The Twilight Saga

While Lucy chooses to stay in Narnia and be with her love Prince Caspian she loves her brother Edmund and cousin Eustace to return to the real world alone, but little did she realise she was soon to meet her siblings and cousin once again. When her beloved baby boy Rillian goes missing from his crib. Who has the next in line to the throne? Will Caspian and Lucy ever see their beautiful baby boy again?

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Chapter One (part 1)

Saying Goodbye

I leaned against the balcony of the castle as I watched the sunrise I knew I had mad my final choice I was staying here in Narnia with Caspian my heart knew I belonged here, I turned to the sound of my bedroom door knocking it opened were Susan was standing there she looked more like she wasn't sure she wanted to leave. I walked over to her taking in a deep breath as I did she walked over and sat next to me, I didn't know how to tell her that Peter, Edmund and herself would be going back home without me this time. I noticed she had been crying so I handed her a tissue I gave her a soft smile as I noticed she was not happy, I guess she was not happy about having to leave Narnia forever this time she was to old according to Aslan which I knew she and Peter would agree with him.

"come on Lucy it's time to get ready and go home" she said

I shook my head and took a breath "I shall be getting ready but not for home when I am home"

she looked at me her eyes filling once again with tears she tried holding a strong tone but failed when she replied "What?" of course I knew she would not agree with how I am choosing this path, of Narnia and not England with mother and everyone else but this was my choice my life my destiny. Caspian and I had a heart to heart with each other about our feelings for one another I knew who my heart wanted and where I belonged, I smiled softly and hugged her and sighed I rubbed her back then looked at her giving a gentle smile.

"Oh Susan please don't cry, you knew one day we would break up forever but it has just chosen to come sooner rather than later please forgive me but I love Caspian and I want to stay here" I said as tears filled my eyes it was painful saying the words I knew she did not wish to hear.

"I know Lucy I guess I never would off believed my sister would be staying here and saying goodbye to us all within a single morning does Peter and Edmund know?" she asked her voice was filled with sadness I was not happy to see my sister in tears but it had to be said. I got up and got dressed into a beautiful dark red dress I took in a breath as I fixed my hair, thinking for a moment on weather or not I should tell her I had not told them but I knew she would find out sooner or later.

"No I haven't not yet I am going to tell you all over breakfast Caspian know my choice he is going to stand by me no matter what happens Susan please don't force me to go back to England well back to our world" I said with a pleading voice she smiled wiping her tears away with the silk tissue "I won't force you Lucy this is your path what you want I will never stop you from doing this".

I smiled happily and hugged her nearly making us both fall to the floor I heard laughter as I looked it was Peter and Edmund, I got up and laughed softly Susan soon laughed to hide that she was sad we smiled happily making our way to breakfast Caspian came from his room and took my hand I smiled up at him he returned his smile with his soft and gentle eyes. While the others went on into the dinning room Caspian pulled me back softly and kissed me softly I returned the kiss with a gentle smile as well, I knew this was not going to be an easy breakfast I was going to be telling my brothers and sister the choice I have chosen to make it was goodbye not I will see you later but goodbye forever. Caspian and I walked into the dinning room taking our seats as breakfast was served out to us we sat eating the clinging of the knives and forks against the plates and the slurps of the us drinking was all you could hear, I got up taking in a deep breath as I picked up my glass and tapped it softly with my knife keeping a steady eye on everyone in the room I smiled kindly to them.

"I have something to say everyone please listen" I said

"what is it Lucy?" Peter said in a soft toned voice

"I would like to say that I am grateful to Narnia for taking us in and giving us everything, I am also going to say that today when we are meant to be going home you will be going home a sister short" I made clear

"What ever do you mean Lucy?" Edmund said not to sure about what I even said

"I have mad the choice to stay here in Narnia and live my life with Caspian and the others I love living here my heart is here I belong here, I know you might not agree but this is my choice and I would much like if no one forced me into leaving".

Susan smiled as I spoke my mind she knew it was ready to go out on my own without my brothers and herself I smiled happily as Peter got up and hugged me nodding "alright Lucy anything you want" I smiled happily as he finally admitted I was free to be myself. We finished our breakfast and soon spent our last few hours on the beach while Caspian and Aslan stood watch over us, I knew I was going to miss them but I knew I was doing the right thing by not letting them force me into anything anymore.

Chapter One (part 2)

Saying Goodbye

Peter picked me up and twirled me around in his arms I laughed as I spend the last few hours with them before they left me forever, I hugged Peter and felt tears roll down my cheeks I touched his cheek I was so proud of my big brother for caring for me when he should of been caring for himself I ran to Edmund and hugged him tightly the feeling of saying goodbye finally hit me. I held my arms open I a group hug as we all hugged close together for once acting more like a family than we ever have did before, I knew I was doing the right thing by letting my family go home and my staying here because it meant they didn't have me to look after and I could finally stand on my own two feet I smiled as I heard Aslan it was time to go. I looked at them as tears rolled down my cheeks it was to early in my eyes I did not want to let them go just yet I hugged them all tightly and made our way back up to the castle, once Peter and Susan went back to the real world they could never come back they would be in the land of the grown ups and that was it over for them.

