The Twilight Saga

This story is basically another "What if?" The Journey for this starts off in a place everyone knows, Volterra. And like you would expect Bella is a vampire. But, she is no ordinary vampire. Bella is The Chameleon. In the first chapter you learn a little about Bella but not fully. So to discover more about this story you need to read it.


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Chapter Links:
Chapter 2: Good-byes
Chapter 3: Forks
Chapter 4: The First Day- Arriving at School
Chapter 5: The First Day~ Lunch Break
Chapter 6: First Day~ Biology
Chapter 7: Emptiness?
Chapter 8: Alaska (EPOV)

Chapter 1: BPOV. Volterra

Bored, bored, bored, and BORED! I mean life as a vampire is fun. You can do all of these things that you couldn’t do as a human; some of us even had our very own ability or abilities. We would bring something from our past to now, when we are changed. Like some of our abilities. Demetri for example, he must been really good at finding people because he is the best tracker I have ever met. I think Aro would be very sensitive to people he came in contact with, but not with others around him, he must of highly regarded over peoples thoughts, that is my theory for him and reading peoples thoughts at the simplest touch.

Me, well, I have more than one ability. I can shape shift, shield people and, it just comes naturally I don’t even have to do anything its always just there, me from mental and physical attack. So no one could try and harm me, or others. I got the nickname, the chameleon, because of my shape shifting ability, because I can so easily pass of as anything, I could change my scent, pass of different sounds, change what I look like, the works. My theory was that I could always blend in and I could always protect me and others from things.

I had no intention of becoming a vampire when I was seventeen, but, I still became one. I remember that day better than the rest of my human life, probably because I was turned that day, I can still remember the burn it gave. On that day I was here enjoying Volterra’s Saint Marcus. HA! Celebrating about getting rid of vampires from their town, when still the largest coven of vampires known to history still lives here. I was always a sucker for books at the time, I even read supernatural story’s, boy, at the time I should never of read those I always had nightmares like the night before I was changed. How I know this, well kept diary’s. Typical, women, keep a log of what we had done. Full of my personal experiences, so I would never forget them.

I was a student on exchange from America studying other cultures. Italy was where I wanted to go, but I guess that is where I had to go to become this. It was about 1918 at the time. I was missing my parents dearly. All I had was my mother’s necklace, and a photo of my mum and her husband Phil, and my father Charlie. I lived with my father at the time, in Forks; well it was the only place he could get with his favourite career. Phil was always on the move with his business and my mother missed him deeply. I figured, why not live with Charlie, my studies took me further then I realised and there I was in Italy. Well as you would know, Charlie was chief of police at the time so of course he had a problem with me being so far away, but, I guess I should have listened to him, but that is not what destiny had in store for me.

I was on list for one of their fishing trips. So I came to the castle as a ‘fish’. Jane spotted me and decided she would have me. She tried her power on me and she smiled I looked around the room, I was last. Then I looked back toward her, she had brilliant red eyes. She started screamed in… frustration, but I didn’t know what- at least I knew why now, otherwise she would still be screaming at me. Aro came up and touched my palm. ‘Interesting’ he said and dropped it. Next he nodded to a young boy. I could see a smoke like substance coming towards me, before it even touched me it just went around me like a circle next thing I knew was that something plunged into my throat.

So here I am today in the 21st century. Today, I chose to stay in my quarters on my bed. I know, I know. I am a vampire and vampires don’t sleep. I got hell for that in the beginning but they all quietened down when they were all out raced and beaten up. I just got through Felix, but I was required for different tasks, checking that everything was in order.

I sighed then, it has been a while since I had done one of those tasks. Now I was re-reading one of my favourite books, Wuthering Heights. That was when Aro walked into my room.

“Ah, there you are dear one” Aro said as he walked through my door. I closed my book and stood from my bed. “I know it has been long, but, I have a little task for you.”

I smiled. It had been so long since I had been out of here. “I am listening,”

He smiled in return. “Well, I need you to check on everything in America. Then I want you to check out two covens. One would be able to find in Alaska, one of our dear ones live there, Eleazer, I don’t want you to go undercover there because he will pin you out immediately. He lives with his mate and three other females who ran into us before. The second coven would be a little harder to find, but Demetri was in America recently and told us that they were in a place called Forks, in Washington. I believe your human home town. I want you to investigate what is going on there. Apparently they interact with the public, I want you to use your ‘chameleon’ ability and look at what is going on.”

I nodded eagerly. How much I wanted to get out of here and do something. But wait, I get to spy on someone? Who, all I need is some background to this coven. “Who is this coven, and what should I look like in their presence?”

“Well, this coven has one of my dear friends Carlisle Cullen, he has great self control and is nothing like I have ever seen, and he only drinks animal blood. And apparently there is a lot more to this coven. From what I hear they are the second largest coven, after us. I would like to also see them. As for what you look like, go in looking like a human, but I suggest, to look like yourself” Aro said.

“Certainly,” I said already starting to pack. Aro left a few documents on my bed and left me. Most probably documents on where to go, passport, money, certificates, and the works of a fake identity really. Oh boy, I know I sound like a child on Christmas morning but, I can’t wait to see what Forks is like now!

