The Twilight Saga

The Day Edward Proposed to...Well, someone other than Bella.

*I am not trying to copy Midnight Sun, this is pure originality except for some of the dialouge. Please do not kill me (pun intended) if it isn't like Twilight's plot. ORIGINALITY.*

"The Day Edward Proposed to..."

"Someone other than Bella."
By Sam

Edward's POV:

~Chapter 1~
I am starting high school....again.
Not that I care, I mean, you know, I have done this over and over since I have joined Carlisle's Coven and he wanted Rosalie and I to start high school so we will be less conspicuous.

I glanced at my schedule, first period was Algebra II, second period was Social Studies, third period Home Ec., fourth period was lunch (too bad they aren't serving bear, for Emmett), fifth period was...oh, why am I repeating this to myself? I know my schedule by heart already! Only math was different every year, but it was always first period that math was held for me.

I walked into Algebra II, nothing new on the board from my last semester...
I walked into Social Studies, nothing new.
Home Economics nothing new.
Lunch. Wait. A scent as I walked into the room made me hungry, for humans.

"Oh, that's Edward Cullen. Totally gorgeous, obviously. He's single. Apparently, no one here is good enough for him."

I couldn't help but compress a smile.

Jessica Stanley. Ah.
The new girl's name was Isabella, she preferred Bella, though.

I focused on her mind.
'Why is he staring at me? He is beautiful. But why me?'

Haha. Bella Bella Bella.

You've got a lot to learn.

~Chapter 2~

The same, familiar scent filled the biology room. I am so hungry! God help Bella if she sits next to me!
Mr. Banner led Bella to an open seat. I plugged my nose, Bella could notice, 'I dont smell bad do I?' Bella thought, 'I smell favorite shampoo, whats wrong with him!?'

At last the end of the school day came, I walked to the office "You have to switch my classes" I said rapidly as I walked in the door of the school office "I am sorry, all classes are filled" "There has to be something available, Science-" the secretary interrupted me, "I am sorry you'll just have to stay in biology" I flinched, the smell of lavender filled the room, "Fine. I..I guess I'll just have to endure it." I walked, well, not walked, really more of a jog, out of the office and went to my silver volvo and started the engine.

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I like this ..... I wonder who if not Bella???? =) And he can read her mind, that's a new one! :)
are you going to write more?
oooh whos he gonna propose too thenn??


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