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This story is Alice's behind the scene view of Breaking Dawn. I took the creative liberty to start a few weeks in advance to the wedding because Alice demanded I add a few things. So take this journey with me as we explore the relationship between our beloved pixie and her talented husband Jasper as they face the challenges ahead of them. All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. All hale Steph! And I also have to give props to the band Drowning Pool for their song "37 Stitches" which gave me the inspiration for the title of my story. And Thank you, Brittainy!

My family was surrounded by happiness and love. That is until all our lives shifted with one little vision. Now we walk the thin line of a tight rope. I'm faced with my most difficult challenge I've ever dealt with in all my one hundred years of life. Running away from the love and comfort of my family and home, I have one goal in mind. I have to save my family, something that would blind sight me. I would do everything in my power to keep my family safe, even if that meant watching their hearts break in the process.

Chapter 1:
Laying on my stomach on my king sized bed, kicking my feet in the air to the beat that rang though my headphones, I flipped the to last page of my magazine. Bored with it, I tossed it over my shoulder with a sigh. I heard the soft thud of the glossy paper land on the desk across the room. I flipped over to my back in one swift, fluid movement. Staring at the white crystals, glowing in the moon light of the chandler in the center of my ceiling, making a beautiful contrast between the delicious shade of red I had recently painted on my walls. It's only been about two months or so since I started planning the most fabulous wedding that the small town of Forks has ever seen. For me it felt like such an incredibly short amount of time, maybe only days or weeks. I have put all my time and energy into making this a memory that Bella will always treasure.

Esme has enjoyed every task I asked her to help me with. No one could ever ask for a better mother. Her excitement for Bella officially becoming part of our family and also Edward finding his other half, spilled over to everyone she made contact with. She has talked to Bella's mother, Renee, almost every day and she has been wonderful. Bella's fear of the wedding did not change much once she found out her mother was not upset, but thrilled. I was starting to believe that it was not that marriage idea that she was worried about, but the attention that the wedding would bring her. I would try to get her over her fear, but if not than I would make this the best human experience of her entire life.

I remembered the first time I saw the vision when she would tell me I could have free rein -almost- on doing her wedding. I had seen her cross her arms across her chest with a stern look upon her face. She pointed her finger at me with that kitten anger when she told me she would never talk to me again if I went overboard with anything. As impatient as I was for her to tell me, I'm glad I had some time to calm down, thanks to the help of Jasper, before she got to the house. I laughed out load at the memories that came flooding back at me of that day. I could recall her words with perfect clarity.

I ran to the porch and skipped down the steps as soon as I heard Edward’s Volvo turn in the dirt driveway. I could hear Jasper just inside the door incase I got too hyper. I started to bounce on the tips of my toes as the car crept closer to the house. "Thank you, Bella!," I called cheerfully before she even reached me. It took her thirty-two steps to get to me, and it felt like ages.

"Is she walking this slow to torture me? Maybe you should carry her, Edward."

He rolled his eyes, but he cracked a smile anyway.

"Hold it, Alice," She lifted her hand, that warning look I knew came across her face. "I've got a few limitations for you," she began.

The excitement daring to bust out of me I had interrupted her. "I know, I know, I know. I only have until August thirteenth, at the latest," A part of my mind noted how soon that day crept closer and closer. "You have veto power on the guest list, and if I go overboard on anything, you'll never speak to me again."

"Oh, okay. Well, yeah. You know the rules, then."

"Don't worry, Bella, it will be perfect. Do you want to see your dress?," I asked hopefully. She looked surprised but said yes anyway.

"Um, Alice, when did you get me a dress?," she asked. I could hear the hint of distress in her voice.

That was the one answer I didn't want her to know. How could I tell her that I knew since we had gotten back from Italy? Well, technically I had been getting glimpses and flickers of it on the plane ride home. But it became crystal clear to me the night after she came to our house for a vote of whether or not she should join our family. Did she not know her mind enough that even then she knew she would be marring Edward, fear of weddings or not.

I tried to distract her as we walked up the stairs. "These things take time, Bella. I mean I wasn't sure things were going to turn out this way, but there was a distinct possibility..." Edward, some help here. I don't want her screaming and running from me. From the corner of my eye I saw him roll his eyes.

"When?," she asked more severely.

Maybe I could confuse her by talking about the designer. "Perrine Bruyere has a waiting list, you know? Fabric masterpieces don't just happen overnight. If I hadn't thought ahead, you'd be wearing something off the rack!" How truly disturbing that thought was. But I couldn't tell her that ever since that night I have been sketching her wedding dress.

"Per - who?," she asked. My plan worked, thank goodness.

"He's not a major designer, Bella, so there's no need to throw a hissy fit. He's got promise, though, and he specializes in what I need." Vintage yet classic. Perfect for Bella, and in turn, Edward.

“I'm not throwing a hissy fit," she said.

"No, you're not." That was odd. I hoped that, maybe, she was secretly enjoying it. After I had Bella in my room, I turned to Edward with a dangerous look in my eyes. "You - out."

"Why?," Bella complained.

"Bella," my hand flew to my hip and cocked my head to the side. "You know the rules. He's not supposed to see the dress till the day of." If I have to, then she is going to stick to a traditional human wedding, too.

"It doesn't matter to me. And you know he's already seen it in you're head.," she tried to convince me. "But if that's how you want it..."

He had not seen the dress in my head and he knew it. I've gone through great precautions to think of anything but the dress when I am near him. I shoved Edward through the door. "Don't worry about her. AND STAY OUT OF MY HEAD!" Then I slammed the door in his face. "Alright, come on."

I grabbed Bella by the wrist and led her to my French closet doors. Gracefully I swang them open and stepped into my own personal lair. Bella would most likely get lost in here so I dragged her along with me to the back corner.

Because the dress was so delicate I used great caution unzipping the white garment bag from top to bottom. Unveiling the delicate lace and silk white dress, I took a step back with a small smile on my face and held my arm out. Careful not to look at the dress but at Bella's face. Just in case he was listening. "Well?," the anticipation rising in my voice.

Bella stayed silent, tapping her fingers against her pursed lips.

She took so long to say something that I feared she had changed her mind. I tensed, waiting for a vision at any moment with a different dress. My mind quickly went over the options, finding another designer that would have it done in enough time. My options were low, but maybe with the right amount of money...

"Ah," she smiled at me. And I unfroze. "I see."

The suspense is driving me mad! Say something! "What do you think?" I will look ahead to her future is she doesn't answer me this time. A dreamy look was on her face, like she is focusing on some distant memory.

"It's perfect, of course. Exactly right. You're a genius."

Oh, I smiled. She loves it. "I know."

"Nineteen-eighteen?," She asked.

"More or less," I nodded. "Some of it is my design," I answered proudly. "The train, the veil..." I delicately ran my hand along the white satin. "The lace is vintage. Do you like it?" I went all the way to New York City for the lace. Distance didn't matter, but perfection most certainly did.

"It's beautiful. It's just right for him."

Him? Silly girl. Edward wouldn't be wearing this wedding dress. This could possibly be one of her last human experiences. "But is it just right for you?," I insisted.

"Yes, I think it is, Alice. I think it's just what I need. I know you'll do a great job with this..." A very serious warning look came across her face. "If you can keep yourself in check."

I was absolutely spilling over with excitement. I knew that I would make their wedding day one to remember forever. Nothing could have made my day any better. Except for what she said next.

