The Twilight Saga

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Ch. 1

Nessie P.O.V

I grew up with one of the best family and friends there is in the world. I can not think of a time they where not there for me. When I told my dad I wanted to go off to college in L.A. he was not happy but after mom talked to him he said I could go.

Jacob wanted to come with me but he said there was no way he could. He like my best friend I wish he could but o well. He never did tell me why he could not could tell he was fighting a fight on the inside but I did not know why. I have been in school for 4 mo now. It is summer brake so I am going home to see my family and show them my new boyfriend.

We meet right after school started when a bunch of boys started picking on me and he kicked all there butts and sent them packing. I took him out to eat to thank him and the rest is history.

But I never told the family about the fight or him. I did not want them to send me home. When we got to the air port I got off the plane holding Danny hand. All my family and Jacob was there waiting for me but not one of them looked happy they all looked mad.

I squeezed his hand to insure us both that everything was going to be fine as I walked to them.

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If people like it I will try to make next one longer. just don't want to put time in it if no one reads

sounds very interesting, please continue!

Thanks I will tom I can't do them when kids are home.


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