The Twilight Saga

~The End of a New Beginning~

Anyways, i am only barrowing the characters for this fanfic. : )
but the cullens are not quite the same. Yes they are vampires, but they can go into the sun, they have fangs, they do eat, um they drink human blood, and they can be close to humans (as in Edward can kiss Bella) unless the situation goes to far or something awful involving blood happens, then they just can't help yeah. that's about all. Enjoy!

ok i found chapter one. sorry about that. : )

Ch.1. Bella'sPOV

”You are so grown up.” My dad, Charlie, was already gushing over the fact that I was off to college, not to mention that it was my second year, but if you want to get technical, it was my first year of college in Forks, Washington.
“Dad it’s my second year. Don’t worry about me.” I said, hauling my two suitcases out the door and rolling them down the driveway. One suitcase was filled with my cloths and a few personal belongings while the other one was stuffed to the max with my bed sheets and comforter, which I had to wrestle with to get it to fit. I’m surprised it hasn’t burst open yet.
“I know I know, it’s just that with everything that’s happened to you this past year, I’m going to be worried Bells.” Charlie took one suitcase and lifted it into the trunk for me, but when he reached for the other one, I took his hands in mine and looked him straight in the eyes while I spoke.
“Nothing is going to happen to me. I promise you dad. And if anything does go wrong, which I doubt it, you will be the first to know. Again, there is absolutely no need to worry.” I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him into a tight hug.
“I love you Bells.” He said, patting my head before releasing me.
“Love you too.” I replied opening my truck’s door and sliding in. I could feel the engine come to life as I put the key in the ignition. “See you at Thanksgiving!” I yelled to him as I backed out of the driveway.
“Drive safely!” he called back.
“Don’t worry dad!” with one last smile and wave goodbye, I rolled up my window and headed down the street towards Forks University.

Edward’s POV
”And so it begins,” Rose commented as she stepped out of the car. “Another year at Forks University.” My “siblings” and me walked across the school parking lot and into the school. It was a drab looking school, hardly any color. It was basically one extremely large, gray square building with a grass courtyard in the center. But the gym and the front office were separate buildings located off to the side and there was a small track and football field located in the back of the school.
“Man I should have signed up for different classes. This is going to be extremely boring.” My brother Emmet sighed looking down at the ground.
“How could you not have changed your classes? Did you just not think about it?” I asked, shaking my head.
“No I didn’t ok. And you know what, I’m going to go to the office right now and see what I do about my schedule.”
“I’ll go with you.” Rose said, linking her hand in Emmet’s.
“Thanks babe.” he said, glaring at me before walking away.
“Hey, me and Jasper are going to go to the Library. Do you want to come with us?” my younger sister Alice asked me.
“No I’m just going to wait here until the bell rings. I’ll catch up with you guys later.” As I watched Alice and Jasper leave, I continued walking until I reached the edge of the grass. I stood there taking in the atmosphere and picking out all of the new freshmen that looked completely confused, because they couldn’t find their class.
Suddenly a girl came up beside me and tripped on what looked like her own two feet and fell to the ground, her books and most of the contents from her back pack going everywhere.
“Ugh. Crap.” She mumbled, getting on her knees and picking her things up.
I felt bad just standing there and watching her so I bent down to help.
“Oh thanks. I am so clumsy sometimes.” She said.
“Everyone has their days.” I said, trying to make her feel less embarrassed.
“If that’s true, my day is everyday.”
I laughed at her comment. “You can’t be that clumsy.”
“Trust me, I am.” We stood up and the moment our eyes met something inside of me changed. It was like suddenly, it was just me and her standing there, no one else existed. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She had long brown hair that fell around her shoulders and framed her small face perfectly. But she quickly looked away from me, her face turning red.
“Hi. My name is (Bond, James Bond. Haha. That would be awesome.) Cullen. Edward Cullen.”
“Hi. I’m Bella Swan.” I stuck my hand out and she shook it, but I didn’t let go for a few seconds so she had to yank her hand away.
“So what’s your first class?” I asked
“Um…”she scrambled through her bag and pulled out a piece of paper that had her classes listed. “Physics, with Swaney.”
“Funny. That’s where I’m going too. Here, why don’t I help you with those.” I carefully took her books from her and she looked grateful that I did.
“Thanks.” She said.
“No problem.” We walked through the hallway together, filled with students rushing to class.
“It’s nice to know somebody. It’s my first year here, but I’m a sophomore,” she quickly added.
“So am I. And I agree. It’s nice to know someone.” When we reached the class, I opened the door for her.
“You want to sit over here?” she pointed to two chairs beside each other.
“Sure. Wherever you want to sit is fine.” She led me to the seats and I set her books down.
“I’m going to get tired carrying those around for you all the time.” she gave me a funny look based and based on what I said, I could see why. I didn’t mean that I was expecting to see or help her everyday, but I really would like to.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be leaving these in my room.” she smiled at me and then the teacher began taking roll.

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The End of a New Beginning
unfortunately i did not save ch. 1 on my computer so i will do my best to relocate it but here is a summary for now:
Bella comes to Forks after her 1st year of college and then Charlie send's Bella off to Forks University. So on the first day of school Edward and his siblings get out of the car and Emmet is complaining how he didn't change up his classes and he has to take all of them over again and everyone is laughing at him. The Cullens come to the center court yard in the middle of the campus and then Bella walks right past Edward and he sees her trip and watches her books go flying to the ground so he decides to be a gentleman and helps her pick them up. And of course she is in awe by his gorgeousness(if that's even a word) and then they start talking and they find out they have first period class together. Edward walks Bella to class and that's where Chapter 2 begins.

Ch. 2
Bella's POV
Physics class was interesting, sitting next to Edward the whole time. Every now and then we would glance at each other, smile and quickly turn away. After a while, a boring subject came up and I started fiddling with my pencil. Of course I dropped it. When I bent down to pick it up, something hard bumped into my head. Apparently Edward also had the idea to retrieve my pencil. I sat up rubbing my head.
“Ow. That hurt.” But he just started laughing. And soon I was trying to suppress my own giggles. Mrs. Swaney cleared her throat and everyone turned to look at us. We instantly stopped laughing and I turned bright red.
“Are you too ready to pay attention?” she asked.
“Yes.” Edward and I replied. When Mrs. Swaney went back to teaching the lesson, Edward bent down to pick up my pencil and handed it to me.
“Next time you drop your pencil, I’ll let get it.” And then he turned his attention back to the lesson.
As soon as class ended, I said bye to Edward and headed to my next class. Lunch came fast, and I found myself rushing out the door hoping to see that familiar pale face. I walked around aimlessly for a while looking for him, but I had no luck. It was sunny and hot today so I found a nice shady place under a tree to eat lunch and read my book. A few minutes passed before a scrawny looking boy, with black hair, came up to me.
“Are you Bella?” he asked.
“Yeah. And who are you?”
“My bad. I forgot to introduce my self. I’m Phil. And you dropped these on your way out of English.” He handed me my car keys.
“Oh thanks. I wouldn’t have been able to get home with out these.”
“Nah, you’d just have to push it the whole way or cut a few wires.” I looked at him funny.
“So you just moved here right?”
“About 3 months ago. I used to live in Phoenix with my mom.”
“Dude. Phoenix is soooo hot. How did you stand the heat!!”
“I guess it’s just something you get used to after a while.”
“So, why’d you move?”
“Something…just came up. That’s all.” Eric nodded his head.
“I get it. If it’s a personal thing, I don’t mind not knowing.” At that moment Edward approached Eric and me.
“Hey Eric.” He said.
“What up Eddy!” he slapped Edward on the back.
“I didn’t know you knew Bella.”
“Actually, we just met. Eric was returning my car keys.” I piped in.
“Yep.” Eric smiled and then looked back down at me. “Well, I guess I’ll let you eat your lunch. Looks delicious. See you later Edward.”
Edward sat down beside me.
“Do you guys have a class together?” I asked
“No, actually. We’re roommates.”
“Really, you and Eric. That seems like an interesting combination.”
“Yeah, but he’s ok, once you get used to him.”
He smiled at me and held out an apple. My heart sped up.
“Apple?” he asked.
“Um. Sure. Thanks.” When I took the apple from him, our fingers touched for only a second, but long enough to feel a small tingle in my fingertips. He quickly dropped his hand and took out a book.
“Aren’t you going to eat anything?”
“No. I’m not really hungry.”
“So what book are you reading?” I asked him.
“I’ve never read Dracula. Is it good so far?”
“I think it is, although I’m not sure what you’d think about it.”
“Oh, I’d probably like it. I love a good vampire story.” He looked up at me for a second giving me a curious look. I looked right back at him, and took a bite of the apple.
“This is a good apple.” I said through a mouth full. He laughed at me.
“I’m glad you like it.” And that was the end of our conversation for lunch. We were both absorbed in our books. I couldn’t help but look at him from the corner of my eyes. I had to admit, he was very handsome. He had messy bronze hair, pale smooth skin, and deep golden eyes.

Near the end of lunch, he got up early and left me alone to wait for the bell to ring. When it did, I made my way to my history class. As I looked around for an empty seat, I saw Edward in the back of the room sitting next to Phil. Phil waved at me.
“Hey Bella!” I waved back. “I didn’t know you had history this period. There’s a seat for you right here,” he pointed to a seat right in front of Edward. I slowly walked over and sat down.
“My two best buds,” Phil leaned closer to me to put a hand on my shoulder. “This is going to be so awesome!”
“Yeah.” Edward said, “This should be fun.” I could feel his breath against the back of my neck as he spoke. His closeness startled me and I suddenly wondered what it would be like to have his lips against my neck.
[I]What am I thinking! I just met the guy this morning.[/I] I thought. [I] And why would he even be interested in a girl like me? He’s not interested. He can’t be. [/I]
I tried really hard to ignore the boy who was sitting behind me for the past hour in a half, so once class ended I said goodbye and quickly headed for my car. But I was only a few feet away from the class when I heard my name.
I stopped and turned around to see Edward hurrying towards me.
[I]Great. Just Great.[/I]
“Hey.” He said when he caught up to me.
“Hey.” I replied as we started walking. “Sooo, what do you want?”
“Sooo, I was just wondering if I could walk you to your car. I think we’re parked next to each other.” His question caught me off guard.
“Um, sure. You don’t have to though.”
“But I want to.” I looked up at him and he smiled.

Ch. 3 Bella’s POV
By the time I reached my dorm room, I was out of breath from having to haul my luggage up 3 flights of stairs. I was so tired and ready for bed, but when I opened the door I could tell it was going to be a while before my head was on the pillow. A girl, with short black hair practically jumped out at me, and gave me a huge hug.
“You must be Bella! I’m Alice.”
“Hi. It’s nice to meet you.”
“Here let me help you with that.” She took one of my suitcases from me and pulled it to a bed, on the left side of the room. I closed the door behind me as I stepped in. The room was small and cozy with light blue walls and beige carpet. There were two beds, one on the left side of the room and one on the right with bedside tables. There were also two dressers against the wall at the end of each bed and a small table in the far left corner. As I looked around, I noticed Alice already had all of her belongings set up.
Alice sat down and was watching me with a curious expression as I laid my suitcase on the bed and began to unzip it.
“What?” I asked suddenly feeling self-conscious.
“Oh nothing. I just happened to see you sitting with my brother, Edward, at lunch.” She smiled at me.
“Wait, he’s your brother!”
“Yeah, he is. And I also have a sister, Rosalie. But you and Edward seemed to be getting along well.”
“I guess. I mean we just met this morning. I barely know him.”
“Well, Edward has never liked someone before and I can tell he definitely likes you.” I felt my cheeks turn red.
“Wow! That’s all you brought?” she changed the subject as she looked down at my suitcase filled with my cloths.
“It’s all I need.” I responded.
“Bella, Bella, Bella.” She sighed. “ Looks like I’m going to have to help you out with that.” She pulled a purple sweater out and raised an eyebrow.
“Hey, that’s my favorite sweater.” I yanked it from her hands.
“Ok then. Well, I’ll let you get yourself situated. And I’m going to go get some Chinese takeout. Do you want anything?”
“Sure. Just get me some orange chicken.” I handed her some money.
“Ok. I’ll be back.” And with that, she rushed out the door.

Edward’s POV
I was walking to my dorm room when Phil caught up with me.
“Eddy! Wait up!” he yelled as he ran over. “Just so ya’ know, I came to our room during lunch and did a little rearrangin’.”
“Well, how much rearranging did you do?”
“Not a looott. I just hung up a few posters.”
He opened the door for me and I walked in. Every single wall was covered in posters and pages ripped out from magazines with girls in bikinis, and cars.
“What did you do?” I walked over to one poster on the wall that belonged to me.
“Did you go through my stuff?”
“Well ya man. I needed to spice this room up and I knew you would have posters hiding somewhere. No worries. I didn’t see anything else. I swear.” He held up a hand.
“Look. You have your side of the room, and I have mine. So why don’t we move all of your posters to your side, and all of mine to my side.”
“Allrrright. But it would look much better like this.”
“Phil. Just help me move these. Ok?”
After we finished rearranging the posters, it was almost 6:00.
“I’m starving.” Phil said. “Do you want to go get somethin’ to eat? There’s a good Mexican restaurant down the roa- Wait! It’s pizza night in the cafeteria! I’m so going there. ”
“No. I’m fine. You go ahead.”
“Alright. See you later then.”
I laid down on my bed and turned Phil’s TV on, but there wasn’t anything good to watch. So I turned it off and decided I’d close my eyes and get some sleep.

