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I was wondering, what would have happened if the Volturi had stayed and fought? This is my version of what should have happened though Leah and Quil's POV Hope you like it and Enjoy and don't forget to tell me what you think!

This takes place after there has been a dramatic fight between the Volturi and the Cullens & the shape shifters. The Volturi was taken down, and a few of the left over vampires ran off scared, but they took down the Cullens with them and left most of the shape shifters seriously wounded.

The End

Quil’s POV

“It’s over.” Jake whispered and my eyes flew open. “Can you get up?” He asked weakly. I could tell he was hurt too; he just didn’t want to show it. His hands moved frantically over my body, not knowing what to do.

Jake, let me die in peace.” I moaned with the pain that moving my lips had caused me and tried to stay still. Every muscle in my body was crying out in pain and I just wanted death to take me over already. I never thought I would be praying for death, but that time had come.

“No!” The loud sound echoed above all the moans and groans of the shape shifters that lay wounded and those trying to do what they can to save the ones they loved. I took what I hoped would be my final look around the clearing and couldn’t help but feel a surge of happiness go through me when I spotted the amount of smoking piles around us. We had won, we had defeated them all. Then I turned to Jake, who was kneeling beside me, completely confused, with his head in his hands.

Then,Embry was running towards us, already in human form. He was the one who had shouted in protest to what I had thought would be my last words. “You have to fight,” I could tell he was wanted to say more, but the tears that overflowed from his eyes made him choke on his words. He stroked my arm gently and I couldn’t help but moan again. Unable to deal with causing me anymore pain that I was already in, he moved his hand away and just sobbed more.

“So, this is it, then.” Jake brought his arm forward revealing a huge gash near his elbow, and moved over which revealed the pool of blood it had caused. Embry immediately tore of his shirt and wrapped Jake’s arm in it. The tears that had streaked Embry’s face gave me the sudden strength to talk.

“I am happy.” I tried to smile but the pain wouldn’t let me, and they turned to face me like I had gone insane. “That is ends this way, the three of us.” I added and Embry smiled warmly at me and then fresh tears brimmed over.

“Together forever.” He agreed. “Just like old times.” Embry put his arm around Jake comfortingly and stroked my cheek with the other one.

“This cannot be the end.” Jake’s called out unexpectedly and burst out in hysterics. “I won’t lose anymore of my family today, no way is that happening.”

“Quil, I have something to tell you.” Embry stopped stroking my cheek and an expression that I didn’t quite understand took over his face. “I love you…”

It took all my strength to fight against the pain and put my finger to his lips to silence him. “I love…you too.”And then the pain won.


Leah’s POV

“Sam, Sam…” I called frantically, my eyes scanning the clearing for the doctor, and then I realized that he would have been one of those smoking piles. “Please…”

I was in total shock; I never thought it would end in such tragedy. I didn’t care who won, we had lost either way. I wished and hoped with all my heart that it was me lying on my deathbed right now instead of the man I loved. His eyelids fluttered open and close accompanied by the moans and groans of pain. I knew this was it; there was no way he was going to survive. I rested my face on his chest and lay beside him for the last time. I never thought I could be in more pain than the day I had found out he had imprinted on Emily, but this was a thousand times worse. I would rather live that day ten times over than see him like this.

“LeeLee,” fresh tears brimmed over and stained my cheeks as he muttered the nickname that he called me by for the last time. “I…love…you…always.” He said it with breaks and seeing the pain it caused him, made me weep louder. I took a look around that most of them were in so much pain.

Jake, who was obviously devastated over the loss of Bella and Renesmee, was on the floor beside Embry and they were leaned over Quil’s unconscious body. Jared was gripping his arm with a pained look on his face and Paul was curled up in a corner holding his leg.

“Leah.” My brother appeared out of nowhere, with scratches and gashes all over his body. He had three deep gashes on his cheek and the blood was dripping all the way down his neck staining his shirt. It looked like everyone was back in human form and Collin and Brady were missing. Seth put a comforting hand on my shoulder and then, knelt down beside me.

“You were a true hero today.” Sam said unexpectedly his eyes on Seth. “I want you to take over the pack.”

Seth nodded and knelt beside Sam. “I can only try to be as good as you were.”

“Take care of your sister for me.” With one last look towards me, he took his last breath and closed his eyes. I leaned down over him again and Seth left me in peace, weeping over the lifeless body of the man I loved.

Quil’s POV

“Quil, Quil…” My eyes flew open to the sound of Embry’s voice.

“Is this heaven?” I asked but then realized that the pain was still there, only it seemed to be fading. I looked up into Embry’s eyes and convinced myself that he was the angel that was taking me there or whatever.

“We-ell, I redecorated but I would hardly call it heaven.” Billy chuckled and as my eyes scanned the scene around me, I realized I was lying on the dining table in Jake’s house.

I laughed along with him and was surprised that it didn’t cause me any pain. Then to test it out, I moved my hand up to Embry’s cheek and he smiled the most beautiful smile I had seen in a while.

“I’ll leave you two alone” Billy said awkwardly and then left the room hurriedly.

Then I tried to get up and hug Embry but he pushed me back down gently. “Not yet.” He laughed when I pouted. “No need to hurry, we still have forever.” And I couldn’t help but beam because of the joy it caused my heart to erupt in.

Leah’s POV

“It’ll be okay Emily.” I assured her again but I knew it was a false promise. It would never be okay, and life would never be the same for us again. At least, I had gained my friendship with Emily back and we were spending every day together just like when we were kids.

