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"What's wrong?" Ricky Coolio asked his best friend Johnny Cotton, as he sat down at the lunch table. Johnny muttered something to the likes of "If you had a girlfriend and she just got killed you wouldn't be in a good mood either." "Sorry." Ricky said. He looked over his shoulder to the 5 new students, sitting at a lunch table in the corner. "Those are the Cullens." Ricky replied, even though Johnny didn't ask. The blondes are twins, Rosilie and Jasper. The big one is Emmett and the pixie-looking girl..." "I don't care about the new kids Ricky." Johnny interupted, his tone snappish. Ricky muttered under his breath that Johnny should move on. Meanwhile, at the Cullen's table, Alice had slipped into a trance. "Alice?" Jasper asked, concerned. "Alice, what's wrong?" Edward murmured. Alice blinked several times. "The blonde boy across the isle is going to commit suciside tonight." Alice replied, disturbed by her vision. "Is he thinking about it?" She asked Edward. Edward thought a moment. Johnny's mind swirled with thoughts of the car accident his girlfriend was in. "No, but the guy's pretty disturbed." Edward said, answering Alice's question. Edward looked at Johnny with a glare. Feeling Edward's eyes on him, Johnny returned the favor. "I think I should stop him." Alice announced. "Oh? And tell him you can see the future?" Edward inquired. "Humans are humans, Alice. It doesn't effect us. If they want to kill themselves, why should we care?" Edward continued. He glanced back at Johnny with a glare. Johnny, his nerves shot, picked the apple up off his tray and threw it at Edward as hard as he could. "What'd you do that for?" Ricky asked, annoyance in his voice. Johnny didn't respond. Of course, he missed. Alice debated saying anything. Humans are humans, as Edward said, but still, a part of her felt she should act. The Cullens all left at once to dump there untouched trays. Edward had picked up the apple. When they passed Johnny's table, he paused. "I believe this belongs to you." Edward replied, handing Johnny the apple. Johnny would have hit him, except Emmett was there. Johnny wasn't stupid. He stayed seated, accepting the apple. The Cullens continued to walk out of the cafeteria. "You'll miss anyway." Ricky replied as Johnny tossed the apple up and caught it in his hand. "I'll be dead by tonight anyway." Johnny thought as he tried once again to throw the apple at Edward. But by then the Cullens were already walking out of the room. Insted, the apple smacked the principal's balding head. "Cotton!" He yelled, picking up the apple. He walked over to Johnny and Ricky's table. "You threw this apple at me, didn't you?" The man asked. "Yes, but I didn't intend to hit you." Johnny replied. "Oh?" Principal Vixon asked. "If I intended to hit you, I would have aimed lower." Johnny said. Ricky struggled to hide a laugh. "Watch it Coolio." Principal Vixon snapped, looking up at Ricky. "Looks like you'll be in detention." The man stated to Johnny. Principal Vixon thought a moment. "You're already in detention for stabbing yourself with a pencil in art class this morning." He remembered. "Three days suspenction!" The principal yelled. "What?"Johnny cried. Then he remembered his night plans. "Now come with me mister!" The principal continued, grabbing Johnny's arm. Johnny rolled his eyes, and reluctantly followed the him to the principal's office. Alice had paused in the enterance of the cafeteria. She watched Johnny and the principal walk by. Johnny didn't see her. " Where's Alice?" Edward groaned, noticing her absence. He turned around, seeing her. Alice ran to catch up. "Alice, let it go." Edward told her. The 5 contiued to the next classes.
Do you like it? Chapter 2 is coming soon! Please comment! *Note, Edward didn't touch Johnny's hand when he gave him the apple*

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I am new to Fanfic! Please read! Atleast tell me what's wrong so I can make the story better! Like it or not, here's chapter 2.
