The Twilight Saga


It was the summer before my junior year that it happened. It would change our lives forever. We never expected it, and yet it came quickly. A mistake that we could never take back. A gift that we were worried to receive. Our relationship was going to change forever, but I knew we would be okay.

(Everyone is human in this)

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Chapter 1-The new kids

It was my sophomore year at Forks High School. I had lived here with my dad Charlie, my older brother Emmet and my twin sister Alice since I was five. My mom was never good at taking care of us, but she did not want to live in the town of Forks Washington, so she left my father and took all of us with her when we were still toddlers. She realized that after she had been diagnosed with a Bi-Polar disorder that she was not fit to look after us anymore. The disorder changes your moods. One day she was happier than everyone else, the next day she would be crying for no reason at all. At one point she had went off her meds; she would have raging fits. Right after I turned five she lost it for the first and last time around me. She shouted at me and threw all my clothes away. Threw away every single picture that had my dad Charlie in it. She never had a reason. She just didn't want the pictures there. She threw away all of our toys away, she said that other kids would want them more than we did. We never had that much to begin with, but now we had nothing.

After my dad found out he was outraged. Needless to say, we live with our dad now. We see our mom on holidays and such, but my dad has primary custody.

Today was a Monday. Normally just an Ordinary day of school. Today however was going to be interesting. We had some new kids move to town over the weekend, so we were going to be able to meet them today. Personally I would hate to move somewhere right before school ended. I don't know why their parents couldn't just wait another month to make the move, but regardless, they were coming now.

"Alice" I said as I was rolling out of bed.

"Alice, Alice! Wake UP! We are late."

"Ughh, Just give me five more minutes Bella please."

"No Alice get up now, I don't want to be late, and I want to meet the new kids."

"Huh? OH! Oh yeah, I must have forgotten. Sorry Bella. I'm up."

Just then someone started banging on our bedroom door.


"Little sisters! Get up! Or I am going to come in there and drag you out!"

"Were up, Were Up" We both said at the same time

Neither of us wanted Emmett to come in and get us. He had some serious ways of getting us out of bed. The last time we tried to fake being sick he brought in a pitcher of ice cold water and poured it on our heads. Cold water on your head when you are half asleep is extremely excruciating.

"Hurry Up then. I want to get to school." Emmet yelled through the door.

"What?" Alice whispered to me. "He never wants to go to school"

"Alice, Bella Come oonnnn! One of the guys was in town yesterday and they saw the new girl. She is a junior and he said she was sexy as hell, better than Jessica Simpson. I have got to get there to confirm and try to make my impression before the guys. So PLEASE I am begging here."

"Oh well that explains allot." I said whispering and laughing silently back to Alice.

"Yeah well at least he has a motive to not skip today. Maybe dad won't have any more problems with him getting into trouble for the next week." Alice said to me

We both got dressed and rushed to brush our teeth. By the time we finished with breakfast Emmett was impatiently honking the horn from the car to hurry us up.

On our way to school Emmett told us about what he heard from his friend’s girlfriend about the girls’ brothers.

"You know, Ashley said that the new girls’ brothers are good looking too. I think they are supposed to be sophomores like you two are."

"Oh yeah Emmett, we are all just going to magically fall in love with their whole family." I said laughing at him. "How weird would that be?"

"You never know Bells, you never know."

"Emmett' Alice said.’you probably won't even have a chance. Not every girl is head over heels for you."

"Don’t be a spoil sport Alice; I can be romantic if I really want to."

At that, Alice and I doubled over laughing so hard I thought the car would start shaking.

"WHAT! I can"

"Emmett, most girls don't think that hiking, fighting and going dirt bike racing for a date are romantic." Alice stated.

"Humph...You will see. I will have this chick head over heels in a heartbeat."

"Yeah okay, whatever Emmett."

As we pulled into the parking lot of our high school we were nearly the first ones there since we had basically been dragged out of the house. We all noticed the car that we had never seen before though, a red convertible. Since our school was so small, everyone would notice who that car would belong to, the new kids.

"Well, at least they have style.' Alice chirped 'I think we might like these people. I sense that we might all be really good friends at the least."

Alice was good about sensing things, not that she would see the future or anything, but she had a way of knowing what was to come. Normally her assumptions were very close to accurate.

When we get to school early we have to go to the cafeteria to wait for the first period bell to ring. As soon as we walked in we saw them. What I saw amazed me. Emmett had been right, the new girl was beautiful. She had golden hair fit for a princess of some kind and was too pretty. Emmett was going to have some serious competition ahead of him. Her two brothers were very handsome as well. Wow, I thought to myself, they must have some really good looking parents. One of the boys was a bit muscular with wavy sandy hair, not as muscular as Emmett, but he was handsome. However that is not what stopped me in my tracks. It was the other boy, the beautiful boy. He was smaller than the other one but extremely gorgeous and had rough looking hair. His smile was what got me though, He must have been laughing with his brother or something, but when I saw that smile I thought my insides would melt.

It did not take me too long to recover. I knew I was extremely ordinary and nowhere near as attractive as the people in his family must try to date. I got a hold on myself only to find Alice mesmerized by one of them; hopefully not the one I thought was gorgeous. She wasn’t as bad as Emmett though, Emmett’s jaw was dropped, I actually thought I would see him drool right here in the cafeteria.

“Emmet! Alice! Snap out of it. You both look like idiots, what will they think of us if they catch you staring at them with those looks on your faces.”

“What?’ Alice asked coming out of her trance ‘Oh, oh yeah sorry, let’s go sit down Emmet.” She said to him as she dragged him towards one of the tables.

“Maybe we should introduce ourselves.’ Emmett said as he was still staring at the pretty blond. ‘They don’t know anyone here and we could be the first ones to show them around. Besides, I am dying to meet her.”

“No Emmett, please don’t make a fool of yourself. Please.” I begged him.

“Oh come on sis, you know you want to. But if not, you snooze you lose.”

“Fine! Let’s Go! But I will be doing the talking you got it.” I said as we rose from our table to go introduce ourselves to the new kids.

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Thanks for reading and adding me.

i hope you continue reading
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i will
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Well thank you very much. I am glad you enjoyed it

Keep reading it will only get better
wow carlisle and esme are awesome parents anyway it sounds like the cullens are have juat as much of a hard time as the swans with not being together
Carlisle and Esme have their reasons

They did have a hard time but hopefully they will see each other soon

Great Chapter!!!! Please Post soon!!!

I will try



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