The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1- Good morning

I shook my head as I woke up
I Got off my little bed and stretched all my muscles.
Last night was tough but today will be harder. I started walking towards my small bathroom for a shower.
I turned it on and the hot water soothe my muscles.

Thinking again…I am owned by these people a secret government group, The Vultures as I call them
16 years ago my mother was on her death bed while she was five months pregnant with me.
They somehow contacted my father who loved her so dearly.
They both made a deal. They save her life but she also gets injected the Cure .
My father didn’t care about me..well he thought I would die so he agreed .
They didn’t give him details about what the Cure did only that it wouldn’t effect his wife at all. Only Me.

My father had fear when I was born because he never told my mother about the Cure they put in her.
After monitoring me for two years they took me into custody. Sure my family objected but what could they do, a deal is a deal. I don’t know my mother and father ,well not anymore. So why should I care about them . I don’t even know the details its all so fuzzy,
The only reason why I know all this cause I made somebody tell me except they didn’t know it well either.

The water was turning cold so I hopped out.
I threw on a towel and laid down on my bed.

I have a gift or a curse or a whatever. It was given to me by the Cure.
I can steal thoughts, knowledge and feelings from somebody(it takes concentration).
But what they want me for is do I explain this I can manipulate auras.
Make somebody not fear a threat, change how they feel about somebody , Make them fear things. But in Three words. Im a freak.

I got dressed in faded jeans and a t-shirt, applied a bit of eyeliner and walked out of my little room. Hello world im Ivory Josephine Tavis.

Okay people call me Ivory or Josie sometimes even Jo I don’t care they just like shortening my name .
I have Hazel eyes and im tall 5’8, My skin is olive and my hair is dark brown. Straight, well not straight but you know not wavy, curly ect.
Now about those people Im not the only one that has been affected by the cure there is six others than me. There was more but there were accidents.

I walked towards the kitchen once I was in the hallway. I was hungry and I wanted ‘eggos and apple juice. My favourite breakfast treat.
“Ivory” a voice behind me sang “Caroline..” I sang back and she giggled.
Caroline is my best friend and fellow freak. She can make people blind or deaf and forget that it even happened if she wanted .
“The apple juice/’eggo combo I predict” she foretold “Hmm are you a mind reader?” I asked her.
“No, your just predictable” she laughed her hair is light brown and short, she is four inches shorter than me too and has light skin.
“ I know but im starving so lets hurry to the kitchen.” I complained
“Hold on for a second, Im waiting for Chaos.” She chastised me

Chaos is her Boyfriend and long time friend one of my good friends too.
Well he is pyrokinetic which means he starts fires with his mind and manipulates them. He aint superman so he can still get burned.
-+“Well we can meet him in the kitchen”I told her impatiently.
“oh alright” she gave in
“Good Morning” a tired Chaos addressed us.
“Hey mister make me wait longer for my breakfast.” I rolled my eyes
He laughed and Caroline kissed his cheek “she just wants her apple juice” she whispered in his ear.
“Well I need to tell you guys..err girls something. A new guy about seventeen arrived last night with Jared and Violet last night.” He told us casually
My eyes widened.
“Like with them and not The Vultures..” my mouth was open with surprise
“Yup I was surprised too. I guess his talent is natural..He has no Family so he wanted to come with us…Im pretty sure the Vultures want him..But I have no idea what he can do.”
“Well whats his name?” Caroline asked confused.
“You better not be joking” I growled.
“Uhh I think his name is Nathen…And im not kidding around.” He smiled
“Why are you guys so stressed its just a new guy?” he teased
“hmm Your right why are we freaking out?” I asked Caroline
“not sure” she giggled “But don’t you want your eggo?”

I was hungry so we all headed to the kitchen. But the entire time I was scared.
I Had the weirdest feeling about the new kid Nathen.

Chapter 2 - Hello??