Chapter 2
"I'm looking for him." Alice replied. "Alice!" Edward complained. Alice already ran off, at a normal pace. Johnny was just about to enter the room where detention was held. "Hey!" Alice called out. Johnny paused, and looked up. Alice stuck out her hand. "I'm Alice Cullen. Don't ask how I know this, but your going to commit suicide tonight." Johnny was stunned. He didn't tell anyone. Not a soul. "Don't do it. Your girlfriend wouldn't want you to do it." Alice went on. Johnny blinked, unresponsive. "This is none of your business! Rosalie wouldn't want me to suffer!" Johnny ranted, aggrivated. "Your girlfriend's named Rosalie?" Alice asked. "Yeah." Johnny told her. "Look..." Alice started. Johnny cut her off. "You look! Why do care? You don't know me; I don't know you! Just leave me alone!" "Listen to me. If you do it, since I know, you'll make me suffer. And your friends. And your mom." Alice said. "My mom's dead." Johnny said grimmly. "So is your father. He commited suicide. Do you want to be like him?" Alice pressed. Johnny's eyes widened. "Shut up!" Johnny shouted. He wanted to say more, but he knew Alice was right. "Just don't commit suicide tonight. I know you're hurt, but it's not the right thing to do." Alice said. "I know it's not the right thing to! I don't care!" Johnny responded. "Please." Alice tried. "Screw you Alice." Johnny snapped, going into the classroom. Alice sighed and left.
"Don't say anything to Alice. She's mad." Jasper advised Edward. "I know." He responded. Edward ignored Jasper's request. Once Alice appeared, Edward spoke to her. "I take it it didn't go well?" Edward asked. Alice muttered under breath. Jasper, Edward and Alice got in the car, and Edward sped off towards the Cullens new house.
It had gotten late. Soon it was dark out. Johnny slipped out his bedroom window, gun in hand. He walked the short distance to the cemetary. Once there, Johnny put the pistol in his mouth...
...and pulled the trigger. There was a shower of blood and Johnny's body collapsed to the ground. "No!" Johnny murmured. "No!" "Johnny, wake up! Your dreaming!" Johnny's adoptive mother said, having woken up due to Johnny's cries. Janet Cotton took Johnny in when he was 8. He's been with her ever since. That's who Alice referred to when she said his mom would be hurt. Johnny's eyes opened. He sat up, startled. "Johnny, sweetie, you were having a nightmare." Janet explained. Johnny looked into her eyes. So full of concern. Concern for him. Johnny shook his head. He couldn't kill himself. Alice was right anyway. Rosalie wouldn't want him to. "Do you want to talk about anything?" Janet asked. Johnny shook his head. "Go back to bed mom. I'll be alright." Johnny told her. Janet kissed him on the forehead, then left the room. Johnny's mind raced. He was going to do it. Being depressed was no way to live. He missed Rosalie too much. He knew the hurt of her death would never go away. Johnny slipped out his bedroom window, like in the dream. Like in the dream, he walked to the cemetary and put the pistol in his mouth. But, unlike in the dream, Johnny hesitated. Meanwhile, at the Cullen house, Alice stared at the T.V. not really seeing it. She was sitting on the couch with Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie. "Do you think he did it?" Alice asked Jasper. Jasper shrugged. "At least you tried to stop him. No matter what, you know you tried." Jasper told her comfortingly. Alice swiftly got up off the couch. "Where are you going?" Jasper called after her. She didn't respond. "Alice?" It was Carlisle. Alice paused. "Alice, I know this is bothering you but Edward is right. This doesn't effect us. Now sit down." Carlisle told her. Alice obeyed. She glanced at Edward, who was on the piano, playing Bella's lullaby. Edward, feeling her gaze stopped and turned around. "Did he...?" Alice asked. Edward thought. "No, well, he's debating it." Edward admitted. "If he does, can you tell me? So I don't have to worry about it anymore." Alice said. Edward nodded, and continued playing. Alice sat back down on the couch. Johnny thought. He took the pistol out of his mouth. Charzar, another of Johnny's bestfriends, was walking down the street, past the cemetary. Upon seeing Johnny, he cried out his name. Johnny looked up. Chazar hopped the fence. "Johnny, dude, what the hell are you doing?" Charzar asked. Johnny eyes glazed over. Charzar saw the gun. He put his arm around Johnny. "Dude, I had know idea you were taking it so hard." Charzar murmured. Johnny began to cry. The two walked to Johnny's house, Johnny struggling to stop crying the whole way.
