The Twilight Saga


The End?






The Beginning?





Chapter One

New Day

Part 1




   I am very different from other people. I am a vampire. From what I’ve “heard” I look like the beautiful Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite. But I have a twist, something that no other vampire has; whenever the sun sets I am human, but when the sunset ends I am a vampire. I am truly a rare person, according to most of the people that I know, and that know what I am. I am very pale. I have extraordinary bright, blue eyes, very long golden blonde hair and long sharp nails. I am also very talented. I am a fairly good singer and all of the boys I talk to think that my voice is a beautiful melody, well that’s just them, I think that my voice is normal and so does my family. I can read minds, tell people what to do with just one little thought, can have any object with the snap of my fingers and I’m very strong. I have a beautiful and unique little necklace that is gold and has a blood-red heart shaped jewel in it. When I was born I was given a necklace. This necklace protects me from getting killed. My brothers also got necklaces. I don’t know how my parents found these, the three of us had asked multiple times, but each time we did, my parents would always say the same thing "What does it matter where or how we got them? As long as you have them, that’s all that counts." Also I have another necklace. It’s a white heart and there is a dolphin on the left side of it and my name across from it on the right side. I am very kind and sweet-hearted, I help people if they need help, whether they want it or not.    

I have two brothers; Sam and Skyler and they have powers like me. They can read minds, they are very strong, they both have blonde hair, but Sam has blue eyes and Skyler has green, and they try to help me as much as possible. Even though I’m older than them they protect me rather than me protecting them. I am one of the most beautiful girls at our school and boys always come to talk to me when they have the chance. The only chance they have is when Sam or Skyler aren’t around to stop them. When my brothers are around it is hard for anyone to talk to me and they are with me most of the time. We live with our Aunt who adopted us because our parents died, killed by vampires. But our story is that they died in a car crash a year ago. Our cousins are like us, almost all of our family was.

We are forever at the ages of 16, 17, 18, and 19. Though people don’t know that. Technically I’m 18, but really I’m 112. Sam and Skyler are Technically 17, but really Sam is 110 and Skyler is 109. We stay in one place until we started looking younger than we were supposed to look. Most of the girls go after my brothers and most of the boys go after me. My cousins are left alone because every time someone came up to them they told them that they couldn’t date them because they already had a girlfriend or boyfriend. This isn’t a lie because all my cousins that are boys were all adopted. My Aunt Kunee had all girls and no boys, before we were all turned into vampires. But from what people are told, Lyla and Alec are twins, their last names are Lee. Chris, Derek and Jodi are related, their last names are Moon. Aubree and Nane are related, their the Noodens. Merielle, Sean and Arin are all only children. Merielle’s Last name is Lynn , Sean’s is Klay and Arin’s is Nolan. I have one mean cousin, her name is Lyla. In truth Lyla is very beautiful. She has long blonde hair also; she has beautiful light pink eyes. My other Cousin’s —who are just so sweet — are, Derek, Aubreanna, Arin, Merielle, Alec, Nane, Christoph, Jodi, and Sean. Most of the time we call each other by nickname. Lyla's is Ly. Derek's is Der. Aubreanna's is Aubree. Arin's is Air. Merielle's is Ariel. Alec's is Al. Nane is Nan . Christoph's is Chris. Jodi's is Jo. Sean doesn't have a nickname. My brothers and I call Aunt Kunee, Aunt K, when we were little none of us could say her name so we just called her Aunt K, and it stuck. Lyla has long blonde hair and pinkish eyes. Derek has brown hair and eyes. Aubree and Jodi both have Brown hair and blue eyes. Arin has Black hair and green eyes. Merielle has red hair and blue eyes. Alec has blonde hair and brown eyes. Nane has Black hair and blue eyes. Chris has Brown hair and emerald eyes. Sean has black hair and emerald eyes. Aunt Kunee has Carmel hair and brown eyes.     

