poke him in the eye, anything to cause him pain. If my backpack hadn’t been so heavy I would have, but it weighted me to where I was standing. When the teacher had the bug guys arms around his back I couldn’t stop myself from going to see if he was okay, I flung my backpack onto the gravel but I soon realized how stupid I was being and was able to stop myself. Luckily I wasn’t quite out of the crowd of people yet and went to retrieve my backpack. I looked over to Edward though and saw him still on the ground, holding his jaw. I can’t believe the teacher just left him there. He probably had to deal with the big guy though.

Once people started to dissipate I walked over to where he was sitting on the concrete. I bit my lip and handed him a tissue from the little tissue container in my backpack. There was a lot of blood.

He looked up to see who was handing it to him, “Hey.” He said in a rough voice. “Thanks,” he added when he took the tissue.  I’m guessing he went for one of his smiles, but something went wrong and he winced in pain. I kneeled down next to him, his lips were swollen and red, blood was dripping from his nose, staining the gravel. “That bad?” He asked when he noticed me staring. I tore my eyes from his swollen, but still perfect lips and looked at his face. I shook my head no and he tried for another smile, “Still not talking huh?” He said this like a question, but we both know it’s not. I handed him another tissue, the first one hardly having any white left. He looked up at me thankfully.

I stood up and offered him my hand. It was small in his as he took it and pulled himself off the concrete. I tried not to let him know that my hand in his tingled even the slightest bit. “Where’s your backpack?” I asked quietly once he had his bearings.

He jutted his chin over to his Volvo. I walked over and retrieved it for him, locking the doors as I closed them. It was not a good idea to leave a car like this unlocked. I handed him his backpack, which was almost heavier than mine. He slung it over his shoulder with ease. I sighed, “You should probably go see a nurse or something.” I said to him and glanced at the entrance doors. “The bell is probably going to ring soon anyways.” Giving him a small smile I turned around to walk into the school. He followed me and kept pace.

We walked into the school in silence but he soon jerked his chin towards the handicapped bathroom. “Help me?” He asked as he held the door handle. I looked at him in disbelief.

“We can’t go in there at the same time. “

“Relax, it’s not like we’re actually peeing or anything, I just want your help with this” He gestured towards his bloodied nose, mouth and chin.

Nice choice of words, I thought to myself and then shook my head no.

“Come on, please?” He didn’t wait for answer; he wrapped his hand around my wrist and pulled me inside with him.

“Are you kidding me? Someone could have seen us!” I winced at how mean I sounded.

“Like I said: relax,” He rolled his shoulders and then jumped onto the counter, “Help.” He pointed to his chin. I didn’t want to, but the again I did. I set my backpack on the floor next to the door. I grabbed some paper towels and wet them down.

“Here,” I said handing them to him.

He rolled his eyes and twisted his body so he was facing the mirror, I watched him rub the paper towels roughly over the scrape on his chin. It was still bleeding. “You’re being too rough.” I said to the floor. He sighed and kept going.

I sighed and wet some more paper towels. I carefully turned his shoulders so he was facing me and began to gently dab at his chin. It was silent, an awkward kind of silence. I had to break it; I was beginning to feel squirmy. “Why did that guy hit you?” I asked him quietly.

“Hmm?” He asked, I looked at him, focusing away from his chin, he was staring at me.

“Why did that guy hit you?” I repeated.

“Oh,” He mumbled something angrily under his breath. He sighed, “Rose was cheating on me with him.” He said quietly, looking away from me and to the ceiling. “I guess he didn’t know Rose was cheating on him with me, so when I kissed her, he kind of went ballistic. He started throwing punches faster than I could get one in.” He grimaced. “He started calling me names and telling me to leave his girlfriend alone,” He rolled his eyes, “It doesn’t matter, I was over her anyways. She was always . . . Cold.” I didn’t know if he was talking about her being mean and rude, or her temperature, but it seemed unlikely that a person’s temperature could be cold.

“I’m sorry,” I said quickly and focused on his chin again. It was done bleeding, but I didn’t want to focus my attention on his bloody lips, so I kept dapping at his chin.