"Can I see your dress?," she asked.

I was frozen with shock. I could only stare at her. I was at lost for words. Which was a first for me.

"Didn't you order your bridesmaid dress at the same time? I wouldn't want my maid of honor to wear something off the rack." She did a bad acting job at being horrified at the thought. She didn't fool me a bit.

Bella had just gave me the honor of doing her wedding, a real human wedding. She loved the dress, said I was a genius. And now this! She chose me to be her main of honor. Not Jessica, Angela or any other human girl. Me! "Thank you, Edward! You've given me the best sister!," I shouted in my mind.

I threw my arms around her waist, careful not to squeeze too hard with my excitement. "Thank you, Bella!" My voice shimmered.

"How could you not see that one coming? Some psychic you are!," she teased.
Clasping my hands together "I've got so much to do! Go play with Edward. I have to get to work."
I could barley contain my excitement as I ran from the room full speed yelling for Esme, even though I knew she would hear me.
So much to do, have to get to work. I sighed. That would have to wait until after sun rise. I had to get answers out of Bella, whether she liked it or not.

The whisper soft footsteps coming up the stairs brought me back to the present. I felt a wave of love float into the room before Jasper peeked his head in the door. A grin spread across my face when I saw his long lean body and those perfect butterscotch eyes. "You're not working, are you?," he asked cautiously before he entered the room.

Poor Jazz, I'd spent all my time looking thought magazines and shopping online. And when I wasn't off in my own little world, I was bombarding him with questions like, "Do you think these napkins match?" Or, "Should we have live music or a DJ?" He always seemed uncomfortable giving his opinion because it wasn't his wedding. But I always have to be cautious what I talk to Bella about it. I don't want her to know all the details I am putting in to this wedding. I wouldn't want her to try to put a stop to it. She would probably say something ridiculous, like everything cost too much money.

"No," I said as I rolled to my side and propped myself up on my elbow. Playfully I batted my dark lashes at him and patted the space on the bed next to me. The pages of the magazine I read earlier fluttered in the breeze as Jasper raced passed.

He landed softly beside me and pulled me into the comfort of his arms. As he trailed his kisses from my forehead down to my nose I felt a slow burn start in the core of my heart and start to spread though out my whole body. By the time he reached my lips the flame had become ablaze. Jasper's passion flowed into me and heated my stone cold body.

I melted and molded myself into his body for the rest of the moonlight hours.

After the dawn broke though the gray cloud cover, Jasper and I joined the rest of the family down stairs. Emmett and Rosalie sat on the couch together. Apparently Rose was in a good mood because she let Emmett have control of the remote and even laughed at one of his stupid jokes. Esme sat next to Carlisle on the love seat, her hand resting on his knee. My eyes caught sight of Carlisle's brief case on the floor next to him. Automatically my vision shifted from the pale white walls to the bright yellow sun shinning brightly in the sky with very few clouds for cover.

"Carlisle, you should use the back entrance of the hospital."

"Thank you, Alice," he said as he winked in my direction.

I sat on the floor, folding my legs under myself, between Jasper's legs. Esme escorted Carlisle to the door. "I'd like to hunt when you get home tonight if you'd like?," Esme said as she put her arm through his. "Sure, my dear. Anything for you," he said before he kissed her lightly on the lips. Her face started to glow as she watched her husband leave for a day of work.

The time started to drag on as I tried to wait patiently for Bella to arrive with Edward. A chick flick played on the big screen T.V. Rose had insisted on watching it and Emmett could not deny her. My eyes stayed on the T.V., but a better part of my mind ran through wedding options I must discuss with Bella. Jasper either noticed my leg impatiently bouncing or he could taste my current mood.

"Would you like to hunt?," he asked. Could I go and be back in time? I want to be here right when she arrives. I cannot let her get away from me like she has been doing the past couple of months, with the help of Edward. "Just to pass the time," he added, feeling my confusion.

"Alright," I said as I stood up in front of him. "Let's go." I held my hand out to his.

We held hands as we ran from the house and jumped across the river. We dodged the fallen tree as we sprinted through the jade forest. After a few miles of mindless running we started to slow down our pace. Jasper's nose was in the air pointing to the east. I slowly inhaled the mouthwatering aroma of elk. Stealthily, we followed the herd to a nearby stream. Their backs were to us, completely oblivious to the fact that two very dangerous predators had their sights on them. Jasper motioned with his hand that I should take the lead. "Ladies first," he winked. Such a gentleman, always.

I ran in a low crouch towards the second largest male. I was only inches away from him when I sprang on his unsuspecting back. From the corner of my eyes, I noticed Jasper snapping the neck of the largest buck. The male tried to buck me off of his back but I held on tight as he kicked his front legs in the air. His temper tantrum was kind of fun and I let out a little giggle right before I sank my teeth into his jugular. The warm blood ran down my throat and warmed my empty stomach. I flung my kill to the ground once he ran dry.

I looked up to see Jazz had already moved on to another stray elk. The slushiness in my stomach told me I was full. So I watched in awe as the man of my dreams, literally, gracefully stalked and killed his prey. There was a time that I thought he would not be able to make it in this lifestyle. He never ceased to amaze me. Everyday he struggled to put his past behind him, and everyday he succeeded. I knew it was all for me and I could not be more proud of him.

The clear blue stream, green grass, and dark green forest all started to blur and bend together. My vision started to morph into the open meadow in front of the big white house. I could hear the loud roar of Bella's truck. By the time I walked into the middle of the meadow I could see the rusty red truck parking near the garage.

By the time I cleared my head Jazz stood in front of me, his eyebrows raised in question. I answered by giving him a dazzling smile. "Let's go home."

Back at the house, Emmett and Rose were in the same place they were before we left. I skipped over to a chair next to them and plopped down. I could hear the soft strokes of a paint brush on a canvas from upstairs, accompanied by Esme's humming.

"Is your chick flick over Em?," Jasper asked.

"Hey! I didn't want to watch it she did," he said defensively as he pointed to Rosalie.

She gave him that look. "You knew almost every line," she scoffed.

Jasper laughed loudly and I joined in, our laughter sounding like a wondrous chorus of bells and wind chimes.

"Maybe when you are done watching girl movies you'll want to play some Madden," said Jazz. "I might feel bad beating a girl, though," he smirked over at Emmett who was now growling.

My head snapped up to attention when I heard the familiar roar and stutter of Bella's old Chevy truck. I could easily guess that it is Edward driving by the wheezing of the engine as it reached top speed down the winding dirt driveway.

Emmett's loud laughter filled the house when Bella had tripped coming up the front porch steps, causing her face to turn bright red. I ran out to greet her and Edward, smacking Emmett on the arm as I went by him. "Shut up, Em. What goes around, comes around."

"Don't give me that hocus pocus mumbo-jumbo, Alice!," He called after me.

"Hey, Bella! I was just thinking about you," I said excitedly.

"Not now, Alice," Edward commanded. He never took his eyes off Bella's, his hands on either side of her face. "Are you sure you're okay?," he asked anxiously.

"I'm fine, Edward. Really." She rolled her eyes. Like falling was nothing new to her.

He kissed her and I needed to clear my throat for them to stop.

We joined the rest of the family, each taking a seat. I sat next to Bella with Edward on her other side. He knew what I was up to. “You can try to protect her. But I will get her someday!,” I threatened him in my head. His eyes narrowed at me.

"So, Bella, how was your morning?" Trying to keep up with casual conversation so she would not suspect anything wedding related coming.

