The Twilight Saga

~The End of a New Beginning~

Anyways, i am only barrowing the characters for this fanfic. : )
but the cullens are not quite the same. Yes they are vampires, but they can go into the sun, they have fangs, they do eat, um they drink human blood, and they can be close to humans (as in Edward can kiss Bella) unless the situation goes to far or something awful involving blood happens, then they just can't help yeah. that's about all. Enjoy!

ok i found chapter one. sorry about that. : )

Ch.1. Bella'sPOV

”You are so grown up.” My dad, Charlie, was already gushing over the fact that I was off to college, not to mention that it was my second year, but if you want to get technical, it was my first year of college in Forks, Washington.
“Dad it’s my second year. Don’t worry about me.” I said, hauling my two suitcases out the door and rolling them down the driveway. One suitcase was filled with my cloths and a few personal belongings while the other one was stuffed to the max with my bed sheets and comforter, which I had to wrestle with to get it to fit. I’m surprised it hasn’t burst open yet.
“I know I know, it’s just that with everything that’s happened to you this past year, I’m going to be worried Bells.” Charlie took one suitcase and lifted it into the trunk for me, but when he reached for the other one, I took his hands in mine and looked him straight in the eyes while I spoke.
“Nothing is going to happen to me. I promise you dad. And if anything does go wrong, which I doubt it, you will be the first to know. Again, there is absolutely no need to worry.” I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him into a tight hug.
“I love you Bells.” He said, patting my head before releasing me.
“Love you too.” I replied opening my truck’s door and sliding in. I could feel the engine come to life as I put the key in the ignition. “See you at Thanksgiving!” I yelled to him as I backed out of the driveway.
“Drive safely!” he called back.
“Don’t worry dad!” with one last smile and wave goodbye, I rolled up my window and headed down the street towards Forks University.

Edward’s POV
”And so it begins,” Rose commented as she stepped out of the car. “Another year at Forks University.” My “siblings” and me walked across the school parking lot and into the school. It was a drab looking school, hardly any color. It was basically one extremely large, gray square building with a grass courtyard in the center. But the gym and the front office were separate buildings located off to the side and there was a small track and football field located in the back of the school.
“Man I should have signed up for different classes. This is going to be extremely boring.” My brother Emmet sighed looking down at the ground.
“How could you not have changed your classes? Did you just not think about it?” I asked, shaking my head.
“No I didn’t ok. And you know what, I’m going to go to the office right now and see what I do about my schedule.”
“I’ll go with you.” Rose said, linking her hand in Emmet’s.
“Thanks babe.” he said, glaring at me before walking away.
“Hey, me and Jasper are going to go to the Library. Do you want to come with us?” my younger sister Alice asked me.
“No I’m just going to wait here until the bell rings. I’ll catch up with you guys later.” As I watched Alice and Jasper leave, I continued walking until I reached the edge of the grass. I stood there taking in the atmosphere and picking out all of the new freshmen that looked completely confused, because they couldn’t find their class.
Suddenly a girl came up beside me and tripped on what looked like her own two feet and fell to the ground, her books and most of the contents from her back pack going everywhere.
“Ugh. Crap.” She mumbled, getting on her knees and picking her things up.
I felt bad just standing there and watching her so I bent down to help.
“Oh thanks. I am so clumsy sometimes.” She said.
“Everyone has their days.” I said, trying to make her feel less embarrassed.
“If that’s true, my day is everyday.”
I laughed at her comment. “You can’t be that clumsy.”
“Trust me, I am.” We stood up and the moment our eyes met something inside of me changed. It was like suddenly, it was just me and her standing there, no one else existed. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She had long brown hair that fell around her shoulders and framed her small face perfectly. But she quickly looked away from me, her face turning red.
“Hi. My name is (Bond, James Bond. Haha. That would be awesome.) Cullen. Edward Cullen.”
“Hi. I’m Bella Swan.” I stuck my hand out and she shook it, but I didn’t let go for a few seconds so she had to yank her hand away.
“So what’s your first class?” I asked
“Um…”she scrambled through her bag and pulled out a piece of paper that had her classes listed. “Physics, with Swaney.”
