The Twilight Saga

~The End of a New Beginning~

Anyways, i am only barrowing the characters for this fanfic. : )
but the cullens are not quite the same. Yes they are vampires, but they can go into the sun, they have fangs, they do eat, um they drink human blood, and they can be close to humans (as in Edward can kiss Bella) unless the situation goes to far or something awful involving blood happens, then they just can't help yeah. that's about all. Enjoy!

ok i found chapter one. sorry about that. : )

Ch.1. Bella'sPOV

”You are so grown up.” My dad, Charlie, was already gushing over the fact that I was off to college, not to mention that it was my second year, but if you want to get technical, it was my first year of college in Forks, Washington.
“Dad it’s my second year. Don’t worry about me.” I said, hauling my two suitcases out the door and rolling them down the driveway. One suitcase was filled with my cloths and a few personal belongings while the other one was stuffed to the max with my bed sheets and comforter, which I had to wrestle with to get it to fit. I’m surprised it hasn’t burst open yet.
“I know I know, it’s just that with everything that’s happened to you this past year, I’m going to be worried Bells.” Charlie took one suitcase and lifted it into the trunk for me, but when he reached for the other one, I took his hands in mine and looked him straight in the eyes while I spoke.
“Nothing is going to happen to me. I promise you dad. And if anything does go wrong, which I doubt it, you will be the first to know. Again, there is absolutely no need to worry.” I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him into a tight hug.
“I love you Bells.” He said, patting my head before releasing me.
“Love you too.” I replied opening my truck’s door and sliding in. I could feel the engine come to life as I put the key in the ignition. “See you at Thanksgiving!” I yelled to him as I backed out of the driveway.
“Drive safely!” he called back.
“Don’t worry dad!” with one last smile and wave goodbye, I rolled up my window and headed down the street towards Forks University.

Edward’s POV
”And so it begins,” Rose commented as she stepped out of the car. “Another year at Forks University.” My “siblings” and me walked across the school parking lot and into the school. It was a drab looking school, hardly any color. It was basically one extremely large, gray square building with a grass courtyard in the center. But the gym and the front office were separate buildings located off to the side and there was a small track and football field located in the back of the school.
“Man I should have signed up for different classes. This is going to be extremely boring.” My brother Emmet sighed looking down at the ground.
“How could you not have changed your classes? Did you just not think about it?” I asked, shaking my head.
“No I didn’t ok. And you know what, I’m going to go to the office right now and see what I do about my schedule.”
“I’ll go with you.” Rose said, linking her hand in Emmet’s.
“Thanks babe.” he said, glaring at me before walking away.
“Hey, me and Jasper are going to go to the Library. Do you want to come with us?” my younger sister Alice asked me.
“No I’m just going to wait here until the bell rings. I’ll catch up with you guys later.” As I watched Alice and Jasper leave, I continued walking until I reached the edge of the grass. I stood there taking in the atmosphere and picking out all of the new freshmen that looked completely confused, because they couldn’t find their class.
Suddenly a girl came up beside me and tripped on what looked like her own two feet and fell to the ground, her books and most of the contents from her back pack going everywhere.
“Ugh. Crap.” She mumbled, getting on her knees and picking her things up.
I felt bad just standing there and watching her so I bent down to help.
“Oh thanks. I am so clumsy sometimes.” She said.
“Everyone has their days.” I said, trying to make her feel less embarrassed.
“If that’s true, my day is everyday.”
I laughed at her comment. “You can’t be that clumsy.”
“Trust me, I am.” We stood up and the moment our eyes met something inside of me changed. It was like suddenly, it was just me and her standing there, no one else existed. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She had long brown hair that fell around her shoulders and framed her small face perfectly. But she quickly looked away from me, her face turning red.
“Hi. My name is (Bond, James Bond. Haha. That would be awesome.) Cullen. Edward Cullen.”
“Hi. I’m Bella Swan.” I stuck my hand out and she shook it, but I didn’t let go for a few seconds so she had to yank her hand away.
“So what’s your first class?” I asked
“Um…”she scrambled through her bag and pulled out a piece of paper that had her classes listed. “Physics, with Swaney.”
“Funny. That’s where I’m going too. Here, why don’t I help you with those.” I carefully took her books from her and she looked grateful that I did.
“Thanks.” She said.
“No problem.” We walked through the hallway together, filled with students rushing to class.
“It’s nice to know somebody. It’s my first year here, but I’m a sophomore,” she quickly added.
“So am I. And I agree. It’s nice to know someone.” When we reached the class, I opened the door for her.
“You want to sit over here?” she pointed to two chairs beside each other.
“Sure. Wherever you want to sit is fine.” She led me to the seats and I set her books down.
“I’m going to get tired carrying those around for you all the time.” she gave me a funny look based and based on what I said, I could see why. I didn’t mean that I was expecting to see or help her everyday, but I really would like to.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be leaving these in my room.” she smiled at me and then the teacher began taking roll.