"It was fine. The same as any other day. I woke up, had breakfast, and later... here I am," she said sarcastically.

"Oh, what did you have for breakfast?"

She looked at me suspiciously. "Pop tarts. What do you want, Alice?," she demanded. "I know you are not that interested in what I ate. It probably sounds repulsive to you."

She's right. "Well if you'd like me to be blunt..."She looked at me, waiting for me to continue. "What is your favorite kind of cake? Chocolate, cherry, red velvet? We could have different layers," I tried to guess.

"Vanilla. Why? I thought you are going to be blunt."

"Umm..." What else could she think a cake was for? "It’s for your wedding cake. I wanted to know what flavor you like."

Her face turned pink. Again, Emmett chuckled. Edward gave his a dark look and he looked back to the T.V. screen.

"What are you doing today, Bella?," I asked.

"Oh..." She fumbled around for an excuse, assuming I wanted her to do wedding stuff.

"If you're are not doing anything inparticular, maybe you would like to go for a ride in my Porsche,." I purred.

She started to roll her eyes. "Wait don't answer that!" I threw my hands out in front of me and closed my eyes.

I saw the sunlight hitting the hood of my yellow Porsche. The needle pointing to one-hundred and eighty. I looked in the rear view mirror and laughed when I saw the freighted look on Bella's face when I put the petal to the metal.

"Get your sunglasses, Bella!" I sang.

Speeding down the winding dirt drive, the sun was just beginning to peek out from the clouds. Once the tires hit the black pavement I stomped the gas pedal to the floor with my Jimmy Choo shoes. I went from zero to sixty in just three seconds. And in another 15.9 seconds, I had it going 236 miles per hour. Ah, the luxury of owning fast cars. Jasper turned the music up as loud as it would go. The frame of my shinny yellow Porsche shook violently with the base.

Speeding away from Forks onto the highway, I rolled down my windows. It felt wonderful to let my arm hang out the window. The sun is completely out of hiding now, throwing rainbows along the drivers side of my car.

I looked over to see Jazz with his golden locks a disarray around his face, his head nodding to the rock music. He caught me staring and smiled widely. I could not suppress the giggle that bubbled up from that smile.

I opened the sun roof to let more of the beautiful sunshine and wind in. 'Seize the day' by Avenged sevenfold was playing on the radio. The speed of 236 mph gave me an adrenaline rush. "Take the wheel Jazz." As he did I hit Cruise control and popped my head out the sun roof. I held my arms open wide, like I was flying. "WOOOOHOOOO----!!!!"

"Get in here, Alice! You're going to give me a heart attack," Bella yelled. Like I couldn't hear her.
Once I had my fun I ducked back in the car to control the wheel. Jasper sat there chuckling at my little outburst.

We made it to California in less time then if we would have drove anyone else's vehicle. Driving along the coast, we could see the bright blue water along the cliff's edge. Bella looked so peaceful staring out the window at the beautiful scenery. Edward stared at her unseeing eyes with a bright smile on his face.

"Wow. I can't believe that we are in San Francisco already," Bella said, braking the silence after an hour.

"That's Alice for you," Edward chuckled and shook his head.

I stuck my tongue out at him in the rear view mirror. "It's still early." I looked out the window to see the fiery orange sun sliding behind the horizon. "What do guys want to do? I'm sure we could find a mall..."

I was cut off by a chores of "NO's". I pouted a little but gave in easily.

I decided we had gone far enough when the colors that surround the blazing yellow sun started to shift in color, streaks of orange and pink stretched across the sky. I pulled on my emergency break and turned the wheel a sharp left. The back tires just scraping the cliffs edge and the breaks squealed. Now my car was positioned in the right lane, due north, home to Forks. I heard mumbles of complaints from the back seat drivers. So, I turned up the music to drown out their negativity.

The moon light ride back home was just as exhilarating. Something about the speed made the venom in my body pulse. Bella fell asleep half way home, so Edward said I should turn off the music so she could rest. The purr of the 911 turbo engine filled my ears.

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This is REALLY good! Please continue!
Thank you!! I'm glad you like it because I am having fun writing it.
yeah, it is really good!! keep me posted when you write more!!
These are the cars that where mentioned.... My dream cars! hehe

The next chapter I cannot post on this site... It's just too lemony! So if you would like to read that section please go to

I will be posting the rest of the chapters here, just not this one and maybe a few more in the future.

I just had to add this chapter because I didn't think Alice would ever let Bella escape morality with out this experience! Also, "Boom Boom Pow" by the Black eyed peas is in my music player for this chapter! Enjoy!! and please leave comments... Good or bad I can take it.

Chapter 3:

"Jasper, honey," I called from the bottom of the stairs. "Could you bring the speakers from our room down and place them by the dance floor?"

"Anything for you," I heard him say.

I skipped back to the long table that held a black and white checkered cake. As I rearranged the pink fruity drinks that filled the martini glasses, my mind ran over all the details of my party. I had the dance floor set up in the living room, the cake, hors d'oeuvres and drinks were ready, and red, white and black balloons were scattered throughout the entire house. Emmett and Carlisle were setting up the poker and blackjack table now. Esme and Rose had hung banners that said "Bachelorette" and multi colored streamers from the ceiling. Everything seemed underway, except I was missing one vital piece to the party . . . the bride to be.

There is just this one last human experience that Bella needed to have before she became immoral. I knew, just like everyone else, that Bella hated parties. But she couldn't have a wedding without her maid of honor throwing her a bachelorette party. I couldn't believe that she didn't see this one coming. It would be a surprise because right now Edward had her out to dinner. She had repeatedly tried to refuse, saying it was unnecessary to go to a restaurant when he wouldn't be eating. But it was necessary, because it was the only way she would let me dress her up. She couldn't resist Edward’s hypnotic eyes and gave in.

At first, I thought that Edward would put a stop to me throwing her a party. He surprised me when he said it would be a good idea, and even suggested that I should invite some of the girls from school. I was stunned that he would agree so quickly with me. So he explained that the closer their wedding date came, the closer it was to ending Bella's moral life. He wanted to squeeze as many human experiences as we could in before that date.

"Emmett, get that ridiculous hat off your head." Rosalie's annoyed hiss broke me from my thoughts. I looked over to see Emmett sitting at the poker table with a visor on his head that had a clear green bill on the front.

"No, Rose. It makes me look like a professional dealer in Las Vegas. Isn't that your theme, Alice?" Emmett objected as he turned the visor sideways on his head.

She laughed a loud mocking laugh. I couldn't suppress my own giggle at Emmett's serious expression. I knew that Bella would never let me take her to Las Vegas so I brought Las Vegas to her. "Yes, Em," I said as I walked over to Jasper where he stood behind the blackjack table. He was shuffling the cards so fast human eyes would not be able to keep up.
At least the guys were excited for this party. Although, I'm sure that all had to do with the fact that we got to keep the poker and blackjack tables.
I jumped up to a stool in front of Jasper's table. "Hit me, baby," I said then giggled.

Jasper eyed my low cut white glitter tank top and my leather pants with meaning. When his eyes finally came back up to my eye level he winked at me. Suddenly, I felt lust and desire hit me like a ton of bricks. I gasped and gripped on to the edge of the wood table, mindful not to crush it under my palm. "You don't play fair," I narrowed my eyes as a whispered to him. His answer was a brilliant smile. "Later." I pointed at him before I jumped off my stool.

