The Twilight Saga

What if Bella was a Cullen instead of Edward. What if Edward was a part of another vegetarian coven called the Allens. What if the Allens moved to Forks. Things to know:
The Allens are made up of Edward (who can read minds) his father Patric (who can immediately tell the illness of a mortal) his mother Emily, his sister Poppy (who can change the weather) his brother Luke (who can make you do what he wants and is married to Poppy) Lisa his sister and his brother TJ who are married.
Later in the story, you willmeet acharacter named Katy. She can: Control the 4 elements, read every thought you have ever had, Transport anything or herself, set anything she wants on fire,her eyes change color (depending on her mood) and she can cry (but her tears are aquamarine gemstones)

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Chapter 1. (B P.O.V)
I slid off the rock I was sitting on. The sun was rising and it would soon be time for school. I quickly ran back to the house, put on the clothes that my pixie sister Alice chose for me and jumped into Emmets jeep; it was his turn to take us to school today. I already went hunting last night, I needed it. The first day back was always the worst. It's been a while since I last smelt human blood and I can't risk being thirsty.

We all got out of the car when we reached Forks High. I have already been to many schools, since I'm 102, but it's part of the human charade. As we made our way to the school I noticed a new car; a silver volvo. We must have new students at the school, and no doubt they would stare at the "beautiful Cullens" . When I was at my locker I picked up a sweet scent, not human...vampire. Alice tried to see the future but I was blocking her with my mental and physical shield i had quickly wrapped around my family, incase the other vampires hade any powers.

I looked at my siblings, their worried faces mirrored mine. We've never been in this situation before and had many unanswered questions we needed to know before we entered the building. I looked around but everyone seemed human. I didn't find any vampires...yet. Worried, I walked into home room. I was late but thankfully the teacher was not there yet. I sat down in my usual seat, by myself, and listend to my ipod thinking about the scent. Suddenly the chair next to me was pulled out I looked up and saw a beautiful, bronze-haired vampire.

I was still holding my breath to avoid smelling human blood, but I didn’t need to smell his scent to know that he was one of us. He looked if he didn't understand something, probably trying to use a power on me; I often got that look from vampires. I decided not to talk to him unless he said something to me. I quickly looked away.

"Excuse me, I’m Edward Allen. Who are you?" I turned around to answer but I was tongue-tied lost in a sea of golden-brown. Well at least he was a good vampire "I...I'm," I stuttered "I'm Bella...Bella Cullen"

He offered his hand to shake and I shook it. I smiled, he was the first person that’s not a Cullen who shook my hand without flinching. "So are you new here?" I asked already knowing the answer. Just then the teacher came in interrupting us. When class was over I asked if he wanted to sit with me and my family for lunch, he replied "I'd rather sit with my own kind rather than near the smelly human food," too low for humans to hear. I chuckled as I headed off to my next class waiting for lunch to come.

A Million Thanks to Anna Martin and Kaitlyn (aka Katie) who are co writing this story with me.

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love the story plz post more soon
lolz thanks :D
1) Doyou think Sam should grant Katy access??????
2) Should Sue be happy for them???
MuahHaHaHa!! I'm Evil!!
nice chapter!
lolz i like your answers and the evil laugh at the end
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1.umm...I dont think sam should let katy in the rev because i think the story will need some sort of twist and if there isnt a twist iit will be boring!
2.Yes i think sue should be really happy!!!
1. i agree with what you sed about the twist, the story would lose its edge...:S
2. I also agree with that! Sue should be happy that her so n found a beautiful and powerful vamp. like Katy to keep him safe :D
1. yes because if sam doesn't grant katy access then he loses seth, plus katy is seth's imptint.
2. of course sue should be happy! it's her son, he's happy and in love.

loved it!!
can't wait to read more!
1. Yeahy that would be bad if the wolf pack lost him...:S
2. Awwww thats so cute :D

Glad to hear you liked it more is on the way :D
Katy???? Are you here
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OMG I re-read it bc i forgot about it sorry :( well anyway I finished 2 day and it's AH-MAZING! so write more at vampire speed!

<3 Twilightgirl3767
lolz more comin real real soon :D
Im so glad you re-read it and didnt jst 4get about it :)