“Funny. That’s where I’m going too. Here, why don’t I help you with those.” I carefully took her books from her and she looked grateful that I did.
“Thanks.” She said.
“No problem.” We walked through the hallway together, filled with students rushing to class.
“It’s nice to know somebody. It’s my first year here, but I’m a sophomore,” she quickly added.
“So am I. And I agree. It’s nice to know someone.” When we reached the class, I opened the door for her.
“You want to sit over here?” she pointed to two chairs beside each other.
“Sure. Wherever you want to sit is fine.” She led me to the seats and I set her books down.
“I’m going to get tired carrying those around for you all the time.” she gave me a funny look based and based on what I said, I could see why. I didn’t mean that I was expecting to see or help her everyday, but I really would like to.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be leaving these in my room.” she smiled at me and then the teacher began taking roll.

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this so good! please write more! you're really good.....whoever you are xD
awawawaaawwwwwwwwwwwwgotta have more this is so good.
OMG!!!!!! i saw the movie last night!!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! best one yet.
Hey everyone! so good news, here is part two!! and bad news, i'm very sad to tell you but this story is coming to an end. there will be a few more chapters left but not many. like two or three. so yeah....however i am working on another story now and will be posting it when i finish with this one! and i appreciate all of you for following me and this story and hope maybe you'll read the next one! :D
thanks for all your comments and feedback!!!!


Part 2/2

I focused back on Edward who was watching me intently. I nodded my head for him to proceed. It was time.
“I love you Edward.” I said.
“I love you Bella.” Edward replied
Edward slowly raised my hand to his mouth, while never removing his cautious eyes from me as if expecting that I would suddenly object and pull away. But I didn’t. My heart pounded loudly inside my chest. I closed my eyes trying to ignore the mixture of nerves and excitement building up inside of me.
Edward’s cold smooth lips were suddenly pressed against my wrist causing my heart to skip a beat. This was it. I could feel his lips part and his breath upon my skin.
I love you Edward I repeated one last time in my head. Then I sucked in a big gulp of air, holding my breath, and scrunched my eyes shut tighter, trying to prepare as much as possible for the pain of the bite.
But nothing happened. I didn’t feel a thing; not the prick of his fangs piercing through my flesh or even the tiniest hint of pain in my arm. And Edward’s lips were still pressed against my skin. How odd. I wondered if the bite could have happened so fast, that I hadn’t experienced any pain. But that didn’t make any sense.
I opened my eyes and there was Edward, holding my hand to his mouth, but frozen like a statue. He blinked once, realizing that I was looking at him. He automatically let go of my arm flinging it back to my side, and leaned away looking almost repulsed.
“Edward…” I mumbled now nervous picking up on his tortured expression and hunched posture.
“I’m so sorry Bella, I just can’t. I just can’t do this. Not to you.” He shook his head frantically.
I was momentarily caught off guard by his sudden refusal, taking me a moment to gather my thoughts back up. Just a second ago I was ready to be transformed, ready to become a vampire. But now, it didn’t look like that was going o happen. I was as prepared and willing as he had seemed to be just a minute ago.
“Edward, what are you saying?” I questioned. It was hard to believe he was denying my one and only request. He seemed fine a minute ago, and now it was like he had completely changed his mind.
“You’re asking me to turn you and I can’t do that,” he paused searching for the right words. “Knowing there’s a good chance of you not making it through the change; I wouldn’t be able to live with myself knowing that it was my bite that caused your death. I know this is what you really want and I know that I promised you I would, but now that the moment is here, it’s just too much.” He looked down at the ground refusing to look up.
“Edward that won’t happen.” I pushed myself forward, sitting up right in front of him. I placed a finger under his chin, forcing his head up. His eyes now filled with sorrow stared into mine. He was speechless. It hurt to see him like this.
I was so concentrated on the situation, that I had forgotten Edward and I weren’t in fact alone. Just behind Edward, Phil caught my eye for a second. He was turning away from us and heading into the trees to give us some privacy. I loved Phil for that. And I waited until he disappeared to continue.
