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this is my second fanfic. the first one didnt work out and it was my fault for not posting fast enough. so here is my second try, and i promise to udpate this ASAP. please be patient with me and dont give up on me if i dont reply very fast, im in an honors program at school, which means school, homework, shower, sleep. i do get free time and ill use as much of it as i can to wright more for you guys. a banner will be up soon! just bear with me please.

i will write more soon, and please give me some feedback! =)



almost every one is human, you'll have to read to find out whose not. =)



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i looked into his eyes and saw only pain. how could i have been so stupid? this was everything i had wanted, everything i had ever dreamed of from the very first day i started school here. this was all my fault, and now i was paying for it.

"im so sorry, you have to believe me"

"i want to, i really want to, but i dont think i can..."

as he walked away i felt the tears start fall over the ridges of my eyes. i sank against the wall and watched him, all up untill he became to small, and to blurry for my eyes to see anymore. i closed them and pulled my knees up. i fell, fell into the black desperation, and self pity that were now closing over me.





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im totally team jacob .. but this story is awesome i wanna read more
=D thank you!
wow! I always wondered what would've happened if Bella found another way of distracting herself from the pain.... amazing :))
write more!!!!!
love it!!!!
plz update me!!!
Its kinda short again this week.

Excuse all errors
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Chapter Seventeen

there was now a stain on my bathroom floor.
i couldnt get it come out of the old tiles. i hoped Charlie wouldnt notice.

i didnt understand how.. but some how it was monday again.
where did had the week gone?
i hated school even more than usual.
people were mean and vindictive.
they didnt know anything. they were all oblivious to what was going on in my life.
they just say the freak on the outside.
i spent lunch in the library now. i sat in there and pretended to read manga.
it made me feel like i belonged to something,
even it was the odd kids who sat in the back of the library during lunch.
i tripped over people sitting in the hallway on my into 4th block.
i got there early and settled into my seat, putting my head on the desk.
hearing the chair next to me make an ugly scraping sound, i knew He was there.
i stiffened and tried to look relaxed, but then Mr.M started class.
looking up i flipped to the page we were directed to.
turning the pages hurt my hand, so i switched to my left.
bad mistake.
i felt Edward stiffen next to me and i glanced at him through my hair.
he was staring at my hand... no not at my hand.
at the big, ugly, angry looking cut that covered the top of it.
i should have put a bandaid on it.

he watched me the rest of class.

when the bell rang he cornered me.
it hurt just to look at him.
let alone breathe in his scent, and feel his skin on my arm.
it wasnt warm as i remembered it.
it was cold, hard... did i imagine the whole thing?
was it really him i thought i might have loved?
this guy was different.

"please tell me you didnt do that yourself."
his voice was the same.
it was the voice i remembered.
except now it was full pain.
my heart shattered into a million pieces and started to fall out of my eyes in the form of water.
i blinked hard so they wouldnt fall.

"i didnt do it myself." i whispered.
i wasnt lieing. i hadnt done it to myself.

"are you lieing?"

my voice hurt my throat now.
he kept turning my hand over in his.
looking at my palm and then the red gash.
he stiffened and then dropped my hand.
his eyes darted to the left of the hallway and he backed off.
nearly running to the right.
i followed the trail his eyes had taken.
standing there was the ice queen herself.
i let the tears fall and i ran after Edward.
i needed answers and i needed them now.
he was hiding in a stair well.
the old Edward never would have been hiding from Rosalie before.
"you said you didnt ditch me."

he looked up, startled.
"no, i didnt."

"then tell me what really happened."

he looked at me.
i hated what he had done to his eyes.
why did he keep changing contacts?
they were black today.
"you should leave Bella."

"not until you tell me what happened."
my voice sounded hard and whiny.

"leave Bella... Now"
his voice was hard. the pain was gone.
it was desperate now... but somehow comanding at the same time.


"then i will."
he ran faster than i had seen anyone run before.
he was gone and down the hallway before i could even cry out a 'stop'
or a 'wait'
What Do You Think?
wow the ice queen is infectin every one
awesomeness times infinity :D
poor bella and edward
they love each other and cant be together because of it now
i hope they fix this soon
they should be happy with each other
love the story


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