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The DANGERS of Love     <3


         Preface:     I was always told that being with her would ruin my life and she would kill me. I should have listened. That was the one mistake that changed my life…….. FOREVER.


                        Chapter 1

         “Hi where were you guys on Friday?” said my friend James as he ran to catch up with me and my brother Anthony gasping for air. 

         “Nowhere”, we replied at the same exact time. This sometimes
freaked him out and it happened a lot since we were identical twins. The only
way he could tell us a part was by the way we act. Anthony was really out
here, he talked a lot, he was slightly taller than me, and he would always
have his Blackberry Storm out. While I on the other hand, was really shy, I
didn’t talk too much, you would never see my iPhone, and I would always be
wearing a hoody. Also, we live in Portland, Oregon. My name is Tyler and I am a
junior in high school. I have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. So does my
brother. Go figure. And since we live in Portland and all, our skin is a pasty
white. At least everyone looks like that. Except the popular kids who insist
that they need spray tans. Especially the girls and the few guys that do get
spray tans they look ridiculous.

         “So why didn’t you meet me at the movies?” James asked.

         “Sorry we forgot,” Anthony answered. As we were walking down
the hall towards homeroom, it was just like any other day. The popular kids,
Christie, Amber, Lauren, Shane, and sometimes Anthony, were sitting in the
front row, as usual. Right behind them in the next five rows were all of the
other kids. But me and James, we sit in the seventh row. Before we arrived at
our seats we strolled past the other kids. They all looked at us like we had a
billion heads. They always looked at us like that. When we sat down the late
bell rang and our teacher still wasn’t in the classroom. Before class, he
usually takes a sip or two of some “special juice” from his small silver flask.
He always tries to hide it from us. But, we can all see right through his red
bloodshot eyes and the flask-like shape that is in his right pocket. He should
think about drinking some water after that rum.

         “Hello class. Today we have a new student, her name is Faith
Adams. She is from…. Where are you from again?”

         In the sweetest voice, that sounds like the song of a
beautiful blue jay, “Boca Raton, Florida” Well, that explains the glorious
light goldenness that she has to her. Ohh, she is so beautiful. With her dark
brown eyes, and her dirty blonde hair that she has put down with a tiny blue
butterfly clip. I wonder where she is going to sit. I hope she sits next to me.


                        Chapter 2

          “Ms. Faith, could you take a seat next to Tyler. I hope you
don’t mind sitting in the back and sharing a book.” says the teacher.

          “No, I don’t mind”, she says with a smile on her face. As she
walks towards me my mind goes blank. All that I can think about her and how
beautiful she is, and how her smile is so bright that it could light up the
whole world on a dark gloomy night. Okay Tyler, just calm she is just a girl. A
very pretty girl. Here she comes.

          “Hi, you must be Tyler” she says with a smile.

          “Hello and you must be Faith” I respond, trying to joke around.

          “Ha-ha, you are very funny Tyler. I think we will get along great!”

            I can’t believe that she actually thought that I was funny.
How did she know I was trying to joke around?? I really don’t care. She is the
first girl to think I was funny. Not that I joked around with anybody else
besides James. But, you know what, why someone with such golden skin would want
to move somewhere very rainy and so sunless. Well, that’s just most of the
time. I hope that she doesn’t turn into one of those girls who get spray tans.

          “Rrrriiiinnnngggg”, finally the bell rang. I wanted to get away from this class. But, it sucks that I have to be away from her. Also, it was Friday, which means she would be gone
even longer.

Chapter 3

           After the weekend I was so excited to get back to school, I
think my mom noticed.

           “Tyler, honey, what are you so excited about??” my mom asked.

           “Nothing”, I replied, lying completely.

           When I got to school I knew something was wrong. I just didn’t know what. When I walked into class she wasn’t there. I thought that she was going to be late. So I was like, ok. But, later on in the day. She didn’t show up. I thought she was sick. So, I moved on. When I get home, I turn on the TV and the news was about to go on. But, I still had another hour so I did Anthony’s homework, then mine, I know he is in high school and he still has his brother doing his homework. I couldn’t stop thinking about Faith. I hope she was ok. When I sat down on my couch and turned on the news they were making a special urgent announcement.

