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this is my second fanfic. the first one didnt work out and it was my fault for not posting fast enough. so here is my second try, and i promise to udpate this ASAP. please be patient with me and dont give up on me if i dont reply very fast, im in an honors program at school, which means school, homework, shower, sleep. i do get free time and ill use as much of it as i can to wright more for you guys. a banner will be up soon! just bear with me please.

i will write more soon, and please give me some feedback! =)



almost every one is human, you'll have to read to find out whose not. =)



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Im Trying to make it that with every major step in the story a new banner will be put up to describe it sort of... (as in below Bella was alone, her world was plain, she had short black hair... get it?)

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i looked into his eyes and saw only pain. how could i have been so stupid? this was everything i had wanted, everything i had ever dreamed of from the very first day i started school here. this was all my fault, and now i was paying for it.

"im so sorry, you have to believe me"

"i want to, i really want to, but i dont think i can..."

as he walked away i felt the tears start fall over the ridges of my eyes. i sank against the wall and watched him, all up untill he became to small, and to blurry for my eyes to see anymore. i closed them and pulled my knees up. i fell, fell into the black desperation, and self pity that were now closing over me.





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more plz love it keep me updated
i loveee this story please keep me updated
Chapter 19! can you believe it?! almost 20 chapters!
=) you know me!
please excuse all errors, please add me if you want to be updated, and please leave me feedback!

Chapter Nineteen

I was running late for school. When i pulled up the whole parking lot was cleared out. I heard the bell ring as i got out of my car. Great. I ran up the front steps and through the doors.
My backpack was keeping from sprinting to the attendence office. When I finally got there, Edward was sitting in the waiting room. There was only four chairs, so it wasnt like i had much choice.
I saw down as far from him as i could get and ignored the pain in my chest he was causing. The administrator was on the phone and looked angry. I didn't want to make her even more angry by asking
for a late pass. So I waited patiently.
"Bella?" it wasnt more than a whisper.
i turned my head and held ridged waiting for what he was going to say next.
He didnt. He just watched me.
"is there something you want?" the administrator asked.
I got up and walked to the front desk. "umm, im sorry to bother you, but can i get a late pass?"
"sure" she said it nicely, but she was bouncing her knee, obviously nervous, or impatient of something. She wrote and signed a late pass for me. I thanked her and walked out of the office, i watched Edward
as i walked out. he watched me too and looked like he wanted to say something. I didnt stop for him. I walked out the door.
"Bella!" i heard him call after me. "Bella please stop! I have to talk to you!" he grabbed my arm with his cold hand. I yanked away, suprised, but turned around anyway.
"what maked you think i have anything to say to you?" i said bitterly.
"please, Bella, just two minutes."
"what?" i tapped my foot pretending to be impatient, like i didnt care what he had to say.
"im sorry" my foot stopped. "Bella please, I... Im sorry i left you at the party, It wasnt my choice, I cant tell you what happened but you have to believe me. Please. i cant stand to see you like this." He said it all in
a rush and took my hand looking the cut over and over.
"Edward..." i didnt know what to say. "you have to tell me what happened for me to believe anything."
"Bella, please.. we are going to even more late" he looked over his shoulder like he was nervous of getting caught.
"stop saying please, and start explaining." it took everyhting i had not to run away. He wasnt going to tell me anything. He was going to get out of this some how.. he always did..
"Bella....." he looked all around the hallway, making sure we were alone i guess. "I.. Wh.. Can i tell you later? Please Bella, i promise i will... Friday night," his voice lowered to a whisper "meet me at... at the meadow."
"Edward, no please now..."
"Bella, the meadow, please, after school. i cant drive you there. but please, after school, on friday, just please, i promise ill explain."
I guess the nervousness showed on my face, he kept trying to reassue me he'd be there.
He looked around the hallway again, when he didnt see any one he stepped closer to me. It took everything I had to stay still.
"Bella, i promise you, I. Will. Be there." He looked me straight in the eyes for the first time in a really long time. Even though he now had those odd contacts in, his eyes were still the ones I remembered.

I know its short, im sorry, but ill try to post more soon!
What do you think!?
I lovedd ittt <3
i want more now. love it
What is he going to tell her?
the truth?

I LOVE IT!!!!!
i want more!! i want more!! i want more!!!
What willl Eddie Boy tell Bella now :)????? more ASAP

plzzz next chappi make it Eddies POV :)
love it


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