“Edward, you have to trust me on this. It is so unbelievably hard for me to see you like this and to know that I am the one causing your pain. Asking this of you is too much to ask and I should have considered your thoughts more and not just mine.” I paused giving him a moment to process everything before continuing on. “I realize my chances of survival are small, but this single opportunity is my only opportunity at a possible chance to live a full life. Without this transformation, I’m just simply going to die in a matter of a few short months. You are giving me a second chance at living. You turning me is not going to take away my life because well frankly, this cancer of mine has already taken away my life, or at least everything apart of it but you. And you are the one I want to change me because you’re the only one I truly trust, care for, and unconditionally love.”
“Bella, I don’t think I have the strength. I just feel like if you were to…you know…” he struggled for the right word, “leave tonight, then I would feel like I took away whatever was left of your human life. I want as much time with you as I possibly can and to be the one to take away that time for the both of us is just unbearable.”
”But you won’t be taking any time away because I don’t have any time left; if that makes sense. You see, my life now revolves around cancer. I’m already too weak to do half of the things I used to be able to do and there’s not enough time left to see half the things that I have always dreamed of seeing. I’d be spending my last few months in my bedroom and soon enough in the hospital trying to battle this thing out until the end. And I rather just have it end now.” My eyes began to fill up with water. “I don’t want to suffer any more Edward. And I’m giving you the power to end my suffering.” On top of the tears, my voice began to crack. I had to stop talking to control my emotions.
Edward wiped my falling tears away with the back of the fingers and I closed my eyes at his gentle touch.
“Bella,” Edward breathed.
“Edward you can do this. There shouldn’t be a doubt in your mind because there’s nothing to worry about. Everything will go according to plan.”
Reassuring him seemed to be working. So I kept going.
"I will be perfectly fine, completely healthy, and a very happy vampire in a matter of minutes.” A small shiver ran down my arms at calling myself a vampire. I found it both scary and likeable at the same time. “I want to be with you Edward and I want to live. And the only way that will happen is if you bite me. Here. Now. Tonight.”
He nodded his head understandingly but still didn’t speak. It was clearly visible in his face that he didn’t want to turn me but he knew he had to.
“You know Edward, my life started all over when I met you. From the moment you helped me pick up my books when I tripped on the first day of school, my life took on a new beginning. And for me leaving this life for another is the end of that new beginning, the beginning I had with you, but it’s a start of another. This is the next big chapter in my life as well as yours. And you shouldn’t be afraid.”
I smiled warmly at him. My hands cupped around his cheeks and I pressed our lips together one more time. It was painful for me to let go, realizing this could be the last time to be this close to him. I kept one hand resting upon his cheek before slowly moving it down and positioning my wrist at his mouth. He looked at my wrist for a moment and then grasped it in his hands.
“Lay down.” He ordered, his manor changing.
And I did as he asked. I wasn’t as excited as I was a minute ago, but instead focused on Edward. Debating on whether he was going to follow through or not. But if he can’t bite me, I won’t get mad at him. It’ll be his burden to carry if this doesn’t turn out the way we both hope it will. I’ll understand.
He kept his facial expression very composed as he prepared himself a second time for the bite and waited for me to give him the queue. I slightly nodded and tried to smile, but my mouth just quivered into a weirdly shaped line that probably looked as if I had just eaten something disgusting. Luckily Edward didn’t pay attention to my weird smile and moved his mouth once more to my wrist.
I closed my eyes and breathed slowly telling myself that everything will be alright. I felt Edward’s lips slowly part and then ever so slightly the cool touch of his teeth. And not even a second later and not even enough time to take another full breath, his sharp fangs cut into my skin and a horrible pain pierced through my arm. It traveled through my entire body as the injected venom began to run through all my veins. I could still feel his hands firmly grasping my arm, holding it too his mouth, but other than that there was nothing else to notice. My thoughts became less and less coherent as the pain worsened and began to take over. It was like my brain was cut of from every single part of my body giving me no control over my movements or emotions. All I wanted was for the pain to stop.