I was walking towards the dance floor with it's flashing lights when the edges of my vision started to fade to somewhere else. I was outside of our house was an SUV, and it pulled up beside the garage. A group of girls were climbing out and walking up to our porch. I turned around, clapping my hands excitedly.

"The guest will be here very soon!" I announced.

Rose stopped bugging Emmett and went to get a pink drink off the table, trying to act more human. Esme and Carlisle went to stand near the hors d'oeuvres. I quickly ran up the stairs to my room and grabbed a little present for Bella off my desk. I knew her aversion for presents, so it was only something silly. Just something every bachelorette needed for her party.

I went to stand by the door. We all heard the SUV slowly coming down the long and twisting dirt driveway. Once I heard the girls’ footsteps on the wood porch, I opened the door wide. "Hi girls. Please come on in," I said with excitement coloring my voice.

The group of girls, who had been here once before, wryly stepped through the threshold, except for Angela. She waltzed right to my side with a smile on her face. "Wow, Alice! You sure know how to throw a party," she said.

"Thank, you," I said to her as I led them inside and shut the door. "There is food and drinks there," I pointed to where Rose stood. "And music and games over here." I gestured to the center of our living room.

"Where is Bella?" Jessica asked with a nervous edge to her voice as she looked around.

"She'll be here shortly," I explained. "This is a surprise, so she went out with Edward."

The group of girls walked over to the table full of food. "Oh! Are these real cosmopolitans?" Jessica asked Rose, as she eyed Carlisle and Esme on the other side of the room. Rose didn't even answer her, she just looked down upon her. Jessica started to back away slowly.

I walked quickly, but not too quick for them to be startled, over to where they all stood. "No, no. They are virgins." I grabbed one and pretended to take a sip. I looked to the clock and saw that it was the exact time that I had told Edward to be here. I heard him jump on to the porch and set Bella on her feet so I went to the door. Again, I pulled it open before they were to the door with a bright smile on my face.

Bella's face was flushed pink and she was looking at Jessica's SUV skeptically. She looked at me with a knowing look in her eye. "Alice," she said sternly. "What is going . . .," she trailed off when she peered around me into the house.

"Oh, come on, Bella. You didn't really think you could escape without a bachelorette party did you?" I asked innocently.

Her face turned bright red when she fully realized what indeed was going on. "You...," she pointed at me. "She...," Bella looked up to Edward and he just shrugged and gave her a crooked half smile. "Eeerrrrr!" she growled as she stomped past me and into the house.

"Hi Bella!" The girls rushed to her side to greet her. Her kitten anger evaporated at once and I could bet that I had Jasper to thank for that.

I pranced up beside Bella. "I have a gift for the bride to be."

She turned on me with a warning look in her eyes. "No," she demanded. I just cocked my head to the side and pouted my lips, still holding the surprise behind my back. "Ugh... okay, fine." She held her hand out to me.

I smiled triumphantly. I quickly secured the glittering tiara on her head. She reached up with her hand and felt the gossamer fabric and the tiara. "Alice . . .," she sighed.

"It's tradition, Bella," I explained. She just shook her head and half smiled at me. "Welcome to Las Vegas!" I proudly stated.

"Hey, Bella," Emmett called from across the room at the poker table. "How good are you at poker?"

"One of the best," she lied. I suppressed my laugh. Bella was such a terrible actress, she would suck at poker. "Charlie and the deputy taught me when I was younger."

Emmett's booming laughter echoed throughout the house. "We'll see about that. Come on over girls." He waved his hand, beckoning them towards his table.

Edward and I went to sit at the blackjack table. And Rosalie joined us. Jasper dealt us our cards and we played fifteen rounds while the girls only had played one game of poker.

Rose eventually threw her cards down on the table and stormed off. "I'm not playing anymore with you two. You cheat."

I just giggled. It's not like I could help that I knew everyone's moves and who would win each game. And that meant Edward knew also.

Esme had taken the chips and dip to the girls poker table. Being the excellent hostess she is, she made sure no one's cup went empty and that everyone was having a good time, even Bella was smiling and laughing.

"She's really enjoying herself. See I told you she wouldn't hate me forever," I said silently to Edward.

"She will never admit that you know?" He whispered.

"I know," I said, smiling.

One of my favorite songs blasted through the speakers. I squealed with excitement and jumped down from my stool. I tried to keep a human pace as I rushed to Bella's side. "Come on, Bella," I sang. "Let's dance."

She laughed at me. I looked at her in confusion. I wasn't making a joke. "No. No way, Alice," she said as she shook her head.

"But, Bella . . .," I tugged on her arm. "I set all this up just for you. You have to dance to at least one song," I pouted my lips. I knew that she could not resist a guilt trip.

"Okay, let's get this over with," she sighed as she finally agreed.

"Come one, girls!" I called over my shoulder.

Luckily I got Bella to dance to more than one song. She tripped over her own feet a few times but Edward was there each time to save her. Everyone was out on the dance floor now, dancing the night away.

A new song came started to play with a funky new beat. Emmett stepped out to the middle of the dance floor. "I got this everybody, I got this." A circle started to form around him. I noticed Rosalie shake her head as she disappeared from the crowd. I was going to be having too much fun watching Emmett make a fool of himself to care where she was headed off to.

He started by dusting his shoulders off. Which made most of us erupted in laughter. Then, his arms and legs became stiff and he started moving every limb like a robot to the beat of the music. The music stopped for a short three second pause, Em stood up straight and very still. As soon as the music started again he fell to the floor as stiff as a board. Before he hit the floor he caught himself on his hands and started doing the worm along the floor. We all started clapping, encouraging him for more. When he got up his body started to move in an odd sort of fashion that reminded me of a limp noodle.

Emmett's big finish was a head spin and landing on his side with his head in his hand. Again, we all cheered for him. I whistled loudly and then started to giggle. I'd never seen anything as funny as a big guy like Em break dancing.

I noticed Bella sneak off with Edward and I let her go. I knew that being the center of attention was an unpopular idea to her. I looped my arm through Angela's and started to dance along with her. The next few songs were very upbeat and the energy in the room was high. I winked over my shoulder at Jasper as I shook my tush. He flashed me a dazzeling smile but stayed behind the blackjack table dealing for Carlisle and Esme.

"Whew," Angela waved her hand in front of her face. "Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?"

"You're right. It's hot." I agreed with her even though I could keep dancing for hours and never feel a difference in body temp. "Let's go get a drink."

I led her to the table with the food and drinks. That is when I noticed the cake had not been cut yet. "Oh, Bella," my voice shimmered. "It's time for cake."

I saw her roll her eyes from across the room. "Why is she doing this to me, Edward?" I heard her whisper.

"Edward, we can do this the easy way or the hard way," I thought. "Every girl needs to have one big party with her friends before she is a married woman. I don't want her to regret not doing this fifty years down the road."
He looked me square in the eye. He knew what I said was right. They both walked over to the table Angela and I stood next to. Bella and her chatted as I started to cut the cake and place them on paper plates.

Edward said to me so fast and so low neither of them could hear, "Thank you." I just shook my head and waved my hand dismissively. He knew that I loved her like a sister.

"I know you just want the best for her," he whispered again. I smiled brightly at him.

"Here, Angela, Bella," I handed each of them a plate of cake. Bella took a bite and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. "This is really good." Angela shook her head in agreement.

"You know what, Alice?" She came closer to me. "Thanks," she whispered.