Ch. 4
Bella’s POV

I arrived at school the next day a little early so I could get some studding done because I took a job at the library and tonight was my first shift. The rest the day went by just like yesterday. I met up with Edward just before school started, at lunch, and after school. I was finding that I like his company very much…maybe even too much.

Edward’s POV

I had just reached my car when I remembered I forgot to pick up a few books for my English teacher at the library. I looked at my watch: 7:40.
“Perfect. I still have time.” It only took me about 10 minutes to reach the library.
I opened the door and went over to the front desk, but no one was there.
“Hello. Is anyone here?” I asked. Unexpectedly, Bella came out of the back room, juggling a stack of books. She stopped when she saw me, and a book on the top of the stack slid off.
“Oh. Hi.” She slammed the books on the counter and bent down to pick the book up.
“I didn’t know you worked here.”
“I just started. Tonight’s my first night. So…what can I help you with?” She leaned on the counter and smiled at me. I too leaned on the counter and was about to respond, but the library manager Mrs. Robinson came walking out.
“Hey Bella. I have to get going, and we close in 5 minutes. So do you mind locking up?”
“No problem.”
“Thanks. And I’ll see you tomorrow.” And then she left.
“You seem to be working pretty hard.” I said.
“It’s not too bad.” She shrugged. “Oh, you need something.”
“Yeah, I’m supposed to pick up some books for my English teacher, Mr. Carr.”
“Alright.” she quickly bent down out of sight and a second later, popped up with the books. I smiled at her fast movement.
“Here you go.”
“Thanks.” I replied. “Do you need any help closing this place down?”
“That would be great. Can you go make sure no one else is still here?”

When I returned to the front of the store, Bella was by the door and banging on it.
“Is everything ok?” I asked.
“No. We’re locked in here.”
“What?” I gave the door a tug. It was locked.
“Apparently Mrs. Robinson forgot that she’s not closing the library up.”
“Well, why don’t we call the front office.” I suggested.
“We can’t. The phones have been down for a few weeks. And I left my phone in the car.” She slowly walked over to front desk, and sank to the floor leaning her head against it. “Do you have your phone?” she looked up at me.
I felt the phone in my jacket pocket.
“No. Sorry. I also left it in my car.” I lied.
“Great. So are we stuck here for the whole night?”
“Looks like it. It’s just you, and me.” I sat down next to her, but left only a small space between us. I liked the idea of being alone with her for a few hours.
“So Edward. Guess what?” she asked.
“I’m roommates with your sister.” She smiled at me.
“Really?” I asked. It’d better be Alice.
“Yep. Alice. She’s very nice, although I have to admit she seems very energetic…if that’s the right word.”
“Yeah, that’s defiantly Alice.”
“She mentioned that you have another sister…Rosalie?”
“Yes I do. I’m the middle child. Stuck in between two girls.” I smiled at her.
“Sounds fun.”
“It can be. What about you? Do you have any siblings?”
“No. I’m an only child. I live, well used to live with my mom. I moved here a few months before school started.”
“Where from?”
“Phoenix. That was a pretty big change.” She looked unhappy
“It certainly was. Did your mom send you here as like a punishment or something?” I joked
“Um…” she pulled her legs up against her chest and crossed her arms on them. “No actually. Something happened and I decided it was time for a change. I packed my things up and came here. I guess I just needed to start over.”
“Start over from what?” I progressed.
“From [I]something[/I].”She sounded like she was annoyed.
“Okkkaay. I wont ask anymore. I can see it’s a…”I paused searching for the right word. “A touchy subject for you.” I playfully nudged her with my shoulder and she bumped me back.
“I’m here though, if you want to talk about it. Or anything else that’s bothering you. I’m a good listener.” She looked up at me and tilted her head to the side. We stared into each other’s eyes for a few a seconds, and then she spoke.

“Fine. I’ll tell you.” She broke our stare as she rested her chin on her arms.
“Well I was 19 and had just finished my first year in college. It was summer time and I was getting ready to come visit my dad up here, just like I do every year, but I had to cancel the trip because I got sick. And I don’t mean just a simple cold or fever, I got [I]really[/I] sick. At first i didn’t know what was wrong. I would faint once in a while and at night I would have these horrible night sweats. Oh I hated those. ” She shuddered.
“And I also became extremely weak. I would have to stay in bed all day. And then I started bruising really easily. I had bruises all over my body. That’s when I went to see the doctor.” She paused for a second. I wasn’t expecting this at all
“He told me I had Leukemia.” She let out a big sigh. I had no idea what to say or how I was supposed to react to this type of news, but I couldn’t look away from her.
“He said that i was in the early stages and all he could do was give me this.” she pulled a small container filled with pills out of her jacket pocket. “I have to take it every day. I’ve only had leukemia for almost a year; so the medication is supposed to help it, possibly even cure it if I take the pill long enough. But there is a chance that the leukemia might come back. Anyways, I started feeling better…the night sweats went away.” She made a small chuckle. “And this whole experience made my mom a little OVER OBSESSIVE when it came to taking care of me.” A smile appeared on her face, but then it faded. “But it became too much, and I just wanted to get away. I wanted a breath of fresh air. I guess that’s why I moved her.” She unfolded her legs.
“I’m…I’m so…sorry.” I told her, my voice barely above a whisper.
“Don’t apologize.” She shook her at me. “You know, you’re the first person that I’ve ever told that story too.”
“Really?” I asked, my expression bewildered
“Yeah. And it’s kind of weird if you think about it. I mean, I’ve only known you for what? Like a day?” this time she nudged me.
“Well, why do you think that is? Why did you tell me? You could have told Phil…but I don’t know how well that would have gone over.” She laughed
“It would be too much for him to handle.” She joked. “But that’s a good question. I don’t know why I told you. I just feel safe around you, and I feel like I can trust you.” She slightly blushed.
It made me happy to be someone who she could trust. But I wanted to be more than that. I wanted to be someone who could hold her when she needed to be held. To be a shoulder for her to cry on, to be someone she…loved.
Suddenly she yawned.
“You must be tired. You should try and get some sleep. Here.” I took my jacket off and put it around her shoulders.
“Thanks” she said as she wrapped it tighter around herself. She leaned back and closed her eyes.
“Hey Bella?” she opened one eye and peeked up at me.
“Thanks for telling me.”
“You’re welcome.” She smiled and then closed her eye.
“Goodnight Bella.”

Ch 5
Edward’s POV

I was awoken in the morning by the sun peeping through the windows. As I started to sit up something moved on my shoulder. I looked down to see that it was Bella’s head. She was still asleep. I leaned my head against hers and breathed in the sent of her hair. She smelled so good. A small smile appeared up on my face.
We laid there like this for a few minutes, before her eyes slowly began to open. I quickly lifted my head off of hers. She let out a big yawn and stretched her arms out. And then without thinking about it, she wrapped her arms around mine. That’s when she realized she was laying on me. She quickly sat up, looking startled.
“Oh, I’m sorry…I didn’t realize…I…” she tried to speak
“Don’t worry about it. I’m sure my shoulder was much more comfortable than the floor.” I said, attempting to lighten the mood. It worked.
“What time is it?” she asked.
“It is…”I glanced at my watch. “7:30”
“7:30!!” she exclaimed. “School is going to start in 1 hour! The janitor better be here soon.”
“Don’t worry. He’ll be here. But if he’s not…” she turned and squinted her eyes at me. “He’ll be here.”
“I mean, I just think it wouldn’t be a good thing if people saw us walk out of here together. We would be wearing the same cloths we were wearing yesterday and they might think we…” she broke off and blushed.
“We were what?” I asked trying to hide a smile.
“Never mind.”
Unfortunately my phone started vibrating. Bella looked at me.
“What’s that noise?” she saw the square lump in my jean pocket. “Is that a phone? Edward, you’ve had your phone this whole time!”
“Yeah, but…” she cut me off.
“But, but that would mean that you lied…” she scrambled to her feet started pacing. “We could have gotten out of here! Why did you lie to me?” I stood up and placed myself right in her path so that she was forced to stop and look me directly in my eyes.
“I can explain.” I began, remorse in voice. Suddenly someone unlocked and door. It opened and the janitor came in.
“Oh, hello there.” he seemed surprised at seeing us. “How did you get in here?” Bella walked over to him.
“I was closing down and Mrs. Robinson locked us in.”
“Okkaay.” He looked back and forth at Bella and me. “I’ll trust you this time. But this can’t happen again.”
“It won’t.” I said sharply. Bella ignored me and headed towards the door.
“Thank you!” she yelled over her shoulder. I fallowed her.
“Bella!” she didn’t turn around. “Bella! Wait up!”
“No! I’m not talking to you!” she picked up her pace, but I caught her by the arm and whipped her around. Our faces were only inches apart. Her lips were just inches from mine. “Last night I shared something with you. I trusted you with it.” her eyes were beginning to fill with water.
“Bella, I know and I’m sorry! Let me explain!” I begged. I hated seeing her mad, especially at me.
“Fine. Explain.” She yanked her arm away from my grasp and folder her arms across her chest.
“I didn’t mean for you to find out.”
“Well, obviously I did.”
“Bella let me talk. Alright.” she let out a sigh and motioned with her hand for me to progress.
“Thank you. As I was saying, I never meant for you to find out. I thought that it would be a good chance to get to know you better. And it was. I don’t regret what I did. I like you ok. I like you A LOT. Maybe even too much.”
Her eyes were penetrating into mine, so I had to look down before they pulled me any closer.
“You…what?” her voice was barely a whisper, and all the anger was gone.
“I like you and I want to be with you.”
“Edward.” She stepped a little closer, but I stepped back.
“But that’s the thing. I can’t be with you. I never will be with you.” I looked deep into her eyes for one more second and then I turned and walked away, leaving her alone.

Ch. 6
Bella’s POV

I kicked my shoes off and threw them across the room as I lay down on my bead, resting my head against the pillow. I was staring up at the ceiling, deep in thought when the bathroom door flew open and Alice appeared. She was in her pajamas and was drying her wet hair with a towel.
“You’re back!” she exclaimed. “I was begging to worry! I stayed up all night waiting for you, but you never came! What in the world happened?” she came over to my bed and sat down.
“Don’t worry. I was just locked in the library all night.” Alice was frowning at me. Obviously I hadn’t convinced her. “It’s true. Even ask the custodian.”
“Alright, if you say so. Hmmm.” Her eyes wondered down to my shirt.
“What?” I asked, feeling self-conscious.
“Are you…is that… is that Edward’s jacket?”
“Oh,” I mumbled. I sat up and pulled the jacket off.
“Wait, that is Edward’s. But how did you get it?”
“He just let me barrow it. It’s no big deal.” I looked down at the floor.
“Was he at the library with you?”
“Maybe” I got up and went over to my dresser so I could avoid looking at Alice.
“Bella.” She snapped
“Ok. Yes he was.” I turned around to face her. “I was locked in the library all night with your brother. Are you happy now?” she looked at me in shock, and then her expression became worried.
“What exactly…happened?” she asked
“Nothing. We just talked.” I shrugged my shoulders.
“That’s all. Nothing else?” Her expression softened.
“Um, well I fell asleep on him, but hat’s pretty much it.”
“So you’re not hurt?”
“What?” I was confused.
“Never mind. forget I even said that.”
“Is there something I should know?”
“Look. All I can say is that we’re not, oh what’s the right word. We’re not the safest people to hang around with. Alright.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“I can’t say. Just be careful. I know you like my brother, but if you knew what we were, you would stay far away and you should be staying [I]very[/I] far away.”
Ok. Now I was completely confused.
“I don’t understand…” She cut me off.
“Bella, you might eventually figure it out but for now, let’s just leave it at that.”
She grabbed her backpack and stepped out the door.
I ran through the conversation I just had with Alice over and over as I took a fast shower. The warm water felt good against my cold skin. [I]”What the hell was Alice saying? And what did she mean by ‘They’re not the safest people to hang around with?’”[/I] I threw a pair of old jeans and a green t-shirt on. And then tied my hair up in a messy ponytail. I quickly ran out the door with my backpack sliding off my shoulders, Edward’s jacket in my hand and my shoes were untied, so I was trying really hard not to trip and fall flat on my face. Success! I made it to my car without a single scrape. I tossed my belongings on the passenger seat as I slid in and started the car. I drove to school half in a daze as I thought about how I would confront Edward after what happened last night and after what Alice had just told me. I had his jacket with me so I could easily use that as an excuse. And that’s exactly what I did.