It was hard to tell how long Edward had been biting me but it probably felt a lot longer than it really was in reality. I felt a slight tug at my skin as Edward removed his fangs. Edward’s hands grabbed my face on either side. It was hard to tell what he was doing, but I figured he was trying to hold me still.
I must have been moving like crazy but I couldn’t really tell. Edward’s touch was strong but the feeling of his fingers pressing into my skin slowly vanished. And just as fast as the pain came on, it vanished. It was as if I had become invisible. There was no more feeling, everything went silent and everything went black.
Suddenly my eyes shot open and all my senses returned in a giant gust. My chest was breathing heavily and it felt like I had just finished a race. I blinked my eyes clearing up my vision. Above me were trees and small hints of the night sky peeking through the branches.
My breathing calmed down and my thoughts returned to full power. I wiggled my fingers and toes just to make sure everything was alright. Yep, everything seemed to be working. But I felt different, lighter almost.
Edward leaned his face over me, looking concerned and anxious. It took me a moment to realize that his hands were still tightly grasping my face. I reached up a hand and rested it over his.
He breathed out a sigh of relief. And then it hit me. I wasn’t dead, I had made it. No wonder I felt different and Edward was looking at me funny. I was a vampire.
please tell me theres more!!
Oh this was so good. It was really sad at first, but I love the end of the chapter. Sorry to see it end, but can't wait to read your new story. Thank you.
sooooo good! cant wait for more!
Chapter 58!!!!!!
Bella’s POV

I couldn’t believe it. I was changed. The idea that I was now and forevermore a vampire was exciting. And it was amazing to know that I was forever rid of my cancer. I was completely free of all my problems and I truly felt alive. I could live my new life without worrying about the cancer and start over fresh. It was as if a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.
My eyes filled with water and tears began to run down my cheeks. Edward at first looked worried to see me crying but then he realized I was crying because I was so happy. A huge smile spread across his face and he beamed with happiness. Suddenly overwhelmed with joy, I couldn’t help but to smile too.
Edward grabbed my hands to help pull me up into a seated position. He was trying to move me very carefully as if I was fragile, but I was too excited to move slowly. I was sitting up straight right in front of him in less than a second and wrapped my arms tightly around him. And he eagerly hugged me back.
“It worked!” I smiled excitedly.
“You don’t know how glad I am that it did. I was so worried that it would end badly…but here you are.” He smiled as he folded a strand of hair behind my ears. “And you look so much healthier Bella. It’s unbelievably good to see you like this, happier and free of everything once and for all. You’re face is glowing more than I can even remember.”
“I feel wonderful.” I sighed. I leaned in for a kiss but then Phil came rushing out of the trees.
“Hey have you too started yet, ‘cause I don’t want to miss a thing…” Phil was cut off when he saw me. His face looked a little disappointed at first but then he smiled. “Dude! Bella you made it! I have to admit I was really hoping to see some freakish vampire blood sucking tonight but hey, ya totally made it! Congrats!” He threw his arms up in the air excitedly. “C’mon Bella, stand up. Let’s see what you can do.”
“Oh, okay I guess,” I replied awkwardly surprised at his order.
As I moved I paid close attention to how my body felt. I already knew I was faster, stronger, and had better hearing. Other than that, I actually didn’t feel that different. The only thing that seemed unfamiliar was feeling a little thirsty. And it wasn’t for a big glass of milk. It kind of scared me to think that I actually wanted blood. It would have been bad enough to want the blood of poor little animal but to actually want human blood.
It was as if thinking of blood triggered something deep inside of me. Suddenly a strange sensation filled my nose, and my neck craned in the direction of the wonderful smell.
“What is that?” I asked curiously. My voice was unrecognizable as it was filled with a strong longing.
“What’s what Bella?” Edward asked standing up.
“That…that smell.” A smile spread across my face as my nose directed me toward the source.
Edward followed my intense stare and found that I was set on Phil. He was just standing there completely oblivious to what was going on. He smiled at us and decided to come closer.
“No!” Edward yelled.
