The Twilight Saga

                                                                                 THE DAY BEFORE YOU




Hi there I know you don’t know me, but I would like to tell you a story; it is a love story about a boy and a girl of pain heartache, hope, love, life and death.  I have known everyone in this story at some point in time.  I feel that their stories deserve to be told.


There once was a little girl named Bella, who had been left alone to grow up with her ill equipped, withdrawn and sad father, Charlie.  Bella knew that he loved her, she could see it in the way he tucked her into bed at night, the way he held her hand as he walked her to and from school and the way he held her close as if she might disappear if he ever let her go.   In truth Bella was the only good thing left in his life and she alone was what he lived for.  As Bella grew Charlie would sadly watch as she left the house; he was always waiting for the day she left and never came home taking with her his one reason for waking up each morning. 


Bella was a quiet lonely little girl who did not make friends easily.  She had two friends Angela Weber and Jacob Black.  Bella sometimes wished for a different life, not a better life, just a different one.  She longed for a place where the sun shined bright and she could twirl with arms stretched to the sky.  A place where it never rained and all she needed was a good book and the sun on her bare arms was enough to keep her warm. 


Bella was the girl picked last for PE, home studying instead of attending the school football game or homecoming dance.  She was uncoordinated and tripped over her own two feet.  She didn’t play or understand sports.  She was shy and tended to stay to herself and she was always the butt of the other kid’s jokes.  Bella never took it to heart she knew they picked on her to make themselves feel better about their own faults and shortcomings.  So this was Bella’s life.


She had one procession that she kept close to her heart it was a picture of her mother and father on their wedding day.  She looked at it every night before going to bed.  She would trace her mother’s smiling face with the tip of her finger and marvel at the way her dad looked at her mother.  That look was one of pure joy, love and hope.  She prayed every night before bed that one day she would find someone who would look at her just like that.  She would then put the picture back under her pillow and drift off to sleep.  She would float off to a land where the sun shined bright and she twirled with her mom and no rain ever fell. 


Somewhere that could have been a million miles away but was really only an hour’s drive away; there lived a boy named Edward.  He was a very beautiful boy, yes I said beautiful for there really wasn’t any other word to describe him.  He had the face of an angel and the heart of the devil.  He had bronze hair that constantly fell in his eyes.  His eyes were a golden brown the color of warm butterscotch on most day s but then sometimes they would be pitch black like a storm on the rise. Then as quickly as the storm passed he could dazzle you with a flash of his crooked smile.  When he had a good day he could blow you away with that smile and those indescribable sparkling eyes.  Unfortunately his good days were few and far between.  He sometimes felt as if he didn’t really fit in with his family.  He often felt like the odd man out.   He lived with Carlisle and Esme Cullen the parental figures of the family; they loved each other so much that you could see it and feel it in everything they did.  Edward knew that if they woke up tomorrow and had only each other that they would be okay.  Then there was his adopted sister Alice and her husband Jasper.  They were amazing to watch as they knew each other so well that words weren’t necessary.  They just had to look at each other to know what the other was thinking and it was as if no one else was in the room.  It was truly amazing. 


Lastly there was his other sister Rosalie and her husband Emmet.  Rose was beautiful almost like a goddess.  She was also self centered, selfish and rude.  However she also had a love for her husband Emmet that ran so deep and true that you forgot her flaws.  She had this undying love and loyalty for him.   


Emmet was a huge beast of a guy who towered over everyone around him.  At first glance everyone was terrified of him, until he smiled and his face transformed into a cuddly teddy bear.  He was loud, rowdy and loved to have fun but above all he loved Rose faults and all.


Edward often felt out of place in his own home being surrounded by such happy people.  He wondered if he would ever find someone he could call his own, someone who would love him above all else, someone who would complete him and make him whole. He longed to find a love of his to know what it felt like to be someone’s everything.


The chances of this boy and this girl finding one another, was one in a million but fate has a funny way of working things out. Somehow this boy connected with this girl and things just somehow seemed to work out. 


Bella and Edward had met and fallen hopelessly in love.   Things weren’t all roses and hearts but they weathered the storms that raged against them and came out better for it.  Bella found her mother and finally seemed to have everything she ever wanted.  Her best friends Angela and Jacob seemed to have been drawn together and seemed happy to be only with each other.  She wasn’t sure how she felt about that but she really hadn’t had time to think about it yet.  The only thing that seemed to be bothering Bella was telling her father about the arrival of her dead mother.  She knew that they desperately loved one another but how would she ever get them together again?  And how would she explain the fact that her boyfriend, his family and her mother were all vampires?  And let’s not forget that her best friend was a shape shifter, Bella had a long road ahead of her and she had no idea how or where to begin her new journey. 


It had been four months since she had been to Italy to save everyone she loved and herself from the Volturi.  She had found more strength than she had thought possible and she with the help of her dead mother had defeated the powerful group of evil, blood thirsty and arrogant vampires.  Well not really defeated they were still there and could get reinforcements and come back but that was something that they hoped would not happen for many years.  Jasper was also making contingency plans just in case. 

For the most part Bella was happy except that she hated lying to her dad.  She knew he was trying to be more involved in her life but why now?  Did he sense that there were things she didn’t tell him like her mom was here living with the Cullen’s and that her Edward and his family were not human?  She wished she could tell him everything but would he understand?  She wasn’t sure that he would be able to accept this underworld that seemed so unbelievable but was all too real.   


So this is where our story begins.  The story of such amazing love that no one would ever have imagined but were always meant to be.   Bella and Edward, Renee and Charlie and Angela and Jake and maybe a few more thrown in; what will the fates have in store for each of them now?






I was sitting with Angela in last hour PE today was the day we got to listen to Ms Nichols, aka Coach T, talk about STD’s and how having premarital sex could only end badly.  Angela and I rolled our eyes toward the ceiling wondering how she could stand in front of so many teenage boys and not feel completely stupid.  I glanced at the clock on the wall and sighed in relief only ten more minutes and this torture would be over.  Angela and I had made plans to go shopping after school for the homecoming dance.  I really wasn’t that excited about the dance because I can’t dance but Edward seemed to be determined that we go.  So here I was going shopping with Ang, Alice and Rose after school.  The guys were going to go hunting and would probably not be home until Friday and today were only Tuesday.  I hated it when Edward was away for that long but I knew it was a necessity.   I was brought back to reality with the ringing of the final bell.