When we arrived in the kitchen the whispers engulfed us.
“Why the hell is everyone so quiet?” Chaos of course broke the whispers.
“Well isn’t it obvious there probably all hyped up about the new guy.” Caroline rolled her eyes.
“humff..Its getting annoying. Hello don’t you guys have other things to do! Go to the training room I will meet you there in twenty.” Chaos ordered.
Chaos is nineteen and one of the oldest so he can order around the rest of us .
“Well let’s eat.” I mumble numbly

After we ate we of course headed to the training room.
Here at the Cure we have to practice gymnastics, hand to hand combat, and climbing.
Yeah I know its Hell. But it’s what we do.
Jared and Dee were practicing there balance by running across the balance beams from ten feet in the air.
Violet and Beth were fighting on the mats.
“Okay what are we Going to do..” Caroline drawled
“I don’t know what you guys are doing but I am going to practice my mental power on whoever volunteers.” I said sweetly
“Uhh no way Josie last time I tried I couldn’t eat noodles for weeks cause I thought they were worms.” Chaos reminisced.
“That was a year ago, I gotten better and its more of a reason to help me practice…Maybe I can dig in your mind and make fire.” I tried to convince him.
“Wow that would be pretty awesome…Oh alright but this means next time Caroline wants to practice her mind thingy you help her!” he gave in with a huge grin on his face and pecked Caroline on the cheek.

He told everyone that in an hour we do group training.
So we left to this special room that was filled with water and was fire proof because it was Chaos personal training room.
We sat down on chairs and I took a deep breath “Are you ready?” I asked nervously
“As ready as I’ll ever be” he replied quickly.
I Looked into his eyes and concentrated.
I felt the familiar prickly sensation on my spine, It didn’t hurt.. it felt safe to me.
I quickly drove into his mind and tried to have a feel for what I wanted.
His fire control.
I clenched my teeth. I think I have it.
I focused on some wood chips that were surrounded by water. Concentration
I exhaled quickly. “I Cant do it Chaos..” I said disappointed.
“Its okay I knew you couldn’t do it.” He said trying to cheer me up.
I glared at him “Not helping”
“You almost had it. The climate went up six degrees.” An unfamiliar voice called from the door way.
I gasped then looked behind me.
A young Guy with wavy dark brown hair brown eyes and a totally hot body stood there smiling.
“Oh sorry for sneaking up on you guys, Im Nathen.” His milk and honey voice introduced.
“Im Chaos and this is Ivory.” Chaos said easily.
“Hi” I said quietly. I was filled with fear the moment he said a word but he was so dreamy. I mean there are only a few guys here and I used to have a major crush on Jared. But I have seen gorgeous guys on the outside .
“Im new. But you guys probably know that.” He said a bit nervously.

The fear went away “Have you met the others?” I questioned him politely.
“No” his answer was quick . “Well would you like to meet”
“That would be pretty awesome.” He smiled

We were back quickly with little to no conversation on the way.
“Wow this place is cool.” He said cheerfully
In little time everyone was surrounding us.
“Everyone this is Nathen.” Chaos announced
“Hellloo…Im Dee” Dee said flirtatiously her blond curls bouncing as she talked.
“Im Bethany but just call me Beth.” She said happily then turning away as her black hair waved.
“This is Caroline” Chaos smiled holding her hand. ”Hey” She laughed.
“ And you already met Jared and Violet.” Chaos finished
“It’s a pleasure too meet you all but I have to go The people still need to talk to me.” Nathen excused himself.
“We call them Vultures.” Dee volunteered.
‘’ Well good bye.” He walked away confused.

“Man that boy was HOT!!” Dee talked a little too loudly to Beth.
“By the end of the week he will be mine” she continued .
I don’t think Beth cared she had Jared and that was all to it.

“Ivory umm you have been really quiet. Whats up?” she asked worried
“I don’t know its just that Nathen kid. When I see him I feel cold spine freezes up.”I confessed.
“You Like him!!” she exclaimed then winked. “Shut up Caroli-“ I couldn’t finish because suddenly everything went black as pitch and I heard confused murmurs.

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