My body cringed and then I was bent forward into a crouch. I leaped at Phil but Edward was too quick. His hands pressed against my chest throwing me backwards and I smashed onto the ground with a thud. I growled ferociously through my teeth and I could feel two sharp fangs emerge and press into my bottom lip. Edward was now standing between me and Phil. I would have attacked but for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to go after him. Even in this crazed mode, I was able to contain myself from hurting Edward. But Phil on the other hand…
“Phil run!” Edward yelled. But Phil didn’t listen. He looked completely frightened and mortified that I had tried to attack him. He glanced quickly back and forth between Edward and me, not sure what to do.
“Run! Now!” Edward yelled. Phil finally moved on the second command. He quickly ran into the trees and disappeared. The second Phil was gone, Edward’s stance relaxed. But he was still careful as he inched toward me, his position still ready incase I try to spring again.
“Bella, I know it’s hard to resist but just try and calm down.” He said. “Don’t think about Phil okay? I’ve got some blood for you right here.” I watched him warily as he bent down, opened the backpack we had brought and pulled out two jugs filled with that red liquid I was so desperately wanting.
Edward inched toward me holding one of the jugs. I snatched it from him and gulped it down. The warm feeling of the blood sliding down my throat and into my stomach was wonderful. I wasn’t focusing on anything except getting more blood, but as the jug emptied and my body became fuller, my thoughts seemed to clear. I could think normally, breathe normally, and act normally. I felt almost like my human self again.
Trying to get the last drop, I wiped the rim clean with my index finger. I examined the shiny crimson color of the blood as it dripped slowly down my finger for a moment before sticking my finger into my mouth. My eyes closed at the taste. I then licked my lips and my fangs vanished. Blood is a curious thing. Even though I felt satisfied, I knew I would never be able to get enough.
Calming down, I took the second jug from Edward but didn’t bother gulping it. I just sipped it slowly and enjoyed the taste. I was already back to feeling practically normal. I’m sure I looked a lot less frightening without any fangs. Edward was probably used to it but Phil on the other hand…
“Oh no.” I sighed shaking my head. “What have I done? Poor Phil! He must think I’m a crazy monster that wants to kill him!”
“You just frightened him a little.” Edward shrugged.
I glared at him. “A little! Did you see his face Edward? And you told him to run!”
“Yeah because you were about to attack him!”
“It wasn’t my fault. I had no idea what I was doing. It was weird. It was like I didn’t care that it was Phil’s blood I wanted. And you didn’t say it would be this dangerous!” I yelled.
“It’s only bad for the first few days. You’ll learn how to control your hunger. It’s not that bad once you get used to it.”
“Where is Phil? He must have run all the way back to school!”
“He’s not too far. I can still hear him, listen.” Edward said.
My hearing was stronger than it had been before the change. Everything was sounding crystal clear. As I listened I searched through all of the noises I could hear until I found the sound of someone stepping on leaves. Phil was coming back.
Seconds later he appeared from the bushes but didn’t step out all the way. He was hesitant and still clearly frightened. He saw me calmly sitting on the ground, fangs gone and seemed to understand that as a sign of safety.
“It’s okay Phil, Bella’s fine now.” Edward motioned for him to come forward but he didn’t move.
“I’m so sorry Phil for frightening you like that and trying to come after you. I’m not sure what exactly happened.” I apologized guiltily.
“I know what happened; you wanted to attack me.” Phil stated.
“Well yes, I guess I did.” It was awkward talking to Phil about wanting his blood. “It’s just I’m not used to this new body of mine yet. And I don’t know much of my own strength. But luckily Edward came prepared.” I shook the jug. “I’ve had some blood and I feel much better. I promise I won’t try to attack you again.” I added a smile.
“Are you sure, because I really don’t want to run again? My new sandals aren’t meant for running.” Of course it’s only natural that Phil would be most concerned about his sandals.
I smiled “I promise you won’t have to run again.”
Phil smiled back and his mood suddenly changed. “Well heck! It wasn’t that bad. I actually thought it was quite awesome! I haven’t had that much excitement in my life since who knows when!”
“You’re crazy Phil.” Edward said.
“Hey it’s not my fault my two best friends are vampires.” Phil shrugged.