When we became Vampires I thought that I was going crazy. We were going on a vacation, my parents, brothers, cousins, Aunt K and I. We went to Asia and had fun. We stayed there for about two months. We were headed home and it was in the middle of the night we were half way home and looking for a hotel to stay at. We saw a sign that said 60 miles until the next exit. There wasn’t a highway, so we were driving on dirt roads and there were no lights anywhere except for out in the distance. We stopped at a stop sign, and then my dad started going and two cars – one from the left and one from the right – ran into us and smashed the car. I felt something hit my head really hard and I heard screaming – I could tell it was Lyla – and then everything went black. I woke up in my bed. I went downstairs; I thought it was a dream. On my way down the stairs I realized that everything was so much clearer in vision and hearing. When I got downstairs my parents asked me how I was doing, and that I was out for five days. I said I was fine and why would I be asleep for five days. They said that I was unconscious, because of my head and the transformation. I was so confused, and apparently it was plain on my face, because they told me to sit down. I sat down and they told me I was a vampire. I laughed, I thought they were kidding. I could tell from their faces they were serious. I told them they were crazy and ran up to my room. If found out that they weren’t crazy. At first I thought I was the crazy one. I was in my room and I could hear them talking to my brothers. I opened my door about to tell them that I can hear them, but when I did nobody was there. I went to the top of the stairs. I then thought that I’m really crazy. Then I heard Sam from downstairs say that I’ve always been crazy and then I heard Sky hit him on the back of the head. I then decided that my parents weren’t joking or crazy, they were right. We never knew who turned us into vampires. They left a note for my parents and Aunt K, explaining everything and what not to do and how to live. None of us kill humans for blood because we can eat human food, but we also have to drink blood often because our vampire systems still need blood.

Lyla is always jealous that I am more beautiful than her not trying to be rude or anything but it’s what everyone always says, it’s not my fault. Lyla tries to stay away from me as much as possible because she got very mad when every one came up and started talking to me, but just ignored her. So everyday I went to school and as soon as I walked in I would get crowded with people saying hello to me. And this was every day for a while but after a short time – and to my happiness – it started to die down.

One day, the day so many people were waiting for arrived. The new student finally came. Every one was so excited, including me and my brothers. But my cousins were not so happy. I am always happy when something new happens. So far, I have every class with the new kid. I found out that his name is Tony, he has black hair, blue eyes, has dimples and is pale but tan aslo, all the girls are gushing over him, I mean he's kinda cute... I guess. I haven’t seen his face yet because I was paying too much attention to my classes, even though I am teachers pet and get good grades in every class, I still have to pay attention. So I just listened to what people were saying and thinking about him. I had decided that I would just introduce myself to him at lunch. So as soon as the last class before lunch let out I headed for the cafeteria and found my table, where I sit with my brother’s everyday. I just sat there waiting until he came into the cafeteria. I was talking to Sam and Sky about the weekend and how all three of us should go to Gun Lake and do some swimming and stuff when Tony walked in.

“Hold this conversation for one second guys, I have to go meet the new kid and introduce myself,” I told them.

 “Okay we’ll be right here waiting.” Sky

 told me. I skipped over to Tony at the table he sat down at.

“Hi I’m Carmenella Moon. Nice to meet you,” I said very kindly. Kind because I want him to like me, not hate my like some of the new kids that come here. I’m very happy because I finally get to meet the new student that everyone’s mind is going crazy about and that I finally got the chance to talking to him by himself.

“Hi, I’m Tony.” He said softly, obviously shy. If we became friends and hung out, I would so change that. I don’t want him nor anyone else feeling shy by me, or very intimidated either.

“You don’t have to be shy around me at all; if you need anything Tony, you can just come ask your friendly neighborhood person.” I said sympathetically, smiling as I was working up to the last part of the sentence, and trying to hold back a slight little giggle. Okay so maybe it wasn’t a little giggle, maybe it was a medium or high giggle, like I really care about that right now.

“Um, er, ok thanks, I guess.” He said a little less shyly and softly.

“No problem, see you around.” I said, and walked away back to my seat across from Sam and Skyler. They had finished their conversation about going to Gun Lake this weekend, and they decided they want to go. Then lunch ended. Sam and I walked to our next class, Language.

“Oh, yes, we have a new student today his name is Tony.” Mr. Nopples (yep, that’s his name, Nopples) said as soon as we walked in the classroom.

