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this is my second fanfic. the first one didnt work out and it was my fault for not posting fast enough. so here is my second try, and i promise to udpate this ASAP. please be patient with me and dont give up on me if i dont reply very fast, im in an honors program at school, which means school, homework, shower, sleep. i do get free time and ill use as much of it as i can to wright more for you guys. a banner will be up soon! just bear with me please.

i will write more soon, and please give me some feedback! =)



almost every one is human, you'll have to read to find out whose not. =)



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Im Trying to make it that with every major step in the story a new banner will be put up to describe it sort of... (as in below Bella was alone, her world was plain, she had short black hair... get it?)

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i looked into his eyes and saw only pain. how could i have been so stupid? this was everything i had wanted, everything i had ever dreamed of from the very first day i started school here. this was all my fault, and now i was paying for it.

"im so sorry, you have to believe me"

"i want to, i really want to, but i dont think i can..."

as he walked away i felt the tears start fall over the ridges of my eyes. i sank against the wall and watched him, all up untill he became to small, and to blurry for my eyes to see anymore. i closed them and pulled my knees up. i fell, fell into the black desperation, and self pity that were now closing over me.





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okay heres Chapter Fourteen! please excuse all errors! and please add me if you want me to keep you updated!

Chapter Fourteen

i walked home from the party. it was dark, cold and damp. i didnt care. rage kept me heated the whole walk. when i got home it was well past 1 in the morning. Charlie was pissed. so was i.
storming into my room i took a quick, cold shower, then washed my face in the sink furiously. i walked into my room and changed into my pajamas. a teddy bear was sitting on my desk. i picked it up. i went into my closet so Charlie wouldnt hear me,
and shoved clothes into my mouth to muffle my screaming. i took my anger out on the bear.
i accidently ripped its head off.
then i started crying. this poor unfortunate teddy bear had just been in the wrong place at the wrong time. i got out my sewing kit and sewed his head back on. i even gave him some new stuffing.
i went to bed.

when i woke up my pillow was still wet. wether it was from my hair or my crying i didnt know.
i spent all day in my room

i dont even know what happened sunday.

"oh why do we like to hurt so much? Thats what you get when you let your heart win whoaao!" even Paramore wasnt going to help me today. i all but threw the alarm clock across the room.
i threw on jeans, an old band t-shirt. Green Day. the screen print was pretty much gone by now. my converse were all dirty. i didnt care. i smudged and layered liner over liner on my eyes and decided to get a new hair dye kit after school.
i also needed it cut. maybe id just go and have someone else mess up this mop on top of my head.
when i picked my hand backpack the top holding handle thing broke. i tripped down the stairs.
my truck wouldnt start.
today was going to be great.
i pulled up to the school fuming. i was sure there was steam coming off of my car as the rain pelted it.
the inside of my lip was a bloody mess, i had to stop that habit.
i ran through the rain, and the first 3 blocks as well.
at lunch i went straight to our table, sat down and crossed my arms.
he never showed.
serves him right.
i hope he was at home sick.
i hoped he puking his guts out all over the floor.
i hoped he had to clean it up.
i felt so mean. but i didnt care. he was mean. he left me. in a party. filled with drunk teenagers.
he still wasnt there in 4th block.

he was absent the whole week.

i was calming down. i wasnt as pissed off. but i hoped he never showed his face to me again.

i pulled up.
i got out of the car.
school was getting back to normal.
a boring mess.
but no Edward.
i sat happily by my sat at our old table during lunch.

i watched Rose stroll into the lunch room all smug and witchy looking.
Emmett came next. panting as he watched her walk. Jasper and Alice were holding hands and smiling at eachother.

He walked in.

all the anger came rushing into me again. all of it before and more. he was with them.
he was now part of their clan.
Jessica saw this and gave me a "i told you so" look.
i could have smacked her.