It would take me a while to get used to being called a vampire. Now, I wasn’t just a normal human girl with a normal family, and going to school with normal friends and doing normal things. I was a vampire who had to be careful around everyone I loved and cared about.
“So, how does your new vampire-self feel now that you’ve gotten something to drink?” Edward asked.
“It’s strange. I know I look normal on the outside, but I feel like I have a giant sign on my forehead that reads Vampire in capital letters.” I said.
“Well only you know who you truly are. People are going to think you’re still human. To them, you’re the exact same Bella that you were just a moment ago. Even to Charlie you’ll be the same. And you look practically human; like I said earlier, just healthier and happier.”
“I suppose it will just take me a while to get used to all of this.” I sighed.
“Yeah, but how awesome is this! Dude, I want to be a vampire! Can you change me?” Phil begged.
“No,” Edward moaned. “Don’t bother getting your hopes up because I will never change you Phil.”
“You will eventually.” Phil stated sounding quite sure of himself.
“Just enjoy your human life.” I told Phil. “Besides, being a vampire isn’t all that great you know. It has its downsides.” I shrugged.
Edward and Phil raised an eyebrow at me.
“For example,” I pointed out, “you have to be careful not to attack your best friend.”
We all three shared a smile.
loved it! cant wait for more!
i like it so far so good.
Chapter 59
Edward’s POV

Before we knew it, the trees around us disappeared and we were back at school, back into a different world. Going into the woods earlier I was nervous about Bella and the transformation and uncertain of whether or not I would be able to turn her. And now, with all that behind us, coming out the woods was almost a release. It just then hit me that Bella’s transformation was final. All the worry’s of the past few months were instantly lifted from our shoulders.
I looked to my left at Bella, who was curiously examining her arm as if she had never seen it before. She was twisting it every which way so that the light coming from the street lamps around us illuminated it at every angle. I watched as she scrunched her face up, realizing that her arm in fact was no different looking than before; that her whole body too was no different.
That was the one nice thing about the transformation; that we didn’t change on the outside, just on the inside. I wrapped my arm around Bella’s waist and pulled her next to me. She smiled and wrapped her arms around me, holding us tightly together.
It wasn’t long before we reached Bella’s place. All the visible windows were dark, making the street lamps the only source of light. Her building almost looked kind of eerie, and lonely. She seemed to be thinking the same thing.
“Can I…well would it be alright if I stayed at your place tonight? I know there are technically supposed to be no girls aloud, but it is the middle of the night so our chances of getting caught are practically zero and I mean I’m just not in the mood to be alone right now.” She smiled sweetly and continued to hug me.
“You’re more than welcome.” I smiled unable to resist. “As long as it’s okay with Phil though,” I quickly added.
“Yeah man, totally. That’s completely fine with me. Actually, I have some homework I need to finish up for tomorrow so I think I’ll just head on over to Steve’s. He’s a good homework buddy of mine. And then I think I’ll just crash at his place. I’ll be to tired, heck; I’ll probably fall asleep doing my homework.” Phil shrugged.
“Are you sure Phil? I don’t have to come over if you have homework. I don’t want to kick you out of your own room or anything.” Bella worriedly stated.
“Oh no, I was planning on going to Steve’s anyways. It’s totally fine. He’s used to me dropping by in the middle of the night.” Phil smiled.
“Well then, I guess we’ll see you in the morning Phil.” I shrugged.
“Sound’s good. Hey Bella, enjoy your first night as a vampire. Oh, and if you get thirsty again you should probably go for the jugs of blood Eddy has stashed away in our refrigerator instead of attacking someone else.” Phil patted her on the shoulder and then swiftly walked away.
“Alright then,” Bella raised an eyebrow. “That was weird. But anyways,” she folded her arms around one of mine. “At least we have the place to ourselves.”
“Just the two of us,” I kissed the top of her head.
We slowly made our way to my place. The fresh night air was welcoming and the silence of the campus was relaxing compared to its normal chaotic noise caused by the students rushing around. All the windows in my building were dark as well, but it didn’t have the same lonely feeling radiating from it as Bella’s place did. Probably because we knew we wouldn’t be leaving each other.