“Thank God that is finally over.”


I nodded my head in agreement with Ang as we began to stretch and work the kinks out of our backs from sitting so long.


“I know right.  Okay so I am heading home and I know Jake will be waiting outside for you but please do not be late Alice will kill you.  Be at my house at 3 no later than 3:30.”


“Why the extra 30 minutes?”


“Because Ali will have to redress me and you know she loses all track of time.”


We both started laughing as Ang took off running to go meet Jake outside.


 I grabbed my back pack and headed to my locker to exchange my health book and The Benefits of Abstinences pamphlets for my battered copy of Romeo and Juliet.  I was about to slam the door shut when I felt someone grabbing me from behind and pulling me close. I leaned into the embrace knowing that it was Edward.


“Hey you, how was Spanish?”


“Boring, how was sex Ed with Coach T?”


“Oh I learned a lot about why not to have sex, as if I had to worry about that.”


“Bella we have been through this before you know why I can’t even think about that.”


“Yeah I know and it’s ok, I think about it enough for both of us.  I just wish I didn’t have to sit there and listen to all the reasons that don’t apply to me.   Okay so when are you guys leaving?”


“Any minute I just wanted to walk you out and say bye and for the record I do think about you in that way too.  Love there has never been anyone else and there never will be so I do understand how you feel, trust me.”


“I’m sorry for sounding so selfish and I know it’s just hard for you so let’s just forget about it for now.”


I took his hand as we walked down the hall.  I couldn’t keep myself from staring at him from the corner of my eye.  I still couldn’t believe that he was mine forever sometimes I would think that it was all some crazy dream or a cruel joke and one day I would wake up alone or he would tell me that he never loved me at all.  I know I sound completely insane but bad things always seem to happen to me. 


“Hey are you okay Bella?”


I blinked my eyes in surprise we had made it to my truck and I suppose he had been talking to me.  I smiled and nodded my head yes.


“I ‘m good sorry I was daydreaming.”


“About me?”


I could see the questions in his eyes and an amused smile playing on his lips.  I was lost in his gaze and had to focus to put two words together coherently.


“Well sort of but not really, anyways it doesn’t even matter.  So what were you saying before I zoned out on you?”


“I was telling you how much I was going to miss you and to have fun with the girls.”


“Yeah I will except I am not looking forward to Bella Barbie.”


I could hear his deep laughter floating in the air.  He knew how overzealous Alice could be when it came to fashion, hair, makeup and accessories.


“I’m sorry but it will be fun and you know it.  So promise me you will be careful until we get back no sneaking around or meetings with werewolves?”


“I promise but Angela and Jake will be coming over some so don’t get all worked up.  Jake is more calm now with Angela around he would never do anything to hurt her.”


I could see Edward’s forehead wrinkled in thought and worry.


“Yeah I am sure that was what Emily thought about Sam too.”


I knew Edward was right about that but the time; place and circumstances had been entirely different.  I was sure that nothing like that would happen with Jake and Angela.  


“Edward please don’t worry about me.  I will be fine and if it makes you feel better I will ask Alice to come over while Jake is there.”


“Fine but promise you will take care of my heart.”


“I will if you promise the same.”




I could see Emmett and Jasper walking across the parking lot with Rose and Alice.  I leaned into Edward and kissed him solidly on the lips while tangling his hair in my fist.  I wanted to make sure he thought about me and missed me as much as I was going to miss him.  As far as thinking about him, well he had the center stage in the deep crevices of my mind.  I loved him and I found myself wondering how I ever got along without him.  I reluctantly released my hold on him as I felt Alice pulling me away.  I smiled at Edward as he flashed the crooked smile that melted my heart and took my breath away. 


“Bella come on we have things to do and places to be so let’s get moving.  I will follow you home and then you and Angela can ride with us to the mall.  Hurry up.”


“Okay I am leaving. “


I waved at Edward and the guys as he was helplessly being pulled to Emmett’s jeep.  I saw him manage to break free and run back to the open door of my truck, he leaned in and gave me a quick kiss the cheek and whispered in my ear, “I love you Bella, please be safe and take care of you.”


I held him for a second before Em and Jazz came back to drag him to the jeep.  I laughed at the sight of the three of them making complete fools of themselves as if no one else was even around.




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I loved it!!!!

It's simply amazing and I feel terrible sympathy for poor innocent Ben, I mean first he looses Angela and now he's about to find out he's half vampire, half human and might turn into a werewolf, I think he needs to be hugely openminded about it or else he'll live in denial.

I found myself amazed ast the shining love this mystery person helds for whom I suppose is Lilian, he clearly has no idea of Ben's existence and furthemost about the fact that Lilian is or was part of the Quileuite tribe.

You are and amazing writer.!!!!

HI Gigi thanks so much I am so glad you like it. Ben has a story all his own but we'll be finding out more about him and his connection with Bella??Very soon. The Mystery man will play an important part in the rest of this story and more on him coming soon,. I really apperciate all your support and thanks so much for reading.



More! Do you hear me missy! I demand more this instant!


Hi RJ next update coming soon! I promise and I am so sorry about your computer acting stupid and losing all your stories that really sucks! I hope you are able to write them again and I am sure they'll be even better the second time!!





I sat beside Renee and found it hard to believe that she had any doubts that I loved only her.  I had thought that I had made it perfectly clear that no other woman had ever come close to bringing me the sense of love, passion and understanding that she had instilled into my life how do you ever compare anything to the perfection that my life had been with her?  I glanced at her from the corner of my eye and was captivated by her elegance, beauty and grace.  I thanked the stars above that she was here with me.  She turned her face toward me with a smile as if she had felt my eyes on her every move and knew my inner most thoughts.  I knew that I was giving up everything that was normal, everything that had seemed real but I also knew that in return I was receiving the gift of love and what would be an extraordinary life.  I knew in my heart that it didn’t matter what I was leaving behind or what I would be gaining as long as I had Renee I would be just fine.  I knew that my worst day with Renee would be far better than my best day without her.  I looked at her as she sat quietly beside me patiently watching my every move. 


“Charlie what are you thinking about?”


I sighed as I contemplated the question and I could feel a smile blossoming on my face. 


“I suppose I am thinking about how lucky I am.”


