The Twilight Saga

Renesmee and Jacobhave come to a turning point in their relationship...

Bella has gone off the deep end, over this...

Edward hasn't been told about it, but knows. He isn't liking it...

Jacob's pack, isn't happy with it either...



Will Renesmee and Jacob go further? Or will they let others, rule their lives????



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This seems interesting. Please make the first ch ASAP!

                                                                         Chapter One   


The sun came beaming through the window, waking her from her slumber. Trying to avoid the light, Renesmee groggily opens her eyes and takes in her surroundings. 

On the wall directly in front of her, she saw a picture of a man and woman, dressed in Indian clothing. On the wall to her right, there were pictures of motorcycles, and cars. She turned around to see a picture of a wolf, hanging above the bed. 

She smiled to herself, and began shrugging the sleepiness off. She pulls the sheet aside, and swung her feet to the floor. Standing up, she stretched out, and cracked her back. Composing herself, she started for the bedroom door, when it opened.


Jacob came through it, with some orange juice and her coat. "Good morning." Jacob smiled. "Good morning." she said, taking the orange juice and her coat. "Charlie is on his way." Jacob walked past her, to grab his out coat. "Did Grampy sound mad," Renesmee had taken a drink of her juice, in mid sentence. "When you talked to him?" "Not really." Jacob had walked over to her, and encircled her in his arms. "Jake!" She stepped back and put some space between them. "You almost made me spill this, all over me." He smiled and chuckled a bit. "Sorry. Respect your bubble. I forgot." She took another drink of her juice, and put the glass on the dresser that sat next to the door. She put her coat on, opened the door and walked out. Jacob followed, close behind her.

hmmm... wonder what's up? XD

oooh.... sounds interesting! please keep on writing!

Oooooo cant wait to read more.

"Charlie is going to ask questions, you know." Jacob said, reaching for her elbow. She stopped walking and just stood looking at him. "Jake, he knows I will not do anything with you." Renesmee
said, putting her hands on either side of his face. She kissed his nose, smiled, turn and walked toward the front door.She opens the door and steps out into the light of the day. "Charlie's here."
said Billy Black, as he came up the ramp in his wheelchair. "Thanks Mr.Black." She bent over and kissed him on his cheek. "See you at Grampy's later." "You bet." smiled Billy Black. She walked
around his wheelchair, down the ramp and to the squad car, that held Charlie Swan.
"Want some breakfast?" Charlie asked, as she got in the car. "That sounds nice." Renesmee said kissing him on the cheek and putting the seatbelt on. "Your parents seem really mad." Charlie said, as
he pulled away from the Black's house. Renesmee sighed and rolled her eyes. "Grampy, I am a big girl. I can take care of myself." "I doubt that very seriously, Nessie." Renesmee sighed again. "I
hate it, when you call me that." "But it's okay for Jacob to?" Charlie laughed."Grampy!" "Okay, okay kiddo." Not another word was spoken between them, for the rest of the car ride.

After breakfast, Charlie dropped her off at the Cullen house. Emmett and Rosalie, came out to greet her. "Hey kiddo." said Emmett picking her up, and hugging her. "Where you been?" Hugging him
back, she swatted him on the shoulder. "I needed breathing room." she said, as he put her down. "And now, you need a bath." said Rosalie, taking her by the elbow, and lead her into the house. "You
smell like a disgusting mutt!" "Auntie Rose, I really wish you wouldn't call him that." Renesmee grumbled, as she pulled her elbow out of Rosalie's hand. "I am trying Ness. Really I am." She sighed
and began walking in the house. Renesmee followed behind her, and shut the door. Jasper was sitting in the living room, watching the news. "Good morning, Ne," he broke off quickly. "Renesmee."
"Good morning, uncle Jasper." She kissed his forehead and walked through the house.
"It's about time you brought yourself home, young lady." Bella's voice sounded, from the top of the stairs. Renesmee looked up at her, and rolled her eyes. "Good morning to you too, Mother." "Don't
Mother me, Renesmee. Your father had to keep me here, last night." She come down the stairs, in a fast and quick motion. "You are not to go back to Jacob Black's house again. Do you understand me?"
"Mom, I am a big girl. I can handle things, for myself." "But all she is worried about," Edward said, as he stepped to the top of the stairs. "Is your safety at all times, Renesmee." He too in a
quick and fast motion, was standing in front of his daughter. Leaning forward a bit, he placed a kiss on her forehead. "Good Morning." He smiled at her, kissed his wife on the cheek, and left the
two of them to their discussion. "Edward, get back here." said Bella. "See mom. Even dad knows I was safe." She shook her head, stepped around Bella, and proceeded up the stairs. "We aren't
finished, Renesmee." She ignored her mothers words, and kept walking up the stairs. Bella growled in protest and walked after Edward.
Renesmee walked to the bathroom at the end of the hall, and knocked on the door. "Ness, get in here. I can smell you through the door." said Rosalie, raising her voice a bit to be heard over the
running water. She opened the door and went in. "Hurry." Rosalie was saying, as she started taking Renesmee's coat off. After undressing and getting into the bath, Rosalie began brushing her hair.
"Want to talk about it?" Rosalie asked, as she brushed Renesmee's hair. Renesmee shook her, and kept silent. "As you wish." Rosalie finished brushing her hair, handed her a wash cloth, stood up,