Oh my Buddha, I thought.

What ? Sam asked me, sort of in a freaking out tone, also with a little laugh,

I love it when you say that it’s so funny. He told to me

Well, I love to say it. I said with a little laugh also. Okay, back to what I was saying.

I have every class with him so far, its… weird I explained to him.

Who? He asked. Then he looked up when Tony walked in front of our seats.

Oh. He said nonchalantly.

Well, I guess I’ll just have to deal with the weirdness huh? I asked.

Yep, you do, he said cheerfully and yet sarcastically.

Oh, Shut up and Sit down Sam! I thought annoyed.

But a couple of minutes ago you were all happy about how you guys had all your morning classes together. Sam said confused.

Well yeah, then, but now its kind of… stalker like… you know what I mean. I told him.

Right. He said with a mental smile.

We sat down and didn’t listen to the lecture the teacher was giving us. It was on something my brothers and I new very well, Greek Gods and Goddesses.

 “Ah, Ms. Moon”. The teacher said.

“Yes?” I said, like I was actually paying attention the whole time. Out of the corner of my eye I could see some of the boys in class looking at me with awe, which almost always happens when any sound comes out of my mouth. Okay, that is just totally disturbing.

What’s wrong? Sam asked.

One of the boys just started looking at me all goo goo eyed when I talked, again I say disturbing, I told him.

You’re right that is disturbing,he agreed.

“Who is the Goddesses of Love?” He asked. Like I wouldn’t know the answer to that. Ha don’t make me laugh!

 “Oh that’s easy Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty, you forgot the beauty part, but the Romans also have a Goddess of Love her name is.” I answered with enthusiasm.

“Right.” He said glumly, glaring at me when I said Greek.

“Venus.” I muttered, lightly.


Geez, he cut me off, the teacher cut me off! I yelled in my head.

Ouch! My head C! He reminded me.

Oops. Sorry, Sam. I apologized.

Huh very good Ms. Know-it-all. He thought rudely.

And then, he has the audacity to think THAT! I thought in a mad voice with a very mad tone. If only he knew we could hear him, he wouldn’t think such rude things. Now would he? I thought.

Nope, but if only, right. He told me. Ha, he’s the Teacher and he forgot to say Greek. He added.

  Nice. I thought. We both laughed out loud at those thoughts.

 “Is there a joke the two of you would like to share with the class?” Mr. Nopples asked us.

“Nope” We both said at the same time.

“Oh, and for this I’m really sorry, even though some of you may not think so but, I am, you guys do have homework.” He said in a sad tone. He was actually sorry for doing this. One of the reason I liked this teacher, and maybe still do, is that he actually has feelings, unlike some of the other teachers here.

 “Anyways, so study the Greek gods and goddesses and I will be picking randomly to ask what each god does so I suggest studying all of them because I will be asking all of you at least two questions.” He told the class looking between me and Sam the whole time, glaring at me when he said Greek. And then he handed out a work sheet.

Oh, this is so easy! Both Sam and I thought at the same time. The paper had the questions on it that asked what were the Greek and Roman names for each God and Goddess, and what were their jobs and symbols, their consorts, parents, and appearances and children if they had any. And we had to make a family tree.

What, no timeline? I thought in this really snotty tone. Now I’m starting to sound like Lyla. Everyone got up and headed to their classes. At our school there are no bells. Or anything, we have to watch the digital clock and sometimes tell the teacher its almost time to go. There is only a bell at the end of the last class.

“So who is driving home today? You, Sky or Me?” I asked.

“Oh, oh yeah, Well it’s your turn to drive today.” He answered, smiling.


“Oh. Okay, so this time don’t leave without me and Skyler okay.” I said sarcastically. As soon as I did his smiled dimmed a little bit.


Oh come on El, that was one time that I walked home. Sam said. Without telling anyone.  He added, with his too innocent voice. When Sam, Skyler or I say or think something too innocent, our voices go a little higher – not like in a different pitch – but just enough for someone to detect it, and we look to the side, then down. When I say something to innocent I bit the side of my lip when I’m done talking. Sam looks to the right and then down. Sky and me both look to the left and down, but I look to the bottom left corner of my eye, the boys just look down.