She tried to smile as I waved goodbye and left. I was supposed to go home but something made me walk to the beach instead. I walked to the place where we usually hang out, the piece of driftwood.

As the memories that flooded my mind brought out tears again, I noticed a familiar figure standing very close to the water and for a second, I thought it was Sam.

“Leah.” Jake turned around and he called out, like I was the person he was waiting for right now. Just then I noticed that he had something in his hand, something like a little jewelry box.

“This is something I want you to have.” He opened the box revealing a charm bracelet with a miniature red brown wolf charm hanging from it. He smiled warmly and for what seemed like the first time in a while, I smiled back. Then he caught me up in a bear hug and I had to pull away and tell him that I couldn’t breathe. Then, I reached over, cupped his face in my hands, and kissed him.

Life would never be the same but we both knew the pain of losing the one person we would love forever. If we had to be miserable, we might as well be miserable together, right?


Leah’s POV contd. ~ 8 years later.

“Sam, Nessie, breakfast is ready.” I called out as Jacob walked in with our twins holding on to each of his legs.

“What’s for breakfast mom?” Nessie asked as they all took their seats around the table. I placed the eggs and bacon I had just prepared on their plates when Jake hugged me from behind and kissed my cheek.

“You smell wonderful this morning.” He said as he played with my hair and I kissed him.

“Ewww, not when we are eating!” Sam called out and all of us burst out laughing and this moment made me realize how happy I was. I had ended up with the man I loved, a happy family, a job I was happy with as a yoga instructor and we were living in Seattle but I still got to visit my friends and family down in La Push a lot. Jake and I had learned to stop phasing and we were happy. What more could a girl ask for?



“Nessie!” Jake screamed as the half vampire launched herself at Jane and fell to the ground curled up in pain. I realized that he didn’t actually scream, he was just thinking it and I could feel the jolt of pain that went through him. He ran towards her and before he was by her side, there was a thick smoke going up from where she lay.

Bella and Edward stood back to back now surrounded and he didn’t look like he had an advantage anymore. Felix, Demetri and a bunch of other bloodsuckers I didn’t recognize were leaned in as if they were going to have a feast or something. The fight there seemed to be going on for a little while and I could see a few piles were already smoking. Bella and Edward had taken down as much as they could but it was over for them now. In the blink of an eye, they were going up in flames.

This was all too much. Too much blood, too much death. I couldn’t take it anymore. I stood still as the vamps all around me went up in flames. They were all bursting into flames, and taking down more with them.

Jane smiled a victorious smile the moment she realized that Bella was gone, and Jake launched himself at her. I watched in amazement as he ripped her apart, limb from limb. The angelic devil was gone, all her deeds having caught up to her.

All around me, I heard screams and howls. The wolves weren’t thinking much anyways, they were just going by instinct, but just then I realized that Collin and Brady, who were fighting a rather strong looking vampire, had disappeared. I think his name was Aro, and the last thought I heard from Brady was “We did it. Collin?” and then…nothing.

I turned around, alert, as a rather small vampire, who much resembled the devilish angel, but was softer and somehow more deadly, launched himself at me. We landed on the floor, me on top on him and him trying to rip my neck out, when I tore off his shoulder. Then, once I had an edge over him, I could say it was pretty easy to rip the rest of him apart. I picked up the pieces in my mouth to the rather huge pile that Seth had created to my right. Then a strange feeling came over me, and I realized it was a mixture of pride in my brother and disgust with me for feeling that way in the first place. I was proud of my baby brother for being good at destroying another life form, how sick was that? No, I convinced myself. I was proud of his bravery.

“Leah, No!” I heard someone scream behind me and as I turned around I Sam launch himself at a rather huge vampire and the leech somehow managed to get on top of him. I knew I should have helped Sam, but before I realized what was happening, the leech had his teeth sunk into Sam’s neck. He howled in pain and out of nowhere, my brave brother flew out of the air and landed growling on the vampire. Immediately, I was at Sam’s side, in human form. I didn’t care that whoever was there was seeing me naked, heck, I didn’t even care if a vamp killed me. All I knew was that I didn’t care.

“Did you hear that?” I called to the air. “I’m giving up. Kill me, I done.” After a few minutes if serious weeping I looked around to see that there were no vamps around, just smoking piles and human boys (the wolves had phased back) lying on the ground. Collin and Brady weren’t even there!

I was completely focused on the man I loved, dying in my arms and barely even noticed someone in the distance, over the moans and groans of pain. “Quil, Quil, No!”

“Buzzzz, Buzzz” The new sound startled me and expecting something wore to pop out of the bushes, I screamed, but it only came out as a gasp between my other gasps for air. My eyes flew open, startled to the alarm clock that only buzzed now since Jake had hit it a few mornings ago.

Jake turned over in his sleep, now his arm and most of his body on top of me. I snuggled into the familiar and comforting warmth of his body, trying to forget the familiar nightmare that I never wanted to live through again.

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Sorry I could not read this it was just to much death and pain related to the fictional characters that I so love. I think you are probably a good writer it was just to much for me but I wish you good luck with your story.
Thanks, but that was it, it was kind of a short story. And the last chapter (Flashback) tells you what happened in the fight.
Yo! Quil and Embry ar gay?
same here if Bella dies i can't read the story sorry but it is good
Thank you (:
Quil and Embry are gay?


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