Renee laughed a beautiful laugh that sounded like bells ringing on a warm Sunday morning as it floated melodiously across the beautiful star filled night. 


“Charlie I don’t see how you could consider yourself lucky when you are giving up your heart, your soul and everything that makes you who you are to be a vampire.  I am not the same person I was before.  I am not human.  I barely remember what it was like to be human in fact if wasn’t for you and Bella I probably would have turned my back on all humanity.  I know that I would have suffered and I would have taken out my anger and rage on every unsuspecting mortal that I crossed.  I suppose it was lucky for me that Carlisle is the one who found me that day and changed me.  He and Esme taught me to be compassionate, caring and to always remember what it was like to be human.  I am so thankful for all that they did and still do for me.  I knew that one day I would try to find my way back to Bella when she was old enough to understand when I explained to her what I am.”


“Renee did you ever entertain the idea of trying to come back home?  Did I not ever run across your mind at all? “


I could see the pained expression in her golden eyes and I knew she was torn as how to answer my question.


“Charlie in all honesty I never thought that I would be given this chance.  I never wanted to make you have to choose between the life you have now and the one that you would have if you choose to stay with me.  I am glad that things didn’t turn out exactly as I had planned because I never thought I would be given this second chance at love and happiness.  I just knew that I would be destined to walk this earth alone for all of eternity.”


I pulled Renee closer to my side as she talked with a trembling voice so full of longing and a trace of hope.  I kissed the top of her head and breathed her in.


“Oh Renee I love you so but let me ask you a question.  Do I make you happy?”


Renee pulled away and looked at me as if I had gone mad.  She shook her head frantically from side to side.


“Oh no Charlie don’t you even think about backing out on me now.  I am so full of joy and happiness that I could burst.  I am excited and ready for this new life that we have waiting for us.’


“Renee I haven’t changed my mind it’s just that I don’t want you to feel guilty if you don’t feel the same way about me anymore.  I have only loved you and that will never change but I want you to be happy and if I can’t do that for you then I will understand.”


I took her hand in mine as I rose to my feet.  I gently pulled her into my arms as I slowly lowered my lips to hers.  I was still getting used to the cold hard feel of her lips that parted at the touch of my soft pliable lips.  I drew her in and refused to let go. She placed her hands on each side of my face and gave as much as she got.  I could hear myself sighing as she softly brought the kiss to an end.


“Oh Charlie I love you to the moon and back.”


I laughed at the reminder of our old line.  I knew that with all the crazy things that had happened in the last few days that even that might be possible too.


“Right back at you kid, right back at you.”


I began to walk through the garden and listen as Renee told me of her life over the last sixteen years.  I listened as she talked of the places she had been and the things she had seen.  I wondered with all the things she had encountered over the years what it was that I could offer her.  I almost voiced my questions when the answer came to me almost instantly, she loved me.  This beautiful, intelligent, amazing creature loved every insignificant part of me.  I relaxed and listened more intently about the museums and churches in Rome, the beauty of the Alaskan mountains and the ancient pyramids in Egypt knowing that she loved me above all else.    I knew that even if I traveled the world over nothing I would ever see would compare to the beauty that was Renee.  I loved her more than any amount of money or anything that money could buy.  I smiled as I cherished every word and touch that she shared so freely with me as we made our way to the house.  I knew that no matter what she thought me, Charlie Swan was the luckiest man on the planet. 




I sat with Esme, Alice and Rose and listened as they argued over what color, style and fabric Renee’s dress should be.  I found myself smiling as Alice and Rose bickered back and forth as Esme gently chided them.  I realized that they really weren’t that different from me or any other human.  I knew in my heart that if Jake would just get over his prejudices and get to know the Cullen’s he would like them.  I suppose over time he will adjust and accept the unacceptable how is that for a contradiction?  I had no idea what it must be like to be Jake a shape shifter born to protect his people, land and pack from the cold ones, who just happened to be the Cullen’s.  Ah poor Jake what must he really be going through?  I had no idea how to help him deal with all the chaos that was his life but I knew I had to try.  As I debated this and turned the situation over in mind for the hundredth time I felt my thoughts shift to Ben.  I knew he was in even more of an impossible situation than Jake and he had no one to help him.  Ben had always been nice and polite to everyone but had no real friends.  I wondered where he had run off to and how he was dealing with all the turmoil he found himself thrust into.  I tried to imagine what he must be feeling and if he had any clue how upside down his life was about to be.  Once again I returned to the present and realized that the room had grown quiet as every pair of topaz eyes were on me. 


“Oh sorry guys I guess I was a million miles away.”


I felt Esme put her arm around my slumped shoulders and rub soothing patterns on my back.  I could feel myself begin to cry and words pouring out of my mouth unbidden at an alarming rate of speed.


“I feel so helpless and so to blame for all of this.  I want to be there for Ben and help him as he discovers who and what he is but that seems so unfair to Jake and he is everything to me.  I know he needs me too because he is having just as hard a time right now as Ben.  I don’t know what to do.”


I was embarrassed by the tears that were freely flowing down my cheeks.  I had not intended to talk of this but my mind had different intentions.


“Ang its okay and we understand how hard this is for you too.  You have taken on the problems of everyone around you but have yet to deal with what any of this means for you.”


I nodded my head and hiccupped as the tears continued to fall.  I felt Rose and Alice at me side joining Esme in a group embrace.  I started to smile at the warmth I felt from their cold embrace.  I knew they were right I couldn’t help Ben or Jake until I came to terms with my own issues.  I knew that I would be okay.  I heard the door behind us open but I couldn’t see who had entered as I was still in the middle of a group hug.  In a matter of seconds the air in the room grew tense and I could hear a deep voice shaking the walls.


“What the hell are you doing to her?”


I knew it was Jake and he looked as if he could phase on the flat and I had no idea how to make him realize I was fine before he tore the house apart.  I could see through the arms still surrounding me that his hands were clenched at his side as he began to shake uncontrollably and his face began to turn a beet red.  