Ch 7
Still Bella’s POV

When I reached my 1st class, I stopped outside the door hopping that i would catch Edward. As minutes passed I was begging to get anxious. I glanced down the hallway filled with students scrambling to get to their classes, when someone tapped on my shoulder. I spun around to see Edward, but I didn’t expect that he would be standing so close.
“Are you waiting for someone?” his voice was smooth and a faint smile appeared on his face. [I] Oh. My. God. Is it possible for someone to be beyond extremely gorgeous? I don’t think that’s normal. [/I]

Eddy’s POV
I was startled by our close proximity, and I assumed that was the reason why she was at a loss of words. Her face was just inches from mine. Our lips were just inches apart. I could taste her breath on my tongue as she breathed in and out. Suddenly I had a longing to kiss her. I wanted to wrap my arms around her and pull her close to me. But at the same time, I was also highly considering sinking my teeth into her neck. We slowly leaned in towards each other, until out foreheads were almost touching. That’s when I realized that I had definitely gone to far so I quickly pulled my face away.
“Whoa.” Phil was staring at us. “What was that? Did you guys just have a…a moment or somethin’?” I would rather have liked to ignore him and continue looking at Bella’s confused expression, but she turned to face him.
“Hi Phil. How are you this morning?” he raised an eyebrow at her question.
“I’m fine. Thanks for asking.” Today Phil’s hair was it’s usual rats nest. He was wearing a t-shirt that had a piece of black and orange sushi on it, that read “I found Nemo” [I]very funny[/I] and he was wearing jeans and two different colored sneakers.
“I was just returning Edward’s jacket to him.” Bella said and when she handed me my jacket, our fingers touched. “Thanks for letting me barrow it.”
“Ok. Ok. You two lovebirds. Come on. We’re gonna’ be late for class.” Phil pushed us apart as he walked between us and through the door. I motioned with my hand for Bella to fallow, but she just stood there.
“Are you coming?” I asked.
“Will I see you at lunch? I want to talk to you about something.” She narrowed her eyes at me. “Something your sister told me last night.”
“Um, sure.” She smiled at me and then went into the classroom.

Phil’s POV
[I]What in the world is going on with Bella and Edward? They weren’t like this yesterday. Must be hormones…[/I]
I rested my head on my arms and was about to doze off as usual when the door opened and a girl walked in.
“Class I would like you to meet Caroline, our new student from Tennessee.” Miss Swaney said.
Man she was somethin’. She had blond wavy hair that fell just past her shoulders, she had deep blue eyes, and she was just the right height for a guy like me.
“I would like someone to show her around the school at lunch. Would anyone like to volunteer?” [I]Hell yeah.[/I] I shot my hand up in the air as high as it would go and I was pretty sure Miss swaney saw me, but she kept looking around. Hmm.
“Anyone?” she pleaded. “Fine.” [I]Yes[/I] “Caroline, Phil will be showing you around. And there’s an empty seat right next to him so go ahead and sit down.”
“Thank you.” Caroline whispered. She had the prettiest voice I have ever heard.
“Hello. I’m Phil. It’s nice to meet you.” I shook her hand.
“It’s nice to meet you too.” She blushed a little. I turned my attention back to the class. Bella was turned around in her seat staring at me and Edward was looking at me with a funny expression.
“What?” I mouthed. Bella shook her head and spun back around and Edward laughed.
After physics I gladly showed Caroline to her next class. She had computers and guess what! it was right across from my second period class, yoga!
“I’ll meet you out here at lunch and I’ll show you around. Ok?”
“Sounds good.” She replied.
I went into the empty locker room to change into my special yoga pants and grabbed my mat.
[I] I don’t know why im the only guy? maybe I can get Edward to join…[/I]
I sat cross-legged on the mat and waited for the teacher to come in. As soon as she did, the lesson began. Today we are working on the “lotus flower high”. It’s where cross your legs and then lift your whole body up off the ground with your hands…it’s harder than you think! I fell on my face hundreds of times! Wow. Those girls are strong!
[I]Let’s just skip the rest of the lesson. It will save me from humiliation.[/i]
I met up with Caroline where I told her, and took her on the Tour de Phil.
“First stop, we have the library. It is rather big and if you look inside you will see a small café, which has very good coffee if I may say so. Moving along. Next we have the courtyard where many people find shade under the trees during very sunny days. And to our right,” we came to a fence, “is our track and field.”
“It’s a very nice school.” she said.
“I guess so. Once you get used to it though, there’s really nothing special about it.”
“I can think of one thing”
“What’s that?”
“oh, I don’t know.” She shrugged her shoulders, and then very slowly took my hand in hers. [I]what is she doing!!! Don’t freak out Phil! Don’t freak out!”[/I]
“I see.” I tried using a smooth, casual voice. “Well, shall we.” I linked my arm in hers and we headed to the cafeteria together.

Ch. 8
Bella’s POV
I saw Edward sitting on a bench so I went to join him.
“Hello there.” He said when I reached him
“why don’t you sit down.” he moved his stuff over to clear a space.
“So what did you want to talk to me about?”
“Oh. right. That. Um.” he stared at me while i tried to get my words straight. “I was talking with your sister Alice last night and she mentioned that, um, you and your family aren’t, aaa, exactly the safest people to hang around with.” I paused because he became oddly still. I swallowed and continued. “ she said I should stay far, well very far away. What. Does. She. mean?” I exaggerated those last few words.
“And she told you this?”
“Yes.” I said innocently
“Look, I’m not going to explain this. She should never have told…wait. How did this even come up between you two?”
“I just told her that I was locked in the library all night with you and then she started going off on me.”
“Bella you can't know."
"Edward, i'm just confused and i want to know what is so dangerous about you and your family. I don't see anything wronge in telling me that. You can trust me."
"I know i can." i waited for him to give in.
"Alright I’ll tell you this, but nothing more.” He looked me straight in my eyes. “We aren’t dangerous unless we are forced to protect something or someone. I’ll never hurt you. My family will never hurt you. But there are certain circumstances, and because of these circumstances, I can’t be with you.”
[I]Well that helps a lot.[/I] “Look, i know that we both want to be with eachother. we can figure all of this out. Or can’t you just work around these circumstances or whatever, somehow?" I asked.
“It’s not that simple bella. Ok. It's to complicated and there is no reason for you to know. I don’t want to talk about this anymore. Just leave the conversation at that.”
“Fine.” [i]he will tell me eventually[/i]
Obviously he wasn't going to tell me today, but i wasn't going to give up on him so eaily. We sat there for a while, before I noticed he had a cup in his hand that was filled was some type of red liquid stuff. It looked gross
“what are you drinking?” I asked curiously
“what kind of juicceee?” I stretched the last word.
“Pomegranate. Ok.” He shook his head in annoyance, "I got to go. See you in class." then flung his backpack over his shoulder and walked away.
[I]what the hell was that! [/i]

Edward’s POV

I was staring at the clock as the minutes ticked down. 3:28. 3:29. 3:30. Finally the bell rang. I rushed out the door and practically ran to my car. I was at Alice’s place in 5 seconds, and I didn’t even bother knocking on the door. i just slamed it open.

“Oh, hey Edward! I didn’t know you were coming!” she was sitting at the table with Jasper
“Hey Ed, have a seat. Do you want a drink?” I looked at his glass of warmed blood.
“No thanks. I already had some. I have to talk to you Alice.”
“Well whatever you have to tell me, I’m sure you can tell Jasper.” She patted Jasper’s hand.
“Where do i start? Oh, well apparently Bella knows something is up with us, and it’s because you told her things you shouldn’t have last night.”
“Calm down Edward. I’m sure Alice didn’t mean any harm” he always protected alice.
“But she was questioning me today, and I hated not telling her. I can’t take this.” I was beginning to loose it.
“Is that all that’s bothering you? You hate keeping secrets from her?” alice gave me a questioning look.
“No.” I mumbled. They were waiting for me to say more, so I forced myself to say the words out loud.
“I’m not sure, but I think I’m falling in love with her. And I know that I shouldn’t be with her.” I snapped.
“Why, because…”
“she’s a mortal.” I finished her sentence.
“Yes. But do you know what happens when you’re involved with a mortal?”
“No. I don’t. do you mind filling me in?”
“Edward, it would be like any normal relationship which is a good thing, except when you get to close to her there’s a possibility that you will loose control and bite her.”
“Well, it is easy for us to control our selves,” Jasper interrupted. “as long as you don’t get too carried away in certain situations…if you know what I mean.” He playfully bumped Alice.
“Ew. Anyways as I was saying,” alice continued. “the first time you bite her, nothing will happen. She’ll just belong to you, and only you. You will feel a very strong possession over her. But the second time, third time, and forth time, she slowly becomes more like us. She’ll start to hear everything like us. She’ll smell things like we can. And she will have the need to drink blood. However, the fifth time you bite her,” she paused. “she either dies or becomes one of us. It ends with chance Edward.” I shuddered.
“And you only have a year to be with her once she knows about us. If she stays mortal for longer than a year, lets just say our father will gladly end her life. Any mortal can't leak our secret.”
"And how do you even know all of this alice?"
"I experienced it myself way before i met Jasper. His name was Kevin. I was a young vampire and i didn't know what i was doing. i fell in love with him." Jasper made a noise that sounded like a snarl. "Don't worry Jasper." she pecked him on the cheek. "but it didn't last long. no one told me what would happen if i bit him So bit him four times and before i knew it, i bit him once more. he was in my arms when he slowly stopped breathing. i didn't know if he was changeing, but after his heart stopped i knew he was gone. it was hard for me to deal with the fact that i killed him. That's how i know."
“See, I would sooo much like to have her belong to me. But I’m not going to leave her fate in the hands of chance. That’s not going to happen. She already has had a difficult life battling leukemia and i'm not going to make it any more difficult. I can’t do that to her." i sighed in frustration. "If she won’t stay away from me, then I’m just going to stay away from her.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes I am. It will be hard. Very hard. But it’s what’s best alice.”
"You can always change your mind." jasper smiled at me.
"I won't" With my decision made, I left the dorm room. And of course, on my way down the stairs I almost ran into Bella.
“Sorry. Oh, it’s you Edward.” A huge smile appeared on her face. I didn’t even bother looking at her. I just continued on walking to my car.
Bella’s POV

I arrived at school just when the bell rang, signaling the start of another very long day. I rushed into my first period class and quickly went over to my seat when I noticed Edward wasn’t there. [I] I wonder if something happened last night? He seemed kind of mad when I ran into him.[/I]
“Hey Phil. Have you seen Edward?” Phil just turned his head in the direction of the far right side of the room. A few rows across from me, sat Edward. He was staring out the window and was listening to his ipod.
“He just walked right in and sat down over there.” Phil told me. “when I asked him why he’s sitting so far away he said, “I don’t know.” And then plugged his ipod in! What the hell is up with him!” Phil threw his arms up. “He’s acting funny today. Did you do something?” he squinted his eyes at me.
“No, well at least I don’t think I did…” [I]well this is just weird. I don’t remember doing anything. He seemed a little annoyed during our short conversation at lunch, but that’s all. Maybe he’s worried about something…[/I]
I was pulled away from my thoughts as the teacher began her daily routine of taking role.
Class zoomed by in a flash, and 2nd period went by even faster. I was planning on confronting Edward about what ever was going on with him but I didn’t even see him during our whole entire lunch. And Phil mentioned that he’s been really quiet and has been coming to his room around 10 every night. I was begging to worry about Edward.
A few days went by but his annoying behavior never changed and I never got the chance to confront him…that is until we were assigned a class project.
Mrs. Swaney was drawing names from a hat. I was starting to fidget in my seat when almost everyone had a partner except me, Edward, and two other kids I did not know.
“Bella,” she took a piece of paper out of the hat and unfolded it. “You will be paired with… (Drum roll)…Edward.” [I]Perfect.[/I] I found myself sinking in my seat trying to hide. Something inside me wanted to talk to him, however I also had a feeling that was telling me to run because I knew this wasn’t going to go down well. He came over and sat down next to me. This was my only chance to ask him what was bothering him and was probably my last.
“So,” my voice was shaking a little. “I’ve been meaning to talk to you abou-“ I abruptly cut off my sentence as his face suddenly became scary. His lips were pressed together in a hard thin line and his eyes were like dark black slits. [I]Wait. Was he glaring at me?[/I] I looked closer. [I]Yes. He was definitely glaring.[/I]
“Lets just start the project. Ok. So how do you want to do this?” his tone was sharp. I was still frightened by his glaring so it took me a second to speak.
“I was thinking we could do a power point. It’s the easiest option.”
“Alright. I will work on the first page and you can do the second. When you’re done you can give me your half and I’ll put them together in a presentation. Sounds good.” With that he got up and went back to his seat. Everyone collaborated on their projects for the rest of the period while I doodled aimlessly on my notebook and thought to myself. How boring.
[I] so obviously he is trying to stay away from me and talk to me as little as possible. But why? Ugh, this is soooo confusing. I don’t know what to do. Well I guess I could try asking him again but I doubt I will get anywhere. Hmmm.[/I] By the time class was over I had made up my mind. If Edward was trying to ignore me, for a reason I don’t know, and if he doesn’t want to talk to me than I certainty am not going to talk to him. What ever his problem is, I wont let it affect me. And I can’t show that he’s gotten to me. That he’s hurt me.