Well I was talking about going to class without us again; Sky and I usually wait for you so we can go to P.E.  together, but you sometimes go to class by yourself and don’t tell us beforehand and we are either late or really close to being late, but don’t do that either. I clarified.

“Fine. I won’t.” He said with a light, emotionless laugh.

Oh, nice, that’s just so sweet Sam. I thought to him in my best playful sneer, if anyone heard that they would have thought I was really mad at him.

 Isn’t it though El. He answered.

 “See you in two hours Sammy”. I said regularly—our past little brief talk out of our minds— with a smile. 

Aw El don’t call me Sammy please.” He said embarrassed. I pouted a little.

“Fine, I’ll only call you that at home then.” I said unhappily.

 “Bye”. We said at the same time and walked away in opposite directions to our classes.

I really liked calling him Sammy, it’s a cute nickname.

That’s why I don’t like it, it’s a cute kid name Ell. He thought.

Fine then. I said with my pout tone and stuck my tongue out at him mentally.



















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REALLLLY good and keep meh updated????????? check out my storeh if u have the chance=)

That's really good. You should continue. and please do keep me updated. If you are interested:
The beginning of a new life

Chapter 1 Part 2

“Hey Carmenella wait up!” Tony called.
“Yes, what did you need Tony?” I asked.
“What class do you have next?” he asked me.
“Um, Biology why?” I asked confused.
Then he smiled.
YES! He thought.
NO! Not another class with him. I yelled. That means I have every class with him. I said glumly. What I didn’t realize was that I was actually a little happy, but more mad which is the only emotion my mind really registered.
“That’s the same class I have next, too.” He told me
“Oh, Really.” I said totally annoyed, although I hid it so well he didn’t even notice, although my brothers definitely would have...
HELP SKYLAR, SAM SOMEONE, ANYONE! I screeched in my mind.
“I think we have all our classes together Carmenella.” He told me.
“Yep, I guess we do Tony.” I said happily. Faking the happiness, and succeeding with it.
JEEZ, Nell stop yelling at me, it hurts my head! Skyler thought at the same time he yelled out “Carmenella wait up for me.”
Oay, I’m sorry, I'm just a little annoyed with the new kid, about the fact that I now have every single class with him! I was explaining, exasperated, while I said “Hi Sky where you been?”
“Oh, sorry I was talking to a teacher about something”. He apologized for both things.
Who’s the guy on the other side of you?He added mentally with his overprotective brother voice.
Oh, cool your jets little bro. I said to him.
“Oops my bad, I totally forgot, um, Skyler this is Tony, the new kid, and Tony this is my other brother Skyler, him and Sam are my little brothers.” I introduced them.
Nell, why do you have to go around telling the new kids we’re your little brothers? He asked me.
Because, it’s the truth, unlike the lie the two of you like to tell them if you meet them first. I said accusingly.
Well, yeah, it helps us to keep them other boys away, and don’t go using that accusin' tone. He answered.
Ha, you rhymed. I mentally laughed. Plus, I can use that tone whenever I want, I’m the older sibling, no matter what lie you two try to spread to the other guys. I told him in my big sister voice.
What ever. He said. That whole mental conversation only took about five seconds.
“Hello, Tony it’s nice to meet you”. Sky said
“Um, hi it’s nice to meet you too.” Tony said shyly.
So we all walked into the class room. Sky and I walked Tony to the teacher.
“Um, Mr. Boyle, we have a new student.” I told him.
“Ah Yes, Mr. Tony Mooren you get the seat right here next to Skyler and Carmenella in the front.” He said.
OH, COME ON, NOW I HAVE TO SIT NEXT TO HIM TOO!? I was clearly upset and annoyed.
Jeez, Nell, could you stop yelling, it’s getting annoying. Sky told me.
Sorry I’m just a little annoyed. I told him with my annoyed voice, which thankfully shut him right up. For now, at least. Then class started so Sky and I just sat there, pretending to pay attention and we even took notes (absentmindedly) on the lecture. We already knew every thing that the lectures are about.
“Okay so we’ll continue this lesson tomorrow, have a good weekend students”. Mr. Boyle sent us off with niceness, like always.
“I’m so glad its Friday.” I said happily. “Okay now let’s wait for Sam and then head to the worst class in the world shall we”. I added.
“Yep, Sure”. Sky said.