I had gently placed Bella on my bed and marveled at the many things that made her who she was.  She was beautiful but it wasn’t her outer beauty that captivated me and held me entranced for I had seen thousands upon thousands of beautiful faces in the last 87 years but it was more than her face that held me it was the purity of her soul.  She was the most selfless, compassionate and giving person I had ever encountered and all of those things along with her shy, hesitant smile, her mesmerizing brown eyes that held such depth it was like looking in a pool of chocolate and simply drowning, it was her soft hair that flowed down her back and her heart that radiated such love for everyone around her.  She was my miracle my angel.  I could never make her understand how much she meant to me or how it would pain me to take away her beautiful and perfect soul.  I stroked her hair as I pushed it out of her face and I treasured this private moment in my mind before standing up and crossing the room to the shelf that held hundreds of movies.


“So Mrs. Cullen what shall it be tonight?  Comedy, horror. Romance or drama?”


I could see Bella twisting a strand of hair around her finger and smiling that shy smile.  I knew what she was going to say and I could see her embarrassment.


“You did say anything I wanted right?”


I was still smiling as she continued to gnaw on her bottom lip and twirl her hair.  I nodded my head as I searched for the movie I knew she was going to ask for.


“Yes love anything.”


I found the DVD I was searching for and waited for half a second before putting it in.  Bella was still so embarrassed that she hadn’t seen me turn on the flat screen or start the movie.  I saw her eyes flicker with annoyance as she saw the coming attractions begin to play and I being a guy hitting main menu before they could start.  Her face then filled with wonder and amazement as the screen came to life.


“How did you know?”


I eased myself onto the bed beside her and gathered her in my arms.  It never ceased to amaze me how perfectly she fit into the crock of my arms and her head felt so perfect resting on my chest.  I loved her so much more than words could adequately describe.  I smiled as the bright fun colors filled the screen.


“Bella you forget I watched you as you grew up and I know that when things get tough and you need refuge or comfort it is always the one only Winnie the Pooh.”


We laughed as we ended the sentence together.  She snuggled a bit closer and relaxed by my side.  We watched as Pooh and his friends went on a search of the hundred acre woods for their friend Piglet.  I amerced myself in the movie letting my mind free itself all the worries and problems that seemed so unsolvable.  I found myself laughing along with Bella at all the antics Pooh and his friends found themselves in.  As the end credits began to roll Bella braced herself on her elbows that were now on my chest.  I watched as she raised her eyes to mine and smiled, “Thank you, I needed that but you’re wrong you know.”


I was a little taken off guard and had no idea what she was referring to.  I looked at her quizzically with one eyebrow raised.


“Surely you jest me, Edward Cullen wrong about something?”


She giggled and raised her eyebrows at me as if to say ‘why yes.’


“So Mrs. Cullen please enlighten me what exactly am I wrong about this time??”


“Pooh is a distraction from the real world and I need that sometimes but you Mr. Cullen are my one and only, my refuge and comfort without you I would never make it through one day, so thank you for knowing me so well and loving me anyway.”


She dropped a kiss on my cold cheek and then buried her head in my chest before I could see the warm flush that was filling her face.  I drew in her scent and marveled again at the wonder that was Bella.  I never wanted to leave this room or this moment but fate once again had other plans as I suddenly heard Jacob’s thoughts loud and clear in my head.  I moved faster than the speed of light, leaving Bella breathlessly trailing behind me and asking what was wrong.  I didn’t have time to answer all I could do was try to get to the stairs before it was too late.



I was still trying to figure out how I had ended up here, in the home of a blood sucker and playing cards with them at that.  I would have refused but Charlie looked as if he had needed a friend that was as warm blooded as he was.  I had to be honest, at least with myself, that it hadn’t really been that bad watching football debating the best of the best when it came to sports and now playing poker.  I had noticed that Edward had left the room a few minutes earlier and I knew he was going to find Bella.  The two of them seemed to move like magnets always aware of one another and never able to be apart for more than a couple of hours at a time. I had found that eerily odd at first but then I found Angela and I knew now what it was all about.  I wondered what she was doing right now and if she was alone with the bloodsuckers.  I tried not to worry or to jump to conclusions but I still did not trust them or relish the idea of Angela alone with them for any length of time.  I knew if Edward was with Bella and Renee was with Charlie then hat meant Ang was alone with a trio of bloodsucking demons.  I cringed at the thought and decided now was as good time as any to excuse myself and find out what the hell was going on upstairs.  I pushed my chair back from the table and stood up to stretch the kinks out of my back.


“So thanks for letting me take all your money but I think it’s time I call it a night.”


I watched as Dr. Cullen rose to walk me to the door.  He patted me on the back and offered his hand.  I tried not to grimace as I took his cold hard hand in my warm soft one.  I noticed how pale his hand really was while it was engulfed in my dark brown one.  I shook his hand as I offered a thanks and good night as I made my way up the stairs.  I made my way to the music room where I had last seen Angela but the room was empty only confirming what I had suspected Angela was alone somewhere with three vampires.  I took a moment to find her scent and then followed it up the steps to the second floor.  I turned and followed the smell to the end of the hall.  I listened for a second at the door and then I heard the soft muffled cries that I instantly knew belonged to Angela.  I didn’t stop to think or ask questions I knew there might not be time for that so I pushed the door open as I felt the tremors ripping through my body as I saw my love surrounded by vampires as she cried.  I was so furious and filled with fear that I had lost all control of my emotions.  All I could think was no not her and then all I saw was red as the anger took over.  I knew I was going to lose it but I had lost all self control and in that moment in time all that mattered was saving Angela.  I heard feet pounding on the floor behind me and I faintly head Edward yelling for me to stop and Bella right behind him begging me to listen.  I felt torn as I looked at her scared pale face behind me and the anguished tears of Angela in front of me. I could feel so much boiling inside and I knew that it was beyond my control now.  I gave in and just let go.




I closed the phone and felt the hot tears falling down my cheeks.  I had tried so hard to keep Ben safe what good had it done me?  I was right back in the place I had tried so hard to leave behind.  I wiped my tears on the sleeve of my jacket and continued to drive.  I had no idea what to tell Ben or what he might have already figured out on his own.  He was such a good kid and he didn’t deserve the life that was thrust upon him now because of the decisions I had selfishly made so long ago.  I felt my shoulders shaking as another bout of tears began to fall.  I made the turn off the main road and followed the winding, snaky road that led to La Push and the home I had been raised in.  I wondered what Lillian must be thinking right now.  I knew she was probably gloating right now and eagerly waiting for me to come and admit to my sins and transgressions.  I tried to pull myself out of the dark waters my mind had wandered into.  I sighed as I tightened my hands over the steering wheel it was really creepy out here at night and I was not as sure of the roads as  I had  been that night so long ago when I had run away.  I felt the car dip off the road and I fought with the steering wheel and tried to regain control but I overcorrected and knew I was going to hit a tree.  I held the steering wheel tight and closed my eyes praying for a miracle or two.      I suddenly felt the wind whipping through my hair and a cold firm touch pushing me to the side.  I then realized that someone was guiding my car safely to the shoulder of the road.  I was afraid to open my eyes for I had no idea who or what to expect but I had to see who my savior was.  I raised my head and looked at the person that was now seated beside me.  I thought my eyes must be playing tricks on me for it could not possibly be.  I turned slightly in my seat and faced the stranger that was now seated beside me.  I gasped at the beauty and god like man that was looking expectantly at me.  I wondered how he had found me after so long and what he wanted with me now.