and left the bathroom.

Chapter Two

As she laid back in the tub to take in the silence, there came a knock at the door. She rolled her eyes, sighed, and then answered. "Who is it?" "It's Alice." came the voice through the door.
Sighing again, she answered. "Come in." Alice quickly opened the door, stepped inside and close it behind her. "Ness, you must hurry and finish your bath." said Alice, as she laid clothing on the
vanity. "And I should hurry, why?" Renesmee asked, as she washed her face. "Jasper and I, are taking you along with us tonight." she smiled, and went about grabbing things to do Renesmee's hair and
a bit of make-up. "Where are we going?" she began washing the rest of her body. "Don't worry," said Alice, sitting on the side of the tub, and poking her on the tip of her nose. "Nowhere you could
get in trouble." She smiled, got off the sid e of the tub, and walked out of the bathroom. After rinsing her body, she stood up an dturned the shower on. Went throught the routine of her shower
hygiene, stepped out, and grabbed her robe. She grabbed two towels from the shelf. One for her hair, and one to wipe the mirror.
Renesmee wiped the mirror clear, and took a look at herself. She couldn't help but smile. She took the brush, and began brushing her hair. When that was finished, she took off her robe, and
started getting dressed. As she stepped into her jeans, another knock came to the door. "Now, who is it?" "Rosalie." "Come in." she replied, and continued putting on her jeans. "How do you want
your hair?" she asked, walking over to Renesmee. "However you want to do it." she smiled, and sat down at the vanity. Roslie went right to work. They talked, and Roslie braided her hair. As Roslie
was finishing up, yet another knock came tot he door. "Come in." said Rosalie." The door opened, and Edward stepped in.
"There," smiled Rosalie to Renesmee in the mirror. "All done." She bent over, kissed the top of her head, winked in at her, and turned to walk away. Edward was standing just inside the doorway,
looking at his daughter in the mirror. "You look beautiful." he said with a smile, that was a bit cocked to the side. She smiled back at his reflection, turned and stood up. She brushed the
wrinkles from her shirt, and stood looking at him. "Well thank you." She walked closer to him, leaned forward, and kissed him on his cheek. "You look handsome yourself." He smiled as she stood
right, and spoke. "I will be your escort to the stairs." He offered her his arm, and bowed to her. "Dad!" Renesmee said, as she put her arm through his. "This isn't my first trip with aunt Alice
and uncle Jasper." she giggled. He leaned towards her, and kissed her cheek. "I'm just doing, as I was asked." Renesmee sighed, Edward smiled, clicked his heels, and off they went.
They chattered back and forth, till they reached the top of the stairs. She peered down to see all her family standing at the bottom, and in the room below. "Happy Birthday Renesmee." They all
said, as she stepped down the first stair. She scanned the room, as she decended the stair case. Emmett hugged her up off her feet, as she stepped of the last step. "Happy Birthday, Ness." He said.
"Thank you." she kissed his cheek, squirmed, and he placed her back on her feet. "Happy Birthday, Renesmee." said Jasper, as he hugged her gently, and handed her a small box wrapped in a turquoise
color with a bright yellow ribbon around it. "Hope you like it." "I'm sure I will, uncle Jasper. Thank you." she returned his hug and walked to Carlisle. "Happy Birthday, Renesmee." He handed her
an envelope, kissed her cheek and stepped back. She gave him a smile, and winked. "Thank you Grampy Carlisle." As she turned to Esme, there was a loud bang, from the front of the house. Without
saying and words, everyone went running that direction.


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