"I can't believe it's time already for you all go home" I said as tears fell

"Oh come on Lucy this is what you want you want to be able to stand on your own without us holding you down" Peter said

"that is not true you never held me down I held you all down but once you and Susan go back you will never come back to Narnia that is your end of the road" I cried

"That is how it is meant to be for us Lucy we have to grow up and move on but all our memories will never leave us from Narnia and all the amazing people we have met" Susan said I could see she was upset.

I knew this was maybe for the better Edmund hugged me and whispered "just promise you will never forget us baby sister" I laughed "never could I forget you lot I love you to much" I laughed and smiled

"This is it Lucy are you sure your not having second thoughts" Caspian said from the castle steps.

I looked over toward him I knew I was having second thoughts but I knew it was just the thought of watching my family leave me forever I shook my head then turned and hugged them as everyone gathered to wish Peter, Susan and Edmund all the luck and goodbyes I was crying my happiness was just not there. I smiled and got a final family hug with them we had a few whispers among each other and then finally looked at each other as our last words were spoken to each other.

"Good Lucky Lucy I love you little sister I am so proud of you how much you have grown and changed from the little sister I loved protecting I am going to miss you" Peter said as he stepped closer to the home arch "goodbye Lucy"

"Thank you Peter good luck and goodbye I love you too and I am missing you already" I cried as he stepped into the arch and just disappeared Peter was gone from my life now I turned as Susan soon stood up and hugged me I cried looking at her.

"Well this is it, once we go then that is it no more pain in the backside siblings" I hugged her "good luck Lu I'm very proud and glad I am your sister I love you and I promise I will miss you everyday of my life and after that we will meet again someday" I watched her walk to the arch "goodbye Lu" she disappeared within a single heart beat Susan was gone and I was never to see her again either the pain hurt more than a knife cutting through me.

I turned to look Edmund who was breaking his heart it was goodbye but I never knew for how long with him since Aslan never said Edmund would not return but I guess he did not know that "Well Ed this is it"

he nodded as the tears rolled down his cheeks "Yeah lulu this is it I'm sorry I was a bad brother to you I am so proud of how you grown up and never gave up on me I always was proud of you just never said I love you little sister and I am going to miss annoying you and just being able to call you" he hugged me and walked to the arch he never said goodbye he just smiled back at me and disappeared into the arch then it was gone the portal as closed and I stayed by Caspian.

Caspian pulled me closer to him I hid my face deep in his chest as I finally broke down crying admitting I was hurt I was going to miss them a lot more than they would ever miss me, I could hear everyone whispering and worrying about me but I did not take any notice because my arms locked around Caspian the pain was to much to bare. I looked up at him as tears fell he took me inside along with Aslan and sat me down in a chair trying to calm me down I held up my hand slightly to say I was okay even though I was not, I gave a smile wiping the tears from my eyes and took a breath getting up and kissed Caspian softly and then hugged Aslan before he walked out and disappeared. Aslan was known for coming and going that is why it did not hurt as much anymore because I had grown up really around Narnia so I knew he would come back, I just never knew when or how or what ever else he had in store for me. I took in a breath and walked out of the castle as I looked back Caspian followed he knew I was still sad I think everyone did, I noticed Mr Thomas and his new family walking off home I was glad to see he had finally found love like I had I turned and looked at Caspian.

"I am fine really I guess I was just so shocked to see them just go and know I would never be able to see them again I am fine other than losing them" I said

"I know but you should not be alone with the sadness you feel Lucy if you did now want to stay you should off went with them you know I would always wait until your return" he said

I looked at him then wrapped my arms around him smiling "I am happy and home Caspian sending me back would only cause more upset to lose you" I smiled as we walked toward the beach to watch the sunset.

We got to the beach and sat down on a rock cuddling close to one another and mostly enjoying each others time and warmth from one another, I looked up watching the sun as it disappeared behind the sea I could see my brothers and sister waving as if the sun was doing magic to say we are alright I smiled and waved back as Caspian smiled. He knew then I was going to be alright and I knew I was going to be perfectly fine without a doubt I knew I was home, I smiled as the last bit of my family and the sun disappeared I turned and looked at Caspian with a happy smile and got up.

"let's go back" I said

We walked back up to the castle I can't believe it all day my siblings and I had stayed together before night and they disappeared I was just glad they're happy now back in their world and I was in mine my true home, I smiled and went up to my room and Caspian and I kissed good night and went to bed I got changed then lay down and smiled turning to my side to look out the window I whispered softly before falling asleep "Goodnight Peter, Susan and Edmund" I fell asleep not long after the day was over.