His eyes avoided me the entire time from the door to his new seat at their table.

how could he do this? after all she did to him. and hes crawling back to her?!it made no sense.

i knew this was going to happen. i fell anyway.

my anger turned to tears again. i ran from the lunch room and heard their laughter behind me. i ditched 4th block.

i skipped.

i ditched.

i had a fever.

i threw up.

1. Bed
2. ginger ale
3. sleep
4. Phantom Of The Opera
5. sleep

make up work.

"Do you have the time to listen to me whine? about nothing and everything, all at once"
Basket Case. nice.
i felt like one. i probably looked like one too.
i couldnt miss school today. i couldnt miss for the rest of the semester now.
5 unexcused absences = unexcused = class failed.
i didnt care what i looked like.
grabbing a way over sized t-shirt and an old pair of jeans i changed, then drowned my eyes with liner and threw my hair into a pony tail.
i went out the door, backpack and keys in hand. i didnt know what to do. i guessed i would figure something out when it came down to it.
handing in make up work after make up work every class, i didnt pay attention to anything. i didnt take take notes. and i didnt care.
walking through the halls was a nightmare. there was the usual gossip about me, but mutliplied now. i heard my name everywhere.
and his as well.
i didnt go. i went to the library instead. i watched the manga junkies stalk the wall with their many series of comics.
excuse me "graphic novels."
i decided to try one. i grabbed the first one i saw off the shelf and flipped through it.
a backwards book. this was interesting. a good distraction. but as soon as i leaned on the wall to read, they all dispersed.
i couldnt focus long on it anyway.
the bell rang and i took my time getting to 4th block. i had to sit next to him. i had to sit next to him for over an hour. i had to sit next to him.
i felt like i was going to be sick. the bell rang. i had to go to attendance and get a late pass.
"im sorry, i was looking through my locker and didnt realize the bell was about to ring."
the lady gave me a "uh-huh, sure" look and signed the late pass.
walking in late was bad. i opened the door and every pair of eyes turned on me. throwing the pass on Mr.M's desk i stalked my seat. avoiding eye contact
with everyone. especially my lab partner.
i felt the anger boiling in my stomach again.
i wanted to rip his head off. but i couldnt make sound come from my mouth.
"hey." he said tentatively.
"you really think i wanna talk to you right now?"
"look Bella im really sorry..."
i couldnt rbing myself to look at him.
"why do i not believe you?" i tried to put as much venom in my voice as i could.
"Bella i didnt leave you there, you have to believe me.."
i snapped my head up and the wind was knocked out of me.
his gorgeous eyes were gone.
the once beautiful eyes that i couldnt live with out,
were now a cold,
they matched Rose's perfectly.
what do you think?
love it!!!! omg!!
that WITCH i hate her
love the story

Well someone has some explaining to do1!!!!


New reader. I read the other version first and once I was finish I couldn't help my self but read your 1st version(I didn't and couldn't wait for your next update. I wanted to know where was this going). So the Cullens and Hales are vamps. Wow!!!

I wonder if you'd bring this to the 2nd version as well. But his one is great so far.

You can't leave me hanging!
This is amazing!
who turned him. So fast, Rosa! but why!
Oh My that can't be good!!
omg!!! VAMPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I totally know what happened!! awww I love it when I'm smart! :D

Great chapter long and interesting!! great job!!

Looking forward to your next update!

~Nikki Artemis Cassandra~
OMG Loovee itt!
psshh like always u know!

But Wait isn´t this a AH ff?
but Huh?

Confusing Here!..

PLeasse Update soon!..
Ur fast with that I Lovee it<3

Xxx Lilly<3!
haha in the beginning i put (and i quote)
"almost every one is human, you'll have to read to find out whose not."
and im glad you like it!
and i try to update as soon as i can.
my first ff crashed and burned because i didnt update fast enough.. people just eventually stopped reading it.
and i really like this one. so i dont want it to happen to this story
plus im having a BLAST writing it.
i absolutely LOVE having feedback.
it keeps me going.


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