He knew he would not stay away forever but he had not been expecting to still be in love with her.  He had thought that he would have gotten over her by now.  He was a vampire after all and vampires are predators with no feelings or remorse, so what was it about this one human that drew him in and refused to let him go?  He had no idea if he loved her or if it was just the idea of her that he loved all he knew was that he had to follow her and make sure she was safe.  He watched as she took the winding curves at a rate of speed that was too fast and he knew she was in trouble.  He didn’t stop to think or to analyze the situation he just reacted.  He ran to the driver’s side door and quickly and fluidly slid in and took control of the wheel.  He guided the car to the shoulder of the road and then dared to look at the lady that sat beside him.  He felt his whole world stop as he saw that it was Lily and that she was alive and beautiful and scared.  He didn’t want to frighten her but he truly had no idea how to approach her or what to say to her to alleviate the tension that was filling the car.  He sat there wondering what to do next, when he heard her voice soft as a whisper, “Nicholas is it really you?”


He smiled as she looked at him questioningly and nodded his head.  He drank in the sight of her so fragile and lovely beside him.  He reached across the space that separated them and stroked her cheek with his cool touch.


“Yes Lil, it’s me.”


She continued to look at him as if she couldn’t believe her eyes.  She smiled a sad smile as the tears began to fall. 

omg ben's dad

Ok so Charlie and Renee are a beautiful and awesome couple!

To anyone it would have looked as if Angela was still in love with Ben but us readers know better! She is head over heels in love with Jacob.

Edward and Bella are the most romantic couple that has ever lived, been created or whatever, you get my point!

Jacob's love towards Angela is quite impressive but at the same time obssesive, and overprotective.

Lily has a lot to deal with but she's a great person!

And Nicholas is just somehting else!

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you have no idea how much i love this story

great chapter


Thanks so much for reading and for loving it. I am so glad you liked this update and the next one will be up tonight.






I paced the small kitchen and listened as Lillian continued to talk of days gone by and if onlys.  I was barely listening as my mind was consumed with thoughts of my mother, where was she?  I knew she should have been here by now and she wasn’t answering her cell which translates to something is wrong.  I stopped at the center island and slammed my palms down on the ceramic tile hard enough for one to crack.  I rested my weight on my arms and wondered where and what she was doing.  I felt a warm hand on my shoulder and then Lillian was guiding me to a chair.  I sat down and completely lost it.  I had never been one to show emotions but if anything had happened to my mom because of me I knew I would be of no use to anyone ever again. 


“Ben you have to remain calm, trust me on this.  I am sure that Lilly is fine and will be here soon.”


I raised my head to meet her gaze and saw a fear that she was trying desperately to hide.  I wondered what it was that she was afraid of and if it had anything to do with my missing mother.  I knew she was probably fine but so many strange and unexplainable things had happened lately that I wasn’t sure of anything anymore.


“I think maybe I should go look for her, what if she is lost or had car trouble or something worse?”


I could see Lillian tense at my words and look of worry filling her cloudy eyes.  I realized that my vision was blurry from the tears that were swimming unshed in my eyes. I knew that I would never be able to live with myself if anything happened to my mom.  I rose from my chair and swiped angrily at my eyes and moved toward the door. 


“Ben please I don’t think that is a good idea, please just stay here.”


I paused with my hand already turning the door knob.  I knew Lillian was just as worried as I was but she seemed anxious and more worried about me walking out the door.  I thought maybe she was afraid I might never come back and that I would hate her for all the choices she made.  I looked at her and smiled a weak, sad smile.


“Lillian I will come back.  I understand that you think I must still have ill feelings about you but I don’t.  I know that you made the choices that seemed right at the time and I also know that you wish that things could have been different.  I will come back I promise.”


She crossed the room and pulled me into a brief hug.  She patted my back and released me from her arms. I waited for her to say something more.  I knew she wanted to tell me something important but she hesitated as if she was afraid to speak.


“Ben I know that things are coming to a head and that you are going to undergo some significant changes but please promise me you will be careful.”  She placed her hand on my forehead and looked at me questioningly. “You so hot and yet your hands are so cold; I wonder how is that even possible?  It goes against everything I have ever been told.  I wish I could help you Ben but until your mother comes I can’t possibly know the full extent of the changes your body is going through.  Please stay here and wait if she isn’t here in an hour we will go look for her together.”


I knew she was worried about me and my mom.  I could see the guilt in her eyes and I knew I could not leave her like that.  I did not want her to feel any guilt or blame if something went tragically wrong.  I would give her an hour but is mom didn’t show up then I was going hunting with or without Lillian.


“I’ll wait for one hour no more.”


Lillian seemed to relax as my words fell on her ears and I walked back to the counter.  I resumed my silent vigil as she began to clean her now untidy kitchen.  I could see the weight of worry on her face as she moved slowly around the room.  She seemed so overwhelmed in her own thoughts.  I wish that I could know what it was that was going through her mind right now.  Sometimes it was almost as if I could hear her voice crystal clear in my mind but the words made no sense.  I had no idea what werewolves and vampires had to do with me or my mom or the situation at hand, how odd.  I wondered if maybe Lillian had a fetish for scary movies.


“So Lillian do you like scary movies?”


I could see that my question had caught her off guard and she was staring at me as if she didn’t even know me.  She blinked her eyes and dusted her hands on her apron before removing it and hanging it on a peg.  She shuffled toward me and stopped as she took my chin in her hand and looked at my eyes.


“Ben do you know something that you aren’t telling me?”