The hallway leading to my room was pitch black, except for a small ray of light peeking up from under a door. The sound of a TV and laughter could be heard through the walls. We moved quietly trying not to make any noise.
I opened the door and for some reason seeing the empty room ignited the idea of being alone with Bella and I suddenly felt the need to be closer to her. Walking into the darkness, I playfully grabbed her by the waist. She laughed and squirmed trying to release herself from my hold while I began to kiss her neck. To make sure that we weren’t going to trip on any of Phil’s belongings, which I tended to do, I flicked on the light. Bella’s laughter stopped and she suddenly let out a small cry. Not even a foot in front of us, a cloaked figure was leaning up against the wall. In sudden attack mode, I stepped forward and pushed Bella back behind me. My body crouched ready to spring. But the figure made no movement. Not even the slightest reaction to my fast motion was detected. There wasn’t even a sound.
I knew right then who it was.
I straightened my posture and stepped aside. Bella peaked around me to see why I had backed away after only a moment.
“Hello Tanya” I said.
“Took you long enough to realize it was me.” Her soft voice spoke.
“It’s been a while” I pointed out.
“So it has.” She replied.
“Wait. What?” Bella stammered confused. “Tanya? What the…”
“Hello Bella.” Tanya stepped away from the wall and slowly removed her hood, letting if fall over her shoulders. “Surprised to see me are we?” she smiled.
“Well yeah I’m surprised. You scared the crap out of me.” Bella admitted. “Was standing in the dark, alone in Edward’s room, cloaked and being all mysterious really necessary? Was it not possible to have given us a warning or something?” Bella stamped past Tanya, and sat down on my bed, arms crossed.
“I didn’t mean to frighten you, but I’m not sorry that I did. I had to be careful coming here. I didn’t know what to expect or who I might run into.” Tanya smiled.
“Well there’s no need to be careful anymore. The Red Hunters are all gone.” Bella simply stated.
“What exactly are you doing here anyways?” I asked closing the door behind me and motioning for Tanya to sit down. “It’s been months since Bella contacted you.”
“It’s been months that I haven’t heard a single report on whether or not everything is alright. I was beginning to worry. Neither of you bothered to contact me all this time. So I came all this way just to see if you, Edward had survived.” It was bothersome how she was only referring to me. “I came to see if Bella had successfully rescued you and if you had made it out of the Red Hunter’s mess in one piece. Bottom line, I was pretty much concerned about you Edward and wanted to make sure you were alright. I didn’t care so much about Bella.” She said Bella’s name with disgust and gestured rudely to where she was sitting on the bed. “And seeing as I’m the one who gave Bella the fourth bite, I had assumed you would show me a little gratefulness. Bella’s wonderful plan wouldn’t have worked half as well without me. I was a big part of your rescuing Edward and I still care about you. I wasn’t going to let you die or let your life become any more of a ruin. I would do anything to protect you. But of course the only way of protecting you meant that I had to bite this…little thing over here and leave your fate in her hands. Ugh. I would have wanted more than anything to be your rescuer myself. But no it had to be your little human girlfriend,” she snarled.
The way she talked about Bella made the hair on my arms stand up and my fists curl into balls. I felt as if I could punch a hole into the wall. “Tanya….” I began but she cut me off. She was really irritating me.
“Wait,” Tanya raised her hand as a gesture to stop. She glared and moved quickly over to the bed, sticking her face inches from Bella. “You’re not human any more are you?” She tilted her head in curiosity but her voice rang with anger.
“Took you long enough,” Bella smirked.
“Oh that’s perfect!” Tanya threw her arms up. “I should have known this would happen! Tell me, when did this unfortunate change take place?”
“Actually, Edward completed the change tonight. And I’m still getting used to the whole vampire thing, but I have a strong inclination that I can take you on. If it’s necessary that is.”
“How threatening,” Tanya pretended to be scared.
“I thought so.” Bella snapped.
“Girls!” I yelled.
They both whipped their heads around to look at me. Tanya straightened up and Bella scooted herself on the bed farther away from Tanya; both of them looking displeased.
