The Twilight Saga



When fairies are changing the season some are attack by other creatures. The creatures that consume blood known as night drinkers and humans that change in the full moon call moon-dogs. Due to these attacks the fairy leaders requested that all fairies could only go to the mainland at daylight. But what happens when a young fairy meets and falls in love with a shapesifter? Can there love survive or would she lose her life like the other fairies?

Prologue-coming soon

So this is my first crossover fanfic. If anyone wanna join the team and help comment or pm me.

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This sounds very interesting! I can't wait to read the prologue!

I hope I could think of a prologue.

If you need any help, I'm here for you ;)

yay pm me.

cant wait to read it!

reminds me of trueblood =) can't wait


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