I was the one confused by that question, what could I possibly know that she didn’t?  I shook my head no and waited for her to say something.


“Ok well no I don’t really see any value in things that aren’t real.  I suppose I like stories with a point and that make sense.”


“Ok so I suppose you don’t think vampires and werewolves are real then?”


I heard her gasp as she spun around to face the wall.  I watched as she began to pace the floor and clutch the beads that hung from her neck as she chanted some tribal ritual.  I was really entranced by her words as they flowed fluidly from her lips.  I knew that something big was coming and I was more than ready to find out what the hell was going on.  I glanced at the clock on the wall and saw that it had been almost an hour.  As I began to move from my seat I heard the sound of a car pulling in the drive out front.  At that exact moment I heard Lillian stop pacing and become very quiet.  I was about to ask her what was wrong but I felt a change in the air and I could feel a tremor ripping through my body as my mother came through the back door.




I could see Ben through the window.  He was standing perfectly still as if he were in a daze and then his body began to shake and I knew what was happening. I ran to the door and threw it open and called his name.  He turned his head in my direction as if he were a puppet on a string.  I wasn’t sure what was happening it was all very strange.  I began to walk toward him slowly so not scare him or make the situation any worse. 


“Ben honey, you need to calm down.”


I could see my sweet, beautiful baby boy as the tremors began to run through his body uncontrollably.  He looked at me with so much pain and as his eyes filled with unasked questions and rage.  I quickened my pace and was now at his side.  I gently placed my hands on each side of his face.  I could feel his heart rate slowing back to normal as his body grew still.  He seemed so lost and scared.  I knew he deserved to know the truth.


“Ben, sweet boy, I am so sorry for everything that I have kept from you.  I know it is past time that I tell you everything and I hope you can forgive me for the decisions I made and the secrets I have kept.  I only have one request just listen with an open mind.”


I could see Ben looking at me with wonder and love in his coal black eyes.  I loved him so much more than he could ever understand, maybe someday when he had kids of his own he would know how I feel right now.  I knew I had made mistakes but every decision I made was to protect my baby.  I took his hand and led him to the family room.  I knew Lillian was following behind so I waited until we were all seated by the fire place.   I remained silent and tried to calm the butterflies that were fluttering in the pit of my stomach.  I could feel my heart racing like a runaway train as I ran my palms on my jeans.  I drew a deep breath in and then slowly out as I heard my shaky voice begin to tell the story I had buried deep inside over eighteen years ago.


“Ben I guess all of this started the summer I was fifteen.  I was young and so filled with hurt and I lashed out at everyone and more so at Lillian.  I was anger at the death of my father and I had no one I felt I could talk to about all the pain that was going on inside of me.  I had connected with your grandfather in a way that is impossible to explain but I fear that one day you may understand that connection.  I remember spending a lot of time at First Beach that summer with my cousin Billy and his friend Charlie they were a few years older than I was and they didn’t really pay me much attention.  One day while I was walking the beach alone I met a guy.   He was amazing, beautiful and he listened to me but he was not a Quileute or a Native American at all he was a white boy from California.  I spent every waking hour with him and it drove Lillian crazy.  We fought over this every single day until one night she told me that my future was already set and that it did include outsiders that had no way of understanding our life, cultural differences or our lineage.  I remember that last night here I left in a fit of rage and swore I would never come back.  I ran as far as I could go until I collapsed in the woods.  I have no idea how but somehow I woke up and I was in a house lying on a couch by a warm inviting fire.  I remember a little old lady coming into the room and bringing me tea and soup.  I ate it as if it was the last meal I would ever have.  She told me to rest and we would talk later when I was more aware of what was going on.  I snuggled into the big overstuffed couch and closed my eyes.  I have no idea how long I lay there or what happened but somehow she and I forged a bond that could not be broken and she took care of me.  I attended Fork’s high school where I met Charlie although he didn’t really remember me but we soon became friends again.  I was heartbroken over the love that I thought would last forever and maybe it did because in the end I got you.  I owe Charlie a lot for pulling me back from the brink of insanity and helping me to focus on the future and everything I could do when I finally got out of this tiny unforgiving town.  I still thought about Nick a lot but he never came back.  I knew Lillian had hated the idea of me falling in love with a pale face and that she would have never let it continue so I had never tried to come home and she never tried to find me.  I had finally found a place where I fit in and things began to fall into place.  I knew that once I graduated that my life was mine and there was nothing anyone could do or say to keep me where I didn’t want to be or at least that was what I thought at the time. “


I could feel the tears threatening to fall as I spoke and the intense look that was on Ben’s face made it hard for me to breathe.  I reached over and took his hand in mine as I began to talk.


“I know this all very hard for you do you want me to stop now?”


I could see the look of pain in his eyes as he shook his head from side to side and squeezed my hand.  I gave him a watery smile as I continued.


“Well it was the summer after graduation and I was so sure that Nick would come find me.  I waited and made plans for us but he never came or so I thought.  I knew that something was different about me because I was suddenly hungry all the time and I was very irritable and snappy but I had no idea what was wrong with me.  I tried to hide what was going on but Marion the lady I lived with seemed to know how I was feeling.  I had decided that it was finally time for me to leave Forks I had to get away from it all to leave my life behind and start over somewhere, anywhere but here.  I really didn’t feel like I had anyone who cared if I was leaving besides Charlie and he and Renee were expecting a baby soon so I knew he was happy. 


I packed what little I owned and got in my beat up truck and left without looking back.  I had a map opened on the seat beside me and I closed my eyes and placed my finger on it.  I opened my eyes and saw that it had landed on California the state that Nick lived in.  I had no idea how to find him or where exactly he lived but I took it as a sign so that was where I was headed.  I drove for days and finally I found a small town in Santa Monica.  I walked the streets looking for work my meager funds were running low.  I saw a small diner on a corner with a help wanted sign, I went in and saw a jolly older lady who could have easily past for Ms. Santa Claus and as she offered me a cup of coffee and listened to my story she patted my hand as she offered me a job she couldn’t pay much but she did offer me room and board.  I gladly accepted her offer and felt as if maybe I had finally found a home where I could just be the me I had always wanted to be. 