Chapter 3
Ricky sat down at the lunch table he always sat at and waited for Johnny. It was again lunch time at Townsdale High. Ricky's mind raced. What if Johnny commited sucide or something? Charzar sat down at the lunch table. Ricky looked up, surprized. "What are you doing here?" Ricky asked. Charzar was thirty-one years old so it was odd that he was at a high school. "Ricky, there's something I have to tell you." Charzar replied seriously. "Oh God. He's dead isn't he? I felt it!" Ricky cried. "What? Johnny's not dead." Charzar told him. "Oh. Why are you here?" Ricky asked, getting frustrated. "There is something I have to tell you. Johnny tried to commit sucide last night." Charzar replied. "Jeez." Ricky murmured. "Have you seen him? I haven't made contact with him since last night. I keep calling him but he won't answer." Charzar asked. "No, I haven't seen him all day. Someone said they saw him, though." Ricky said unhelpfully. "I know Janet took him to school. She had to do alot of sweet talking to get the principal to drop the three day suspenction." Charzar continued. Ricky and Charzar were thinking the same thing. What if Johnny snuck out of class and did himself in? Charzar sighed. "I guess I'll go look for him. If I don't find him I'll assume he's here. Call me if you see him." Charzar concluded, getting up and leaving the cafeteria. A young girl entered the cafeteria. Ricky looked up and gasped. Edward gazed out the window of the lunch room. It was raining again. ( It's been raining here in Lincoln on and off all day:) It reminded him of Forks. It reminded him of Bella. "She's safe." Edward thought. Whether he liked the fact or not, Bella was safer with Jacob than with him. Then he saw her. She walked with grace, but not the ballerina like grace of a vampire. Her pony tail swayed while she walked. That's when Edward's eyes met her deep blue. She smiled warmly. Emmett laughed but struggled to hide it. Edward's mouth was open slightly. Edward's interest in the girl tickled Emmett, soon, Jasper as well. "Wow." Edward breathed, not taking his eyes off of her. Emmett and Jasper burst out laughing. "I hear wedding bells!" Emmett teased. Edward ignored him. The mysterious girl went and got a tray and filled it with barely anything. Then she sat down at the Cullens' table. Emmett and Jasper calmed down. There was an akward silence. Alice broke it. "Hi, I'm Alice Cullen. This is Rosalie." Alice said, gesturing to Rosalie who sat left of her. "And this is Jasper, Emmett and Edward." The girl smiled shyly. "I'm...Jessica." She said. The girl had blonde highlights and her hair was tied back in a pony tail. "Um... I know this is going to sound weird, but you guys are so pale. Um... are you guys dead? All of the Cullens wore a look of shock. The girl looked down at the table, embarassed, but she didn't blush. "I want to know because...two months ago I was in a car accident, and I didn't survive. Like it? What does this tell you about the girl? Could she be *gasp* Johnny's dead girlfriend?
Glad you guys like it!!!
Chapter 6 (continued)
Johnny looked at Rosalie, worried. He had so much yet to say. "Rosalie, I love you, and I always will. I think you're foolish to leave me because I love you for you, not your body. Not many high school boys can say that." Johnny told her. "Edward loves me for me too. Sorry things didn't work out between us." Rosalie said. "Come on Rosalie, let's go." Edward replied, gently leading Rosalie to the Volvo. Rosalie looked back, pained. Johnny watched them leave. Soon, the cemetery's was quiet, except for Johnny's sobs. He thought. It was getting dark. Johnny sighed, got up, and decided to go home before Janet started to get worried. Then, he changed his mind. He couldn't live without Rosalie. Her soft comforting voice, the way she made him feel safe, loved. He remembered the razor blade in his back pocket, and set off for the alley. Meanwhile, at the Cullens' house, Edward and Rosalie where arguing. "What if he kills himself? I can't let that happened." Rosalie told Edward. "Yes, you can. You're with me now. You should just forget that pathetic waste of a human life." Edward told her gently. She glared at him. "He's not pathetic! He a human being and I just broke his heart!" Rosalie snapped. "Stop defending him." Edward told her, starting to lose his patience. Rosalie sighed angerly and stomped upstairs. Edward rolled