Three Minutes later.
“Ok never mind now that we only have two minutes to get ready.” I said impatiently.
“Ok fine by me”. Sky said, still not wanting to say to much because now I was not only annoyed at Tony, but I’m really mad at Sam and really impatient as of the fact that I’m probably going to be late for class and the fact that also because of Sam, the new kid is also probably going to be late right along with us.
“Hey Skyler what are we dong In P.E today anyway?” I asked to maybe get my mind on something else.
“I think we’re doing Tennis”. He answered.
“YES, I LOVE TENNIS!” I yelled a bit too loudly, and every one who was still in the hallways turned to look at me, so I grabbed one of Skyler’s and one of Tony’s arms and started walking faster to get away from the staring people. So the three of us walked into the gym. Skyler and I again walked Tony up to the Teacher, Ms. Snly.
“Um, Excuse me, Ms. Snly, we have a new student today”. I told her.
“Yes, Hello, Mr. Tony Mooren.” She greeted him.
“And I have a question”. I said.
“Yes Ella, What is it?” She asked.
“Is our brother here, by any chance?” I asked.
“Yes he’s right over there and you two might want to get changed for class we are doing your favorite today, Tennis.” She told us.
“Thank you”. Both Sky and I said as we started toward the changing rooms as we walked pass Sam with Tony following we both thought as mean as possible: YOU ARE SO DEAD SAMMY!
Hi Guys. Sam thought in a scared and apologetic tone.
“Um, Tony you have a uniform in the boy's locker room that the other gym teacher Mr. Copperly has, Skyler will lead you to his office, just ask him for Tony Mooren’s uniform and he should give it to you”. She told him as he followed Skyler into the boy’s locker room. Since no one else was in the locker room I super sped getting dressed but I didn’t go too fast. What’s the point in giving people a reason to become suspicious? So I headed out of the locker room and went to sit by my other brother.
So I’m the other brother now? He said still a little scared, but I ignored his question.
“You were supposed to wait for me and Skyler so we could go to class together!” I scolded him.
“Sorry I was talking to some people and I forgot, but I will wait for you after class, since you have the keys.” he explained.
“Well, try to not let it happen again please, and of course I have the keys, even if it wasn’t my turn to drive, it is my Impala that we drove today.” I snapped at him still a little irate at him.
“Ok, I won’t, and I know it’s your Impala.” He promised.
Then Sky and Tony walked out of the boy’s locker room. Sky was looking utterly livid.
“Skyler looks mad.” Sam said.
“Well yeah, you almost made us late and we didn’t have much time to change and stuff.” I told him. While Sky and Tony came and sat by us.
“I already talked to him about it Sky so doesn’t worry about it.” I said, calming him down.
“Ok Fine.” Sky said still kind of upset.
“Today we are playing tennis, we’ll be doing doubles.” Ms. Snly said.
“YES! WOOHOO!” Our whole class yelled except for the teachers and Tony.
When we got paired up, I was with Sam, and Sky was with Tony.
“So how good are you at Tennis?” Sky asked Tony.
“I don’t really play tennis; I might be good at it.” Tony told him truthfully.
“Well a friendly warning, my family is good at tennis, well me, my brother, and sister anyways.” Sky warned him. And then we were off, this is going to be so fun. Then I heard Tony’s thoughts.
OH CRAP! He thought as Sam served the ball right at his face. That better not have been on purpose.

