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Hi!  My name is Emerald and I have decided to try and write a fan fiction based off some events that have happened in someone's life..  I'm not that great of a writer, but if it wasn't for my friend saying that this could make the next Twilight then I wouldn't write it..  I think that many of you will enjoy this..  I will post the Preface, (below,) then I will see how many comments (good or bad) I get then I will keep going if asked..  If you want to, you can look me up on facebook.  The link is in the tags.  Thank you and enjoy!!

I'm so sorry.  I never meant to disappoint you.  I know I do some crazy stuff and this is out there, but I really am sorry.  I am the crazy subbub girl.  I know part of this has to change, but in the mean time.  My name is Isabella Swan, and this is my life in the place I like to call....  The crazy Subbub!

P.S. One day my sister and I were talking and instead of saying suburb I said subbub.  So now, I usually say subbub because I think it's cute! 

P.S.S.  Another thing is that..  This fan fiction has no place in the books..  It's just a story using their names..  I just thought that maybe you all would like to be the first one's to read about it..  All of this is based of true events..  I tried to put names best with the people who are in the fan fiction.. But my friends wanted to pick there names.. Then some had names in the book already as well..  If I run out of people from the books..  I will just use people from her other book The Host..  So..  Yeah.. ENJOY AND HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!! =)

P.S.S.S. Tell me if you would like me to make a list of real names matched you with the people in the story and I'll do my best!!


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sounds really kewl
keep going wanna read more!!
That's good, i think. Where this story takes place, anyway?
Let's just say that it takes place in Forks and Bella's been there her whole life and she knows most things about the town..
cmon please putmore on i wanna read the first chapter it is really good but i wanna read more
Sorry it's short.. ENJOY!!..
Chapter 1: January 15, 2010
"This sucks man!" I explained to one of my best friends Jessica.

"What's wrong?.... You still thinking about Marcus?"

See, this is why I like Jessica. She's funny, smart, slow, and serious all in one. She's like a sister to me. I'd do anything for her. Actually, I pretty much do already. I got her back and she got mine.

"I wasn't untill you said something." I said to her closing my locker. Well, slamming is more like it. Oh, and did I mention that's also why I fight with her al the time? Well I'm saying it now.

"Oops, sorry."

"It's cool, Jess. It's just I'm grounded 'cause of some stupid batteries!"

"Um.... Why?"

"'Cause I took them outta Seth's remote when he wasn't home, and he came to look for them. Angela, being Angela, told him that I took them. He got mad and charged in my room. Of course I got mad too, and almost chocked him with his hood. And I won't say sorry, so I'm in trouble. And they were my batteries anyway!"

"Well, why did you take them?"

"Because I needed batteries in my remote 'cause they were getting low and stopped working. So..."

"I don't see why punishment when they were your batteries in the first place."

"THANK YOU! I was really upset 'cause I wanted him to say sorry first and she didn't make him say anything to me, but tried to force it out of me. I hate when she does that to me!"

"Well clam down and relax. At least you don't have to go straight home today.. Do you?"

"Your good because I don't. I'm just gonna stay up here for the game, and I gotta talk to Marcus anyway remember?"

"Wait, your doing that today at the game today?"

"Somewhere in between right after school and the end of the game. Why?"

By this time, we're standing outside her classroom. While she goes to put her books down on her desk, Marcus and Jacob, one of our closest friends, walk by me. Look. Then kept going. Me being me, I rolled my eyes. Jacob was the one who saw it and chuckled at me, and I giggled like a school girl.. Oh wait, I am one. HAHA!

"What are you laughing at?"

"Dang Jess you scared the crap outta me!"


"But I was laughing at Jacob. I rolled my eyes at Marcus, 'cause they just walked by me, and he chuckled and I giggled which made me laugh harder."

"They bell is about to ring in like a minute. You better go girl before your late."

"Thanks, I'll talk to you later"


So, I went to first hour.. Then second and so on.. Before I knew it, Rosalie and I were sitting in Spanish 2 class talking and, of course, not listening to Mrs. Lagunas again. Talking about Marcus and Demetri, her current boyfriend.

"He told me that he doesn't like you anymore because you told every that he likes you the other day."

"Rosy that doesn't even make sense! I only told you. He told Jacob and Jasper, my best guy friend, already knew. So why is he mad at me. I didn't do anything! UGH!"

"Relax girlie. You can ask him all the questions you want after school."

"Your so slow."


So, last hour was over and I'm standing at my locker thinking about what the rest of the day has in store for me. It's me against the world right now. Who has more people on it's side. Me.. Or the world?
Working on it..
um its bella the one talking to rose and when does edward come in the storie? well i still dont get the story but when u write more ill get it but apart from that its good write more soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry if it's confusing.. I'm working on my writing skills now that's why I put it up here 1st.. It's a realy life story so Edward will be the person she really falls in love with and that's why he's not in here and Jacob is.. I'll be sure to explain to you soon in the next chapters and yes Bella is talking to Rose.
Thank you.. You'll see about the game in the next chapter..
:) it's me Domino. the story sounds good so far. since Rosalie isn't with Emmett, I'll be taking him...*runs away with emmett tucked in pocket* :D


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