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This is rewrite of my only successful story. XD

I began writing Black Swan on August 28th in 2010.

I know there were TONS of mistakes the first time around, and I have a feeling I could make it better now. Before I was just blindly stumbling into writing, but now I really think I could make it better. I know I had a bunch of people that read it the first time and I hope to have just as many this time, if not more. (does this sound too hopeful?)

(No I did not take the title from the ballet movie, nor does have ballet in it. I was phsyched when I found out there was a movie coming out with the same name as my FanFiction. XD)

The Original Black Swan






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I looked into his eyes and saw only pain. How could I have been so stupid? This was everything I had ever wanted, everything I had dreamed of. He was the image of sheer perfection in my eyes. But this was entirely my fault, and now I was paying for it.

“I’m so sorry, please, you have to believe me.” I looked into his eye, mine pleading.

“I want to, I really want to, But I don’t think I can.” His tore away from mine as he turned around. I felt tears spill over the ridges of my eyes as I watched him walk away. I sank against the wall and watched him until he became too small and too blurry for me to see anymore. I closed my eyes and pulled my knees tightly to my chest as I fell; fell into the black desperation and self-pity that were now closing over me.


PS: I greatly enjoy feedback.

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Gosh! Is that Jacob? Aw! I really, really like you, Claire! That made me remember another fan fiction that really got me so crazy. Oh, I miss Jacob! Please right more soon!
Is who Jacob?

=D thanks! I try to update soon!


loved it so much make more fast and keep me updated .


I loved it!!!!! As always you did amazing!!!

I love the banner!!!!!

Someone is not gonnna be happy about the interruption *cough* Edward *cough*

Bella is going to have a headache but I think it was totally worth it! Don't you?


P.S. Claire are you having fun in Tennesse?

haha! thank you Gigi! :3


Yes! I'm having an AMAZING time! thanks for asking! =D

New reader. I love this story, tho is hard to not see Edward as a Cullen and Emmett so mean to him. But other than that is a great story.

Ohppp! I guess somebody isn't very happy about the interruption *cough edward cough* 

Ha,Loved the chapter Claire! 


love it!
ur re-write is sooo goood. i  love the originall cuz you cant change that  but this is really good i havent been onn lately but i will be giving feedback

=D thanks so much!!!

Hey guys! Guess what I recently learned how to make!

A pop out!


I'm too good at them yet, but I'm trying!


Sorry its been a little bit since I've updated! Family keeps you busy! :3

Chapter Seven:

I pushed Edward away from me and wiped at my mouth, the entirety of what just happened crashing down on me. I opened the fridge and tried to get my hands to stop shaking.

"Hey Dad, I’m in here." I said and hoped Edward would play along.

"Hey Bells." he paused and glanced somewhere behind me, I guessed it was Edward. "Hello Edward"

I heard Edward clear his throat, "Hi Chief Swan." He said in a low voice.

"I didn’t know you were having company over Bella, you should have told me. "

Yeah, I didn’t know either . . . "I know Dad I’m sorry."

I rubbed the bump that was forming on the back of my head, "Want something to drink Dad?"

"Just hand me a Vitamin R," He gruffed. I tossed him one and he left the room; going into the living room, with in hearing range. I tossed Edward a can of Coke, and got some water for me.

"Sorry," I whispered and took a sip.

"It’s ok." he whispered back.

I was rubbing the continually growing bump on my head when his soda exploded.

"Nice." I said rushing up to the sink for a rag. "Don’t you know never to open a tossed can of coke? It explodes." I waved my hand over the now sticky table, "Exhibit A"

I smiled and he laughed. He came up behind me and took the rag from me, beginning to clean up his mess. Once he was done I rinsed it off and hung it over the faucet.

We sat back down and listened to Charlie breathing, I knew he was listening to us. Getting Edward another soda, I carefully handed it to him this time. Our fingers brushed and the only thing I wanted to do was take his hand in mine and hold it, but I let him take his soda and sat back down again.

"Does your head hurt?" he whispered, noticing that I had been rubbing it.

"Yeah a little bit." I told my water. The next thing I knew his hand was on the back of my head, feeling the bump. I automatically wanted to lean my head back into his hand, but I didn’t.

I covered his hand with mine and pulled it from my hair, setting it on the table. I felt bad, I was shooting him down again, after I had encouraged him, I just shot him another bullet. I was beginning to think he would give up soon if I didn’t stop acting like a fool around him.

"I should be going." he said abruptly standing from his chair across the table.

"Yeah, I guess you should."

"Okay, well, um . . . bye." He said and then he was leaving.

"Goodnight Edward."

“’Night Chief Swan," and then the door closed and he was gone.

I went up the stairs and locked myself in my room. I was going insane, I had to be. You can’t be this infatuated with someone in only 4 days! It hasn’t even been a week and you’re kissing him?!

Putting my pj’s on I went to bed early. I ignored Charlie when he asked me if I was coming down for dinner. I wanted to fall asleep and forget about everything, even if it was only for a little while.


"Kiss me, out on the bearded barley, nightly beside the gree-" I slammed my hand down on the alarm clock. That was NOT the song I needed to wake up to.

I left the lovely warm and safe sheets, and walked into the dreadfully cold tiled bathroom. Again, I had forgotten to take off my make up the night before. I looked like some deranged raccoon.

I got in the shower and let the water run over me until it was cold. Getting out I used my face wash and got the rest of my makeup off. My hair was wet. It would go to school wet, because I honestly didn’t care anymore.

I had to stop myself from whatever was going on. I shouldn’t have kissed him; I should have never encouraged him. Heading out of the bathroom, I grabbed a pair jeans and t-shirt from my closet. I threw on socks and my high top converse, and grabbed my hoodie and backpack I went out the door.

When I got to the school I went straight to class, avoiding everyone I could. When the lunch bell rang I took refuge in the library, I sat there and contemplated what to do next block. I jumped when the bell rang and ditched.

There was no way I was sitting through a whole hour and a half with him. Not yet. I went home and slept for a few hours. I refused Charlie for dinner when he came to get me.

"Bella, you need come down here and eat"

"Dad I’m really tired, I’ll eat a big breakfast in the morning, okay?"

"Fine, just make sure you do." Charlie grumbled as he left my door.

That was easier than I thought it would be. I relaxed a little and then let sleep over take me.


"WHOA! I never meant to brag! But I’ve got him where I want him now" I smiled as I woke up. Paramore is the best thing to wake up to. Turning the volume down on my alarm clock I let the song finish. As soon as it was over I got up and began my morning rituals. Again, the only thing I could think about was avoiding him; by the time I got to school I was a nervous wreck. I pulled in, got out of my car and made a bee line for my first block.

"You can’t avoid me forever you know."

My heart sped at the sound of his voice. I kept walking. I was almost to the front doors when he grabbed my elbow and tried to get me to face him.

"Bella," his voice was soft. I took a deep breath and turned towards him. "Please tell how to fix this."

I opened my mouth and then closed it. I wanted to step into his arms, to erase that look on his face and hold him until it never comes back. But of course I couldn’t do that.

"You didn’t do anything wrong," I told his shoes. "It was me, I’m sorry, I did something wrong."

"Wha- not to me, you didn’t do anything wrong to me. Tell me and I’ll fix it," he stepped closer, and then closer. I took a step back and then ran for the sanctuary of my first block.



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