Whatcha think? Please Comment
I loved it. Update soon :)
I remember editing this! lolz! It`s so good! Of course I love it! lolz
keep writing!
Chapter 2 PLANS Part 1

“Hey Carm, Sky, Sam how was your day?” Aunt K asked us when we got home.
“Good.” We all said at the same time.
“Hey, Aunt Kunee can Me, Sky, and Sam go down to Gun Lake this weekend?” I asked.
“Um, sure the three of you can go to Gun Lake,” She told us.” Um, where are you going to stay?” She asked.
“Well, I planned on us staying up at our family castle that is up there.” I told her.
“Oh, okay I just wanted to know you had someplace to stay, I didn’t want you to have to stay in a dainty hotel or something, because if you didn’t have anywhere to stay I have friends up there who have a cottage with five guest bedrooms.” She explained
“Oh, okay well thanks for asking and caring Aunt K.” I said sweetly.
“It’s really no problem, El,” She assured me.
“There is that castle up there that mom and dad gave us remember.” I told her.
“Oh yeah I remember now, that thing has tons of rooms me, and your mom, and dad used to go up there sometimes on school vacations. I can’t believe I forgot about it.” Aunt K remembered.
Spoiled rotten mansion having cousins! Lyla thought.
“Geez.” Sky said to her.
“You don’t have to be so rude” Sam said.
You guys don’t have to be so rude to her, she is our cousin after all. I thought to them
She deserved it Carmenella! They both yelled at me.
ONE, DO NOT YELL AT ME, AND TWO, BE NICE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. If you say it like that you’re scooping down to her level. I told them erudite and really, really steamed.
“Lyla we inherited it” I told her nicely.
“Plus, it’s a castle not a mansion, the mansions on the other side of Gun Lake.” Sam said.
So then Lyla stuck her tongue out at the three of us.
“Stop being rude to your cousins Lyla Lynn Lyncon!” Aunt K scolded Lyla.
So then Lyla went up to her room. Wanting to change the subject from my mean cousin,
“So what are you going to do this weekend Aunt K?” I asked her gracefully.
“If it’s sunny I’m in cleaning the house and decorating, if it’s not sunny I’m out looking around to see what I can find for decor for the next sunny day or something.” She told me.
“Oh, okay well I hope you have lots of fun with your shopping and/or redecorating.” I said to her. Again. I added mentally.
So all three of us went to our rooms which were the first three rooms on the right. My room has. The first room was mine it has dark purple walls and white carpet, a walk in closet with a T.V in it. A computer is in the room, two dressers, a hamper, another T.V that’s on my wall, underneath it is a DVD shelf with my DVD player on top, The Twilight Saga movies on the first shelf, and my other favorites on the shelves below them. A double bed with my favorite blankets and pillows on it. On one side of my bed was a small book shelf with my favorite books in it, on top of the bookshelf was a phone that was clear and a mirror hanging above it. On the other side of my bed was a huge vanity with all of my skin care products and make up, I may be dead, but I still have to at least look alive. I also have a huge window that has a beautiful view of a beach. I also have my own bathroom attached to my room.
The second room is Sky’s. It has black walls and brown carpet, it has two windows; one has the same view as mine. He also has his own bathroom. He has his own walk in closet with game consoles and a T.V in it. On the door is a mini basketball hoop and in a basket behind the door are mini basketballs. He also has a single bed with his favorite blankets and pillows on it. He also has a computer in his room. The last room is Sam’s. His room is just like Sky’s room except it has brown walls and black carpet. Sky’s has black walls and brown carpet.
So, I think this new kid has a crush. Sam thought.
Oh, who do you think he has a crush on Sam? Sky asked innocently.
Yeah, who? I asked a little annoyed. So the two of you will shut up. And get out of my head. So I can read, in peace and quiet already! I said each word slowly and with precision, to make my annoyance clearer.
None other than our very own Carmenella Lee Moon! Sam said excited.
Correction, Sam, Carmenella Lee Thyola Moon. I corrected him. Then they didn’t say anything, and so I thought about what they just said and it hit me smack in the face.
So then they entered my room.
“No dip Sherlock, and yes he does like you!” Both boys yelled at me.
“Whatever, now stay out of my head” I put both index fingers on my temples. “Stay out of my head and let me read my book I haven’t finished it yet.” I told them.
“Nell you’ve read that book like a million times”. Sky pointed out.
“Yes I know this but I started reading “Breaking Dawn” again, therefore, GET OUT AND LET ME READ MY BOOK AND LEAVE ME ALONE FOR AWHILE!” I yelled at them again.
So they left me alone with my book.


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