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i love this story!! i dont want it to end :(

Chapter 62 - The final Chapter

I could feel the cold breeze blow against my cheeks. I pulled the hood of my jacket down further to block my face from the crisp air and then tucked my cold hands into my jacket pockets. The trees around me gently swayed back and forth, their leaves making a soft rustling sound.
Heading toward to the school’s entrance, I spotted Edward waiting for me, casually leaning against a pillar and reading a book. For some reason I suddenly slowed down almost to a complete stop as my mind flashed back to the very first day of school. I clearly remember that the school looked exactly the same as it does now except for the fact that on the first day, it looked rather uninviting. I didn’t know anyone and was completely on my own. But little did I know it would turn out to be the best day of my life. The day that I met Edward would always remain the most important and most cherished memory I have. I can’t imagine what my life would be like now if I had never met Edward; what it would be like if I had never tripped on my own two feet and Edward hadn’t stopped to help me pick up my belongings. I never used to believe in fate, but once I met him I knew that we belonged together and it couldn’t possibly just be some coincidence.
As if he sensed I was thinking about him, he glanced up from his book and his eyes met mine. A warm smile spread across his face and I smiled in return. I picked up my pace and quickly made it the rest of the way across the parking lot, up onto the sidewalk and over to Edward’s side.
I reached up to peck him on the lips, but my lips lingered on his a bit longer than I had intended. He gave a small chuckle and then pulled away. Usually I would have been embarrassed of kissing him in public the way that I just did, but after thinking about never meeting him and never having him in my life made me want to never let go of him. Realizing my hood had fallen; I pulled it back over my head and made a slight shivering noise.
“Are you cold?” Edward asked but without having to verbally answer him, he understood the answer was yes. He wrapped his arms around me and I squeezed myself close into his chest.
“You’re nice and warm.” I breathed.
“And I need to get you warmed up.” He replied as we began walking to class.
Again old memories flooded through my mind. I remembered how on the first day he helped me carry my books to class, how we sat under a tree to eat lunch while reading our books together, and how he walked me to my car after school.
“What are you thinking about? You seem deep in thought.” Edward asked curiously.
“Oh,” I shook my head bring myself back to the present. “I’m just thinking about the very first day we met and how wonderful it was.” I smiled.
“It was certainly wonderful and I’ll never forget it.” Edward smiled.
“Yeah, me either.” I said.
He opened the classroom door and let me lead the way to our seats. We sat down next to each other and even though we were a small aisle apart, we reached our arms out and held hands. Class seemed to go by pretty fast with Edward whispering things low enough for only me to hear. He was actually quite distracting and I hardly got any work done. And I knew he’d even be more of a distraction after school and I probably wouldn’t get any homework done either. But I didn’t really mind.
School is coming to an end within days and I will have the whole summer to spend time with Edward. We were both looking forward to spending as much time together as possible. But we won’t forget about Phil or Alice, or Charlie or anyone else. We were actually thinking about taking Phil to Charlie’s when we go up to visit for a week.
However, I still want to be in more control of my vampire emotions before I see Charlie again. Edward says I’ve been doing great controlling myself around humans and controlling the need for blood. Everything gets easier every day. Phil has even been a great help in my learning how to not attack a human the moment I get extremely thirsty. When I feel the urge to drink, Phil will place himself right in front of me, only inches apart, and we will simply stare at each other. I will be concentrating on not attacking him or the sound of his warm blood pulsing through his veins. And he will be focused on me, ready to run away the second I go in for the bite. We both wait until my shoulders relax, my hands unclench, my fangs vanish, and my snarling to stops. And Edward is always there to make sure I don’t do anything to poor Phil.
Although once in a while when Edward isn’t around, Phil will let me have a small taste of his blood. I only drink enough to make me want more, and just enough that I can trust in myself to stop drinking. Edward would definitely not approve of this arrangement but I certainly liked it.
Before I knew it, the bell rang, signaling that class was over and it was time to go to our period 2 class. The rest of the day was simple and went by relatively fast. By the time Edward and I made our way back to my room, the sky was starting to darken and the temperature began to drop even more.
My room felt nice a warm compared to outside and I was glad to finally take off my coat. Edward sat down on my bed and I positioned myself comfortably in the chair. It was nice and quite until, suddenly I heard music coming from a room across the hall. Edward and I gave each other a look. We both knew a party was about to happen and the rest of our evening wouldn’t be quite.
“This extra-strength vampire hearing just makes situations like this worse.” I stated. “The music probably wouldn’t be half as loud if we had normal human hearing.”
“Yeah, that’s true. Having really good hearing can be a pain sometimes but it also has its advantages.” Edward smiled. “Such as whispering things to you that no one else can hear, like I did today.”
“I suppose that’s an advantage.” I teased. “And it’s also a distraction.”
“But a good distraction,” Edward said.
“I would be so much more productive if I didn’t have you whispering in my ear the whole time.” I stated.
“I prefer to be lazy. It’s much more fun.” Edward smiled. Then he leaned backwards and threw his legs up on the bed so that he was lying down with his head resting softly on the pillows. He patted the bed with his hand motioning for me to join him. “Come on and be lazy with me.” He continued to smile.
“You are impossible to resist.” I stated. “The right thing to do would be to work on homework, but…” I trailed off.
“It’s very comfortable over here.” He smiled.
Easily giving in, I got out of the chair and then kneeling on the bed, crawled my way up to the pillows. I rested my head next to Edward’s and he wrapped his arm around me.
“Okay, this is quite comfortable and it does beat doing homework.” I stated.
“You are too easy.” Edward stated.
“I just can’t say no to anything that involves you.” I pointed out.
“I’ll keep that in mind.”
“Plus I love you too much.” I pecked him on the cheek.
“I love you too Bella.” Edward put a finger under my chin, lifting my face towards his so he could softly kiss me.
I snuggled closer into him, and rested my head upon his chest. I pulled his arms around me, locking our hands together. Everything felt so right. I knew being with Edward was where I was meant to be.