“Is it done bleeding yet?” He asked and I sighed, dropping the paper towel into the trash can. I grabbed a new and after wetting it down like I had the others moved to his perfect lips. I was afraid if I didn’t do this right I would somehow mess them up. His lips were split open in three different places. That guy had really gotten him. He opened his mouth slightly, making it easier for me. His breath smelled sweet.

I worked on one split at a time, getting a new paper towel for each one. I was on the last one when the bell rang, releasing people to second block. It scared us both, making me jump, and making him bite down, nicking the knuckle on my finger with his teeth.

I yanked my hand away and dropped the paper towel, “Ouch.”

His eyes widened as he saw blood start to form on my finger. “I- Oh, ouch,” He looked startled. “I didn’t mean to, the bell scared me.”

“I know,” I said quietly, I picked up the paper towel I had dropped and trashed it.

“Here.” He grabbed my hand and ran my finger under the water. I watched him as he doctored my finger. I dried my hand when he was finished.

“Why did you ask for help when you didn’t need it?” I asked the sink.

“What? Oh,” He shrugged, “I didn’t want to be stuck in here by myself.”

“Then you should have gone to the nurse.” I grabbed my backpack and left the bathroom, walking at a fast pace going straight into second block, ignoring the person calling my name in the background. I didn’t understand what had just happened, and I didn’t want to.

Throwing my backpack onto the floor i slumped into my seat, and pulled out my book. I wanted to read, I really did. But I couldn’t. The only thing I could think about was the way Edward's eyes were looking into mine when I was cleaning his lip.


4th block, great, I put my head on the desk and prayed he wouldn’t show. It didn’t work. I heard the chair scrape the tile next to me and smelled his body spray, I wanted to die. "Would you let me talk to you?" his voice was gentle but I heard the aggravation behind it. I ignored him and grabbed my book from backpack. I let my hair fall, blocking him from me. His smell got stronger and I felt him get closer as well. "Please?"


"Because, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings or anything, I don’t even understand why you’re mad. But i want to apologize. “Why was he trying so hard to please me? I was a rude and mean a “goth” girl, according the people at my old school. I turned my head to look at him, but he was closer than I thought, his face was only inches from mine.

I swallowed hard, and someone behind us whistled. "Get a room." They yelled from the back of the room.

"Dude, shut up!" Edward yelled to the voice. I looked back down to my book. The rest of the block went by in silence. I jumped when the bell rang and grabbed my bag, heading straight for my locker. He was waiting for me by my truck.

"Move," That was so mean, don’t do it again. Stop yelling at yourself.


"Why not?"

"Because, I need you to take me home."

"What? Why? You have a car, so walk over there, get in it, and leave me alone," Stop being so mean to him!

"You locked me out of it."


"You locked the door when you grabbed my backpack." I sighed.

"Where's your keys?" I was starting to sound desperate.

"In the car, on the key ring, that was sitting on the passenger seat." His voice was gentler. "Please drive me home."

"I don’t know where you live.” I crossed my arms over my chest and looked away from him.

"Well I’ll drive to my house, and then you can drive to your house. Or I can give you directions. But please, it’s too far for me to walk, and it’s going to rain soon."

I rolled my eyes. "Fine," I walked around to the passenger side. I didn’t feel like driving anyways. Once he got in I tossed him the keys, and settled in for the drive.

As soon as we pulled out it started to pour. The wind shield wipers didn’t want to work right, great.

He drove in silence for a long time and I wondered how I was going to get myself back home since I couldn’t see the street signs, due to the rain. Finally he stopped the car. "Thanks." he said, opened his door and got out. I did the same and walked around to the driver side of the car. I got in and realized he left his backpack. I picked it up and went to knock on the door, but he was sitting on the porch.

"No house keys?" i asked quietly. He shook his head no. "Come on." i said and gestured towards the truck. "I won’t be able to find my way home out of these woods and the rain anyways. You can come to my house for a while." I regretted saying this as soon as it left my lips. That was a stupid move. Was I not angry at him not half an hour ago?  I wished I could take it back. He didn’t say anything, just grabbed his backpack from me and got back into the driver’s seat. More silence, we were drenched, and I was freezing.