I finished my coffee and let Susan show me around the diner and explain what my job was.  She then handed me a set of keys and I followed her outside to a cute little cottage that sat directly behind the diner.  She told me it had been empty for a few years but that I could stay there as long as I liked.  I thanked her and began the task of cleaning and putting my home in order.  I stayed there for a while and one night as I was locking up the diner I felt chills running up my spine and knew someone was there.  I tried to remain calm as I hurried to the house but I was not fast enough and I suddenly felt myself being lifted off the ground.  I closed my eyes sure that I was about to be kidnapped, raped, murdered or all three.  I squeezed my eyes shut tighter and then I heard the soft turn of the lock and I was in my house sitting on the couch. 


I was scared to open my eyes but somehow I felt a calm fill the air around me and I knew that I was not in danger.   I opened one eye and saw the face of an angel of my Nicolas.  He had found me somehow he had found me.  I sat very still beside him for there was something different about him.  I studied his face and saw his chiseled features that seemed to be made from marble like a statue of a Greek god.  His hair was tousled like I remembered but somehow it was darker, courser and perfect.  The one thing that I knew was different was his eyes.  He had had the most beautiful blue eyes always crinkled as he smiled and his face would overflow with warmth and love but now his eyes were a golden brown and they looked so sad as if he were a million miles away. 


I had no idea what to do or say so I waited for him to say something.  He studied my face and then one simple touch of his hand was all it took for me to fall weeping in his arms.  He held me close to stone hard chest and ran his fingers up and down my back.  I felt so alive and so happy but I also wondered what it was that had made him so different from the Nick that I remembered.  I knew it had been two and half years but I had not forgotten that face that starred in my dreams every night.  He waited for my tears to cease and then gently pushed me back on the sofa.   


He told me how he had never really left me that he had mailed me countless letters that had all been marked return to sender and that he had vowed to one day return to First Beach and find me.  He made the trip only to learn that I had left and moved to Forks.  He had tried to find me but had been told that I had left in the middle of the night and no one knew where I had gone.  He tried to follow the trail I had unknowingly left but something happened shortly after his arrival to Forks that delayed him for a few weeks he never told me exactly what had happened but he seemed to bring him so much pain to think of it so I never asked again. 


We fell into a routine and life was good for a while.  I still felt these strange sensations in my stomach and I always seemed to be so hot.  Things began to get strange and Nicolas seemed to be pulling away from me a little each day.  I had been feeling kind of sick and weak for a couple of days and I wondered what it meant.  I was sure that it had to be my imagination but it was almost like I could feel something growing inside me and I knew that even if I was pregnant it was way too soon for me to even know much less feel what was going on inside of me.  I had just pulled a double shift at the diner and was going to the pharmacy to buy a test.  I hurried home with the bag clutched to my chest.  I sat alone in my cute ocean blue bathroom with lighthouse pictures and knick knacks and looked at the stick in my hand that was the proof I needed to know that I wasn’t crazy I was pregnant. 


I am not at all sure how or why I knew this but I knew that you would be special.  I continued to experience strange sensations, odd cravings and bouts of anger.  At first I thought it was just my hormones but then I remembered something that Lillian had said about Quileute’s and the shape shifters and everything fell into place.  I knew what I was and why Lillian had been so hard on me and I knew what Nicolas was he was the reason that my fever had set in and I was scared that if I didn’t leave that I would lose all control and that I would hurt myself and lose you.  I did the only thing I could I came home. 


I spend most of the time driving and taking in the sights along the way but mostly I tried to figure out what I was going to do.  I arrived at Forks in the middle of the night on the day that would become your birthday.  I wasn’t sure what to do or where to go but I was on the outskirts of town when I had to pull over from the searing pain that felt like I was being ripped in two.  I was so scared I had no idea how or what to do. 


I climbed out of my truck and crawled to the woods.  I found a soft secluded spot and laid down clutching my swollen stomach.  I prayed to whoever was listening to help me.  I dozed off and on not knowing how long I had been there.  I was burning with a fever that was hotter than a thousand suns and I was delirious. I was sure that I was not going to make it and I prayed for you, my unborn baby.  I had no way of knowing if you would make it or not.  I heard something walking in the forest and whatever it was seemed to be heading for me. I closed my eyes as another stab of pain ripped through me and pierced my soul.    I opened my eyes and through sweat and tears I could make out a man standing in front of me.  He had the same look about him as Nicolas did and my heart ached for the man I loved but for reasons I was yet to understand could not have.  The man was Dr. Carlisle Cullen he helped me that night and because of him you and I are here today.”


I remained silent as Ben took my words in and tried to make sense of so much information at once.  He finally looked at me and asked the question I was waiting for.


“So mom what are you?”


I smiled at his soft spoken question, “Honey I am what you would call a shape shifter or in Quileute legends I am a spirit warrior.”


Ben didn’t act shocked or surprised at all and I wondered what Lillian had told him before I got here.


“Mom what made you leave dad?”


“Ben I had no choice. You see the fever that makes us change is only brought on by one thing and that is the presence of a cold one and Nicolas, your dad was a cold one.”


I could hear Lillian’s sharp intake of breath as the impact of my words hit her full force.  She looked at Ben as if she were looking at a god or a king.


“What is a cold one?”


“Ben your dad was a vampire.”


I could see Ben’s eyes widen in surprise as I said the forbidden word out loud.  I could see the questions shooting at me like daggers to the heart and I wanted to cry from the pain.  I wasn’t sure what to say next but before I could two things happened at once.  First the door swung open and a young girl around Ben’s age came running in talking so fast that no one could understand her and as she spoke Ben grew very still and looked as if he was in a trance.  As the girl stood by Lillian and finished her rambling she too grew suddenly quiet and still.  She turned just enough that she could see Ben and she raised her hand to her heart and stared at him as if she had never seen a boy before.  I looked from the two of them and Ben was clutching his shirt in exactly the same way as the girl both looked as if they were trying to keep their hearts from jumping out of their chest.  I found this odd and I could faintly hear Lillian’s words floating around the room. 


“Leah what are you babbling about.”


The girl never took her eyes away from Ben as she spoke in a quiet and subdued voice, “I said Sam thinks he has caught the scent of a bloodsucker and he is rounding up the boys.”


I could see Lillian getting to her feet as Leah spoke.  I wondered why she was relaying this message instead of Sam himself.  I saw her and Ben begin to walk toward each other as some force beyond their control was pulling them to that exact spot at that exact moment.  I could see Ben reach across the space that separated them and then they just looked lost in each other’s eyes as she fell into his arms.


