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this is my second fanfic. the first one didnt work out and it was my fault for not posting fast enough. so here is my second try, and i promise to udpate this ASAP. please be patient with me and dont give up on me if i dont reply very fast, im in an honors program at school, which means school, homework, shower, sleep. i do get free time and ill use as much of it as i can to wright more for you guys. a banner will be up soon! just bear with me please.

i will write more soon, and please give me some feedback! =)



almost every one is human, you'll have to read to find out whose not. =)



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Im Trying to make it that with every major step in the story a new banner will be put up to describe it sort of... (as in below Bella was alone, her world was plain, she had short black hair... get it?)

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I LOVE it! =D dont you?! i mean its AMAZING!



i looked into his eyes and saw only pain. how could i have been so stupid? this was everything i had wanted, everything i had ever dreamed of from the very first day i started school here. this was all my fault, and now i was paying for it.

"im so sorry, you have to believe me"

"i want to, i really want to, but i dont think i can..."

as he walked away i felt the tears start fall over the ridges of my eyes. i sank against the wall and watched him, all up untill he became to small, and to blurry for my eyes to see anymore. i closed them and pulled my knees up. i fell, fell into the black desperation, and self pity that were now closing over me.





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thanks! if you want me to update you please add me as a friend!
please update me!
It sounds really interesting.Please write more! Please keep me updated,also! I can't wait for more!
Chapter one:
"Bella!" i heard my mother scream up the stairs. "I told you to get down here 15 minutes ago! hurry up! Your going to be late!"
i sighed and finished up the thick black liner under my eyes. grabbing my mascarra i swiped it over my dull lashes to make them darker and looked at the reflection staring back at me. slipping my feet into my converse i walked over to my nightstand and grabbed my ipod, jamming it into the pocket of my oversized black hoodie. i grabbed my quiksilver backpack and went out the door, leaving my beloved room behind. why does this have to be today? i asked my self and jogged down the stairs, only to trip over my untied shoe lace and land on my face. i wanted to scream, i wanted cry, i wanted throw a tamtrum, anything to get out this.
"that cant be all your bringing?" my mom looked at my backpack and frowned.
"what else was i supposed to bring?" i grunted and looked the other way. then realizing i was sitting on the floor, i tied the stupid shoelace. "i dont have anyother bags" i said to my shoe.
"well why didnt you tell me?" my mother was so frusterated with me. she left room and entered hers. she came out with a pink and orange polka dotted huge duffel bag. "use this"
"are you kidding me? no way"
"yes, no go" she all but yelled.
i threw my backpack at the door, and snatched the most dreadful bag from her. i ran up the stairs tripping on the last one and almost falling again. fortunately catching myself on the banister. i reopened my door and through some more stuff into the bag. i threw it down the stairs and watched it tumble. "Bella! stop with the attitude and get your butt moving!" she screamed at me again. she wasnt always this bad, she was just really flustered right now. i slowly went down the stairs this time and managed to not trip. i sighed.
"ok im ready" i said to her in a nicer voice than i wanted to.
she looked up at me and smiled. "you know i really wish you wouldnt do this to yourself." she came up and fingered my dyed black hair. "you look so much prettier with out all this black." she said.
i sighed again and then retrieved the bags. she had no idea that it was partically her fault i was like this. she was marrying her third husband, and now sending me off to live with my father. "come on lets get you to the airport." this time it was her that sighed as she took the polka dotted bag from me.
it was a 15 minute drive to the airport. she kissed me goodbye as i hugged her and went through security.
i boarded the plane 20 minutes after that and settled in for the ride. i was half asleep when the flight attendant told me it was time to turn off the ipod, and that we were about to land.
i got off the plane and went to luggage gathering the ugliest bag in the entire world i turned around to see my father, only he wasnt looking at me. he was looking around tyring to find me. i went up to him and gave him the best smile i possibly could.
"hey." i looked up at him as he hardly glanced at me.
"im sorry miss, can i help you?"

please give me feedback! if you want me to update you please add me!
please ignore grammar/spelling issues.
-Claire De-Lune
I loved the chapter.That bag Renee gave her did sound horrible.Even to me,the girl who loves pink like there's no tommorow,but black even more.I guess Bella changed so much since the last time Charlie saw her he didn't even recognize her.How Bella must have felt.I can't wait for more!
Love it...OMG...her dad didn't know her
thats bad when your dad doesnt know who you are
love it
love it post more plz
Thanks guys! ill write more ASAP
Claire De-Lune
Hey guys! i changed the Banner, please tell me what you think of it, if you like this one or the old one better.
please and thank you
-Claire De-Lune


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