I was just about to throw my arms around her neck when I heard a squeal of tires turn on the dirt drive way. I saw six other heads snap up at the same time mine did. Only one of us smiling. Who could be here? I didn't invite anyone else and I don't recognize the engine. Edward nudged my arm. Immediately I concentrated on our future. I heard knocking at the front door. Rosalie was first to answer it. Three tall, dark, handsome and half naked cowboys were walking into our living room - set up as Las Vegas.

Once the vision faded and I was once again standing by Bella, who had a confused look on her face. Edward had stalked away towards Rosalie, who was hiding in the kitchen near the door. I heard him in a low and menacing growl say to her, "What did you do?"

"What?" Rose asked with fake innocence. "I thought we were having a bachelorette party? We wouldn't want dear Bella not to have all her little human experiences."

"What?" Bella asked me.

"Don't thank me too soon," I mumbled.

While Rosalie and Edward were in the kitchen trying not to rip each other's throats out, I had to answer the door. Bella followed behind me. I opened the door and saw the three male strippers standing before me.

"Are there any single ladies in there?" the front one said as he peered around me. He was wearing a cow print vest and brown leather chaps.

"Thank you for coming all this way. But we won't be in need of you services tonight," I said a little too curtly.

"Oh, hey, there is the bride to be right there," the guy said again as he spotted Bella behind me. He then had the audacity to push the door open and walk past me into the living room. One man walked to our speakers and put in his own music. It was some terrible techno music that made me cringe. The last guy to walk through the door swooped Bella off her feet and carried her to the center of the room. Edward was by her side in an instant.

Images of Edward and the cowboy in a fight flashed through my mind. Only it wasn't much of a fight because Edward seemed to be doing most of the beating.

I ran up closely behind him, and waved Jasper to me. He came to me a little too quickly, but it was better than what could have happened. I felt a feathery touch of calmness waft through the air and saw Edward had visibly relaxed. Bella seemed too shocked to even say a word as her eyes bugged open and she sat completely stiff, barely even breathing. I noticed Emmett had Rosalie cornered. She tried to act like she was bored with whatever he was saying with her arms crossed over her chest, but I knew her well enough that whatever he was saying was bothering her.

The three men started to dance around Bella as they peeled their shirts off. The man with the black leather chaps and the red thong got out a lasso and started to swirl it around in the air. Jessica was the first to go close to the strippers. She whistled and stuck a one dollar bill in his pants. Angela's face was just as red and embarrassed as Bella's was. But Lauren and her stuck up friends stood beside Jessica, clapping their hands to the atrocious music.

Suddenly the music cut off and Edward was standing in between the tall, dark, and handsome men and Bella. He crushed the CD in his hand. "The young lady said you were not needed. Please leave the premises now. Before you end up like the trash you listen and dance to." Edward snarled. Jasper left my side to stand beside his brother.

The three guys started to back away slowly, grabbing their shirts on the way out the front door. The room became very quiet after our uninvited guest had left.

"It's getting late," Angela said. "Maybe we should leave."

Bella left Edward’s side to escort her friends to the door. I followed close behind. "Thanks for coming, guys," she said to them.

"Oh, thank you for inviting us," Angela said and smiled at me.

"Yeah, it was pretty cool." Jessica tried to act nonchalant.

"We'll see you girls in a few days," I said before they left. Bella flushed pink at the reminder of her wedding. We waved goodbye as they drove away.

I walked behind Bella into the house. I expected her to be angry with me. To tell me she hated me and that I couldn't be in her wedding. This is was all my fault. I should have kept my eyes open for any trouble. I was just too lost in the moment of having fun with the girls. At one point I thought Bella was having fun, too. But all that was ruined now. If she didn't hate me, I'm sure Edward would.

I was staring down at the floor when Edward's hand came down on my shoulder. "Don't beat yourself up about this." I could only sigh in response.

I looked up at them both with puppy dog eyes. "I cannot apologize enough. I wanted this to be something you would remember forever."

"Oh, trust me I'll remember this one," she mumbled.

I tried not to smile but as is my nature, I couldn't stay sad for long. "Maybe in a century from now you'll laugh about it."

"Alice," Bella draped her arm around my shoulders. "Let's never talk about this again." She paused and said her next words very seriously. "Let's just forget about it."
This was great. Your writing is awesome.
I love reading stories through Alice's eyes. Post more soon :)
I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'll let you know when I post again. Thanks! :)
plz write more this is really goog
Thanks! I will update you when I post again. :)

Alright, so obviously this all belongs to S.M. but since the wedding was in Bella's P.O.V. and she's not much of a party planner I thought that maybe there were a few details that she overlooked. So don't get mad at the small details I added that were not mentioned in Breaking Dawn. There are 3 new songs for this chapter. It's a long one...Enjoy!

CHAPTER 4: Wedding day
t was the night before Bella and Edward's wedding. While the two of them went against my will and stayed the night together, I had the rest of the family busy with preparations for the following day. Emmett, Jasper, and Carlisle moved all our living room furniture upstairs so we would have plenty of room to set up for the ceremony. It was Esme's brilliant Idea to have the reception outside and the ceremony inside. I made good use of Jazz and Em while they were still here. They set up all the chairs inside so that there was a single aisle running down the middle of the room. Outside I had them set up tables and chairs around the big yard.

I quickly checked in on Bella and Edward. I had told him that she needed her beauty sleep, but apparently he was set on keeping her awake by making out with her. I shook my head, trying to clear the image from my mind. I noticed the time said a quarter to midnight. They still had time to keep tradition and not see each other before their wedding day.

I was currently in one of the old cedar trees, wrapping lights around the branches and trunk. I looked down at the progress we had made so far. We were off to a good start, but we had a lot of decorating a head of us. I leapt down to the ground from the tree right in front of Jazz.

"If you want to take Edward for a bachelor party you might want to do so now. He is contemplating staying with Bella."

"Oh, no. He's not getting out of this," Emmett said from across the lawn.

Jasper reached down and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. "Don't go too overboard," he whispered in my ear.

"Oh, Jazz, when had you ever known me to go overboard?" I laughed.

"I know you will do a splendid job, darlin'." He kissed my lips with a passion that made my head swirl.

"Let's get out of here, bro, before she puts us to work again." Emmett nudged his arm.

"Don't you tempt me, Em," I said as Jasper set me to my feet. He growled in response.

"We'd better go find you a grizzly." Jasper clasped him on the shoulder.

I smacked Jasper's cute little ass as he walked away from me. "Hurry home. I could use some more help decorating!" I called after them.

I heard Emmett mumble "Does she think we are gay or something? I hate this stuff," he said as he ran ahead of Jasper.

I buzzed around the house, covering all the chairs with white silk slip covers and tied red bows around them. I had to rearrange some of the chairs because they were not perfectly aligned. Not that it would make a different to human eyes, but I was set on everything being absolutely perfect for Bella.

"Alice," Esme called as she entered through the front door. "All the lights are strung around the tree's coming down the driveway."

"Thanks, Mom." I smiled brightly at her.

"What else can I do?" she asked.

"Well these are all the flowers I want to string together and make garlands out of them." I pointed to the huge pile of flowers spilling over the table.

"On it," she said. Her hands and fingers worked at lightning speed. Wrapping gossamer and ribbon around stems and trying them all together. As soon as I was done with the chair covers I helped her with the miles of flowing flowers.