Chapter Two (part 1)

New Kingdom

I woke up to the gentle kiss of Caspian touching my lips I opened my eyes giving a soft smile I touched his cheek as I looked up at him, he looked very pleased to see I was not feeling sad anymore he knew now I was serious about not going home back to the world I did not fit in. I smiled as he stroked my cheek laying next to me in bed I cuddled into him smiling the world felt a lot brighter now I had no worries of wars and of fighting in my siblings world, I sat up and looked at him giving another smile as he sat up and kissed me softly I returned the kiss lightly.

"So my King what is our plans for this beautiful day of the rest of our lives?" I questioned I was feeling a lot more different today I didn't feel so closed up as I did when Susan, Peter and Edmund were here I knew Susan was crushing on Caspian but his love for me was stronger than her. I got up and walked toward the window as he got up and wrapped his arms around me from behind, I looked up at him tilting my head our lips locked with another gentle kiss as he smiled holding me close to him.

"We will be packing up our things and going to our new Kingdom today the place were we shall live and be happy together if that is alright?" he said with a smile "or would you like to wait another day before going to our new home?"

I shook my head in dying to get to our new home I turned and wrapped my arms softly around his neck giving a soft hug and whispered against his lips "I would love to go to our new Kingdom and get settled in before we have another little trip to see Mr Thomas" we let each other go and made our way to get ready for breakfast our names were called softly and we made our way down the stairs to the dinning room were we had our first breakfast without the others. My thoughts were on where is our new home what will our lives do to us next, I was just glad I did not feel so sad anymore I took a breath as I seen Aslan walk in had he had returned already.

"Aslan your back" I said happily

"only for a visit my make sure you are still sure about living your life in Narnia" he said

I laughed lightly and nods getting up and hugged him "Aslan I have never felt so sure in my whole life as I do right now I have no regrets of leaving my siblings to return home without me" I said "I am happy here and in love" Aslan laughed and nodded then disappeared I went back to my seat and finished breakfast with Caspian.

Caspian got up then helped me out of my seat we walked out of the castle and on to the beach for the last time at my families castle I let out a soft laugh when he picked me up and twirled me around in his arms, I smiled happily looking at him I felt so alive with him I knew this was real. I turned to the sound of our names and smiled it was our friend calling us to get us back up for our journey to our new home, I looked at Caspian and smiled happily as we walked back up to the castle were a beautiful white horse and a black one was standing waiting on us I smiled then got on the white one as Caspian joined me on his black horse. We made our way toward the new Kingdom I wondered what the place looked like would the people like me since I knew everyone loved Caspian, I smiled happily as Caspian took my hand and we made our way across Narnia past a beautiful little river then toward the path which lead us to our new home I gasped seeing the castle in the distance.

"This is our new place our new home?" I said shocked and looked at you

"Yes my Lucy this is our new home and where we are going to spend the rest of our lives together" he said

We both made our way down the path the castle was beautiful bigger than the castle my family and I lived in this one had a beautiful bride with so much design on it no one would ever be able to tell how much work went into, I took in a deep breath as we walked in the massive gates I looked at Caspian to make sure this wasn't a dream this castle was beautiful much better than my home.

"This place is so beautiful Caspian I can't believe we are going to live here" I said looking at him as the horses stopped outside the castle

"I have to admit Lucy I agree with you this place is much more different than your family and your home it's massive and wow" he replied

It was like he didn't even know this was going to be his castle I guess he didn't since he was a missing Prince and now he is the King I bit my lip looking at him I couldn't believe him and I were going to live here in this castle, this new home which had by the looks of it never been slept in or lived in I jumped down of my horse with Caspian's help and held his hand as we walked inside. This place was beautiful the help took our bags and put everything away I smiled looking around and then turned and hugged Caspian happily, I could finally be happy in my dream home and my new life I had my King and I was his Queen that was all I could think off we locked lips in a deep and passionate kiss as and made our way up stairs to our new room.

"welcome home" our friends called out I smiled happily as we called back "Thank you"

I took in a breath walking into our room and ran to the window I could see for miles Caspian was laughing at how over excited I was to see this place, everything was new to me I opened the wardrobe doors and looked at it smiling happily. This place give me everything I never thought I would have I turned as Caspian took my waist I smiled happily and laughed, he knew I was like a child let lose in a candy store but come on what did you expect I was a Queen of a place In the adult eyes ever existed but it was real. I smiled happily as Caspian and I walked to our bed and lay down next to each other taking everything in from our new home to our new lives together, I looked over to Caspian who had his eyes closed I smiled happily and kissed his lips and then closed my eyes laying my head softly on his chest. 

i love it update soon

Lucy stays behind... Interesting twist.  I would like to read more.


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