The Twilight Saga

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It's been 1 year since Edward left Bella, and she's just starting to get over him. Then the one thing everyone feared of happenning, happened. Will Bella ever get over this, or will it be forever a fatal mistake?


"You have to go out."
I sighed. This had been going on for hours now, but he just wouldn't give up.
"We've been through this."
"And we're gonna keep going through this until I get the right answer!"
"Don't 'Jasper' me. You're the one sitting up here mopeing, and I'm putting my foot down."
We waited in silence.
"Fine!" I snapped. "I'll go to your hunting party."
"Yes!" Jasper cheered.
As frustrated and irritated as I was, I felt a thrill of excitement.


"You know I won't."
"Honey, you have to."
I groaned.For 2 hours now, Renee had been nagging at me about not dating.
"Because you're lonely."
"How can anybody be lonely with you talking their ear off?"
"Don't even."
"Fine. Have it your way. But don't come crying to me when you're old and alone."
"Like you?"
"I'm not alone. I have Phil."
"Lucky Phil." My voice was heavy with sarcasm.
"Young lady-" nBut she broke off, laughing, so I started laughing too.
"Ok, mom. I have to go. We're eating up my phone bill here.
"Ok. Bye!"
I hung up and went to sit on the sofa and admire ny new house. I'd finally moved out of Charlie's place and got one of my own. Not much light pollution, green, really green, and cold. Forks had really changed me. I didn't know why, but of all places, I'd chosen Juneau, Alaska. It was nice, at least. I checked the clock. 9:00pm. It wasn't raining, and it was just light enough for a walk. I grabbed my windbreaker and headed for the door.


A rabbit in the clearing, a deer near the edge of the forest, another rabbit by the river. I headed toward the fringe of the forest, Jasper hot on my heels. Once again, I wished I coul hear whjat he was thinking. Not that I couldn't hear what everyone else was thinkin, it was just that he'd gotten so good at blocking his mind. All I could hear was wall, wall, wall. It was big-time annoying. It reminded me how I could never hear her thoughts, and a sharp stab of pain slashed through my chest. I was nearly there when I smelled something. Something rich and sweet. Human blood. No, not just human blood, better, sweeter, harder to resist.
"Edward?" I heard Jasper stop and call, confused. Probably wondering why I stopped. But I didnt care. All rational mind flew from my mind as the wind blew the scent in my direction again. I turned and sprinted into the heart of the forest.


The wind rustled the trees around me, startling me.I was jumpy at night, and it didn't help the fact that it was darker than I expected it to be when I left. Tonight was a cool clear night. I looked up. The sun was almost done setting. Twilight,I realized. The hole in my heart ripped, and I leaned against a tree to catch my breath. I headed toward the center of the forest to sit. And cry. Crying helped the pain. When I got there, I sat down, resting my chin on my knees, curling into a ball. The wind blew again, but it didn't bother me as much this time. I could feel the tears comming. Something white flashed through the trees. It was a person, but moving at inhuman speed. No. No way. Not again. I thought they all left. I was too shocked by the vampires sudden return to see who it was. But at that exact moment, they lunged, their teeth sinking into my arm.


"Edward!" I shouted. "Edward, come back!"
Dammit, where was he?
Suddenly, the wind picked up, and I froze. Oh, boy, what had I done? I'd led him right to the scent of a human. While he was hunting.
Stupid, stupid, stupid!
I raced toward the heart of the forest, where the scent was comming from. When I was in the very center, I found him. There he was, sprawled across the forest floor, hunched over a small figure. A girl, about 19, had her eyes closed, and was breathing heavily. It scared me how familiar she looked.
"Edward?" I called cautiously. He didn't notice. He just kept drinking. The girl's heartbeat was waning. I started pulling on his arm. Nothing. I was struggling to hear her breathing. Already she looked white as a sheet. I had to act fast. Something that felt like adrenaline went through my veins, which was silly. Vampires didn't produce adrenaline. I took his arm again, and threw him away from the still figure. He slammed into a tree, and I pinned him there. he tried to push away from me, snarling and snapping. The look in his eyes scared me even worse than the familiarity of the girl. I'd only seen that look once, when we were in Phoenix, Edward was sucking the venom from Bella Swan's body.
I turned to look at the body. The image of the girl now and the one in Phoenix with Bella, laying on the floor of the ballet studio, dying of blood loss, was so close that there was only one word to describe it.
My arm came around and slapped him in the face. After all we'd been through, with our family falling apart, there was no way in hell I was going to let him kill my sister. The smack woke him up pretty good.
"W-what?" Edward said, dazed. "What happened?"
He smacked his lips together. I could almost hear the click as he put it all together. A look of sheer panic crossed his face.
"Jasper!" he gasped. "I`m sorry, I`m so sorry!"
"It`s alright. Get out of the forest and to the car. I`ll meet you there."
"Where are you going?
"I need to check on something." I said, eyeing the girl. He turned, if possible, even paler.
"Ok. Yeah. Meet you at the car."
He turned and sped away. I wheeled around and walked quietly toward a changing Bella Swan.


