The Twilight Saga

Bella is back in high school and this time, she's going to have a much harder choice. Not only does she has to pick between the sweet school nerd and the popular hot jock, she's also has to choose her fate...because one choice, changes everything.

"who's that?" I wondered, Peering at his face.

"oh, of course. That's Edward Cullen." Jessica said, rolling her eyes.

"no not him, him!" I said, practically screaming.

Jessica laughed, "that's Jacob Black. The nerdiest kid in the whole school!" Jessica laughed again. How rude. " What are you going over there to make fun of him?"

I smiled. "No, I'm not"

Chapter 1
"I love you! Bella! Have fun in Forks!" Renee said and ran back into the plane as fast as she could. I knew how much she wanted to dump me here. I've been a "cramp in her style". She's been trying to be younger ever since Phil came into her life. Which I think is a big load of crap. He's the same as every other man she dated. Sleazy, rude, and pushy.
"Hey dad" I said, walking in the house. "Oh! I'm so sorry, Welma. I forgot to pick you up." He said, pulling himself away from a naked red head.

"it's Bella" I said, obviously annoyed.

"uh, your room is upstairs." he said and jumped back on her, at least HE was wearing clothes.

"Your not going show me around? After you made me WALK from the airport? Your lucky some guy gave me a map" I yelled. Charlie rolled his eyes and ignored me.

"busy" he murmmered and continued. I stomped up the stairs. What a dad.
I threw all my stuff on the bed. The walls were purple and the bed was a mess of pink frills. Disgusting. I carefully sorted all my clothes and hung them in the closet. By the way, there was some VERY inappropriate things in there!
"Bella! Dinner!" Charlie yelled. I ran downstairs, I was really hungry.

"Seafood" I said as I sat on the seat. I hate seafood, poor fish and crabs and lobsters.....
"I'm Abby" a brown-haired lady said as she served up a big plate of salmon. I picked at the lettuce around it.

"what happened to that red head." I said, taking a large bite of the pieces of chicken.

"red head?" Abby said, setting down fork.

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