The End (of a new beginning)

-Forbidden Fruit

Hey everyone! thank you so much for reading this story and sticking with it until the very end! Your responses were so enjoyable and they kept me writing!!! :) <3

this was the perfect ending to such a great story! i loved it! and congrats on finishing it :D


forbidden fruit. i would just like to say how brilliantly written this story has been.

i have never read anything like it and i really do appreciate the sense of writing.

the fact that you conveyed vampires to be totally and completely different from stephanie meyer's version is extremely creative and inspirational and i guess you can say its a big risk to take and quite hard to think of something so wondrous as that plot.

BUT i am so very happy to say that you have done better than anyone ever could.

thank you SO very much for sharing this brilliant masterpiece with us; you are truly talented.

the ending was spectacular and i dont think anyone could've ended the story better than you did, just then and there.

i am very sad to see this brilliant story end, for i have been addicted to reading it for the past few days and i loved every bit of it.

i hope you do well in writing many more stories such as this in future.

sincere regards,

xoxo--Dancing Vampire

thank you very much Dancing Vampire! it's so kind of you to say those things! i appreciate everything!

I'm so glad that you found enjoyment in my story. thanks for reading it!

Oh... my...gosh...

Okay this story is from like a reallly long time ago and chances are you wont read this comment but i have a loot to say soo...

I'd just like to start by saying I dont know why this doesnt have an extreme amount of attention. This is the most beatiful and amazing thing i've ever read and nothing anyone, no matter how famous they are, has made me feel like this from reading. And I read a lot.. Like A LOT. I  want to be an author and this just inspired me soo much. I love this. I'm pretty sure you came up with the whole plot line and new-vampire thing, yes? Youre absolutely amazing for that. That just shows so much creativity and true talent. Its amazing. In my honest opinion, you should write a real book. Whether it be exactly like this(you know with new characters and stuff) or come up with something else, you should deffinitly consider it. I know for sure I would read it and anyone else would. I've been reading this nonstop for the last two days. It was written so well and you are absolutely brilliant. I don't think I'll ever be able to do something like this. I'm so happy I found this and I hope this doesn't sound weird but, you inspire me.

Thank you, so much. This was amazing, you're amazing. Honestly.

(I hope none of this creeped you out... haha... I usually don't go around writing these things in comments but nothing I've read in a long time has ever had such an affect on me. So with that, I think I'll shut up now.)


great story!


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