“Why?” Tanya asked.
“Why what?” I replied.
“Why her?”
“Oh thank you. It’s so nice to know how you think me.” Bella said sarcastically.
“You want to know why I chose Bella?” I asked.
“Yes. Why did you choose to change her? What’s so special about her? Compared to me?”
“Seriously, you have to stop with the you and me thing. What you and I had together ended years ago. I don’t know how to make that any more clear to you. We have had this discussion countless of times and by now you should already know the answer to your question. Why her?”
“Isn’t it obvious?” Bella rolled her eyes.
“Yes, obvious that Edward still has feelings for me.” Tanya stated.
“How dare you!” Bella threw herself at Tanya and knocked her against the floor. Bella had her pinned down by her arms and was practically sitting on top of her.
“Bella!” I yelled. I grabbed her and yanked her off Tanya. It was shocking to see Bella react like that to just a small comment.
“Jealous?” Tanya asked.
“Shut up.” Bella threatened.
“Girls please. This is getting ridiculous.” I angrily stated. “I don’t need to have you girls fighting and especially don’t need any aggressive physical contact. We can settle this calmly and rationally by talking it through.” I put a hand on each of their shoulders and leaded them back to the bed and had them sit down where I had both of their attention.
“Now, let’s start from the beginning. Tanya. You are right. I should have contacted you in some way or another to let you know that Bella and I are in fact safe and doing okay. I should have considered your part in this a little bit more and I apologize.”
Bella glared at me. She was clearly displeased with my conclusion. But I knew I was saying the right thing. So I continued on with my speech.
“However, Bella was the one who came up with the rescue plan and if it weren’t for her bold attempt, I would most likely not be here tonight. So instead of showing anger towards Bella I suggest that you show gratefulness, because she’s the one who deserves it a lot more than you.” I smiled in contempt watching Tanya’s expression fall.
Bella made a snorting noise as if to say, “so there,” and then smiled in my direction. Tanya pursed her lips uncertain of how to respond to such comments.
“Please correct me if I’m wrong.” I calmly ordered.
Tanya cleared her throat, “You’re right. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been that cold. And I suppose,” she spoke directly to me as if Bella weren’t even in the room, “if it weren't for her, you would be gone and I will forever be grateful to her for saving you. I at least owe her that.”
“Thank you.” I replied satisfied. That was all I wanted to hear.
“But you should have contacted me. I think I deserved to know if you were alive or not.” Tanya continued refusing to let go of the subject.
“Yes I already apologized for that but I can easily apologize for it again. I’m sorry.” I was getting annoyed with Tanya. “Is there anything else you need an apology for or something?”
“An apology for not choosing me over Bella would be nice. I still don’t like her.”
“Well then, I guess that means you will never like her, because she will always have me as I will always have her. It’s me and her now. Not you and me.” I stated. “And now that I think about it, there was never truly an ‘us’ to begin with because my love for you was blind. What I thought was love was not love at all. Bella has shown me what true love is and I know it is something that I have never experienced before and will never experience again without her.” And I was happy with that.
“So that’s it then. We’re over just like that?” Tanya questioned.
“We were over a long time ago Tanya. Please get that into your head.” Tanya didn’t need to be in my life any more. She was from the past and it was time to move on. She had to let go.
Tanya shook her head in understanding. “Well, there’s clearly no more to be said. You have made your point.” Tanya spoke softly and moved towards the door. “I will never bother you again Edward and hopefully our paths will meet sometime in the future; for now though, goodbye Edward.” She pulled her hood on and without even a glance at Bella she stepped out of the room.
Bella fell face first onto the bed and screamed into a pillow. I felt like doing the same thing. Tanya was definitely annoying and dealing with her was extremely frustrating. She was almost impossible to be around.
Finally having some peace and quiet I went to close the opened door. Suddenly, a hand pressed against it preventing it from closing any further. Another hand grabbed the side of the door and pushed it back. I stepped away to let whoever it was in and watched the door slowly open more and more until there was enough room for the person to peak their head through.
Perfect. It was the last person I wanted to see. Could this night possibly get any worse?


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