I decided I would bring my robes. Of course I was one of Aro’s jewels. I come after Jane, Alec and Demetri though. But they have been in the guard longer. But, I can still kick their butt’s when it comes to wrestling, because I am fast and my ability’s.

Well, best keep packing. I continued to pack my clothes in my suitcase and then took my small backpack. I filled it with some books, some technology- like my new iPod, wow I love my new iPod it is almost full of music from the century, oldies and newbie’s, and my phone-, a camera, and a text book. Last but not least, my photo of my family. I have never left home, or anywhere to be exact, without it.

After a few hours I found myself in South America now to begin my search. I chose to begin my search here and work my way up to Alaska then go to Forks and investigate this coven Aro was talking about.

When I reached Alaska I was surprised by this coven, they all had gold eyes. Well, this coven is known as the Denali clan and they all switched to the diet after they met a vampire named Carlisle. Interesting, they know all about the coven I am going to investigate, maybe I can find more about them. The first one I met was a strawberry blond vampire. Her name is Tanya, very nice girl, a little older then I, but not by much. She took me home to meet the rest of the coven. The next vampires I met were two more blonde haired vampires. One had silvery blonde hair, quite beautiful- but I guess all vampires are beautiful- her name was Irina, another beautiful name.

The next to greet me was another vampire with blonde hair. But, this time, it was a more natural darkish blonde, with straight hair down to the end of her back, her name was Kate. They all considered themselves as sisters but informed me there was two others to their coven, two vampires named Eleazer and Carmen, but they were out hunting. Well, I might as well answer some of their questions about me. They had already asked for my name and that is all they had asked me really.

“Hey Bell, do you have any gifts?” Tanya asked. Well, only two people in this coven only have powers and from what I have learnt, out of this coven Kate and Eleazer were the ones with the gifts. Eleazer, he can tell peoples gifts, Kate, she can electrocute people, but it all works through the mind.

“Yeah, I do. I am physical and mental shield and I am a shape shifter or chameleon is what some choose to call it. I can change my appearance, my smell, my shape; make it look like I have a heart beat and pulse, those sorts of things.” I said smiling. Well, that was easy.

“So Bella. Where did you come from?” Kate asked me out of the blue. Oh no. I was dreading this kind of question.

“Well, I came from Italy…” I just hope they will drop it now.

“Where in Italy, Bella?” Irina pushed. Oh god no. I really hope they will not hate me. I mean they can’t kill me because of my physical shield and well, my shape-shifting ability, but still. The point is still there.

“From Volterra” I whispered. They all tensed. “I don’t mean you any harm, I promise, I am just on a road trip or you can call it a vacation away from there,” I quickly explained. Please get it through your minds! I chanted in my head.

“Oh” Then the door opened. I looked up; well it must be the other two vampires. That male must Eleazer; he had black hair that flowed to the top of his shoulders, much like Aro’s. And the other female must be Carmen; she also had black hair that flowed to her waist. Though they both had olive like tone to their skin. The first actions the pair did was, Eleazer moving into a protective crouch in front of Carmen and Tanya and Kate back up towards them slowly. Low growls escaped Kate, Tanya and Eleazar’s throats while Carmen hissed toward me. One thing I had noticed was that, Irina had not moved one bit. Why? Most vampires when they realise that someone is from the Volturi, they would try and get away as fast as they can.

“I swear, I mean you no harm. I won’t hurt you, I won’t do anything. I just want to be friends. I want a life outside the Volturi. I am so very curious about you and your diet. You are the first group of vampires I have come across that is not blood thirst for human blood. You are like a family, I have always wanted one but haven’t come close to it, at all,” I quickly explained. All I could do was hope they would understand.

“Oh, Bella…” Irina whispered. Then she came over and gave me a hug. That is when the growling and hissing stopped. Wow, she is a nice person. Then Tanya and Kate came over and gave me a hug as well. I looked over to see, Eleazer was still in front of Carmen still, but he stood straight.

“Hang on… Bella, where have I heard this name before… Ah, Isabella Marie Swan, isn't it? I heard that name and saw you when you were born in a place in America… You were living with a man, which I believe was your father at the time, but you was only a child, and I couldn’t get into your head to find out your gift… Am I correct?” Eleazer asked. Wow, how does he know me, oh yeah, he just explained.

I was at a loss of words, so I just nodded my head.


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I had to say that...
i love it keep me updated please
Like, "I did not slap you, I simply high-fived your face!"

OMG Charlotte, you know that list you posted on RA, the What To Do Whilst Bored or something?! I went on the site, and I used one of the examples the other day!

We were at a restaraunt, a fancy one mind, and when the waitress asked for our drinks, I asked for a diet water. When she said there WAS no "Diet Water," I went, "Pfft, fine, gimme REGULAR water then!" LOL!
10!!! YES!!!
Ok... Not ten...
this is really good!!!!!
you should so continue!!!!!!!!!!!
I got rid of it... It was starting to annoy me...

I don't want to remember the house plan's I spent slaving over for yr5 and when I found out some one scribbled over it made me angry... So I got rid of it...


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