his eyes and sat on the couch with Jasper and Emmett. Suddenly, Edward jumped, startled. He had been tuning in to Johnny's thoughts, curious, when Johnny started screaming in his thoughts. He was screaming things like let me go, help, and stop. Then all of the Cullens caught a whiff of another vampire, a few miles away, in town. Edward jumped in the Volvo and took off. "Stop it! God it hurts! Let me go!" Johnny screamed. This is what happened. Johnny walked out of the cemetery, across the street, down a block, and entered the alley left of an apartment complex. Upon entering he encountered a pale red-eyed man. Johnny kept his distance, and almost walked by when the man grabbed his arm. The man then sunk his fangs into the flesh of Johnny's left wrist. Johnny was gasping, losing life by the second. He was surprised he was still awake. Then the Volvo flew into the alley, from the back. The car was stopped and Edward had got out in less than a second. Edward pried them apart and struggled against the vampire. He was stronger than Edward expected, obviously a newborn. Edward managed to slam him into some trash cans. Edward then ripped the vampire limb from limb, tossing the body parts into the one trash can that managed to remain upright. He went to the Volvo and removed the cigarette lighter. Soon, all was left of the vampire was a flaming trash can. Edward turned to Johnny, who was on the ground convulsing. Edward swore. The change was beginning to take place. Edward had to think. Johnny seemed pretty advanced into turning into a vampire, but there might be time. Edward really didn't want a newborn vampire on his hands. He took a deep breath and picked up Johnny's arm. He couldn't stop. At least, that's what Edward thought at first. Edward knew he got the poison out, but the warm thick blood was extremely hard to tear away from. Then, Edward found the restraint to stop, tearing his mouth away from Johnny's wrist. Edward scrambled to the alley wall, watching how still Johnny was laying, wondering why he saved him in the first place. "Oh God." Charzar murmured. Edward looked up, Charzar was on the fire escape on the other side of the alley. Charzar knew he should just pretend that didn't happen and go back inside, lock the window. But Johnny, was laying on the ground, dead or close to being. Charzar ran down the fire escape. He ignored Edward and stood over Johnny. Johnny peeked his eyes open. Charzar sighed, relieved. "Dude, what happened?" Johnny murmured. "You don't want to know." Charzar told him. "I just got attacked by a vampire didn't I ?" Johnny asked. "Sure as hell looks like it." Charzar told him. Charzar turned to Edward, eyes wide. "Will you calm down?" Edward asked Charzar. "Your racing heart is making me nervous." Edward told him. If anything, Charzar's heart pounded faster. Edward rolled his eyes. "Looks like you're gonna live." Charzar told Johnny. "I'm getting the hell out of here." Charzar told him. "No you're not. Sit down. I've got a lot of explaining to do anyway." Edward said sternly. Charzar's hands were on the ladder of the fire escape. He debated just going. Edward stood. Charzar sat down quickly. Edward sighed, sitting down, facing Charzar and Johnny, who sat with there's backs against the opposite wall. "Our coven, we came from Washington. When we were there I met Bella Swan, a young human girl. We were in love, but as we found out, me being her boyfriend was dangerous. To protect her, we left. She later encountered a vampire, and would've gotten killed if it wasn't for a werewolf, Jacob Black. Bella was turned into a vampire, and fell in love with Jacob, who killed the other vampire, Laurent. Carlisle developed this cosmetic cream that keeps us from sparkling in the sunlight." Edward explained. "You sparkle?" Charzar asked. "Yeah. We don't burn, and we aren't affected by crosses or garlic. Anyway, with the cream we could move anywhere we wanted. We chose Nebraska because Carlisle was offered a good job here as a doctor. Then I saw Rosalie. She moved with grace and beauty. When our eyes met, it was love at first sight." Edward continued. "Rosalie?" Charzar asked, getting pale. "Yes. The Rosalie that got killed in a car accident two months ago. She didn't go to the other side." Edward explained. "Wait, how did you know about the attack?" Johnny asked. "I heard you screaming in your thoughts. I have the ability to read