Rosalie was being stubborn, as usual. She hadn't lifted a finger yet. She was too busy painting her nails and doing her hair. I didn't bother arguing with her or even asking her for her help. I knew her well enough to know that when she was done primping herself she would help. And I was right, as usual. She came down the stairs with her hair in curls like a crown around her head. "What can I do, Alice?" she asked sweetly.

"You could help me hang the garland of flowers from the ceiling," I said, pointing to the floor covered in flowers. She took one end while I took the other. We each scaled up opposite walls and hung the garland. We repeated this step several times until the entire ceiling was completely covered in the delicate petals of the white freesia, orange blossoms, and roses surrounded the dripping lilac bundles. Esme covered every hard, flat surface with the same garland.

Carlisle came back home with the white lattice arch I had sent him after, and we covered that with the flowers and garland as well. Adding a few of the twinkling lights to make it stand out from the rest completed it. Esme rolled a white aisle runner down the middle of the rows of chairs. She had stitched the words "B & E...Forever" with our family crest in the silk fabric. She then sprinkled red rose petals down the sides.

"Alice, I'm starting to feel useless. All you women are running around and I don't have the slightest clue what I should do." Carlisle stopped me as I was about to head out back.

"If you'd like, you could help me set up a tent canopy over the tables and chairs."

"Of course. Lead the way," he said as he held the door open for me.

Once we were done setting up the white canopy, Carlisle helped me bring the dance floor outside. We set it between the two old cedar trees that were decorated in twinkling lights. I could see Esme inside strategically placing tall vases of red and white roses through the house.

Suddenly a vision flashed before me. A black SUV was pulling up to the front of our house. Two beautiful blond women got out from the driver and passenger side, and two black haired vampires exited from the back seat. I realized it was the Denali clan arriving.

I took notice of the placement of the sun rising over the horizon in the vision. "Tanya, Kate, Eleazar and Carmen will be here shortly," I announced. "Esme, Carlisle," I asked, "Could you hang more of the garland and lights above the dance floor? I need to get ready so I can pick up Bella."

"Yes, dear. Go ahead. We've got everything under control," Esme said as she carried out an arm full of flowers.

I stood back and looked around me. Everything was flowing smoothly and really coming together. The sight was stunning really, but what was even more beautiful than all the flowers and lights combined was the sight of Carlisle and Esme. They were flirting like two school children. Love is in the air and everyone could feel it. Today would be like magic.

I passed Rose as I walked into the house. She was sitting at the piano playing the songs she would play for the wedding. A smile spread across her face when she saw me, she even winked. I went to sit beside her on the bench and rested my head on her shoulder as her song came to a close. "Thank you, Rose."

"Don't thank me. After the other day this is the least I could do." She hung her head in remorse.

I kissed her cheek before I raced up the stairs to get ready. Once I was upstairs I laid all the products I had bought for Bella on my bathroom counter. I wanted her to have a full beauty treatment so she would be relaxed in time for her big day. I would have taken her to a real spa, but I knew Bella would never have let me. I stared in the big mirror at my own reflection. I wanted something different than my usually spiky hair-do. My mind skipped back to my own wedding day, I had been so frustrated with my short hair that day. Rosalie had saved me by putting tiny pin curls all around my face and in the back, so that is what I decided to do today. I threw on a pair of Manolo Blahnik high heels and a purple dress that zipped all the way up the front.

Before I was ready to leave I checked ahead to Bella's future. I saw her standing in the kitchen making breakfast for Charlie, and dropping the spoon in the pancake batter. It was obvious she was nervous as hell. Well, at least she was up.

Just as I was walking out the front door, I spotted the black SUV pulling up. Carlisle, Esme and Rose came out to greet the Denali clan. They apologized profusely about Irina's absence and their lack of support when we needed them during the fight with the newborn army and of course we forgave them. They were the closest thing to extended family that we had. I apologized for leaving so quickly after they arrived, explaining to them that I needed to pick up the bride.

"We cannot wait to meet her," Tanya said as I kissed them all on the cheek before departing.

I was almost to my car when I realized I had forgotten one vital component to a wedding. The wedding cake. I ran back into the house in a panic. "Esme!" I yelled, even though I knew she would hear me. She rushed to my side "What is it, dear?" she said as she grabbed on to my shoulders so I would stop pacing. "The cake. I can't pick it up with Bella in the car. She is not allowed to see it yet."

Tanya was at my side in an instant. "We can go in town and pick it up. I'd like to help anyway I can."

"Don't worry about anything Alice. We will take care of it," Rosalie said as she threw her arm around Kate's shoulders.

I smiled at my loving family. "Thank you!" I sang as I ran back to my car.

I sped down the familiar street to Chief Sawn's house to pick up my soon-to-be sister. As I walked up the sidewalk I could hear Bella and Charlie talking about today's plans. I grimaced when I heard Charlie say "monkey suit." His aversion to fashion is just as bad as his daughter’s. Luckily for him he wouldn't be living with me for the rest of eternity. Bella was not so lucky, and she would soon learn. Or there would be some major issues.

I knocked quickly on the door, and Bella was there waiting for me. I looped my arm through hers and started to pull her to my car. "Hey, Charlie," I called over my shoulder. I was in too much of a hurry to stay and chat. Apparently I would have a lot more work on my hands than I had prepared for.

"Oh, hell, look at your eyes!" I clicked my tongue. "What did you do? Stay up all night?" I narrowed my eyes awaiting her response.

"Almost," she said.

I glowered in her direction. I should have kept an eye open, but I was too busy with the wedding decorations last night. If I would have known she was going to pull and all-nighter, I could have done something to help. Maybe Jasper could have stayed until she fell asleep, or some good old fashioned medication even. I'm sure Carlisle would have had no problem getting her something that would put her to sleep. I couldn't blame her, though, as I was partially at fault.

"I've only allotted so much time to make you stunning, Bella. You might have taken better care of my raw material," I scolded her.

"No one expects me to be stunning. I think the bigger problem is that I might fall asleep during the ceremony and not be able to say 'I do' at the right part, and then Edward will make his escape."

I laughed at her. If she only knew how excited Edward was, he would never that alter until she was his. "I'll throw my bouquet at you when it gets close."

"Thanks," she said sarcastically.

"At least you'll have plenty of time to sleep on the plane tomorrow."

Bella raised her eyebrow and started contemplating. Damn, I had said too much. Edward would rip my head off if I spilled the beans. I would have to distract her somehow. Not that she would ever in a million years guess a private island for her honeymoon.

"You're all packed and ready."

"Alice," Bella groaned. "I wish you would let me pack my own things!"

I didn't have to beg Edward very long to let me pack. He said the same thing I told Bella now. "It would have given too much away." But deep down I think that he wanted me to pack so he wouldn't have to see Bella in her old sweatpants and t-shirts. I made sure she had plenty of sexy French lingerie.

"And denied you an opportunity to shop."

She knew me all too well. "You'll be my sister officially in ten short hours... it's about time to get over this aversion to new cloths." Because when you get home there will be a surprise for you! I added to myself. Esme hadn't shared her idea with the rest of the family yet. But she knew that I knew. She must be waiting until after they leave.

I sped down the dirt driveway to our house, becoming anxious as Bella was seeing the beginning of the wedding decorations. I told her she wouldn't see the rest until the ceremony. I was glad to see a little disappointment on her face. But I could not let her see just what I had done. I had foreseen that she would freak out - insist that I had spent way too much. She'd tell me that I was out of line and that I'd gone against our agreement. It was imperative that I keep it a mystery. Once the ceremony started she couldn't put a stop to it, nor would she want to. Once I had her pampered, she'd be putty in my hands.