I reached for the heat the same time he did. He got to it first, and I hit the button for the radio instead. Paramore went blasting through the stereo. I turned it down and saw him chuckling. I pursed my lips and looked out the window.

"How do I get to your house from the school?" He asked as we past it.

"Turn left up there, and another left on Mulberry St. a right on Mahogany, and then it’s the first house on the left." We lapsed into silence again.

He followed my instructions easily but made a fatal mistake by hitting my mail box. "Are insane?" i asked and jumped out the truck. "My dad is going to kill me!"

"I’m so sorry!" He got out and examined the damage. "We can fix it before he gets home if you want."

"Just want i want to spend my time doing." I said. "Fine, I guess we have to"

"Hang on, you go inside and warm up. I’ll go buy a piece of wood." He jumped back into my truck and pulled away.

I went inside and wanted to change, but I kept these clothes on because I figured I’d be back outside in the rain soon. He came back a few minutes later, I brought out a hammer and nails. He took them from me and began working. "You can go inside, I’ll do this, it was my fault." He had to yell over the rain.

"I’m not leaving you out here in the rain." he went back to silently working. The mail box was fixed in no time. "Thanks." I said as he finished.

"No problem." he said his lips were turning blue. He was cold. Those lips shouldn’t be blue. They're too perfect to be blue. I gestured for him to follow me inside. He did and got to work at making hot chocolate for me and coffee for him. "Do you want something dry to wear?" I asked.

"No. Well, no. But thanks." I raised my eyebrows and he sighed. "Sure."

"Hang on." I went upstairs and brought him down a pair of my dad’s jeans and a t shirt.



I left him to go change. "You can change in the bathroom." I pointed to the downstairs bathroom. I changed into a plain black t shirt and pair of sweat pants.

When I came down he was swimming in my dad’s clothes. "Yeah, sorry I knew they'd be big."

He shrugged, "its ok, at least they're not wet."

I smiled and handed him his coffee "milk, sugar or cream?"

"Sugar and milk please," He said simply. I handed him the milk and sugar and watched him perfect his coffee.

"When will you parents be home?" I asked him.

"Around six," I looked at the clock in the kitchen. It was 5:30; it took longer to fix the mail box than I thought. Charlie would be home around seven.

"Do you think we should leave soon?"

"Yeah,” He said taking a sip of his coffee.

"Okay," I nodded and took a sip of my hot chocolate. I stood there for a minute and then grabbed my keys off the table. "Can you just give me directions this time so I’ll know how to get home?"

"Yeah," He was a lot quieter, more calm, no so much “player” like, when he wasn’t at school. It was nice.

I grabbed an umbrella for me and a raincoat for him. We ran out into the rain and into the truck. I looked into the review mirror and realized how messed up my eyeliner and mascara was from the rain. It looked awful.

"Why didn’t you say something?" I grinned and pointed to my face.

He shrugged. "It was funny looking." I rolled my eyes and started wiping it away. I hated the idea of not having any on, especially with someone near me. But it really looked that bad.

My fingers were black from the makeup, I wiped the on my sweat pants and kept wiping at my eyes, trying to get rid of it all. Soon there was none left. I felt naked. When I looked over at him he was staring at me, probably trying to figure out why I was so persistent on getting it off. “What?” I asked.

He shook his head. "You look even prettier without all of that gunk on your face." He looked out his window.

Even prettier? He thought I was pretty? That did a lot for my nerves. I rolled my eyes at him and turned my head so he wouldn’t see the blush that was creeping up my neck.


So what do you think?

I know, its long. lol.

But was it okay?


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Oh Claire,

You never do fail to amaze me. You are amazingg(:

Bella and Edward are getting together soon I hope! Hehe

Can't WAIT for your next update!

I'm impatient (:

=D Thank you very much, but I asure I'm not. :3

lol, you will just have to continue reading to see if they get together soon. =P

I'll update soon I promise!


Ahh clarie,


you never dissapoint :D


keep it up!

p.s. I really like how long the chapters are anyway


Update FAST!


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