Three weeks had gone by (who’s counting?) and Edward was still ignoring me. By now I had learned to act like nothing ever happened between us and I went on with my life as if I never met Edward. I guess you could say things were looking up for me. Oh, and there is a rumor going around school that we are expecting a new student any day now and I consider that something to look forward too.
I was in the hallway and stopped at the school bulletin board that was completely covered in flyers and read them to myself.
“Join the Yearbook Committee…na. Not my thing. Come see our school’s first band concert this Saturday…nope. What’s this? Annual Halloween Masquerade Ball two weeks from today! That might be fun.” I ripped a flyer off the board and stuffed it into my bag. I had just taken a step when a door right in front of me suddenly flew open and hit me.
“OW!” I screamed as I stumbled backward and my hand flew right to my nose that was now gushing blood. Gross. Then a tall kid with long black hair stepped out from behind the door.
“Oh my god! I’m soooo sorry! Are you okay? Oh crap! You’re bleeding!” the kid was freaking out.
“Weah, ib…ib fide.” I said plugging my nose, and sounding like a moron.
“Here you should sit down.” He pulled me over to a bench. “ Just stay here and I’ll be right back!” then the kid ran down the hall and disappeared. I leaned my head back to try and slow down the bleeding. Only a few minutes passed before the kid was back with a wad of toilet paper.
“Here. This will have to do for now. I don’t know where the nurse’s office is.” he smiled sheepishly at me and handed me the wad.
“Thangs.” I took the toilet paper from him.
“Sorry about hitting you in the nose with the door.”
“Dob worry ‘bout id.” He stayed there with me until the bleeding stopped and I was able to sit up straight.
“That was a pretty bad nose bleed you had.”
“No kidding.” I squinted my eyes at him. “And thanks again for the um…toilet paper. It helped.”
“No prob. But maybe you can show me where the nurse’s office is incase I hurt anyone else today.” He joked
“Don’t you know where it is?” he shook his head. “Wait are you the new student?”
“Yeah. My name’s Jacob.”
“Hi. I’m Bella.”
“It’s nice to meet you.”
“You too. So how are you liking Forks so far?”
“It’s alright, but I think it just got a little better.” I’m not clueless. My cheeks turned a light red and I looked down at my feet.
“Come on. I’ll show you where the nurse’s office is.” I changed the subject as we stood up and made our way through the hall.
“Well here we are.” I pointed to the door with a big red Cross on it. “It’s easy to spot.”
“Thanks. Hey can you show me where my next class is? I got lost trying to find my first two classes.”
“I guess. What are you taking next?”
“History and then weight lifting.”
“Weight lifting!”
“I know.” I touched his upper arm to feel his muscles.
“You are strong.”
“I work out a lot.” He playfully bumped me and of course I wobbled a little.
“Oops sorry. Man, I keep hurting you today.”
“That didn’t hurt and the first time was an accident.” I smiled reassuringly at him.
“Ok. If you say so.” He smiled back.
“And here’s your next class.” I said. “And weight lifting is on the right side of the gym.”
“Well where’s the gym?”
“Just around the corner. It’s a huge building with the word Gymnasium on it. I’m sure you wont miss it. Hey, I have to go or I’ll be late.”
“Alright. See you later Bella.”
“Bye Jacob.”

On my way to my next class, I felt almost as if I was being fallowed. I kept turning around but nobody was ever there.

Edward’s POV

I was really begging to dislike this new Jacob kid. Just the way he looked at Bella bothered me. They had been hanging out for over a week now and I knew Bella saw it as a friendship, but I think he saw it as something more. And it wasn’t just the relationship he was forming with Bella that bothered me. There was something else about him but I couldn’t figure it out.

Bella’s POV

“So…are you going to the Masquerade Ball tomorrow night?” I looked up at Jake who had a hopeful expression on his face.
“Yeah I guess. Why?” I asked even though it was obvious to tell what was coming next.
“Well I know it’s short notice but…um I was wondering if maybe you aaa, wanted-to-go-with-me.” I looked at his cute puppy dog face. I hated hurting his feelings but I had to tell him the truth. Just when I was going to open my mouth and say that I prefer we just stay friends, Edward appeared in the corner of my eye so I simply answered:
“Sure Jake. I would love to go to the ball with you.” And I placed my hand on top of his, hoping the gesture wouldn’t be too much. Then I checked the spot where Edward was standing, but he was no longer there.
“Really! Wow.”
“It should be fun.”
“I guess it’s a date then. Only now I have to go rent a tux.” His shoulders slumped.
“Jake, you don’t have to rent a tux if it costs to much.”
“No it’s fine. I’ll figure something out. Don’t worry.”
“If you say so.”
“Well what are you wearing? I mean you in a dress?” His eyes scanned me up and down for a second and I felt myself turn as red as an apple. “Nope. I can’t picture it.”
“Thanks.” I said sarcastically. “Actually I do have a nice dress picked out. I bought it a while ago but I’ve just never had a reason to wear it.”
“I’m sure whatever you wear will look beautiful on you.” I blushed again and changed the subject.
“I better get back to work.”
“Alright. See you tomorrow then.” I waved goodbye as I went inside the library and logged into the computer.
“Next in line.” I called out. A hand pushed a set of books across the counter to me. Of course it was Edward, but he had a weird half smile on his face making him look like he just ate something horrible and was trying to be polite about.
“Is this all?”
“Do you have your library card with you?”
“Yes.” He answered again and he slowly slid his card toward me. I took it, scanned it and slid it back to him with his books.
“Here you go.”
“Thanks.” Then he practically ran out the door. Did I smell bad?

~the ball~

“Oh im so excited for tonight!” alice was practically skipping all around the room getting herself ready for the ball. “C’mon Bella! Get dressed!”
“Ok ok!” I was pinning my hair up in a loose, messy bun. I was really in no hurry to get to the ball, however if I was going with Edward, that would be a different story.
“Alice, do you know if Edward is going?”
“I believe he is. Why do you ask?” luckily someone knocked on the door so I avoided answering that question.
“I’ll get it! It’s Jasper!” he was standing in the doorway in a nice black tux.
“Wow. There are no words to describe how you look tonight,” he said and I had to agree with him. She was wearing a short black V-neck, spaghetti strap dress that shaped her body perfectly.
“Why thank you Jasper.” She giggled as Jasper held out his arm for her to take. “By Bella! Don’t be too late!” she yelled over her shoulder as she and Jasper left.
Once I finished getting ready I grabbed my jacket, my mask, and my car keys and headed to my car.
I was only twenty minutes late by the time I parked my car near the gym where the ball was being held. Everything was lit up with bright lights. I fallowed the crowd and entered the gym through huge double doors. The inside was decorated with multi colored balloons and streamers and there was confetti all over the floor. Everyone was dancing in the center of the gym unless you didn’t have a date, then you would be standing alone by the snack table. I wish I were one of those people. And everyone was wearing masks. I thought it would be easy to tell who’s who, but I was definitely wrong. How in the world was I going to find Jake? I decided to go hang out by all the lonely people and get myself some punch while I looked for my date. Then someone tapped my shoulder.
“May I have this dance?” a manly voice asked. I whirled around to see a man who didn’t look anything like Jake or Edward.
“Um do I know you?”
“You’re not Elizabeth?” apparently he was surprised.
“No. I’m Bella.”
“I’m sorry. It’s hard to find someone when we’re all in these masks. Have a nice time.”
“You too.” That was weird. I pulled my cell out and dialed Jakes number.
“Hey it’s me. Where are you?”
“I’m over by the snack tables.”
“So am I” a second later he appeared on my left. “Hi”
“Geese Bella. You look amazing.”
“Thanks Jake. So do you.” He was all dressed up in a tux. “I see you found a tux.”
“Yep. I told you I would. So, do you want to dance?”
“Why not.” I took his hand as he lead me onto the dance floor. It was kind of weird being so close to him with my hands on his shoulders and his on my waist.
“This is nice.” He said attempting to make small talk.
“Yeah it is.” I wasn’t much for talking, plus I was focused on finding Edward.
Suddenly the music changed to a slow song. Ok. Now it was really weird.

Edward’s POV
“Edward!” Alice came rushing up to me right as I walked into the gym.
“Hello Alice.”
“You didn’t come with a date?” she sounded surprised.
“That was a stupid question to ask.” Rosalie interrupted as she and Emmet joined Alice and me, forming a small circle.
“Yeah.” He agreed. “There’s only one girl out there for Eddy.” He playfully punched me in the arm and I whacked him in the head.
“He could have brought someone else.” Alice shot back.
“No. The only person who I would have, and should have been here with is Bella. And since that wasn’t an option I decided to come alone.” My words came out a lot harsher than I meant them to.
She glared at me.
“How long are you planning on ignoring Bella?” Rose asked me. “You’ll have to stop sometime.”
“I don’t think he’ll ever stop.” Emmet commented.
“When are you going to realize that you will never forget about her?” Alice said
“I know I’ll never forget about her, but I have to at least try.” I replied
“She’s too important to you.”
“So! I have to ignore her! It’s the right thing to do!”
“But you love her!” her words pierced right through me to my heart and I lost the ability to speak.
“C’mon Rose.” Emmet tugged on Rose’s sleeve. “Lets go dance! I don’t want to deal with all of this lovey-dovey crap right now. And bro, just relax and join the party!” He said and he dragged Rose away.
“Well you should at least dance with her.” Alice continued our conversation.
“I’m not sure if that’s the best idea. I haven’t even said hi to her in months!”
“Then i guess tonight’s your chance.”
“Hey you’re the one who told me to stay away from her.”
“No. That was you! I only told you the consequences of being with her.” she took a big breath to calm her self down. “Please Edward, just go dance with her.”
“I can’t tell her apart from the others.”I sighed and looked at the group of dancing couples who were unfortunately all wearing masks.
“You’ll recognize her when you see her. Trust me…and put your mask on. It’s a masquerade ball for heaven’s sake!” Alice rolled her eyes and stopped away.
I wove my way through the group of dancing couples searching and searching for Bella. I wasn’t having any luck and I probably looked like an idiot walking around on the dance floor alone so I figured I should leave. But then I froze in place when I saw her dancing only a few feet away from me. She was breathtakingly beautiful. She was wearing a long silk black dress that flowed like waves around her body as she slowly and gracefully moved her hips side to side. The dress was strapless so I could see the curve of her neck, the arch of her shoulders and the very top edge of her chest. Her hair was pinned up in a bun but loose strands fell over her shoulders. I had no clue what I was doing, but it was like a magnetic force was pulling me towards her and my feet kept moving me forward.
“Ehm”I cleared my throat and Bella looked up at me. I wasn’t sure if she knew it was me under this mask. “May I have this dance?”
“Um sure I guess. Is that ok Bella?” she didn’t take her eyes off of me as she nodded her head yes.
“Ok, I’ll go get some fresh air or something.” Then her date, who looked rather annoyed, left us alone.
“Hi.” I said breathlessly.
“Hey.” Her voice was sharp.
I slowly stepped closer to her and she took a step closer to me, our eyes never unlocking. I slowly reached my hand out and she slid hers into it. I took another step so that we were only about 10 inches apart. I carefully rested my hand on her hip and she put her small hand on my shoulder. Then we were moving together. It felt right being this close to her and I loved feeling her under my hands.
“You look very beautiful tonight.” I complimented her. She looked down at the ground embarrassed. I put a finger under her chin and lifted her face up so I could see her eyes again.
“Why?” she asked. [I]Ah crap. Why did we have to talk about this now?[/I]
“You what? Edward. You could start with I’m sorry I’ve been acting like you’re invisible for the past few months. I never meant to hurt you.” She was trying to use a manly tone but her voice kept cracking as she tried to hold back tears.
“I never wanted to hurt you. I had a choice to make.” It was hard keeping my voice at a whisper.
“You mean a choice to stay away from me?”
“Yes, but you have to understand why I did it. It hasn’t been easy for me to stay away from you, to shut you out of my life.” We both flinched. “But it won’t be easy if we’re together either. There are dangers that I don’t want to inflict on you.”
“You’re unbelievable!”
“No. Wait, you’re telling me that the reason we can’t be together is because of some…dangers and yet you still want to be with me?”
“YES!” I kind of shouted it out so the people surrounding us looked at me and I gave them a quick apologetic smile.
“Well that makes it less confusing!” she said sarcastically.
“Look. These…dangers...”[I]how am I going to explain this?[/I] “There are other people at this school that are more dangerous than me and because of them I want to protect you.”
“then why don’t you?” she challenged. By now we were only 1 inch apart and we were leaning into each other, her body pressed against mine. Her breath caught as my lips barely brushed hers but then I stopped myself and moved my lips to her forehead. I held them there for a second before I pulled away and let my hands fall from her body.
“I have to go. Goodbye Bella.”

Bella’s POV
I stood there dazed and confused as i watched him leave the gym. I wasn’t sure if I should go after him or go find my date but my mind was made up for me when Jake was suddenly at my side.
“Who was that?” he asked looking in the same direction.
“Who?” jake’s eyes bulged out and his face became oddly serious
“Edward. Edward Cullen.”
“You know him?”
“Yeeesss. Why are you so interested in him?”
“I’m…I’m not. I’ve just heard a lot about him. Doesn’t he have four siblings or something?”
“Yeah, I’m roommates with one of his sisters. Alice.” He grabbed me hard by the arm and pulled me to the side of the gym.
“Did he hurt you?”
“Yes. Wait no! Not physically!” I messed that one up.
“Mhm. have you seen anything weird going on? Anything unusual?”
“No. What the hell are you talking about Jake!”
“Bella. The Cullens are dangerous. You have to stay away from them. Do you promise you will stay away?”
“No I do not promise!” he was begging to creep me out and I wasn’t in the mood to talk about Edward or any of the Cullens. “Jake, I’m not feeling to good and I’m kind of tired. Do you mind taking me home?” he was a little shocked at the change of subject but he answered anyways.
“are you sure you can’t find enough energy for one more dance?” he seemed sad.
“I’m sorry. I’m really wiped out.”
“What about your car?”
“I’ll leave it here overnight and I’ll just catch a ride with Alice in the morning.”
“Ok. Let’s go then.” He put his arm around my shoulder to help keep me warm as we walked out into the chilly night air and across the parking lot to his warm car.