It was pain like I could have never imagined. It hurt more than when James broke my leg in Phoenix. I'd take 100 of those. Take it and be grateful. It hurt more than when I was thrown into the shattered glass on the floor to be protected from Jasper. I'd take 1000 of those. Take it and be grateful.But to have him break my heart again? To tell me he didn't love me again? No. Nothing could hurt more than that. Not even the white-hot fire now running through my veins. I'd had worse than this, not many humans could say that. And that's why I was able to keep quiet. I couldn't hear much over the pounding in my ears, but I could tell a fight was brewing, two people snarling and snapping. Suddenly there was a smack. Then I heard a voice, a familiar voice, a voice I`d been longing to hear for a year now. It was his voice, Edward`s voice. Not the angry, perfect voice my hallucinations produced. Better. He was here, actually here. And I was in too much pain to speak to him.
"Jasper! I`m sorry, I`m so sorry!"
Typical, he was apologizing again.
"It`s alright. Get out of the forest and to the car. I`ll meet you there."
There was more whispering. I couldn`t hear anything. Then Edward said,"Ok. Yeah. Meet you at the car."
NO! I wanted to scream. But he was gone. Suddenly, something was bending over me. My first thoughts were They`re going to finish me off. But no. Instead, they whispered in my ear. It was Jasper.
"Bella." He said in a hushed tone. "Bella, I`m sorry. He didn`t mean to, I swear he didn`t. He`d hurt himself so bad if he knew what he did. Please forgive him."
At that point I knew what Jasper was saying. It was Edward who attacked me, It was his venom running through me. We were connected by blood now. The swell of emotion filling my heart closed my throat.
"Yes." I finally managed to choke out.
He sighed in releif.
"Can I help? I can take you to Carlisle-"
"I-" I hesitated, wondering what I should say."I don't want to be a nuisance." Ok, so it wasn't all a lie. I knew I wouldn`t be a nuisance to Carlisle, but to Rosalie and Edward...
"Bella, I can't just leave you here, I'll stay here-"
"Jasper." I was really struggling to come up with excuses now. "Edward's waiting. If you're not there soon he'll get suspicious. Do you want him to come looking for you and find me like this?"
He froze, and I knew I'd won.
"Ok." he said, defeated.
"Wait." I could tell he was going to leave.
"Tell Alice I love her."
"I will." He promised. "Goodbye, Bella."
And then he was gone. I turned toward myself to sort through the pain.
What was I gonna do now?


Tears rolled down my face as Jasper told me what happened.I wasn't crying because Bella was becoming a vampire. Actually, I was happy she was changing; it meant i would be able to see her again.No. I was crying because Jasper had seen her, and I hadn't. When he told me what Bella'd said, what she told him to tell me, I broke. After all we'd put her through, after leaving her, she still loved me. She was still my sister. I buried myself into his chest, my sobs shaking both of us. He held onto me, letting me cry it out. I'd cried alot the first few months we left, so he was used to it. Jasper knew better than to control my emotions now. He tried it once, and it worked, but after i left his presence to hang out with Esme, I started to cry again.
"Jasper," I said after I regained control. "Do you think I'll ever see her again?"
"I'm positive." he replied, and I believed him. We sat in my room for hours, just sitting there, holding each other, until Rose called us downstairs to help tidy up. I'd calmed down enough to see the rest of the family, so Jasper and I got up, and headed for the stairs together.


No. This isn't happening. No way. I'm wrong. I have to be wrong.
But I knew I was right.
The memory of Bella, on the ballet studio floor in Phoenix, screaming, was painful enough. But she was screaming because she was changing into a vampire. The only way to stop the change was to suck the venom out, and I was the one who had to do it. I would never forget how sweet her blood tasted.
"Jasper!" I yelled. I felt strangely close to unconsiousness.
He was there in an instant, bending over me. I hadn't realized I'd slid down to the floor.
"You knew, didn't you. You knew who attacked."
The look on his face said it all. Of coarse he knew, or he wouldn't have stayed back. But if it was Bella, he wouldn't have finished her.
I didn't have time to ask, because at that moment, Alice had a vision.
A girl was curled up in a ball, leaning up against a tree, crying. she had her hair over her face, but she was shaking badly. Then sudenly she stopped, and looked up, her crimson eyes filled with pain.

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