I walked to were Lillian was and asked her to explain to me what the hell was going on.  She said that Leah was Harry Clearwater’s daughter and the newest member of the pack and it was quite obvious that she had just imprinted on Ben and he on her.


I was shocked I had always thought that was just crazy I didn’t think it really happened.  I began to think of Nick and I knew that I believed because for me I had known that he was it for me.  I shivered as I thought about what Leah had said about a new scent and I hoped that he had listened to me and went back to my house.




I watched as Jake lost control and slid to a heap in the floor as Angela making her way to his side.  She whispered in his ear and held his hand and he was finally still.  He slowly raised his eyes to hers and let out the pent up air he had been holding.  I sighed in relief as everyone left them alone.  I felt so bad for Jake but he had Ang and I knew he would be okay.


I slowly followed Edward to his room and closed the door behind us.  We sat down and just held each other no words were necessary I felt safe in his arms and knew that he would never let anything or one hurt me.  I closed my eyes letting his intoxicating scent of crisp winter air, freesia and lavender, calm my nerves.  I could feel myself drifting and I knew it wasn’t sleep that was claiming me but a dream one that held secrets of what would come.  It was rather odd one minute I was watching Ben and Leah Clearwater holding hands and then walking along First Beach in what appeared to be wedding attire.  I could see the wind blowing off the ocean and pushing Leah’s silky black hair away from her smiling face.  I could see her looking happier than I had ever seen her.


Then the pictured faded into a similar vision another white dress and another tux but this time it was me and I was glowing as I walked down the stairs to meet Edward who stood at the front of the room waiting for me to take his hand.  Then again it shifted and now it was a beautiful little girl and two cute little boys playing in the huge back yard that lay behind the Cullen’s house and sitting on the patio was me, Edward, Angela, Jake, Ben and Leah. 


I could feel the vision fading and I was now back in the here and now sitting on Edward’s bed nestled in his arms.  I sighed in contentment as I thought of the vision and wondered if it was even possible for me and Edward to have a baby.  There was no doubt that she was our baby girl she had his untamed bronze hair and complexion and my warm like chocolate brown eyes. I realized that I must have talked during my vision because Edward was asking me questions.


“Bella are you okay?”


He was feeling of my forehead as if he thought I was sick.  I pushed his hand away and laughed, He arched one eyebrow in a bad impression of James Dean.  I rose from the bed and stood in front of him.  I watched his face relax and I rested on his knee.  I slung my arm around his neck and toyed with the buttons on his shirt.  He wrapped me in his strong embrace and asked me again if I was okay.


“I am fabulous and yourself Mr. Cullen?”


He shook his head at me and began to tickle me unmercifully.  I knew I was grinning like a Cheshire cat who ate the canary but it was so much fun to know that one day Edward and I would be married and that he truly loved me and wanted me enough to have a baby with me.  I knew that waiting would not be so hard now that I knew it was all true.


“Well Mrs. Cullen I would be better if I knew what was going on inside that pretty little head of yours, care to enlighten me?”


“Well let’s just say that I had a vision and it was perfect.  I will never question your love for me again and I will wait until we are married before I bring up the intimacy issue again.”


I could feel Edward jumping up off the bed with me locked in his arms.  He was dancing around the room as if I had just gave him the missing wonder of the world.  He stopped and kissed me firmly on the lips and I felt as if I no longer needed the air to survive all I needed was him.  He slowly pulled away and gazed in my eyes and smiled that crooked grin.


“So let me get this straight you are saying that you will marry me?”


I looked at him as if he was a dim witted child and nodded my head very slowly.  Did he really doubt that I would eventually marry him?


“Yes, of course did you think otherwise?”


He looked at me again and hugged me closer as if that were possible.  I laughed as he finally sat me down on my feet but he never let go or took his warm topaz eyes off of me. 


“Bella you have me happier than I have ever been.”


“Well I guess that’s a good thing sense you are stuck with me now.”


“Isabella Marie Swan I promise to love, protect and take care of you every day for the rest of eternity.”


I was speechless what exactly was I suppose to that?”

*************************************************************************************ANGELA’S POV


I held Jake until he calmed down enough to look me in the eyes.  He had a firm grip on my arm and refused to let me move an inch without him by my side.  I knew he had feared for my safety and I knew he didn’t trust any vampire but I truly did not fear the Cullen’s they were good and would not hurt me or anyone else.  We finally made it to my car and headed home.  I hated to ask Jake to do this but I had to make sure that Ben was safe at home.


“Jake do you mind if we drive by Ben’s?  I just want to see that he made it home.”


I could feel him tense a little but he agreed that it was probably a smart thing to do.  I turned onto Ben’s road and slowly drove down the tree lined street.  I pulled over on the other side of the street and looked closer but Ben’s car was gone and so was Lilly’s.  I was about to say something when Jake told me to drive away as fast as possible.  I pulled back onto the street and hurried home.


“Jake what is it?”


He was shaking and his hands were clenched at his side.   The further I drove away from Ben’s street the calmer he became.  I pulled into my drive and parked. 


“Jake please what happened back there?”


He looked at me with such a tortured expression that it made me ache for him.


“Angela there’s a vampire I could smell him.”


I was surprised at his words. I wondered if it was Ben he had smelled.


“Do you think it was Ben?”


Jake shook his head no as he thought about what happened.


“No I have been around him his vampire scent mixed with the wolf scent is completely different.”


I could see Jake calling someone on the phone and I knew it was probably Bella. I could hear him relaying the events to Edward, who I was sure was with Bella.  He flipped the phone closed and got out of the car and I followed.  He pulled me close and breathed in the scent of my hair before pushing it away from my face and then finally brushing his lips to mine in butterfly soft whispers.  I marveled at the graceful way he could touch me as if he was weak but he was not in any way weak he was strong and powerful yet gentle with the ones he loved.  He finally ended the kiss much to my dismay but I knew he had to go. 

“Angela I have to phase and tell Sam what happened and I know he will command us all to meet him.  So promise me that you will be careful?”


“I promise Jake and you promise me the same.  I know you think you’re invincible but you’re not and even werewolves bleed.”


“Yeah okay I promise.”


He held me close for a moment longer and then dropped a kiss on my cheek before he took off into the woods running faster than wind that whipped around me.  






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