~The fallowing day~

[I]How did we get here? I used to know you soooo well.[/I] My phone startled me as it rang in my purse. I had set my ring tone to the song Decode just the other day, so I wasn’t accustomed to hearing Paramour every time it rang. I picked it up and saw that Alice was calling.
“Hey alice.”
“Are you done with work?”
“Yeah I’m on my way to our room right now.”
“good. I ordered pizza for us.”
“Oh thanks. I’m starving.”
Our room smelled like pizza when I walked in. Yum. And it was cheese! My favorite!
“Can I get you anything to drink?” alice asked as she served me a big, cheesy slice.
“Sure. What are you having?” She was drinking something that had a dark red color and it smelled weird.
“Pomegranate juice.”
“Mmm. that sounds good. Can I have some?”
“aaaaa.” She paused “Actually, this is all there is left. I drank it all, sorry. You know what? Um, I have to go use the lady’s room. Be right back.” All right then.
I poured myself a glass of water and took my slice of cheesy pizza to my bed so I could eat while finishing my homework.. When I sat down I noticed a brown paper bag on Alice’s bedside table.
[I]What’s this?[/I]I thought.
It was probably nothing, but being my nosey and curious self I reached over, took the bag, and opened it. I pulled out a clear jug filled with thick, red colored goop. Or was it pomegranate juice? I couldn’t tell. All of a sudden I remembered a few months ago, when Edward and me were still talking, he was drinking something that looked similar to this red goop and he acted all funny when I asked him what it was. And tonight Alice acted the same way.
I twisted the cap off and took a big whiff. My nose wrinkled. The smell was familiar but I couldn’t remember what it smelt like, so I took a big gulp. (dun-dun-dunnnn)
I bent over as I started chocking in disgust and forced myself to swallow what was still in my mouth. It was warm and bitter. “WHAT THE HELL!! UH! THAT’S NASTY!” I twisted the cap back on and put the jug back in the bag. Then I took big swigs of water and stuffed my mouth with pizza, hoping that it would get rid of the horrible taste.
At that moment Alice walked in so I tried to look natural, as in I tried to look like I hadn’t just taken a drink of her horrible red goop, and I calmly ate my pizza.
I decided to put on a little act.
“So Alice. What’s in the brown paper bag?” I asked.
“Oh nothing. It’s just something I got for myself.”
“Can I see it?” I think I’m rather good at playing dumb.
“NO!” she jumped over to her bedside table and tried to snatch up the bag, but I beat her to it.
“What is this?” I said as i examined the red goop, failing at hiding my disgusted look. “This looks like your pomegranate juice.”
“What do you know?” Alice gave me a fake little laugh. “We do have some more juice. Silly me.” She tried to take it from me and I pulled it away again.
“Well I guess I can have some then.” watching her the whole time I took the cap off again, slowly raised the jug to my mouth and was reaalllyyy hoping I wouldn’t have to take a sip and begging to wonder if she was even going to say something to stop me, when…
“OK!!! OK!!” Don’t drink it! It’s not pomegranate juice!”
“It’s not?” hahaha. I got her now.
“No. It’s cranberry.” Huh?
“Don’t lie!”
“I’m not!”
“Yes you are! I already drank some! When you left the room, I saw it and I thought it was the juice! BUT NO! IT WAS BLOOD!!!! I can’t believe I just drank blood!”
“Crap. I guess you know now”
“Know what? That you’re probably from a different planet and you drink blood.” I jiggled the jug around for effect. “What exactly are you Alice?” she slumped down onto her bed so that we were facing each other eye to eye.
“We are…”she hesitated
“Say it Alice.”
“We are…vampires Bella” I put the jug back on the table because I was shaking and I didn’t want to drop it and have a huge bloody mess on the floor.
“Vampires. Ok.” I mumbled
“I won’t hurt you.” Her eyes were worried as she watched me.
“I believe you. I think. Edward said that you’re not really dangerous.” I said
“Well we can be if we’re pushed to far. And that,” she pointed to the jug. “is human blood. We drink human blood but, my siblings and me don’t kill. That’s our dad’s job.” My face was turning white and my stomach was as upside-down as a stomach could possibly be. “Don’t worry though. He only takes people’s lives that are dying.” [I]That makes it better.[/I]
It took me a while before I could speak again.
“Edward also said that there are others at this school that are more dangerous than you guys. Who exactly?”
“Bella. There are some people out there who believe that we shouldn’t exist in this world. They believe that there can only be peace if we’re dead. That’s why they hunt us down and kills us.”
“Who are they?”
“The Red Hunters. They got that name because the only way we can be killed is by being burned in a fire, although fire isn’t exactly red. You get the idea.”
“And some of these Red Hunters are here…at this school?”
“Yes. The bad thing is that we don’t know who is a Red Hunter.”
“Do they know you guys are vampires?”
“No. They don’t know we are vampires…yet. That’s why we have to play it very low key and hope that they wont find us and they’ll leave us alone.”
“That must be scary having someone after you 24/7.”
“Yes it can be. But we’re used it.” She paused and her voice dropped to a whisper. “But now that you know about us Bella, you are involved and that puts you in danger.”
“But as long as you guys are safe, I’m safe right?” I was freaking out a little, and wasn’t doing a good job of reassuring myself.
“For now.” I chill ran down my spine.
“Do you think Edward will be mad with you for telling me all of this?”I asked
“If he is, he’ll get over it. But he’s been wanting to tell you for so long himself, that I think he might be somewhat glad.
I looked down at my cheese pizza and cupped my hand over my mouth.
“I don’t think I’m hungry anymore.” Alice laughed.
“You should get some rest Bella.”
“You expect me to sleep after this!” [I]is she crazy?[/I]
“There’s no reason to be scared.”
“Really! I’m sharing a room with a vampire and there are vampire killers roaming around the school! I think that’s a reason to be scared!”
“Like I said Bella. I won’t hurt and nor will the Red Hunters. Sleep will help. You’ll feel better in the morning. Plus it’s 10:30 and we have school tomorrow.
”I’ll probably have nightmares, but fine.” I saw the blood still sitting on the table. “And [I]please[/I] put that away.” My stomach quenched.
While I cleaned up my pizza and got myself ready, I thought about Edward. [I]If he’s a vampire than shouldn’t I be running away screaming? That seems like the logical thing to do. And maybe I should switch rooms…no I’m already situated. And Edward won’t hurt me. He’s still the Edward I’ve come to know in these past few months.[/I]
I brushed my teeth, then put on my favorite pajamas. They were light blue, fuzzy kind and had little ducks all over it. I crawled in bed and curled up under the covers. I couldn’t shake off the fact that alice and Edward were vampires. I was happy though because this explained Edward’s weird behavior towards me. I could tell him I know he’s a vampire tomorrow and maybe we could have somewhat of a relationship. I liked that thought and I held onto it as I drifted to sleep.

Ch.12 part one on the saga

I had to lean against the dusty bookshelf for support. This was the last thing I expected to hear from her. And she said the word vampire as if it was just a name, like it wasn’t the definition of a blood-drinking monster.
“How, How did you find out?” I asked
“Alice told me.” Bella said quietly. I slammed my fists on the shelf, making it shake and causing a few books to fall to the ground.
“But don’t be mad at her.” she quickly added. “It was an accident. It wasn’t her fault.”
“Of course it was her fault Bella! She told you!” I yelled
“Let me explain! She had to tell me because I…drank…blood.”
“You drank blood!”
Suddenly a dark haunting image of her formed in my mind. She was sitting on the ground and as the image slowly became clearer, I realized laying across her lap was a small boy. He laid there cold and unconscious as she drank his blood. And as she lifted her head, her lips were dripping with blood and I saw her deep eyes. She was thirsty, almost half crazed…I shook my head to escape from the darkening image. The thought of her drinking blood sent a chill up my back and made the hair on my arms stand up.
“How did the blood even come into your possession?” I asked, with a shaky voice, trying to forget the horrific scene I just imagined.
“There was this jug and I thought it was filled with pomegranate juice, so I took a drink. It was very disgusting. I don’t know how you guys can drink that stuff.” Her face scrunched up and she stuck her tongue out.
“Bella. You’re acting so nonchalant about all of this. You drank blood! That should bother you!”
“It did, but I got over it.” She smiled.
“Imagine drinking your father’s blood or your mother’s blood. You wouldn’t like that very much.” She cringed. “I thought so.”
“Forget Alice! Forget the blood! Isn’t it better that I finally know what you are?”
“No it’s not.” I said coldly
“How Edward?” hearing her say my name made me forget why I was so angry. “You don’t think these past few months have been hard enough for me? You practically ignored me! You pushed me out of your life! And then,”she sighed. “the other night, at the ball, when you touched me it was like nothing else in my world mattered.” I wanted to cry out to her and tell her that I felt the same way. “But then you gave me that ‘I can’t be with you’ crap again and left.”
“I’m so sorry bella.”
“An apology doesn’t help!”
“I know I owe you more.”
“Edward, when I first met you I knew you weren’t like any boy I met before. I felt something for you, I still do. Tell me you feel something for me!”
“I do Bella, deeply. I did from the moment I set my eyes on you. I’ve felt things before, but I’ve been experiencing feelings with you that I never even knew existed! And that’s made it extremely difficult to stay away from you.”
“You don’t have to stay away anymore.” She rested her hand against my cheek.
“Bella” I sighed in frustration.
“It feels right to be with you Edward and I will do anything to make this work between us. I’ll risk everything I have because I know I can’t let this go. You mean too much to me.”
“You’re not getting it Bella!” I took her hand off my cheek.
“But I want to be with you!”
“You can’t! If you’re with me, you are automatically a target!”
“You mean from the Red hunters?” she raised and eyebrow
“You know about the Red hunters?” I pressed my fingers to my temple. “I’m going to kill Alice.”
“You wouldn’t dare!” she sounded shocked.
“I would.” I looked at her face and didn’t see one speck of fright.
“I’m not afraid.” she whispered.
I jumped backwards into the darkness and let out a snarl as I bared my sharp fangs.
“WE CAN’T BE TOGETHER! GET THAT IN YOUR HEAD!” I yelled at her and she stumbled backwards, fright flashing across her face as she saw who I truly was for the first time. I closed my mouth, forcing my fangs to disappear.
“You keep saying you’re dangerous, but I don’t believe you. I mean I share a room with a vampire and nothing has happened yet. There’s more isn’t there? There’s something you’re not telling me.” She was way to good at figuring things out.
I didn’t respond as I slowly stepped out of the dark.
“Wait,” she raised a hand to stop me from coming any closer. “you said you felt things before. You did say that right?” she asked.
“Yes.” I looked down at the ground ashamed. I badly wished I could hide this part of my past from her.
“Is there someone else Edward?” her expression was blank.
A few silent seconds passed before I answered. “Yes.” I looked back up at her to see that her eyes had become puddles and tears were streaming down her cheeks. I stretched my hand out to her, but she jerked away.
“But you have to understand that it was a really long time ago.” I said. My insides seemed to be crushing from the pain I felt because I knew I hurt her deeply.
“That doesn’t matter.” Her lips were a tight line and her eyebrows came together.
“Bella, it’s over. I’m over her, it’s just that…she’s not over me yet.”
“So what does that mean for us?” she barley could speak, through tears.
“I don’t know Bella.” My voice was just above a whisper. “I’m sorry”
“So am i.” Her arm rubbed against mine as she shoved past me, in a hurry to leave.
Bella’s POV
The library door made a big bang as I slammed it against the wall and stormed out into the open. In the short amount time that I was in the library with Edward, the sky had gone from a light clear blue to a dark blanket of gray clouds and a heavy rain had begun to fall.
“Bella!” I heard Edward call after me, but I had to keep walking and I didn’t pay any attention to the fact that students were heading to class. I had to get out of this place and away from Edward as fast as possible, but it was hard to keep a fast pace because my knees were violently shaking from the cold and anger and I kept tripping on stupid rocks.
The rain was pouring down on me, soaking my cloths and making them cling to my body and drenching my hair as it whipped around my face. Raindrops mixed with the tears that were now flowing down my cheeks. And it was like my whole entire body was shattered into a zillion pieces and I knew it would take forever to put them back together.
I was unaware of where I was headed to because my thoughts were just a giant blur. I couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that there was someone else, that there was another women. I mean c’mon! How can it get worse than that!
“Bella!” he called again getting closer, but again I didn’t stop. “Bella please!” he grabbed my wrist forcing me to turn around, but I quickly yanked my hand away.
“What!” I yelled in his face and was going to yell more, but I was caught off guard by his beauty.
His hair was a soaked mop, dripping down his face. His chest was rising up and down as he breathed heavily from running after me. His gray t-shirt was also wet and clinging to his skin, letting me see the smooth outline of his muscles in his arms and on his chest.
Well hell.
I took my eyes off of him for only a second and noticed we were in the middle of the empty football field in the back of the school, so obviously my feet were taking the long way to my car, which was in the front parking lot. Great.
“Bella don’t go.” His words melted right through to my heart causing it to beat faster.
“I don’t have a reason to stay.”
He moved closer “Me. Stay because of me. I want to be with you Bella.” he said with warmth and I found that I desperately wanted to believe him as I looked into his eyes that were filled with shame and sorrow.
“You already have someone Edward. Go be with her!” I crossed my arms to hold myself together as I started sobbing.
“I don’t care about her! I care about you!” He took my face between his hands, “I want [I]you[/I] Bella!” and then he firmly pressed his lips to mine. I was way too weak to pull away and besides he tasted really good, so I kissed him back. Kissing him was better than I could have ever imagined. His lips moved fiercely against mine. I stretched up onto my tiptoes as my hands wrapped around his neck and his wove through my wet hair as our bodies crushed together. Everything around us seemed to disappear. But then he pulled away, so only our foreheads were touching, and we were gasping for air.
“We should stop before I loose control” I could feel his breath on my face. At this point, I didn’t care who or what he was. I just wanted him.
“Lets see how far you can go.” I challenged and pecked him on the lips.
“Bella I don’t want to hurt you.”
“Do you want me or not Edward?”
He gave me a huge smile. “C’mon. I have the perfect place” he entwined his fingers through mine as we ran across the muddy field and he led me around the locker room building until we came to an old door with a sign that read: ‘Storage’.
“What are you doing?” I giggled as he pushed me inside and locked the door behind him.
“Like you said, let’s see how far I can go.” He swept me off of my feet, wrapping my legs around him and then he slammed me up against one of the walls, kissing me passionately.
“I-don’t think-you’ll last-long.” I said breathlessly between kisses.
Never letting our lips unlock, we fell to the hard cold floor, me on top of him. His hands were on my back and when he slowly slid them under my shirt, a shiver ran through me. He lifted it up over my shoulders to reveal my white tank top underneath.
A small gasp escaped his lips and I fallowed his eyes down to my chest, where embarrassingly enough, my blue and purple polka dot bra was very visible.
“Can you-handle-this?” I slid my finger to my shoulder and slowly pulled my braw strap down. I felt hands slide down my arms as his lips kissed along my neck…
Suddenly something sharp penetrated through my skin.
“Edward” I could barely speak as the pain worsened, and my body began to shake. “Edward!” I screamed and I felt a weird tug on my shoulder as he finally released his lips. He carefully, but quickly slid out from under me and scooted away from me with a horrified expression. His fangs were still showing and his lips were covered in my blood.
“I’m a monster.” He said.
“No…you’re not.” Even though it disgusted me, I leaned over and kissed his bloody lips, fangs and all. He had to see that I accepted him for who he is. When I pulled away he grabbed my face again and kissed me hard, making me lightheaded.
“Ow. ”He touched my neck right in the place where he had just bitten. I looked down and saw two deep holes made by his fangs.
“I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be.” I swallowed and forced a smile. “C’mon. Let’s go to my room. I should put a bandage on it.”
“I just bit you Bella.”
“You’re point is…”
“You’re crazy.”