minds, that are close, no farther than two miles. Alice has the ability to see the future, although her visions aren't always accurate. Jasper can control people's emotions. Emmett is extremely strong. We are different. We don't drink human blood. It's Carl isle's rule. He has dedicated his life to save human lives. But all the other vampires do drink human blood. I suppose I had no right to kill that vampire, he was doing what normal vampires do. I suppose that pretty much covers it. Except, you guys can't tell anybody. Not your best friends, family, nobody must know. Because if the secret leaks out, I will not only kill you, but your family as well." Edward concluded uneasily. Perhaps, to be safe, he should kill the humans. Johnny and Charzar knew by Edward's facial expression what he was thinking about doing. "You can't kill us. I have three young children." Charzar replied, his voice shaking slightly. "Please Edward. We won't tell anybody." Johnny said, too afraid. Edward sighed, stressed. They probably wouldn't tell, and if they did, whoever they told won't believe them anyway. "You have kids?" Edward asked Charzar. "Yeah, a little girl and two sons." Edward swore in his thoughts. "Fine, you two get to live, but do not tell a soul about what we are. Or I'll make you pay." Edward warned them, his voice stern. Johnny and Charzar nodded in agreement. "You better get home Johnny, I'm sure Janet's worried about you." Charzar said. Johnny nodded and got to his feet. Edward got into the Volvo and sped off. Charzar didn't go up the fire escape yet. "For the sake of our sanity, let's just pretend all that didn't happen." Charzar suggested. "Yeah. But I got the scar, that will remind me." Johnny pointed out. "Just try not to think about it, and for God's sake, do not tell anybody." Charzar concluded. Johnny nodded and headed home. When Charzar climbed back through the window of his apartment, his wife Marcela greeted him. "I won't tell." Marcela whispered. Charzar's eyes widened. "How much did you see, hear?" Charzar asked, frightened. "I saw and heard everything after you went out on the fire escape." Marcela responded. Charzar sighed. "Let's just try to get some sleep." Charzar suggested, worried. He would probably never fully understand what took place in the alley, but he did understand it should be feared.
Thanx devil's heart for liking my story! You are my loyalest fan!
Chapter 7
"So? What happened?" Carlisle asked Edward when he got back to the house. "Nothing." Edward mumbled. "Edward, something happened. The scent suddenly vanished. I need to know." Carlisle pressed. Edward looked into Carlisle's golden eyes. "It's nothing. Everything is fine. I have it under control." Edward told him, nervous. Carlisile would be mad for sure if he knew Edward let two humans know. Know and live. "Edward, you are a part of this coven. There must not be any secrets. Do you understand?" Carlisile continued calmly. Edward sighed. "What happened?" Rosalie B. asked, concerned. "Family meeting." Carlisile called. Soon everybody was gathered. Edward rubbed his temple. "Edward, man your stressed out. Are you okay?" Jasper asked. "Yeah." Edward told him. "Alright, now I believe Edward has something important to share." Carlisile started. Edward sighed again. "Okay, I left because I heared screamming in Johnny's thoughts." Edward started. "Who might this be?" Carlisile asked. "Some loser from school, Rosalie's ex-boyfriend. Anyway, I kinda sorta killed that vampire we smelled." Edward replied, waiting for the bomb to go off. "What?" Carlisle asked, obviously not happy. "That's not the worst of it. Two humans know. Know about us, what we are." Carlisle's eyes widened. "You didn't kill them did you?" Carlisle asked. "The one guy had three kids okay?" Edward admitted.
What happens? Do Charzar or Johnny tell the Cullens' dark secret? CLIFFHANGER!!!
Chapter 7 (Continued)
Carlisle sighed. "I know I screwed up. I take full responsibility for my actions." Edward continued. Rosalie Hale scouffed. "I can't believe you. Putting this family in danger! You're so self centered! Carlisle, kick him out of this coven. Let him and his princess fend for themselves!" Rosalie Hale ranted. "No, Rosalie, I'm not kicking Edward out of this coven. There is definately a problem, but we can fix it." Carlisle responded. "I'm not a princess." Rosalie B. muttered under her breath, her arms crossed.