I covered her eyes with my hands as I led her into the house. I winked at the rest of the family that waited in the living room.

"What is that?" Bella asked and I instantly became alarmed. To me the house smelled like a spring time meadow full of blooming flowers. And it smelled fabulous, to me. But of course I forgot that human senses were different than that of my vampire senses.

"Is it too much?" I looked to Esme worriedly. She started to scramble around the house gathering vases to take away. "You're the first to human here. I hope I got it right."

"It smells wonderful!" she said and I breathed a sigh of relief. Esme smiled and shook her head as she placed all the vases with the red and white roses back where they belonged. "Orange blossom... lilac... and something else - am I right?" She asked.

"Very good, Bella." I told her as I led her up the staircase that was draped in all the flowers and ribbons. "You only missed the freesia and the roses." On my way up I saw Tanya and Kate come in with the cake. I mouthed them a thank you. I figured that the main reason they were so eager to pick up the cake was to scout out any available men in town.

I uncovered Bella's eyes once we were safely inside my bathroom. I flipped the lights surrounding my large mirror.

"Is this really necessary?" She spied the beauty products on the counter. "I'm going to look plain next to him no matter what."

"No one will dare call you plain when I'm through with you," I said very seriously as I pushed her down in my pink chair.

"Only because they're afraid you'll suck their blood," she mumbled. I could have laughed at just how true her statement was. If she knew any better she would let me beautify her, or she may meet that very fate. No one messed with Alice Cullen on a wedding.

I couldn't take Bella to a spa, so I brought the spa to her. I scrubbed and exfoliated her ivory skin. Then, I layered her in a seaweed mud - that really smelled bad. I don't know how she could sleep with that so close to her nose - I had to hold my breath. Once that was finished I applied the recommended make up. I held a picture of my final product in the edge of my mirror. I had done a lot of research looking for the perfect classical look.

Rosalie came to the door as I was applying a thick layer of black lashes to Bella's eyes. "They're back." she said.

"Keep him out of here!" I demanded.

"He won't cross you today. He value's his life too much." I smiled at that. Good for him to have a little fear every now and then. "Esme's got them finishing things up out back. Do you want some help? I could do her hair," Rose offered.

I was surprised but I didn't let it show on my face. "Sure." Maybe she'd finally taken my advice and gotten over her aversion towards Bella. Or she could be just trying to make up for the bachelorette party.

"You can start by braiding. I want it intricate." I showed her just how so. "The veil goes here, underneath." I demonstrated.

"You going to look dazzeling, Bella." Rosalie smiled warmly at her. "The bell of the ball."

Bella blushed profusely and she seemed too stunned for words.

Rose was done with her hair just as I was putting on a glossy pink lipstick on Bella. It would match her blushes beautifully. "That is perfect, Rose. Thank, you. Could you do me a favor?" She stopped near the door and looked back at me like a deer caught in headlights. I'm not that bad am I?

"Sure, Alice," she said.

"I need Bella's dress." I told her. She was gone and back with the white dress in an instant. "Oh, and Rose," I smiled sweetly at her. "Could you find Jasper? He needs to pick up Renee and Phil."
"On it," she said as she disappeared before I could ask anything else of her.

Very cautiously I asked, "Bella, I need you to stand so I can put your dress on." I looked her square in the eye waiting for her reaction.
She took a deep breath and did as I asked.

When I pulled the white dress out from the garment bag I noticed Bella's breathing become faster and her heart rate quicken. As I lowered the dress over her head I noticed that she was trembling. Before I had left to get dressed I asked her if she could hold it together. She had sounded pretty unsure so I checked ahead to her future. The last thing I needed was to have Bella pass out while I was gone. But of course she would be fine.

I ran into my room and retrieved my own dress from my closet. I stripped down as fast as I could and slipped the silver sequence dress over my head and changed into crystal studded stilettos. With a quick glance in the mirror, I ran back into my bathroom. Bella was doing as I had instructed, taking deep breaths. When she saw me her eyes lit up.

"Alice - wow!"

"It's nothing," I waved my hand over myself dismissively. "No one will be looking at me today. Not while you're in the room."

"Har har," she mocked.

And in that moment I wanted so badly to shove a mirror in her face. She never saw herself clearly. But today she looked absolutely glorious. Every bit of her was glowing. And that had nothing to do with the beauty products I had used. I checked the labels, nothing radioactive to make her glow.

I took a deep breath and rained myself in. I knew the consequences if she saw herself now. She would lose control and have a panic attack if she saw herself in the big white dress. And I couldn't let her ruin all the work I'd done today to make her calm and relaxed.

"Now are you in control of yourself, or do I have to bring Jasper up here?" I threatened.

"They're back? Is my mom here?"

"She just walked in the door." I could hear her soft footsteps on the stairs. "She's on her way up." I stepped aside seconds before she was at the door.

"Oh, Bella!" Renee squealed when she saw her daughter dressed in white. She ranted and raved about how wonderful everything is and Bella's eyes started to become all misty. "Such a creative idea," Renee continued to gush, "designing the theme around Bella's ring. So romantic! To think it's been in Edward’s family since the eighteen hundreds!"

I looked at Bella and we both tried not to smile at her miscalculation. Charlie made his way to the door after giving his daughter and Renee some private time together. "Renee, Esme said it's time you got settled down there," he said. I eyed his suit and was proud of him for getting it all in order. He looked wonderful.

"Well, Charlie, don't you look dashing!" Renee observed.

"Alice got to me." I tightened my eyes slightly. I was a good thing I had gotten to him. When I had the vision of Charlie either wearing an old worn down suit that did not fit him or jeans and a t-shirt, I nearly had a panic attack. That day I ordered him a new Armani suit.

As Renee was about to leave she remembered to give Bella a special gift that was both something old and something blue. They had replaced the stones with sapphires that would stand out amongst Bella's dark brown hair and creamy skin. Bella got all chocked up before Renee said, "Alice wouldn't let us do anything else. Every time we tried she all but ripped our throats out."

Bella's nervous laughter told me it was time to intervene on their cute family moment. I placed both the sapphire combs in her hair under the braids, exactly where I had planned for them to go. "That's something old and something blue," I said as I looked her over. "And your dress in new." I pulled my hands out from my back and stretched the white garter like a rubber band on my fingers. "So, here," I said. She caught it in her hands. "That's mine and I want it back."

She blushed when she realized what she was holding and it's purpose. "There a little color. That's all you needed. You are officially perfect." I smiled as I turned to Renee and Charlie. "Renee you need to get downstairs," I said as I led them both towards the door. "Charlie, could you grab the flowers, please?" Once they were out of the room I crawled under Bella's skirt and shimmied the garter up her leg. I was out and standing by the door again when Charlie returned. I took my own bouquet and gave Bella hers.

I heard Rosalie move to the piano bench downstairs and start playing. I could not have been more excited that she had asked me if she could do the honor of playing for the ceremony. I had foreseen her playing long ago, but I had assumed that I would have to grovel and beg. So when she asked to play the piano at their wedding I knew that was her own way of accepting Bella into our family.