“I’m not crazy. I just love you.” I shrugged
“I love you more than anything Bella.” he kissed me for a long time and once more everything disappeared.

The moment we stepped outside into the pouring rain, the football team ran by. My hair was all messed up and both of our lips were red from kissing so much, so yes it was obvious to tell what we had been doing. They all looked at us, a few gave us the “nod” and we even got a whistle. I wish I was invisible.
Ch. 13

Bella’s POV
My room felt even darker as the rain poured down on the sidewalk outside. You could hear the quiet pitter-patter of the rain hitting the roof. The only light in the room was coming from the small blue desk lamp on my bedside table. I was sitting on my very cushiony bed while Edward was kneeling on the floor, rummaging through the first aid kit.
“So who is this…other girrlll?” I asked Edward as he dabbed a cotton ball that was dunked in rubbing alcohol onto the bite marks. He stopped dabbing to look up at me.
“Edward. I think its fair that I at least know what her name is…and her species. Is she human or is she vampire? These are easy questions that you are capable of answering. I’m [I]really[/I] not interested in the history you had with her.” He sighed before sticking a bandage over the bite mark, and then sat down next to me on my bed.
“I guess you’re right, she’s a vampire.”
“And?” I asked
“And her name’s Tanya.”
“Hmm, Tanya. That’s a pretty name.” I said
“I like Bella better.”
“Well a pretty name must go along with a pretty face.”
He twisted himself on the bed so that he was facing me. “Bella, her beauty is nothing compared to how you look.” He brushed my cheek with the back of his hand.
It troubled me to think that once upon a time, Edward had another girl in his life and she was probably 10 times more beautiful than me and taller, and stronger, and smarter. How am I supposed to compete with that?
“How serious was it between you guys?” I asked. A frown appeared on Edward’s face and he shook his head.
“I don’t want to talk about her Bella.”
“Well I do. If she was someone that you were madly in love with and wanted a future life with or someone that you would jump off a cliff for, I think it’s important.”
“I thought all you wanted to know was her name and species.” He jokingly emphasized the word species.
“Pleeaase Edward.” I begged and I stuck my bottom lip out to make a pouting face.
He smiled at me. “You’re making this hard on me. I can’t turn that adorable face down.” He touched his index finger to my bottom lip. “Fine. I’ll make the story short.”
I situated myself so that I was sitting up straight and cross-legged to show that I was ready for his wonderful story of his past love. I’m so not going to enjoy this.
“Let’s see,” he began. “She and her family moved into our house around four years ago. At first I didn’t think anything of her. She was just another vampire in another vampire family that was looking for a place to settle down. I guess living under the same roof for months, we got to know each other better and we became very close friends. But soon our friendship blossomed into something more, she felt something for me and I her. I began to look at her differently. I thought she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen and I thought she was the one, until now.” He shot a glance at me to see how I would react to his last sentence. And yes it bothered me, but I hid my feelings well. Plus he said “until now”. In your face Tanya.
“Anyways, we did get involved and we were in a relationship for a while. But Tanya was still looking for the right place to live.” He continued.
“Isn’t that place with you?” I asked. Was this vampire chick dumb? Wherever Edward was, that was the right place to be. Everyone knew that.
“That’s what I thought, but I was wrong. She needed to go out and discover herself. I offered to go with her, but she said she had to do this alone and I respected her decision so I let her go. We tried to stay in touch but it was too difficult when she kept moving around all the time.” He paused again to take a breath.
“A while later she came back for a visit and I was hopping we could start from where we left off, but she had a different agenda. She brought someone else, another vampire, with her and claimed to be in [I]love[/I] with him. But it wasn’t just her new boyfriend that irritated me; Tanya was different when she returned. She wasn’t the same Tanya that I fell in love with.”
He shrugged his shoulders. “And now that I look back on that, it’s easy to see that what me and Tanya had wasn’t love at all. I would never jump off a cliff for her, but I will jump anytime for you. What we have is true love Bella.” He folded his hands around mine.
Once again his romantic words melted right to my heart and I was suddenly breathless.
“I never want you to forget how much I love you Bella.”
“I’ll remember.” I leaned in to give him a quick kiss. “But you call that a short story?” I teased.
“I can make it longer if you like.” He started tickling my sides and I fell over onto my back laughing hysterically.
“No-“ giggle, “it was long enough.” giggle again.
“Man you’re ticklish.” He was hovering over me, and seemed to really be enjoying my weak attempts to get away from his hands as he tickled me even harder.
“Okay-Okay!” my stomach muscles were begging to hurt from the constant laughter. “Stop!” now Edward was even laughing.
“What did you say? Keep going?” he tickled under my chin. “If you want me to.”
“No! Stop!” I finally managed to shove him away and he rolled over next to me on the bed.
We were now lying in a spoon like fashion, my backside pressed against his front. Edward wrapped one of his arms around my waist and I took his hand in mine.
“It feels so right to be with you,” he whispered and then his lips kissed my neck.
I small shiver ran down my spine and I wasn’t sure if it was because I loved the way his lips felt on my skin or if it was because I knew at any moment he could bite. To make myself forget about him biting me, I cuddled closer to him and concentrated really hard on his lips kissing my neck.
Neither of us spoke a word until this perfect moment, was so rudely interrupted by Alice coming into the room.
“Oh.” She stopped abruptly by the door, looking at us on the bed. “I can come back later.” If you walked in on your roommate snuggling with your brother, it would be very awkward and probably a little disturbing.
“No, it’s fine Alice. It’s our fault. We lost track of time, sorry.” I apologized, turning bright red.
“I can see that.” She said.
“Edward was just about to leave anyways.” I didn’t want him to go, but I had to say that because I really wanted this awkwardness to end and I didn’t want any weirdness between Alice and me, although by now there was clearly some weirdness going on.
“Weren’t you?” I shoved him. Edward gave me a funny look that I read as, “[I] what are you talking about? I’m not leaving[/I]”.
Ugh. He was completely ruining my plan. When I tried to get up, Edward pulled me back down and wrapped his arms around me again, forcing me to stay.
“I’m not going anywhere and I’m not letting you go either.”
“Gag.” Alice made a choking noise. “I think I will leave. I’ll go work on homework in the library or maybe I’ll go find Jasper. You kids have fun.” She waved goodbye and left.
“How embarrassing!” I moaned, resting my head on my fluffy pillow.
“Oh C’mon. Alice understands. I‘ve caught her and Jasper a million times doing this and plenty of other things that I should not have seen; well actually I still catch her and Jasper doing things. Ew. New topic please.”
I rolled onto my right side so that I could stare into Edward’s eyes.
“No. I like this topic.” My fingers crawled up and lingered on his chest. “Now when you say [I]things[/I], do you mean physical things?” I had no idea where this was coming from. I didn’t usually talk like this. My parents would kill me.
“Um…” he was at a loss of words. I lifted myself up so that I was the one hovering over him and I slowly lowered my face to his.
“Is this one of those [I]things[/I]?”Then I kissed him hard. My arms fell weak and I collapsed on top of him. I hope I’m not too heavy…
His hands were knotted in my hair and mine were shaped around his face, keeping him close to me. Our mouths moved in unison and my tongue moved along the inside of his lips as I savored his taste. Nothing was better than this, but too soon Edward pulled away.
“You are [I]way[/I] too hot for me right now,” he pecked me on the neck. “If I was a normal guy, our mouths would be too busy too talk right now, but unfortunately I’m not that normal guy, so we have to stop. I don’t want to bite you again.” He put his hands on either side of my waist and slid me off of him.
“You really know how to ruin a good time.” I pouted
“Bella it’s for your own good.”
“I know, I know, but I wish you didn’t have to worry about hurting me. I wish we could keep going.” I attempted to kiss him but he pushed me away.
“Me too, Bella. But that’s life. I’m a vampire and you’re a very delicious human girl with very delicious blood, that I have already bitten once and I don’t plan on biting you again.”
He stood up and straightened his himself out.
“I should go.” He said as he tied the shoelaces on his shoes and put on his coat.
“Do you have to? Can’t you just stay a little bit longer?” I walked over to where he was standing.
“Bella it’s a school night. And I’m sure Alice wants me out of here. Hey tomorrow’s Friday, why don’t we go out to dinner and we have the whole weekend to spend together.”
“Fine, but-”
“I’ll see you bright and early in the morning, ok?” he bent down and kissed my forehead. “I love you.”
“I love you too.” Closing the door on Edward was like waking up from a really long, and wonderful dream and I wish that I would never wake up from it.
[I]Well, at least I’m delicious. I wouldn’t want to be rotten tasting.[/I] I thought to myself.

Ch. 14
Phil’s POV

“It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring…”I sang out loud as me and Caroline were walking to first period. We were holding hands and slowly swinging our arms back and forth.
“You have a lovely voice Phil.” Caroline complimented me.
“Why thank you madam.”
“Well what d’ ya know?” Caroline raised our hands up to point towards the classroom. I looked in her direction and saw that Bella and Edward were just arriving. Their arms were linked together and Edward was carrying Bella’s books in his other hand. They both had a humongous; ginormous smile on their faces and Bella was giggling up a storm. Aw, first love.
“They look so cute together.” Caroline gushed.
“I guess they are. Wait, man I lost the bet.”
“Are you betting again Phil?”
“This was the last time. I swear.”
“Phil I told you. You have to stop. This can’t go on. I don’t even know why you bet. You loose money most of time.”
“That’s not true!” then she gave me one of those looks. The one with the raised eyebrow that says ‘I know you’re lying, you can’t fool me’. So unable to keep on fighting and stand my ground, I was forced to surrender. “Yeah, it’s true.” She smiled.
“What was your bet about anyways?”
“Well first of all it was Fred’s idea.” Fred’s this really weird kid in my third period class. His hair is a big red, curly, poof ball and he has really bright purple glasses. And it’s weird ‘cause everyone else in the class find’s him to be pretty much normal, and they think that I’m the crazy one… “He bet me $20 that Edward and Bella would get together before the end of this year, but I told him that I know them better than he does and I bet that they would never ever get together. So as you can see, I lost.”
“Lost another $20! That’s like a $100 this month Phil!”
“Whatever.” We took our seats as the boring lesson began.
“I wonder if Bella knows…” I heard Caroline mumble to herself.
I stretched across the isle and asked, “Bella knows what?”
She seemed shocked that I overheard her and quickly stumbled for words. “Oh, nothing. Never mind.”
I leaned back into my seat and I turned to look at Jacob black, who was sitting a few chairs away and he was staring at Caroline with a curious expression. I coughed really loud so that he would acknowledge me and when he did, man did I give him the evil eye. It was war. Whatever was going on between him and my girl would have to end and end soon.