Chapter 7 (Continued)
The Cullens sat deep in thought before several minutes before Rosalie Hale spoke again. "We could just kill them. It would be easy, just lure them here, and.." "No!" Rosalie B. shrieked. All the Cullen's looked at her. "I know them okay? Please don't kill them!" Rosalie B. amended. "We are definitely not killing anybody." Carlisle said. "Why not?" Rosalie Hale asked. "Because you know I relish at the thought of killing another creature. We are not killing the humans." Carlisle replied. "Who was the other human?" Jasper asked. "Um, I don't his name. He was there at school during lunch today." Edward admitted. "That's Charzar Dragaineaon." Rosalie Baunfaulk said. "Charzar what?" Edward asked. "Never mind his last name. He's Johnny's best friend. He just got out of prison like, 8 months ago." Rosalie B. continued. "What was he in for?" Carlisle asked. "Beating his wife." Rosalie replied. "You know this guy?" Edward asked. Rosalie nodded. "He's reformed. He stopped drinking once he got out and has stopped beating his wife. They have a happy life together." Rosalie explained. "Do you trust him?" Edward asked. Rosalie shrugged. "He gave me a ride once." Rosalie said. "It was just you and him?" Edward asked. Rosalie nodded. She watched Edward's facial expression. "Charzar would never do anything...weird." Rosalie told him. "Sure." Edward said. Rosalie glared. "Anyway, we should really think of a solution to the predicament we are in." Carlisle said, bringing the conversation back to where it was suppose to be. Minutes passed. "You know, they probably won't tell, and if they do, they'll just wind up in an insane asylum. We are screwed if they expose us, but I doubt they even considered that." Edward said. By then it was getting late. Although the Cullens didn't sleep, Rosalie Baunfaulk did. She yawned. "Bed time for the spirit." Edward told her softly. The Cullens had departed from the family meeting. Edward led Rosalie upstairs to a couch he had in his room. Things in Townsdale were definitely weird, but with the Cullens around things were a whole lot weirder.
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i like the stroy ill continue to read it soon
Chapter 8
Johnny sat on a concrete bench just outside the front doors of Townsdale High. Ricky walked up and sat down beside him. "What happened to your wrist?" Ricky asked. Johnny had wrapped gauze around the bite. "Um, I got bit by a dog." Johnny lied. Ricky nodded. "I hope it wasn't rabid." Ricky replied. "You might have to get shots." Ricky said." Johnny's eyes widened. He had many fears, one of them was needles. Edward and Rosalie walked by, hands interlaced. "Jeez, Cullen and Jessica are really going at it. The just met." Ricky remarked. "Yeah." Johnny put in. "Does it hurt?" Ricky asked. Johnny knew he meant the bite, but Johnny's first thought was Edward and Rosalie. That hurt. Worse than a thousand knives. "Johnny?" Ricky asked when Johnny didn't respond. "Yeah, it does hurt, a little." Johnny said. "I wonder how long Darrel's gonna be in juvie for." Ricky mentioned. Johnny shrugged. Johnny and Ricky gasped in unision. Darrel was walking up the sidewalk. Darrel grinned. "Hey Killer, Fonzie." Darrel said with faux politeness. Johnny rolled his eyes. Alot of people thought Ricky looked like a young Henry Winkler (Fonzie), mostly due to Ricky's Elvis style black hair. Johnny's new nickname was Killer, because Darrel insisted Rosalie's death was somehow Johnny's fault. "How'd you get out?" A voice said from behind Darrel. Darrel jumped a mile. "What do you want?" He snapped at Charzar. Charzar just grinned. Darrel was scared of him, and Charzar knew it. "How did you get out Darrel?" Ricky asked. "My mom bailed me out." Darrel replied. Charzar laughed quietly. "You got somethin' to say to me?" Darrel asked. "No." Charzar said, a smile still showing on his face. Darrel faced him, obviously mad. "You come one step closer and you'll wind up with a knife in your stomach." Charzar said seriously, meeting Darrel's glare. Darrel scoffed, then spoke. "I don't have time to waste with a bunch of losers." Darrel said and wandered away to talk to his buddies from the football team. Charzar laughed. "Scaring Darrel is fun." He said. "Why are you here?" Johnny asked. Charzar shrugged. "Ricky!" Someone shouted. Ricky looked up and went to talk to the guy. "I came over here for to see if you made it throught the night. You're not a..." Charzar started. "Vampire." Johnny finished. "No, I'm not a vampire. Scared of them? Yes, but I am not one." Johnny said. "Good." Charzar responded. "Marcela knows." Charzar said. "What?" Johnny asked, horrified. "I didn't tell her. She listened in on us after I went out on the fire escape.


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