Bella's heart fluttered like butterfly wings and she started to breath heavily. "Easy, Bells," Charlie's eyes got big as he turned to me anxiously. "She looks a little sick. Do you think she's going to make it?" he said. Charlie's worry was for nothing. I had seen this happen perfectly. I just had to look Bella in the eye and remind her why she is here. This is all about Edward and her. The guest, the cake, music and lights - as fabulous as they are- didn't matter. Everything was for the both of them.

She let me lead her from the room as Charlie followed closely behind us. I had to get her moving. "It's my turn. Count to five and follow me," I said before I began descending the stair case. I couldn't keep the bounce out of my step. As I walked down the aisle, I smiled at Carlisle and looked Edward in the eye "You are a very lucky man, Edward Cullen. I wish you two the best of luck and all my love." He smiled brightly. I winked at Jasper sitting in the front row holding Esme's hand as she turned to look at the stair case again for Bella's entrance.

I stood in my place opposite of Edward, two steps down. I looked over the crowd as they stood to watch the blushing bride walk down the aisle. I looked into the face of my brother as he stared so proudly into the eyes of his beloved. I caught the glance between Rosalie and Emmett. Esme looked so happy she would probably be crying and Carlisle stood proudly as his eldest son married his soul's other half.

The ceremony was beautiful with their everlasting words filled with emotion. They ended in a breath taking kiss that had the entire room standing and clapping. I stood back and watched as Bella and Edward were embraced and passed around the room. Jasper came to stand beside me and I wrapped myself around his waist. We watched as Edward led Bella out back under the glowing lights. Our family and friends gathered around the new bride and groom. Bella smile was radiant and at last I felt myself relax. The party was about to begin.

I followed the camera man around making sure he took all the crucial shots, including the cutting of the cake I had designed. It was a four tiered vanilla heart shaped cake with butter cream frosting. There were lace pattern accents - that matched Bella's dress -on the side dusted in sparkles. Ripe red strawberries outlined the bottom edges of each layer.

Before Bella threw her bouquet, I pulled Angela to the spot on the floor where her bouquet would land. I had originally seen Jessica catching it, but since I truly liked Angela, I wanted her to have it.

I begged the camera man to click faster as Bella blushed when Edward removed her garter as a favor for Emmett. I'm sure he wanted it for when she wouldn't blush anymore and still wanted to tease her. Edward shot it right into Mike Newton's face.

"Ugh... Thanks. Now I have to wash it!"I shouted in my head.
Mike swung it around on his finger with a sick smile on his face. I marched right over to him and took it from his hands.

"I thought I got to keep that," he complained.

"It's mine," I called over my shoulder. I smiled over at Emmett and Jasper laughing hysterically at the poor kids face.

I whispered impatiently to the camera man as Bella and Edward danced to their first song as husband and wife to take a picture whenever Bella would laugh. And for when Charlie and Bella were smiling at each other. Eventually, Jasper claimed me on the dance floor with the rest of our family and friends. He twirled me around under the twinkling lights, romance in the air like the blowing wind.

I noticed when Edward led Bella towards the dark corner, and when I could not see her future, I could easily guess who was out there even if I couldn't smell him from over here. Jasper and Emmett stood nearby the dark shadows. I went to stand next to Charlie. "Charlie, I don't believe you've asked me to dance!" I chimed.

"Alice," he held out his hand. "Would you do me the honors of this next dance?"

"I'd love to." I smiled at him as he led me out to the middle of the dance floor.

"You'll have to bear with me. I've never taken dance lessons." He eyed Edward and Rosalie doing the waltz. We danced in the same square formation I had seen him dance with Bella. Before the song ended he cleared his throat and looked down to me. "Alice, I have to say thank you... for everything. I've never seen Bells so happy." He looked around for her.

"You look pretty snazzy yourself," I said to distract him.

"Oh," he blushed. "Thanks. Sue Clearwater had been looking at me strange all day. You know if it weren't for you I would have came here today in a T-shirt and jeans."

"I would never let that happen." I giggled then straightened his tie. I didn't need a vision to see where that relationship was headed. "I have a few more things I need to do. You should ask Sue to dance."

Jasper followed me into the house after the wolves had left. He told me that Edward was really upset but looked like he was holding it all together. He helped me bring the luggage down to Edward’s Aston Martin and load them. I read somewhere that shoes represent a new family unit and to attach them to the car of the bride and groom. So, designer shoes were all attached to the white silk ribbon tied to the end of the bumper. Only the best for Bella and Edward, they were all last month's trend anyway.

The dancing continued into the late hours. Eventually, I had to pull Bella away from the party to get her ready for their trip to paradise. I hated to do so because it was not very often that she enjoyed the parties I threw. I told Esme I would meet her upstairs and I saw that she went to bring Renee along.

"Bella!" I called with a smile on my face. "It's time!" I danced up to her and Edward's side. They were still kissing, as if neither of them had heard me. "Do you want to miss your plane?" I placed my hands on my hips. "I'm sure you'll have a lovely honeymoon camped out in the airport waiting for another flight."

Edward turned slightly towards me. "Go away, Alice." And then kissed her again.

My foot started to tap. "Bella, do you want to wear that dress on the airplane?" My voice was sharp. I quietly growled, becoming impatient that they were simply going to ignore me. "I'll tell her where you are taking her, Edward. So help me, I will."

"You're awfully small to be so hugely irritating," Edward said as he glared at me. He didn't scare me.

"I didn't pick out the perfect going-away dress to have it wasted." I grabbed Bella's hand. I'd had enough of their shenanigans. They could act like love sick puppies all they want on their island where none of us have to watch. "Come with me, Bella." I tugged on her arm when she went to reach up for another kiss. I led her into the house and up the stairs.

"Sorry, Alice," she apologized.

"I don't blame you, Bella," I sighed letting go of my annoyance. "You don't seem to be able to help yourself." I could remember back in the day when I married Jasper. How anxious I was to get him alone.

Bella giggled and said, "Thank you, Alice. It was the most beautiful wedding anyone ever had. Everything was exactly right. You're the best, smartest, most talented sister in the whole world." She gushed. I knew she was trying to soften me up and it worked.

I smiled proudly at her. "I'm glad you liked it." I knew she always would but it felt spledid to hear it from her.

Once upstairs, Esme and I quickly undid her hair and got her out of her wedding dress while Renee cried most of the time. She was now in her deep blue ruffled dress that I had picked out specifically for this occasion. She was ready and back downstairs to Edward in record time.

Bella said goodbye to her mother and her father. And I desperately hoped that one day she would be able to see them again. I clapped excitedly along with everyone else as they kissed once more on the door step. They both ran to the car away from the shower of rice that was being thrown at them. Bella looked so happy as she called out the window "I love you" to all of us.

Esme rushed around playing the perfect hostess. She had plates filled to the top with leftover food for all of our guest. Renee hugged Esme tightly with tears in her eyes. She thanked both of us profusely for putting together the perfect wedding for her only daughter. The Denali clan was the last to leave. Carmen helped Esme pick up around the house as Kate, Tanya, Rose and I talked about how romantic the wedding had been.

"Thank you for having us. Everything was wonderful," Kate said to us.

"Yes. Let us not wait so long for our next visit," Eleazar said before they had left.

Jasper reached down and whispered in my ear, "Everyone is so happy. I feel like everyone has finally got their happy ending"

I kissed him before I said "I hope you're right."
This was great!! I really liked this behind the scenes look on everything. You did an awesome job. I really like your writing.
Please continue. I love Alice's point of view on things! =)


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