Edward’s POV
“Hey I see that you too love birds are a couple now. Congrats!” Phil slapped me hard on the back.
“Thanks Phil.”
“Is Eddy treatin’ ya nicely Bella?” he asked
“What?” she seemed appalled at Phil’s question.
“I’m just kiddin’ around! Geez!”
“Ok then.” Bella touched my arm. “Um, I have to leave. I’ll see you later Edward. Seven right?”
“Yes. See you later Bells.” I gave her a small kiss and then she left me [I]alone[/I] in the courtyard with Phil. I purposefully have been working on my homework at the library every night just to avoid Phil’s pointless conversations. It was impossible to get anything done when he was around.
“See you later Edward.” Phil mimicked in a squeaky girly voice. It actually hurt my ears.
“Shut up.” I playfully punched him.
“I deserved that.” he massaged his arm. Hey earlier today,” here we go again. “Caroline said, and I quote, “I wonder if Bella knows” and I was wonderin’ if you know what she means by that and if you know what Bella knows because I certainly don’t know.”
“Shockingly I actually understand what you’re asking.”
“Cool. So do you know?”
“I have no idea Phil.”
“You’re a big help.”
“You’re welcome.” I smiled at him.

~The date~

When I arrived, Bella was already waiting for me under the overhang to stay dry from the rain. I pulled up and she ran to the car, lifting her jacket over her head and jumped right into the passenger seat.
“Wow it’s really raining out there.” She was wiping a few raindrops off of her face. “I’m all wet.”
“You look beautiful.” I made her giggle. She was wearing a loose lavender colored, knee length dress, a gray jacket that was covered in too many pockets, and a silver scarf that was wrapped once around her neck. Her hair was down as usual, except it was curled. I looked down at her shoes to see she was wearing sneakers. She probably doesn’t even have a single pair of high heals.
“Thanks, you too…well you don’t look beautiful because you’re a guy…well I guess you could, a lot of guys are beautiful. You look nice, handsome…ok, I’ll stop talking now.” Her face was bright red.
“You haven’t asked me where we’re going?” I changed the subject.
“Where are we going?” she asked.
“The mall.” I replied. I looked at her reaction.
“Why are we going to the mall?” her face twisted up with confusion.
“It’s a surprise.”
“Are you taking me on a shopping spree because I have enough cloths as it is.”
“It’s not a shopping spree.” I parked in the parking spot closest to the Macy’s store entrance I could find. I reached behind Bella’s seat to get my blue umbrella and then I walked around the car to Bella’s door and opened it for her. I positioned the umbrella over her, not worrying if I got wet.
“You’re taking me to Macy’s?” we walked through the rain towards the entrance.
“Nope.” I was enjoying making her guess, but I don’t think she was finding it very fun.
I shook the umbrella out and closed it up as we stepped inside.
“Fallow me.” I took her hand and lead her through the store. She was looking around, as we passed the clothing, the electronics, and the jewelry trying to figure out where I was taking her. But it didn’t take her long to figure out my surprise destination once we walked out of Macy’s and into the inner mall. Right outside of Macy’s was an ice skating rink.
“Ice skating! No I’m not doing that!” she planted herself in the middle of the isle and people had to walk around us.
“Bella it will be fun. Haven’t you been ice skating before?” maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. I could take her bowling…
“Yes, but it wasn’t a pleasant experience and that memory has been erased from my mind until now. So thank you very much for bringing it up again.”
“Aw, Bella please. I promise I’ll hold onto you the whole time and I wont let you fall once. If I do, you can hit me as much as you want.” I gave her my sad puppy dogface and like always, it worked.
“You better not let me fall.”
“Thank you.”

“Here’s two pairs of skates.” A lady covered in tattoos working behind the counter handed Bella and me our skates.
“Let’s put them on over here.” I said.
We sat down on an empty bench to put the skates on.
“We’re lucky this place is pretty dead tonight.” Bella commented. “I don’t want to hurt anyone.”
“Bella, you will be fine and like I said, I wont let go of you. You can hold onto the railing too if you like.”
“I wont need the railing.” When she stood up she lost her balance, wobbled a little and instantly reached for my arm. “Let’s just get this over with.” She said.
She seemed confident that she could do this, but once we got to the edge of the ice, she froze like a statue, as hard as the ice on the rink.
“I got you.” I reassured her.
“Edward, something’s wrong with my legs. They won’t move.” She looked worried.
“Ugh.” I lifted her up and set her down on the ice.
“Crap!” she yelled as she slowly began to glide. She was holding onto me for dear life with her right hand, but her left arm was flapping all over the place as she tried to keep her balance. I think she might need the wall.
“Calm down. Just hold onto me the whole time. Ice skating isn’t so bad once you get used to it.”
“Easy for you to say!” It was hard to hold back laughter because she looked like she was pretending to be a bird that was having difficulty flying.
“Bella you have to calm down. Trust me.”
“I do trust you. I do.” She started talking to herself. “Breathe. Breathe in and breathe out. You can do this. I can do this.” Her left arm stopped flapping around and she was now effortlessly gliding, with my help. “Hey! I think I got this!” Bella was so cute when she got excited.
“You’re doing great bells.”
“Your right. This isn’t so bad. It’s not bad at all!”
After we did a few laps around the rink it looked like she was getting the hang of ice skating so I decided she could take the next step.
“I’m going to let go.”
“What! You said you wouldn’t let me go! I trusted you!”
“Bella don’t be so dramatic. You’re practically ice skating on you own, I’m just here for support.” I wasn’t going to let her argue with me so I quickly said. “Here we go.” and then, with a lot of strength I pried her hand off of my wrist and gave her a small push.
“Edward!” she squeaked and this time both arms flapped around.
“Keep going Bells! I’m right here!”
“Edward!” her feet came out from under her and she fell to the ground, landing hard on her but. “Ow.”
I skated towards her. “Are you ok?”
“No.” she snapped.
“Sorry. Maybe that wasn’t the best idea.”
“You think!” she reached for me. “Help me up.”
I took her hands and yanked her off of the ice. She wiped her but off and then grabbed onto the railing.
“I don’t trust you.” she glared at me and I stepped back.
“Do you want to leave now?” I asked
“Yes. That would be nice.” When I tried to help her she shoved away. “I got it!”
“Go ahead.” I said
Using the railing she pulled herself, arm over arm, around the ice rink to the small gate. I stayed by her the whole time, ready to catch her if she fell again. The second we were off of the ice, she sat down and took the skates off. I’ve never seen someone take off skates so quickly.
Bella slammed the skates onto the counter.
“I had a good time.” She rubbed her but.
“Again, I’m sorry. It was a bad idea to come here. I thought it would be fun but this was definitely not a good first date.” I stormed away angry with myself.
“Edward come back! I’m over reacting. I did, I did have a nice time, except for the skating and the falling.”
“That’s the whole entire date so far Bella.”
“Did I say skating? I meant just the falling part. Edward look, I did have a nice time because you were with me. Whenever I’m with you I have a good time. Why don’t we start over? We can go somewhere else.” She cupped her hand on my cheek and I couldn’t ignore how soft and warm her skin felt. I took her hand and kissed her palm.
“You can choose where we go.” I said
“Well there’s a movie theater right below us, on the first level. Why don’t we go see a movie? I haven’t seen The Curious Case of the Button dude, the one with Brad Pitt.”
“I haven’t either. Sound’s good.”
We took our time as we walked down stairs to the movie theater. It was an old and very small theater. And it also looked like it wasn’t busy so Bella and me might have the theater to ourselves.
“Two tickets for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button please.” I paid the worker and he handed me the tickets. “Thanks.”
“Do you mind if we get some popcorn Edward? I’m a little hungry after skating.” Bella asked.
“Whatever you want.”
After we ordered a small popcorn and a small coke to share, we found our theater, which turned out to be empty as I predicted. We chose two seats in the middle isle, just as the previews came on.
Every now and then I would steal a glance at Bella through the corner of my eye. Most of the time she was watching the movie, but I caught her looking at me a few times. I would rub my thumb in soothing circles on the back of her hand and she would rest her head on my shoulder. It was quiet and peaceful in the theater and I was enjoying every moment I had alone with Bella.
But too soon the movie ended and we headed back to my car. It was around 10:30 and it had stopped raining outside. Through tinny openings in the clouds, you could see a little night sky with sparkling stars.
“I had a great time tonight Edward.” We were sitting in my car outside of her room. “Thanks for the skates and the movie and the popcorn.”
“You’re welcome Bells. I’ll call you tomorrow.”
“Alright. Love you.” She said as she leaned over to give me a kiss.
“I love you too.” This kiss lasted longer than I few seconds and I found my hands moving to her hair. But it was late, and this wasn’t the best place and time to make out so I pulled away.
“Goodnight Bella.”
“Goodnight.” She pecked me on the lips and then rushed out of the car to her room. Without making sure Bella safely got in, I drove away.

I had just finished getting ready for bed when a knock came at the door. I went to open it thinking Phil forgot his keys again and was locked out, but it wasn’t Phil standing in my doorway.
“Hello Edward.” A familiar voice spoke.

“What are you doing here?

Ch. 15

Still Edward’s POV

“Tanya? What are you doing here?” the long lost vampire that I once loved and have forgotten about was standing in my doorway, acting like she was just stopping by to say hello and as if she never left me and broke my heart.
“Hi to you too.” She shoved past me, throwing her gigantic purse into my arms, and walked in. Her personality hasn’t changed at all.
“You’re supposed to be in Europe, going to school.” I was caught off guard by her sudden visit so I was having a little difficulty speaking and my voice cracked.
“Obviously I’m not.” She said sarcastically. As she looked around the room, I looked at her, old memories swirling back into my head. Tanya’s hair was still a strawberry blond color and her face was filled with beauty, just as I remembered.
“This is a…nice room” her voice interrupted my train of thought.
“You still haven’t answered my question,” I pressed on.
“Edward.” She sighed and stepped closer to me. “All that matters is that I’m back. I have missed you dearly and I’m sure you’ve missed me.”
“Actually I forgot about you ever since you left me. I’ve completely blocked you from my memory. It’s kind of like an email. What ever memory I have of you goes straight to spam.” I waited a second before I continued with my cruelty. I know I was being mean, but hey. I’ve been holding things in for over a year and it feels good to finally have a weight lifted off of my shoulders. “Oh and did I mention that I met someone else, someone who I love and I want to spend the rest of my life with.” The instant I mentioned Bella my voice changed from harsh to compassionate and soft. “I don’t think you can ever understand what we have.”
She threw her head back and laughed. “You-love-someone else? Please Edward, I was your only love and I still am. We both know that.” She placed her hands on her hips. “We can never change the past.” A slick smile spread across her face.
“What we had is long gone. It’s disappeared. When you fell in love with that other vampire Eleazar you fell hard and you left me. So I don’t see why I can’t fall for Bella. Tanya, I’ve moved on so get over it.” something clicked when I thought about Tanya’s boyfriend. “Wait, is that why you’re here? Because of Eleazar, he broke up with you didn’t he?” I asked staring her straight in the eyes.
“Edward…” she said ignoring my question. “I came back because I wanted to see you. That’s all” She moved closer. The way she focused her eyes on me and the way her voice became deeper, I could tell that she was lying to me.
“The truth Tanya.” I snapped
“I don’t want to talk about Eleazar and I really don’t want to talk about your new girlfriend Bella. Just forget about them ok? Let’s just talk about you and me.” Her fingers trailed up my chest and a shiver ran down my spine. But it was nothing compared to what I felt around Bella. These were simply old feelings, beginning to resurface.
[I]”Edward don’t do this. Don’t give in.[/I]” I told myself. “[I] Tanya left you and now you have Bella, the only girl that matters.[/I]”
“Why don’t we pick up from where we left off…” her voice managed to sound seductive and bitter at the same time.
[I]Bella, think about Bella.[/I]
Tanya’s lips touched mine for just a second before I could react and nudge her away.
“Tanya stop! I don’t want you anymore! We are over!” But pushing Tanya away and yelling in her face did nothing to stop her advance and the moment she came onto me again, the worst thing that could have happened… happened.
I heard another knock fallowed by the sound of the door hitting the wall, as it swung open.
We both turned to see who it was and I was hoping it was just a really big gust of wind, but just to make my life more complicated, it was Bella. I would have been fine if the person standing in my doorway was Phil, or even Alice but it wasn’t.
“I was locked out and I knew you had a spare key so…” she trailed off as she saw me leaning backwards with Tanya leaning on top of me, trying to kiss me.
“What…?” Bella’s voice was weak, shaky and full of hurt. Tears slowly streamed down her cheeks “How…how could you…Edward?”
Pain washed down my body as I watched Bella fall apart to pieces. “Bella it’s not what it looks like.” I said as Tanya and I stepped away from each other.
“Really Edward? That’s the girl.” Tanya gestured rudely at Bella.
“I have to go” Bella turned, crying her eyes out and ran off.
“Perfect! Look what you did! Feel free to leave any time.” My tone was fierce and full of hate as I glared at my ex before running outside, into the rain after the one I love.
“Bella!” I yelled. I chased her down the hall, and down the steps to the parking lot. “Bella!” This was now the second time I had to chase Bella in the rain and I was starting to think this was becoming a tradition.
“I hate you!” She screamed. “Get away from me!” Bella got into her truck and just when she was going to back out I grabbed onto the window frame.
“I can explain!” my cloths were becoming soaked again.
“I don’t need an explanation Edward! It was quite obvious what was going on!” usually my heart sped up and I loved it when she said my name, but this time it caused a sharp burning pain in my chest. “How could…you-do-this?” she leaned her head against the steering wheel, shaking and sobbing.
“I’m so sorry.” I said.
“What ever.” She wiped her tears with her sleeve. “Go back to [I]Tanya[/I]. She’s probably waiting for you. I hope you have a happy life with her Edward.” I slammed my fists against the car door, in frustration. I just got her; I wasn’t going to let her go.
“Nothing happened!” I yelled
“I don’t believe you.”
“I wouldn’t hurt you Bella. My heart brakes to see you like this and it hurts even more to know that I caused you pain. It’s the last thing I deserve, but can you give me a chance to explain?”
“Your only chance. Get in.” she said. I ran over to the passenger side and slid in glad to be out of the rain.
“Bella, I had no idea Tanya was going to show up tonight. At first we were just talking. She said she wanted to start over from where we left off but I told her no because I had met you. She found it funny when I told her that I loved you and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.” I looked Bella in the eyes the whole time I was speaking to prove I wasn’t lying. Sometimes eye contact works. Anyways… “And then she kissed me,” Bella frowned “but I pulled away. And the whole time she was trying to get close to me, all I could think about was you. Don’t you see, I don’t want her Bella. You’re the only one for me. It’s either you or no one.”
By now Bella had stopped crying and was just watching me.
“That’s all I have to say. I understand if you want to get out of this relationship right now and I understand if you totally hate me, but I am truly sorry.”
It felt like an entire lifetime of silence passed between us before she spoke.
“I trust you…and I forgive you.” she whispered.
I reached my hand out to brush my fingers against her cheek and she closed her eyes and sighed in contentment. Then she folded her hand over mine and I knew the fighting was over.
My heart filled up with happiness and became whole again when I touched her.
But this perfect moment was broken by Bella’s words. “I need to say a few words to that b&*@$.”