          “18 year-old Faith Adams was reported missing last night. I
have been told that she has disappeared. After a long day of work, 18 year-old
Faith was walking back to her home where she was taken and no one has seen her

Chapter 4

          “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god”, was all that could come
out of my mouth. I was in so much shock. I couldn’t believe it. I can’t believe
it. I can’t believe she is gone. There is a very slim chance that she is alive.
But, I still believe that she isn’t dead. Maybe they will find her in some
shed. Or a basement. That is probably the best thing that can happen, at least
they would find her and I wouldn’t have to worry about her. When I woke up for
school the next morning, I didn’t want to go. I would have to be in the last
place that I saw her. I have to try to forget. So, I went on with on my life. I
can’t believe that time flies by so quickly. First it was a week, then a month,
then a year and there was still no sign of her. And you know what. After a few
months Claudia went missing too. I had trouble forgetting about her. When I was
sitting at home, after a very long day of school, I heard a knock at the door.

          “Knock, knock, knock, Tyler its Me.”, I knew that voice. It
was Faith. I ran to the door so quickly I was out of breath when I got there.
When opened it she gave me a big hug. Just like my mom does. Claudia was with her

          “Oh my god, come in please. I thought you were dead. Do you
guys want anything to eat or drink??” I asked in shock.

          “No, we are ok”, Faith answered.

          “Okay, I was so worried when you went missing Faith. And when
Claudia went missing too, I thought both of you two were dead. Where did you
two go?” I asked.

          “We went to Washington. Seattle to be exact.” Claudia

          “What had happened??” I was so ignorant about what had
happened to them and I want to find out.

          “When I walking home after that night at work I walk by a
park. I don’t know the name of the park but all I know that there are dark
pathways. Anyways, while I was walking I had a strange feeling that someone was
following me. And I didn’t know who it was. I got really scared when I saw
something in a bush. I started walking a bit faster. I still felt like there
were eyes on me. I turned around and I could’ve sworn I saw somebody standing
there. So, I started running. I noticed someone in front of me too as I was
running. It looked like the person who was behind me. In a second he had me. He
was incredibly fast and strong. I couldn’t get away. He bit me right on my arm.
I didn’t know what happened until I had a burning sensation on my arm. It hurt
so badly. I screamed in agony but no one could hear me. After a minute I passed
out Next thing I know I am in a little room in Seattle surrounded by people who
I had not known. But, after a few months Claudia showed up and I didn’t feel
lonely anymore. There was somebody I actually knew.” Faith told me.

          “Wait one second, he bit you?! What does he think he is a
vampire?” I screamed.

          “Tyler don’t yell!” she was yelling as she said that, “Well,
don’t freak out, but he was a vampire.”

          “So does that mean…?” I said with fear in my eyes.

          “Yes, Claudia and I are vampires now.” Faith sounded so sad. More
than anything else, I felt bad for them. Their life is over. They will never
age again. Stuck as an 18 year-old and stuck in time. Even though she was a
vampire, and she had blood red eyes, Faith was still as beautiful as ever. I
wonder why they came to my house. Not anybody else’s.

          “Why did you two come to my house?” I asked.

          “Faith, she wouldn’t shut up, she kept going on, and on, and
on about you. And that she really liked you because you weren’t like the other
guys. So, to get her to shut up we came here…” Claudia replied as Faith blushed
the prettiest shade of pink. “You were also someone we could trust.” I can’t
believe Faith likes me too. How would a beautiful vampire like her, even think
of liking me, a human. Vampires have no flaws. Humans have plenty. I wish I was
a vampire.

         “Hey, you guys. I have to ask you something.”

         “What??” they replied.

         “Faith, I like you too, a lot. So, could you turn me in to a
vampire?? We could be together forever. So, could you??” This would change everything. We could be together. We would have no flaws. And our immortal life would be perfect.

         Faith answered after a very long pause, “Um… I don’t think I
should. But, no one has to know. Ok, I will change you.” Before Claudia had any
say in this she bit me. Right on my wrist. It hurt like crazy. As if my arm was
on fire like Faith had said. Oh my god. The agony. I tried not to scream. But,
it hurt so much. Within a few minutes I passed out. And I have no idea what
happened. The world faded to black.



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