Ch.16 Bell’s pov

Pumped up and ready to face Tanya, I stormed up to the room with Edward, who was fallowing right on my tail, and was obnoxiously muttering, “This isn’t going to be good. Not good at all,” over and over and over again.
“Keep your thoughts to your self please!” I begged. I needed to think positive and he wasn't helping.
“Sorry. I’ll shut up.” He said.
When I entered the room through the already open door, I saw Tanya relaxing on Edward’s bed, swinging her legs back and forth, and she was reading a fashion magazine and loudly chewing on a piece of bubble gum.
I stopped abruptly and Edward ran into me.
“About time you came back. I’ve been waiting for you.” She said, obviously thinking I was her long lost love, who was now officially and permanently my vampire boyfriend. And might I mention confronting Tanya is nothing compared to having the blood sucked right out of me by my own boyfriend, so I had no reason to be scared.
“Sorry I kept you.” I said.
Tanya whirled around in shock at the sound of my voice and hastily slid herself off of the bed.
“Hello Tanya. It’s nice to finally meet you.” I used the sweetest tone I could conjure up and smiled through my clenched teeth.
“Yes it’s nice to meet you too, Bella.” she walked around the bed so that she was standing a few inches in front of me. The way she stood with her arms crossed and her puckered lips, I could tell she was trying to intimidate me, but too bad for her because I wasn’t going to let her get to me in any way tonight.
“What can I do for you?” she asked, looking from me to Edward.
“You can start by telling me why you were coming onto my boyfriend.” I put my hands on my hips. Forget the chitchat, I was going to get straight to the point.
“Your boyfriend?” she asked, amused.
Suddenly I could feel Edward getting tense beside me.
“Well I can see I’m not needed here, so I’m just going to go wait outside until you guys are finished with your little…” he made a circular motion with his hand, “what ever it is you too are having. See you later!” he said, and was going to make a quick dash for the door, but he didn’t get pass me.
“No, you’re staying here Edward.” I said. “This conversation revolves around you.”
“Hey I don’t want you too fighting over me. I’m not some chew toy!” Edward said.
“Calm down Edward, and stay out of this. This is between the human and me.” Tanya turned to address me, the human. Ugh. “Look, Eddy and me go a long way back and what you have is just a silly little crush. Bella, this little romance you have, it won’t last long. You and Edward can never be. I mean, look at it this way. You’re a human, and he’s a vampire and vampires drink human blood. Get the picture. It’s not hard to figure out.” Man she is cruel!
“Excuse me! You don’t know a single thing about Edward’s and my relationship. Just because we’re different doesn’t mean we can’t coexist! And sorry to break it to you, but you can’t change the past. What you and Edward had I’m sure was very special, but you ruined it by leaving him and now that he’s found happiness with someone else, you just want to ruin it!” This Tanya b*&%# was really getting under my skin. “Edward has a right to decide who he wants to be with, and it looks like he's chosen me and I’m not going to let you or anything else come between us."
“He will never love you the way he loves me.” She snapped. When I noticed how she used the present tense, [I]loves me[/I] instead of the past tense, I got really pissed and just when I was about to open my huge mouth and start yelling nasty things at her, Edward stepped between us and opened his huge mouth.
“Tanya I thought I loved you, but now that I have experienced true love with Bella, it’s obvious to me that I never really did love you!” Edward said, coming to my rescue. My hero. “Why can’t you see that? I’m with Bella and I love her 100 times more than I ever loved you!” I was kind of hoping to say more to Tanya rather than taking a back seat in the argument, but at the same time I think Edward deserves to say more. He’s been holding too much in for too long.
“Oh please! You can’t possibly want to be with…that!” she waved her freshly fingernail-polished hand in my direction. How rude!
I have never heard or seen Edward so mad and luckily his anger wasn’t directed at me. His hands were balled in fists so tight that his knuckles were showing. His voice was just above a whisper, and it was suddenly hard and cold.
“Don’t you [I]ever[/I] talk that way about Bella again. Do I make myself clear?” When he spoke, shivers ran down my spine. Although deep down inside, part of me knew he was protecting me, and that made me feel all happy and warm. [I]You tell her Edward![/I]
I looked at Tanya to see if she was affected by his harsh words, and to my disappointment, she didn’t seem bothered at all.
“Admit it Edward! We belong together! We will always belong together!” she said.
“No we don’t.” Edward’s voice was almost a growl. “You are pathetic, standing here trying to convince me that what we had was real, when you can clearly see that my heart belongs to Bella. It was never yours to begin with.” His last sentence seemed to hit the spot. Tanya’s face filled with shock, and confusion. Maybe she finally realized she was out of the picture.
“Edward…”she mumbled and just for a second, only a second, I almost felt bad for her.
“Leave.” Edward pointed to the door, while keeping eye contact with her.
She reached behind her to pick up her purse and the fashion magazine that was lying on the bed.
“May I just say one more thing?” she asked.
Before Edward could object, I butted in. “Yeah. Go ahead.”
“I’m sorry it didn’t work out between us Eddy. It really is a shame.” And with those last words she slowly shuffled her feet, head down, to the door and with a one last look goodbye, she turned and left. The least she could have done was apologize.
Edward and me stood there for what seemed like a really long moment in silence as we took in what just happened.
“Whew.” I sighed, sitting on the edge of the bed.
“I’m sorry you had to deal with Tanya.” Edward sat next to me, making the bed squeak.
“It’s ok. It could have been much worse. We could have had a total cat fight, you know, pulling each other’s hair and stuff.” I joked, happy to lighten the mood.
“I’m glad it didn’t get that far.” He laughed. Edward put an arm around me and I leaned into him.
“Tanya sure had a hard time letting you go. She just wouldn’t give up.” I said.
“Yeah. She’s like that with a lot of things. Whatever someone else has, she wants and most of the time she gets it.”
“Well she’s never steeling you away from me. I’ll make sure of that.” I patted his hand with mine.
“You know what angered me the most during all of this, was how she talked about you,” he said.
“I could tell you were pretty mad. And even though I could have easily defended myself, I appreciated it when you protected me and what you said about me. It must have been hard saying those things to Tanya.”
“Bella it was easy to tell her how I feel because all of it was true. I do love you 100 times more than her and my heart does belong to you. Always.”
“Mines yours to keep.” I replied.
He kissed me on the forehead and hugged me closer.
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I read it all!! Very interesting and new take on the whole vampire thing. I can't wait to find out what happens when Edward bites her again! He is going to bite her again, isn't he?

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Ch.17 part 1 Bella’s POV
“I am so excited that it’s Thanksgiving break already! It came up so fast!” Alice was jumping around the room, rambling on and on about how today is our last day of school before our week break. And I myself am shockingly looking forward to it, because I invited Edward to come to my house for Thanksgiving with me, although the idea of him meeting Charlie tied my stomach up in knots so i tried not to think about that part and instead concentrated on spending a week with Edward.
“So I heard you’re kidnapping my brother for a week.” Alice said jokingly.
“Yep, that’s the plan. We’re leaving at lunch so we can make it to Charlie’s before dark.” I said.
“Actually, I’m glad to be rid of him for a while. I love my brother, it’s just that I see him every-single-day and I live with him back home!”
“Really, I always can’t wait to see him.” Just thinking about him made me smile and forget everything else. “But I guess I have a different relationship with him than you do.”
“Well, I’m the same way with Jasper.” Alice smiled too. “He’s the one thing I can always count on…and I don’t get tired of him like I do Edward.”
I felt her hand rest on my shoulder as she passed by and headed to the door.
“Do you want to leave early for school today? It’s nice weather for a walk.”
“Yeah. That sounds good.” I swung my bag over my shoulder and threw my car keys onto my bedside table and joined Alice in the hallway.
As we made our way down the stairs and onto the sidewalk that ran along side the college dormitories and the parking lot, I began to see that Alice was right. Although it was only eight in the morning, it was really nice outside, for once. The sky was a clear blue, with not a single cloud in sight. And everything seemed alive today. The birds were flying around, chirping happily and squirrels were scampering across the grass. After a while, I even got warm and took my jacket off.
“Hey what’s up my Ladies?” Phil suddenly appeared next to us out of no where. I swear it was like he evaporated like the wizards in Harry Potter.
“It’s nice out huh?” he asked.
“That’s why we decided to walk to school.” Alice responded. “We wouldn’t be out here if it was raining.”
“It’s the first warm day we’ve had in a while.” I commented, lifting my face up to the sky to feel the sun’s warmth on my skin.
“I know!” Phil got all excited. “If you haven’t noticed,” he made up and down motions with his arms to show us his clothing. “I am wearing my new Hawaiian shirt with Hula girls all over, my favorite pair of shorts and my new sandals! How awesome is that!”
“I like your…shirt.” I said, glancing at Alice who was also trying to hide back a smile. We bit our lips but we couldn’t hold our laughter in for too long and giggles started bursting out of us.
“What’s so funny?” Phil looked at us confused.
“Nothing!” we said at the same time.
“Yeah what is so funny?” Alice, Phil and I whipped around, surprised to hear Edward.
“Nothing!” we said again.
“Doctor, we have two cases of the giggles!” Phil grabbed his head like he was loosing his mind.
“Well let’s fix that!” Edward said. And then he grabbed me and tickled my sides. By now I was hunched over with laughter.
“Tickle Alice! Tickle Alice!” I screamed.
“Don’t you dare!” Alice said. She pointed her finger at Edward, but that didn’t do anything to stop his advance. If it were me, I would have stayed away, far away just by the very frightening look she had in her eyes. “Edward No!” she yelled.
Then Jasper came running up to the sidewalk where we were momentarily stopped to enjoy this brotherly-sister moment.
“Leave my girl alone.” He said. Jasper intervened by pushing Alice away and then jumping onto his brother’s back. We stood there watching them playfully hit one another.
“I don’t know who to cheer for. I don’t want to choose one brother over the other, but I guess I’ll go for Eddy ‘cause he’s my roomy and…” Phil was cut off by a familiar voice.
“Looks like all of you are enjoying the weather.” Edward and Jasper stopped tackling each other and we all turned to see Rosalie coming at us with Emmet fallowing as usual.
“The whole fam’s out here!” Phil said.
“And we’re all going to be late for school if we don’t get moving.” Rosalie said as she pushed her way through our little group.
“Aw honey, they’re just having a little fun since it’s the last day before break!” Emmet said and then he locked Phil’s head under his arm and gave him a noogie.
“OW!” Phil yelled, breaking away from Emmet's strong grasp.
“Wimp,” Emmet said.
“Fine well I’m going to go to class and Edward, Bella, if I don’t see you at lunch, have a nice break. Oh and Phil, the price tag is still on your shirt. You might want to take it off.” Rosalie said and walked away going through the school entrance.
Phil looked down at his hula girl shirt confused and then tore off the tag.
“I better go with Rose or she’s going to be mad at me. See you after Thanksgiving!” and then Emmet went chasing after her.
“So that’s what you were laughing about! Why didn’t you say anything! Ugh. I looked like an idiot walking around with this on!” Phil waved the tag in front of me. “Thanks a whole bunch.” He said and he too stormed off.
“I hate to say, but Rose is right. We should go to class.” Edward took my hand and pulled me away from Alice and Jasper.
“Have fun!” Alice said.
“We will!” I said.


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